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The ITEM Liaison or Woman on the Phone (電話の女?) is a mysterious figure that hands out and gives out orders to ITEM, making her the de facto leader of the organization, like the GROUP liaison is for GROUP, one of the controllers or liaisons of Academy City underworld organizations. She contacts them via a ether phone to for general reports through Mugino Shizuri telecommunication terminal for group debriefings.


During her appearance in Russia, she wore a full face helmet and an elegant suit tinged with a chocolate color.[1]


She is coolheaded and analytical while going over her group's missions.[2] She also seems to find enjoyment in the failures of her rival liaisons.[3] She has the habit of using the phrase "It’s always like this with you."[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

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The ITEM liaison communicates with ITEM.

ITEM is briefed about their mission by their liaison, who chooses to communicate them only through voice. Here, she explains that the target is an esper who uses electricity, and adds that the client may have already determined the culprit behind the attacks behind research labs across Academy City. Kinuhata Saiai suggests going for a sneak but all-out attack on the target, but the informant prefers to attack the target only when it chooses to attack another facility. She then points out that she had to comply with certain circumstances that the client wants, so they cannot just do what they like on the target.[4]

Daihasei Festival Arc

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The ITEM liaison contacted Mugino Shizuri via phone regarding the ongoing negotiations to bring the seven Level 5s to the spotlight for the upcoming Daihaseisai. Mugino, who was enjoying a bath in ITEM's private pool, was irritated by the idea that a person involved with the Dark Side would participate in an event to be broadcast all over the world and refused.[5][6]

Toaru Majutsu no Index

Battle Royale Arc

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On October 9th, as the ITEM liaison was walking down a street while holding five helium-filled balloons and a cell phone in the other, she chatted with her counterpart from BLOCK. They talked on the subject of her hiding information on their whereabouts from him, making it impossible for him to bring them under control. She then informed him that they couldn’t cause any more trouble as GROUP had just taken out the last of BLOCK in the juvenile hall. He then became nervous at his loss of position as well as the repercussions he would have to face for their actions under his watch. The ITEM liaison had lost interest by this time so she hung up and started walking through the crowd again while wondering about the status of SCHOOL's controller.[3]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

ITEM's backer realized that ITEM could not function with only Saiai left in fighting condition [7] and decided to remake a team using the few surviving members from BLOCK, MEMBER, SCHOOL and ITEM.[8] Though the first thing that Measure Heart does is restrain her new teammate Kinuhata Saiai while the former Hound Dogs proceeded to track down Shiage under the order of General Superintendent Aleister to eliminate him, as he was supposed to end up dead during the battle royale between the 5 organizations.[9] It is unknown if she had any knowledge of the Superintendent's plans or not.

World War III Arc

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The liaison and her team cornering the ITEM members.

She appears near the end of World War III before Mugino Shizuri, Hamazura Shiage, and Takitsubo Rikou with ten armed men ready to take them back with force and eliminating Hamazura. Ever secretive, she appears wearing a helmet obscuring her face, and is forced to say her catchphrase in order for them to recognize who she is. She also reveals the potential of Rikou power that might become a Level 5 with her earlier demonstration.

The liaison cornered, as her team are dispatched by the villagers.

She and her team are stopped by the arrival of Digurv, Glickin, and others from the village who came to their aid and caught the Academy City force from behind. Shiage then decides to interrogate her on information on the Parameter List as a means of negotiating with the higher-ups of Academy City.[1][10]



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