Hrunting (Anime)

Hrunting, in the hands of the Knight Leader

Hrunting (フルンティング Furuntingu?) is a spiritual item in the form of a sword wielded by the Knight Leader. It is primarily based off a sword used by Beowulf, though several other European legends are used as the basis for many of its effects.[1][2]


In Nordic folklore, Hrunting is a sword, tempered in blood, which was given to the famous hero Beowulf by Unferth, which supposedly never failed anyone who wielded it. However during Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother, the sword failed him and he was forced to discard it - in fact, Hrunting is never used to win the battles pivotal to Beowulf’s tale.[1]


Hrunting initially appears as a long-sword with a blade 3cm wide and 80cm long with a silver surface covered in dark-red. Enhanced, the sword can take on a gigantic form about 3.9m long, a similar size to William Orwell's Ascalon.[1]


Hrunting - Glow

Hrunting's power being invoked.

Hrunting is meant to become tougher and sharper from the blood of slain enemies. The Knight Leader has Telesma, supplied by the Curtana, act in place of blood to gather a large amount into it, giving it tremendous destructive power. Ordinary physical laws don't apply to the sword in this state, with it being lighter than its original mass should, tough enough to not receive a single scratch from a weapon such as Ascalon and sharp enough to kill someone such as William Orwell, should a single strike hit him.[1]

Pattern MagicEdit

Pattern Magic (パターン魔術 Patān Majutsu?) is a form of magic that is used by the Knight Leader in conjunction with Hrunting, which adds the ability of a particular pattern in swordsmanship, based on different mythologies and legends.

  • Attack Range
  • Attack Range (Fragments)
  • Slicing Power
  • Weapon Weight
  • Movement Speed

In constructing Hrunting, the Knight Leader analyzed the patterns and laws behind various legendary weapons from different mythologies, such as the Norse Gungnir and Mjölnir, the Celtic Fragarach and Brionac, and others. He then combined and condensed them, refining them into single attack patterns which he can use, and constructing completely new spells in the process. Moreover, it is also implied that the Knight Leader can add other similar legends from around the world, other than the European ones, into the spell.[2] The way in which the laws and powers have been combined and condensed to produce this evolution and power has been compared to what happens when a star grows too large, undergoing gravitational collapse and forming a black hole.[3] The Knight Leader can only use one pattern at a time because each one of the attacks follows one of the directions to its limit.[3] Patterns used with Hrunting include:

  • Attack Range (射程距離 Shatei Kyori?): Produces cutting attacks which can hit the enemy from any direction no matter where they are.[3]
  • Slicing Power (切断威力 Setsudan Iryouku?): Allows the blade to cut through anything.[3]
  • Weapon Weight (武具重量 Bugu Jūryou?): Gives the sword tremendous destructive power.[3]
  • Movement Speed (移動速度 Idō Sokudo?): Enhances the wielder's speed so no one can catch up with them.[3]
  • Enduring Solidity (耐久硬度 Taikyū Kōdo?): Makes the sword indestructible.[3]
  • Special Use (専門用途 Senmon Yōto?): A rare pattern meant to slay certain monsters.[3]
  • Precise Accuracy (的確精度 Tekikaku Seido?): Automatically guides attacks towards vital points.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index III E12 18m 22s

Hrunting clashes with Ascalon

During the British Halloween, having been supplied with power from the Curtana Original wielded by Carissa, the Knight Leader made full use of Hrunting during his battle with Acqua of the Back, who was wielding Ascalon to make up for his previous injuries.[1][2][3][4]

After losing the power boost from the Curtana, the Knight Leader wasn't able to use Hrunting's capabilities during the Battle of Buckingham Palace.[5][6]


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