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The Ice Cream Old Man is an unnamed minor character who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.[1][2]


A large man, he appears to be about middle aged. He sports curly black hair and has stubble lining on his lower jaw. He is seen wearing an ordinary purple ice cream selling suit.[1][2]


Despite his gruff-looking appearance, the Ice Cream Old Man shows a friendly personality even to strangers, a trait that is handy for picking up customers in his line of work. He also seems like a kind of person who cherishes family bonds, as he scolded Mikoto and her clone (after mistaking them for twins) for not treating each other well like siblings, while lamenting about his current status with his mother.[1][2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Sisters Arc[]

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The ice cream man handing Mikoto and Misaka 9982 the ice cream.

The ice cream man is introduced as a driver passing by Mikoto and Misaka 9982 while they were "fighting". He decided to intervene, not wanting twins to go on arguments like those, and gives them a cone of ice cream each, telling the two to get along before leaving; a choco-mint ice cream for Mikoto and a strawberry-vanilla one for Misaka 9982.[1][2]


  • Fifteen flavors are listed in the menu, thirteen flavors are known. Single cone is 300 yen and double cone is 400 yen.[2]
  • Known flavors: choco-mint, strawberry, strawberry-vanilla, caramel, tiramisu, pineapple, rum raisin, purple yam, ramune, lemon, matcha, orange-sorbet, and coconut.[2]


  • "If a married couple divorce, they become total strangers, but the bond between siblings lasts a lifetime." — to Mikoto and Misaka 9982.