The Hotel Ariel (ホテルエアリアル Hoterue Ariaru?) is a Mobile Fortress owned by England.


The fortress's surface is made of wood, and the entire mobile fortress moved, amplified, and supported with magic.[1] It is assumed to be equipped with Grape Jelly and Mont Blanc bombs.[2]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Originally commissioned to fight in World War III like with the Glastonbury, it was later reused for an operation against GREMLIN by the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance on the Sargasso of the North Sea near Iceland along with the Queen Mermaid.[3][2]

It is later used to transport England's response to Kamijou Touma running to Denmark with Othinus during the manhunt for them, carrying Princess Carissa, Kanzaki Kaori, Knight Leader, and William Orwell. Touma later negates a part of it for his plan on manipulating Kanzaki Kaori. It would later pit her against the others. Kanzaki later uses her wire magic to embed additional magical symbols on the mobile fortress to divert the relay of power to Carissa's Curtana and destroying the fortress itself.[4]

The mobile fortress would later crash, with debris scattering all over the area near Aalborg, Denmark[4], and would later be referred to by locales as a UFO crash.[5]


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