House of Loreto (ロレートの家 Rorēto no Ie?) is a house in Loreto, Italy, where legend states that the Virgin Mary once lived in it, and that it is famous for disappearing and appearing on its own twice in the past.[1]


It is a likely reference to the Basilica della Santa Casa, which is found in Loreto, Italy, and according to tradition once housed the Virgin Mary. French King Louis IX, also called Saint Louis, also visited it when he was leading the Seventh Crusade to liberate the Holy Land from the Saracens.[2]


According to Index, Lous IX likely made a fragmentary analysis of the House of Loreto and brought the theory of the spiritual item back to France.[1]


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The spell is later used on the Eurotunnel after Fiamma of the Right had the Roman Catholic Church pressure the French government.[3] Here, the spell to "move a building" had an incomplete effect on the tunnel, causing a single portion of the tunnel to "move" unnaturally and cracked the tunnel.[1]

The discovery of the true cause of the Eurotunnel's "bombing" gives Carissa a legitimate reason to threaten France during the British Halloween.[1]

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