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Hamazura driving the Dragon Rider

The HsSSV-01, also known as Dragon Rider (ドラゴンライダー Doragonraidā?), is a special powered suit developed by Academy City. It is said to be the most powerful motorbike ever created for military usage.[1]


The bike has a central jet engine, linear engines installed inside the wheels that are completely protected by circular armor, wing-like arms stretching back from the left and right of the front wheel area, and auxiliary boosters that both give auxiliary power and forced steering. To prevent electronic hacking from starting the bike, it uses an extremely elaborate analog lock. It also has gyros for stability, completely electronically controlled anti-shock suspension, and wings on the back to keep the machine on the ground aerodynamically.[1] The bike itself only has a throttle and a brake in both handlebars, so all actions besides accelerating and decelerating are automatically taken by the suit.[2]

The powered suit itself is exceedingly small, not that much bigger than a human. Unlike the models that looked like thicker versions of Western armor, this one is more like a riding suit with a full face helmet attached. It's gray with black protectors attached where needed. There are no transparent portions on the helmet. Vision and all other information is acquired with electronic devices and displayed on the inside.[1]


The Dragon Rider was developed as a new model of powered suit. Its design does away with the requirement of looking like a human body. In other words, it isn’t a bike created for powered suits to ride; it is a powered suit that includes a bike.[1]

It's stated that its top speed was 1050 kph, is able to freely fly across the wastelands of Russia at over 1000 kph, climb cliffs with a slope of 70 degrees at over 300 kph. What makes the Dragon Rider so unique is the fact that it was a powered suit that included a bike; without the suit no rider would ever be able to grip or endure riding it. Like other powered suits, this suit also reinforces the user's body, allowing the rider to fire a Gatling gun or a smoothbore gun one handed while driving at high speed.[1]

During his initial impression while driving the Dragon Rider, Shiage stated that it was incredibly disturbing how easily the suit supported an amateur bike rider like him. The suit not only enhances a rider's physical capabilities, but completely modifies a person's sense of awareness so that they are able to drive at high subsonic speeds to the point where Hamazura felt like he would lose natural capabilities if he wore the suit too long. The suit also applied electrical stimuli and distributed the temperature of the brain to keep him from panicking at the high speeds.[2]

After seeing the suit respond to his own thoughts, Shiage believed in the conspiracies of where machines can spy on your own mind. This belief is later reinforced when suit's information controller "downloaded" information into Shiage so he could perform a complex action and execute as simple as riding a bicycle.[3] The suit also helpfully displayed the information of his phone inside the helmet's visor when the thought about needing to check the info on it,[2] and it also downloaded fighting skills and how to release fuel from the auxiliary boosters to create a 3500 degree explosion into Hamazura's mind.[3]

The suit can also release a cable from its arms to connect to electronic networks.[4]


It was originally designated to be Anti-Skill's newest patrol bike, though later drafted into World War III. Unfortunately the Dragon Rider was never used, let alone seen in action, as the war ended sooner than expected.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Freshmen ArcEdit

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The prototype was "stolen" by Hamazura Shiage in order to continue rescuing Fremea Seivelun.[1] After Fremea's rescue, the vehicle was destroyed in the battle, with the suit being used to gain control of the Freshmen's FIVE Over.

St. Germain ArcEdit

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On December 1st, Hamazura Shiage carried out test driving of the successor to the Dragon Rider prototype, its specs and cost lowered for mass production, with the Dragon Rider's support system Aneri installed.[5]



  • Going by the patterns for Academy City's weapon naming schemes, HsSSV might stand for Hard Science SubSonic Vehicle.


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