Hræsvelgr (フレースヴェルグ Furēsuvuerugu?) is a giant from Norse mythology who takes the form of an eagle. According to Index, it is a great eagle that devours the dead in Norse mythology. It is so large that flapping its wings creates all of the wind throughout the world.[1]

In the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index it is one of the creatures summoned through the spiritual item Brísingamen by Freyja, a GREMLIN magician.


It is described as a large living creature that resemble and eagle that was made up of a great amount of red thread. It is mentioned that they look like fighter planes that people could only see in movie.[2] It is thirty meters long.[1]


Despite being made out of thread it is capable of matching the speed of Academy City's fighter planes, most likely the HsF-00s. It can flap its wings to travel at acute angles with supersonic speeds. Using its wings, it can produce a spear-like gust of wind that even forces the fighter planes to dodge it and knocks its missiles out of the air.[1]

Like all summons of the Brísingamen, gravity and the laws of physics still affect the creatures,[3] as such they can lose balance when a part of them is destroyed, or can crush metal if they are large enough.[4] It is likely that the eagles are vulnerable to the Imagine Breaker.

It is unknown how Freyja summons the creature.


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Hræsvelgr appears during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo. It's role was to make a security net around Tokyo Bay to prevent enemies from getting close to Sargasso.[5] It may also have been summoned to destroy those from Tokyo who planned to escape through helicopters and chartered planes like the Muspells.[6] It later engages Academy City fighter planes in battle.[1]


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