Hotel Firefly (ホテル ファイアフライ Hoteru Faiafurai?) is a high class hotel located in Oahu, Hawaii. Despite being luxurious, there are other high class hotels in Oahu that is suited for VIPs and secret facilities. The hotel was chosen by Roseline Krackhart's group for a meeting because of its supposed inferiority. The hotel goes to up least 49 floors.[1]


Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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Room 4911 of the hotel is used by Roseline Krackhart and a general, he Commandant of the Marine Corps, just after the disappearance of the President and trying to find him. Here, she states the suspiciousness of the people around her, most especially within the government, and concludes that it maybe the reason why Roberto left in the first place. She believes that if they can't get Roberto back, the vice-president may then be required to fill in his role, which she fears because she is also suspicious of him.[1] With Saronia's control, Edward Torke tried to visit Roseline and the general's room but was thwarted by Accelerator and Leivinia Birdway's intervention.[2] They later leave the hotel afterwards despite the room being unntouched.


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