Hyoudou Maki (兵藤真紀 Hyōdō Maki?) is a member of White Alligator, introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Dasoku, Mata wa Toaru Jiken no Shumaku.


Maki is described as a girl wearing pants under a short dress.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Dasoku, Mata wa Toaru Jiken no ShumakuEdit

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Maki was one of the four White Alligator members hired to transport the comatose Saitou Souta while Misaka Mikoto and Aizono Mio were distracted by a rumor leading them into a trap,[1] though she and the others had the secret goal of getting revenge on Souta and Mio, jealous of her being the only White Alligator member saved by the counselor.[2] Maki, Wajiku Kobina and Yoake Sayori faced Aizono Mio in combat while Sakasama Yuri made sure Mikoto asphyxiated in their oil trap, but despite managing to corner her and almost killing her, the trio were defeated by Mio once Mikoto relayed to her Souta's message and intentions of saving all White Alligator members.[3]


Her ability is Military Oil (油性兵装 (ミリタリーオイル) Yusei Heisō (Miritarī Oiru)?, lit. "Oil-based Armament"), which allows her to control oil and other petroleum products as well as freely change their properties.[4]


  • (To Aizono Mio, Railgun PSP SS): "But Saitou Souta did not save us. He was satisfied with saving you. He did not go any further. He proved he had the power to save those of White Alligator with you, but he abandoned us for his own personal reasons."
  • (To Aizono Mio, ibid): "We wanted to be saved too. We wanted to become a heroine like you. There were no clear conditions that decided it. Just because he was satisfied with only you, the gates of hell were slammed shut in our faces. How is that not reason to be angry?”
  • (To Aizono Mio, ibid): “Weren’t you listening? We ‘wanted’ to be saved. In the past tense. We no longer have the ability to have such silly dreams.”
  • (To Aizono Mio, ibid): “We will continue with the standard method that leaves you with no hope. We will not try to be the heroine and say we will beautifully finish this in one blow. We are the gators that crawl through the sewers, so we will tear at your flesh slowly but surely with the shockwaves. We will keep you from moving and rip you to pieces without giving you an opening.”


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