Hyde Park (ハイド・パーク Haido Pāku?) is a royal park located in London.[1]


The park is located about 3km west-southwest of Piccadilly Circus and 2km away from Buckingham Palace.[1] There is a recreational lake known as the Serpentine in the park, with a single small island.[1]


Named after the Manor of Hyde which the land once belonged to, Hyde Park was created by Henry VIII for hunting purposes in 1536 after he acquired the land from Westminster Abbey.

The park was the site of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the Crystal Palace which housed it.


Coronzon ArcEdit

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During the reproduced Golden Dawn's initial pursuit of Aleister Crowley, the Lady of the Masquerade Ball, Charles Rosher and Frederick Leigh Gardner were positioned on the island in the Serpentine Lake and launched a long-range attack on Aleister's position in the Naked Shopping Center in Piccadilly Circus with Taphthartharath.[1]

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