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The Ichihanaran Festival Arc is a major story arc introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. The events of the arc begins the day before the Ichihanaransai, continuing throughout the festival the day after, in mid-November.

It deals with the conflict surrounding the GREMLIN, led by Othinus, and a group of incredibly powerful magicians, led by Ollerus, centered around the mysterious being named Fräulein Kreutune who resides in the Windowless Building, the final ingredient in Othinus' plan in creating Gungnir and forever distorting the world. Moreover, it also deals with the reaction of Academy City, and the conflict that arises after Kakine Teitoku returns and joins the foray.



Fräulein Kreutune

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Fräulein Kreutune is a mysterious being that has not been "dyed," as Thor put it, by the colors of magic or of science.[1] She is apparently immortal, having existed for hundreds of years, and is apparently invulnerable to conventional methods of damage, as she has survived every attempt on her life that the witch hunts and inquisitions of the Middle Ages have dealt upon her.[1] She is a being whose very existence revolves around "learning", and that after acquiring enough information, she will transform, which reverses the position of predator and prey, and become a threat to Aleister Crowley's plans. As such, her existence is that of her being infinitely curious in order to absorb information. She is imprisoned inside the Windowless Building, with its impenetrable Calculate Fortress, in total silence and darkness as a means to prevent her from being curious.[2]

Aftermath of the suppression of Baggage City

After the suppression and surrender of Baggage City, Kamijou Touma is somehow returned to Academy City, most likely through the efforts of Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right, while he was still unconscious after being defeated by Othinus.[3] Meanwhile, Kumokawa Maria somehow arrives in Academy City as well.[4]

Meanwhile, the general populace of Academy City is presumed to have some knowledge regarding the events of Baggage City.[notes 1] Kihara Yuiitsu also returns to Academy City after making a deal with one of the leaders of Natural Selector, ending the conflict in Baggage City.[5]

Gathering of forces


With nearly all the requirements needed to complete Gungnir acquired, Othinus sets her sights on Academy City, specifically, the base of Aleister Crowley, the Windowless Building. Othinus wants her because she has yet to be stained by magic and science, and the fact that due to her invulnerability and immortality, she can apparently survive any modifications Othinus will put her through,[1] in order for her to turn her into an holistic esper.[6]

Othinus gathers her forces, including Marian Slingeneyer, Mjölnir, and combat specialist Thor, inside Academy City to retrieve Fräulein Kreutune and most likely, fight against Ollerus' group and Academy City if necessary. Their main hideout is in the Bright Stare Hotel.[7] The plan was for Thor, the combat specialist, to immobilize Fräulein Kreutune while borrowing power from Mjölnir and Marian Slingeneyer would use her ability to remodel humans to make sure she could not struggle.[8]


Ollerus, Silvia, and Fiamma of the Right, join forces with Brunhild Eiktobel and Leivinia Birdway, in order to oppose Othinus and GREMLIN's plans. Despite being fully capable of doing it, Ollerus' group forgo on stopping GREMLIN in reaching Academy City or Japan in the first place, for reasons unknown. Because of this, Academy City becomes the primary battlefield for the two groups of extremely powerful magicians.[9]

However, Ollerus' true plans were to gather enough powerful magicians in order for Fiamma of the Right to act without being noticed, and infiltrate and take down Othinus from the inside of her own organization.[8] He may have known of Thor's attitude towards GREMLIN beforehand, and planned to use his identity to infiltrate GREMLIN. Leivinia joining the group seems to add to Ollerus' plans as well, though he may not have wanted her to subdue Fräulein Kretune using her methods, which only she knew to use. Silvia is apparently the only member to have completely known of Ollerus' plans.[8] It can be assumed that Ollerus planned Fräulein Kretune's liberation from the beginning, as it would allow him to bring to Othinus a substitute that should work to his advantage.[8]

Other parties

Cendrillon, a member of GREMLIN that was betrayed during the invasion of Hawaii, and was turned into a table, until the end of the suppression of Baggage City, returns to exact vengeance on GREMLIN. After being turned back by Ollerus,[10] she gains the power to reconstruct herself. With this, she somehow is able to separate the parts and fluids of her body into ingredients and mailed herself into Academy City, probably addressed to Hamazura Shiage, who was part of the group that opposed them back in Hawaii. It is unknown how she planned to reconstruct her body via having someone use the ingredients to "cook" her up.[10][notes 2]

Meanwhile, after the mutilation of Kakine Teitoku, the 2nd ranked Level 5, at the hands of Accelerator in October 9 of the current year of the timeline, his remains, specifically his brain, was kept in Dark Legacy, to force him to produce Dark Matter.[11] This resulted in the creation of Dark Matter based technology such as the Equ.DarkMatter and Kihara Byouri's implants. Apparently, at some point in time after being mutilated, Kakine was moved to a facility in School District 3, and there, slowly reformed all of his body using Dark Matter.[2]

Chronology: Eve of the Festival

Back to Daily Life

Kamijou Touma

Touma awakens in a station, not knowing how he got there and back in Academy City. While he ponders what had happened in Baggage City, and regarding Fiamma of the Right and Ollerus, he hears footsteps, and as he turns around, he discovers that it is one of his classmates, Fukiyose Seiri. Here, she is carrying supplies for the Ichihanaransai. After Touma had the nerve to ask what she is doing at the station where he is left off, Seiri attacks him with one of her bags, reminding him that he is the one who has skipped the preparations for the festival. Seiri later uses the duct tape in her bag to subdue Touma and carry him back to school telling him that they are short handed, much to his remonstrations as Touma wants to see Index in their dorm. However, she ignores him.[3]

She is apparently uncaring of Touma's well-being as she dragged him in the streets and later shoves him into their classroom, declaring him as a fugitive, before moving to her own station. Here, Tsukuyomi Komoe tells Touma that his absences have reached the point in which homework and supplementary lessons can't cover it. She asks Touma if there are any problems he is facing that may be the reason for his absences, and later asks why he is so beat up. Although, Touma could only give half-hearted replies. He is later reunited with Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce, and predictably get into an argument regarding perverted cultural festival events, necessitating for Seiri to intervene.[12]

Hamazura Shiage

Meanwhile, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou, take Fremea Seivelun to the Hero's Cave for a dentist appointment.[13] Later, with Rikou, they accompany Fremea back to their dorm before going home. While Rikou tells him that they need money for some detergent, Shiage laments on how there is no sex appeal to her attitude. His lamentations ends when Rikou finally says that Fremea is gone, much to his irritation.[14] Shiage and Rikou scramble in town trying to find the missing Fremea, after learning she did not return to her dormitory in School District 13.[2]

Fateful Meetings

The Betrayal of Thor

It is unknown when Ollerus approached Thor, but it was in Academy City that Ollerus offered him a deal. Ollerus would disguise himself as Thor in order to infiltrate GREMLIN and find out its headquarters. Due to his distaste for Othinus and GREMLIN's methods, as well as the fact that Ollerus might kill him if he refused, Thor accepts his deal.[8] It can be assumed that it was Ollerus that ordered Thor to rescue Fräulein Kreutune from the Windowless Building, as it would allow him to bring Othinus a substitute and influence the creation of Gungnir.

Kamijou Touma and Ollerus

Touma dashes past Ollerus.

With everything settling down, Touma is later told by Seiri that she'll need him to stay over tonight, much to Touma's dismay as he still wants to go back to his dormitory and see Index. Seiri then instructs him to buy some food for them, and gives him money for it. With his cart, Touma tries to do what Seiri told him to do, that is, until he notices Ollerus. He notes to Touma on how it took so long for Touma to sense him, noting that he lost a bet with Fiamma of the Right, and says that he wants to talk about the Imagine Breaker to him, but Touma ignores him much to his surprise, as he still intends to deliver the food that Seiri has tasked him to do.[15]

After giving the food to Seiri, Touma manages to get some time to talk with Ollerus. With Ollerus having Touma's undivided attention, he tells Touma what a Magic God is and the limitations it has on Othinus. He tells Touma that Othinus wants to get around the limitation of being a Magic God by recreating the Spear of the All-Father, Gungnir, and enumerates the various parts of Othinus' plan that have been successfully carried out towards that goal. Ollerus states that Othinus plan includes the distortion of the world beyond recognition, in order to reverse the outcome of the science side winning the War, and seeing as the Imagine Breaker acts like a reference point to the original state of the world before becoming distorted, it is an obvious threat to Othinus and GREMLIN's plans, which Ollerus states is an organization whose main goal is to grant Othinus' "selfish wishes".[16][17]

Kamijou Touma and Thor

Meanwhile, Thor leaves their meeting with Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir, the former, still listless after the death and reformation into an Einherjar of Bersi. After giving instructions to Marian on not doing any preemptive attacks or making of "materials" for battle, and looks for Touma.[18] He later transforms as Misaka Mikoto using his magic in order to get close to him.[19]

With Touma, he ponders on what Ollerus. Here, he begins to show his anxiety and worry regarding the inevitable future of conflict, as he himself has witnessed the terror that had engulfed Hawaii and Baggage City, as well as on how he can protect everyone from the mass violence that will happen. Touma then meets Mikoto again. Instead of attacking him with her electric powers, she hits him with her fists, and tells Touma on how she got stood up and abandoned in Hawaii. Touma asks her if it was right to place a friend in a position where they are likely to bear the full brunt of an attack from the people that were involved in Hawaii. However, the Mikoto before him, reveals his trued identity, Thor of GREMLIN, and attacks using electric arcs that cuts through the turbine behind Touma. Thor is impressed by Touma learning how to dodge instead of just defending using his right hand. Touma has realized that he is not Mikoto due to his action of hitting him with his fist instead of what Mikoto usually does, which is to attack him with electricity. After some swift movements, Touma manages to grab hold of Thor and demand to know who he is. As Thor's disguise breaks apart, Thor tells Touma who he is and that GREMLIN is already in the city.[19]

Touma is treated by Thor to a snack, much to his surprise, where he discusses to him how he knows about Mikoto, and how he has the power to change his form into that of girls. More importantly, Thor discusses with him about the latter's discussion with Ollerus a while back. He tells Touma that he knows that he is afraid of being made to fight according to someone else's wishes such as with Leivinia Birdway during Hawaii or Kihara Kagun in Baggage City. Thor tells Touma that just because Ollerus opposes them doesn't mean he is wholly good, moreover, he tells Touma that someone who uses violence to resolve a problem should not be completely referred to as good and just, a statement that hits Touma completely. Thor tells Touma that Ollerus did not come alone to Academy City, and states that he had brought along Silvia, Fiamma of the Right, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway, all extremely powerful beings, and with the likelihood that they will clash GREMLIN, makes Academy City the primary battlefield, something that Ollerus' group could have avoided by preventing GREMLIN from reaching Academy City or Japan in the first place. Thor bluntly tells Touma that it is because they are using Academy City to carry out their objectives. Touma however, begins to doubt Thor after he explains on how Thor really doesn't know Ollerus true intentions, as well as that of Othinus. Thor tells Touma that he never said that he should trust him, and just tells him not to rely on too much information from just one side. Thor tells Touma that the both of them will fight eventually, and that he would like to fight him with no reservations, but he wants the situation surrounding him to be solved beforehand. Thor says that both Ollerus and Othinus are fighting over something similar, and says that he happens to know of a way to dumbfound them, which involves rescue.[9]

Kamijou Touma vs. Thor

Thor surprised by Touma suddenly negating his lightning arc blades and turning the tables on him.

After thinking for a while, Touma says that he cannot possibly trust Thor because he has nothing to substantiate what he said. Thor sighs, and mocks Touma's misgivings. Thor assaults Touma, shoving his head down on the table they were eating on as witnesses gather around their scuffle. Thor then throws Touma off, slamming into tables. Thor continues to mock Touma's doubts as he kicks him around, saying that a girl named Fräulein Kreutune is being imprisoned. That simple fact should normally be enough for Touma to save her. He tells Touma that the reason he has survived for so long in a world full of experts is because he always acted on his desire to save someone whether succeeded or not, and that if he loses that his fist will only become a tool for his own selfish desires. As Thor tries to kick Touma again, he blocks it, and tells Thor to shut up. Touma tells him of his hesitation, and blames him and his group for starting this nonsense in the first place. Thor however, does not buy into Touma's excuses and continues to kick him. He tells Touma not everyone in GREMLIN supported what Othinus has done, and that he dislikes Othinus methods, as such, it is the reason why he has betrayed GREMLIN for this mission. He tells Touma that he was better when he was still reaching his hand out to help any girl he saw, despite being tricked by everyone around him. As Touma stands, he tells Thor that he doesn't know how many people were caught in the little wars they have fought in Hawaii and Baggage City, and states that there is nothing wrong with being cautious. Thor however, replies that hesitation doesn't make the best decisions, and attacks Touma with his electric arc blades, noting that if that is how he acts, to abandon someone because of his fears, then he is a true villain. However, Touma easily dispatches the electric arc blades. Touma tells Thor that he doesn't have any kind overarching plan as well, then slams his knee into Thor's guts. As Touma continues to beat Thor, he continues to beat into his head that he is sick of trying to save someone and causing more suffering as a result. But Thor turns the tables around, and starts beating Touma, and continues lecturing him. The fight continues to a brawl, with no side overpowering the other. In a lull, Thor asks Touma if he wants to help or not, to which he states that if Fräulein Kreutune is really suffering, but tells him that he will crush Thor if he ends up using him for his own ends. Thor tells him to do as he pleases, and says that he is taking action tonight, and that he doesn't care what he does as long as he ends up saving Fräulein Kreutune. He leaves after giving the rendezvous point to Touma.[20] Touma is later arrested by Anti-Skill because of the brawl.[21]

Mugino Shizuri and Cendrillon

Mugino's and Cendrillon's strange encounter.

Mugino Shizuri stays behind in the ITEM apartment, performing various menial tasks, specifically cooking, in order to determine the readjustments needed to carry out on her prosthetic body parts. She receives a mysterious package, and though she knew she did not order it, went along with the instructions. She successfully "cooks up" Cendrillon. She introduces herself to Mugino and tells her of her goals. Mugino is unperturbed by this situation. She then asks Mugino to make her Cinderella dress, the basis of her magic, at which point she has exhausted Mugino's patience after she states that whatever Mugino is doing looks like good training for a wife, who proceeds to attack her with her Particle-Function Waveform High Speed Cannon, destroying a part of the apartment she and the rest of ITEM are staying in. Cendrillon escapes with only a towel and the instructions for sewing her dress on her person.[10]

Cendrillon would later try to sneak into one of the schools and sew the Cinderella dress.[2]

Attack on the Windowless Building

After Touma escapes Anti-Skill custody, Touma ends up in the area where the Windowless Building is located. He meets up with him at the rendezvous point. He tells Thor that he will betray him when he sees fit, to which Thor understands. He shows Touma some tools, which leads to Touma questioning him on how they are supposed to breakthrough the impregnable Windowless Building using them, to which Thor answers by giving him instructions.[22]

An unfortunate mistake.

Meanwhile, the real Misaka Mikoto, who was looking for Touma after overhearing his classmates talk about on how he was arrested by Anti-Skill during her visit to his school, arrives at the area where he is located.[21] Mikoto spots him, and demands answers from him, such as why he is not helping his school for the Ichihanaransai, regarding on how he was arrested by Anti-Skill, and how he ended getting back to Hawaii. Touma however, believing that the Mikoto before her is still Thor, tells her to stop joking around, confusing Mikoto. Touma then demonstrates how terrible "Thor's" disguise is and touches Mikoto's chest, ceaselessly bewildering her. Touma notes on how they feel so real, to which Mikoto stutters to say that they are not pads. Tired of this nonsense, Touma leaves Mikoto and tells "him" to stop joking around and get to the rendezvous point.[23]


At the rendezvous point, Thor leaves Touma alone to prepare for something, as he observes the Windowless Building with the binoculars. As Touma confirms that there's no one around the area of the building, Thor has already set up remotely the truck bombs around the building. He detonates it later, though much to his concern, as Touma tells him that the explosion should be enough to shatter the glass in buildings and might injure people. Thor then tells Touma that everything went according to plan, despite the building remaining unscathed. He later sends Touma a map on where they should meet up next.[23]

Touma later meets up with Thor, and then walks towards one of the abandoned bases of Freshmen that was made as a security blind spot for the vast surveillance system of Academy City. Although they can only use it for twenty minutes before someone investigates the blind spot. With nothing to monitor them, Thor explains the reason he used the bombs on the building; the reason being, is that he needed to figure out the discrepancies in the Windowless Buildings' Calculate Fortress' shockwave dampening abilities as there are some shockwaves that the armor cannot fully escape. It was information that was provided by Kihara Kagun whilst he still lived. After fifteen minutes of having a powerful computer that they accessed through Kagun's backdoors analyze the data Thor gathered, Thor and Touma leave the base with tools.[24] Thor later states that they have about ten to twenty minutes to act in order to break through the Calculate Fortress and free Fräulein. With the tools readied, Touma tells Thor that they should go now, impressing Thor.[25]

Breach in the walls

After some preparations, both Thor and Touma start to jackhammer upon the surface of the building, and much to Touma's surprise, it actually starts penetrating the Calculate Fortress. As Thor tries to replace the spike of his jackhammer after it got broken, the Four Wings have come. Thor panics as they have no longer an escape route, and that threat of being attacked has increased. Touma says that they should retreat, as they cannot save Fräulein if they are killed. Thor replies that they no longer have that option once GREMLIN and Ollerus group makes their move. As they have reached an impasse, the cracks on the wall of the Windowless Building starts expanding, creating a huge perfect square shape around the wall. It collapses, and out of the shadows comes Fräulein Kreutune. Immediately after, both he and Touma are somehow struck down by her.[26]

Other events

At the same time as Touma and Thor begin their attack on the Windowless Building, Last Order, Accelerator, and Yoshikawa Kikyou, spend the evening enjoying themselves. Kikyou prepares dinner for Last Order, who is busy playing video games with the Misaka Network. As such, she calls out to Accelerator, since he's her guardian, much to his chagrin. Kikyou reminds Accelerator that she cannot stay like a housewife in training, to which Accelerator asks if she has found work somewhere. Kikyou says that she is still making preparations, and states that she has been invited as a special lecturer in a college of science, though it is only temporary as she wants to get back in college. Kikyou says that she wants to be a teacher, and states her enthusiasm into becoming a Student Keeper. Then, Kikyou remembers that she doesn't have green onions for the flavor of her mizutaki, to which Last Order, who was taking a break from her video game, says that she would be willing to buy them. Seeing this, Kikyou tells Accelerator to go deal with her. And as Kikyou analyzes which between Last Order and Accelerator holds the reins in their relationship, and the latter's subsequent irritated responses, they fail to notice that Last Order has stopped shouting and has gone off on her own. Kikyou then tells Accelerator to take care of it, much to his irritation.[27]

Accelerator jumps around the city trying to look for Last Order everywhere, and forces Kikyou to help him.[2]

Escape of Fräulein Kreutune

As Fräulein begins to move, she takes down the Four Wings that Thor and Touma previously, and begins to wander out into the City, taking in and mimicking any information and stimulus that seems interesting to her.[28]

After coming to, Thor tells Touma that Fräulein Kreutune has escaped, destroyed the Four Wings, and his views on how her powers worked on them and on the Windowless Building. Even though Touma doesn't understand anything, Thor begins to mock Touma on how he wouldn't save Fräulein now after what she has done, since she is not like the other people Touma has saved. But Touma agrees with him, and says that he needs to befriend Fräulein quickly. Then, their attention is taken by the gaping hole that she has made, and they are tempted to go inside. Thor tells Touma that they will be "devoured" if they step inside, and Touma replies that he knows. Thor agrees with Touma's assertion that they need to get to Fräulein Kreutune — she is their top priority. Their objective is to get to Fräulein as quickly as possible as GREMLIN and Ollerus are not that stupid to have not noticed the ruckus Fräulein Kreutune has made.[28]

Academy City's response

Academy City is prepared to go into Code Red, indicating that the city has blocked traffic flow between the inside and the outside, as well as the traffic between the districts are restricted,[29] if she ever has both offensive and defensive capabilities.[30] However, complicating matters is the fact that the city is in a festive mood for the Ichihanaransai, as students ignore the curfew despite being implemented.[22] Moreover, this is compounded by blatant misinformation, such as Fräulein being a spy disguised as a diplomat.[31] Despite this, several squads of Anti-Skill begin searching for her, as well as cover up the hole that Fräulein has made in the Windowless Building with a sheet. Fräulein is referred to as the prime suspect that destroyed the Calculate Fortress, the Four Wings,[32] as well as suspected of targeting the Chairman, Aleister Crowley.[2]

Later, an Anti-Skill squad under the command of Kakita, would later corner Fräulein near a takoyaki stand that was preparing for the Ichihanaransai. While Fräulein busies herself in mimicking the minder of the stand and taking in information, he and his colleagues are later told over radio that they have no jurisdiction in the area. Kakita argues with someone over the radio, after being told that they should take Fräulein to a place which has the jurisdiction. Kakita tries to argue his place, and states that the standard procedure is to take her to the nearest branch. He is then told that Fräulein is a spy, but he does not yield. He later orders Momozawa to handcuff her, and Yashiro to bring the Anti-Skill truck around. However, before Kakita can finish his instructions, Fräulein stood up and they are forced to surround her,[31] but they are later taken down.[32]

Due to the far ranging effects of the Windowless Building being attacked and of the escape of Fräulein Kreutune, information regarding her has been influenced and manipulated, from the channels used by Anti-Skill,[33] to the SNSs and message boards used in Academy City.[34]

Other events: A tale of two girls

While still being oblivious to her situation, Fremea becomes hungry but decides to keep moving on. She however, then meets up with Last Order, thinking of her as a lost child. Despite grating on each other's nerves, for both were being too prideful, Last Order accompanies Fremea. They get into a fight on who is more adult than the other, then notice an announcement regarding the famous restaurants of Academy City, and challenges each other to who is more informed by heading around to the famous restaurants of Academy City, forgetting their original intentions.[35]

The two arrive at School District 10, where they come upon a famous Food Stand Spire, essentially making Last Order the winner of their little bet. A caring soul offers two men to act as their bodyguards in exchange for a free boiled egg as the district can be a dangerous place. The both of them later come upon a restaurant at the top floor that uses a modified truck as a stand. It was a restaurant that offered Chinese food, which was cooked by a lone man, and was accompanied by three girls who gave off the impression that they knew nothing of the cooking or the service industry, and apparently served as body guards. Last Order asks for the usual, despite never having been there before. Last Order however, reveals that the restaurant doesn't have a menu as it only serves one thing: giant pieces of meat that seem to come straight off a manga, making her requests warranted. The cook accepts the order as long as he is paid and serves each of them a large piece of meat, which they dig into in good order despite its size.[36]

Kamijou Touma and Thor's gambit


Thor and Touma listen on as Anti-Skill scrambles to mow down Fräulein. Thor notes after Touma asks him whom GREMLIN sent with him, that GREMLIN has clearly not moved yet, and that Ollerus is probably doing the same. However, Touma says that if Thor's assumptions are correct, then they are in doubt that Fräulein has escaped, and that they can still fool them if they can send them some fake information making them think it's a trap and that they should stay away, and have them keep away from Fräulein. Thor is intrigued, and asks what they need to do. Touma says that they need to scatter some bait before they get accurate information on Fräulein Kreutune, make them think it must be a trap. Touma and Thor later dress up as firefighters in order to escape the area that is surrounded by Anti-Skill.[32] Thor accompanies Touma to his high school to prepare for their trap. Finally arriving at the computer laboratory, Touma and Thor set out to print some posters for some plans.[37]


Thor calls Marian Slingeneyer to tell her to meet up with him in a plaza in front of the District 7 station in order to have more firepower in capturing Fräulein. As Marian tries to search for Thor, she discovers a poster of a bulletin board declaring her to be a dangerous person involved in Baggage City, and that she should be reported to Anti-Skill. Marian reports this to Thor as Marian scrambles away. Thor tells Marian that they can crush Academy City and Ollerus' group, but not at the same time.[7] After Thor agrees to Marian's plan on moving to another location, it is revealed that it was all just a ruse made up by Touma, who used the bulletin boards that are used for the festival announcements for his plan, and using Thor's transformation abilities to change into Marian for the photo. Thor asks Touma if he really is going to do it with the second trap on the scout, to which Touma says that Thor should stay out of the way, as the others would get suspicious, and the fact that he is the only one capable of recovering from Fräulein Kreutune's attacks, making him the trump card. He then asks Thor to give him the water based pen as he writes something on his handbook and makes it appear smudged. Touma asks what if Marian is going to use her magic while running away, to which Thor replies that she probably won't as she doesn't want to cause a commotion. Touma asks what Marian might do, to which he says that Marian can likely create decorations based on Norse mythology to make the wearer's body invisible, though the user themselves will not be able to know if they have actually been rendered invisible or not. But Thor reassures him that he has added some spells the moment Marian entered the plaza in order to prevent her from making herself invisible as so Touma can follow her. And with that, he takes the handbook that he smudged on purpose, and tells Thor to go ahead without him, if he can't meet up with him.[38]

Kamijou Touma and Leivinia Birdway

Touma initiates his dangerous gambit.

As Marian moves with Mjölnir to find their next hideout, she is tailed presumably unaware, by Touma. Finally, Touma notices the scout that was sent out to tail Marian Slingeneyer, Leivinia Birdway, and with that, grabs a nearby power drill, to finish his part of the plan. Touma moves on Leivinia and aims the power drill at Leivinia's skull. With arms spread out, Leivinia is completely nonchalant regarding Touma's threats. Touma tells Leivinia not to move as he has the advantage, but Leivinia asks if he really expects that he can kill her with the drill. Leivinia then states that she never expected him to act in behalf of GREMLIN. Touma tells Leivinia that he has no idea if what he is doing is right or wrong, but says that it is at least, it is due to him thinking through things for himself. Leivinia says that he might've been tricked into doing it, to which Touma replies that she is the one who specializes in doing that, to which Leivinia falls into silence.[39]

Leivinia is completely ignored during Touma's tirade regarding the hell that happened in Baggage City, her role in keeping damage to a minimum, and the fact that despite all she did, he still deemed it as something that is not the best answer, as Kihara Kagun died, bringing Kumokawa Maria to tears, and that she still used Baggage City to her own end. Touma then asks her how he is supposed to unconditionally trust someone who did all that. For but a moment, there was no reply from Leivinia. When she speaks, however, she coldly tells him to move the "toy" he is carrying out of her way, and that he has created a situation that he no longer has grounds that will not stop her from killing him, as he threw it away before her now.[39]

Just then, as the tension becomes thicker, Anti-Skill arrives, and sees Touma's threatening Leivinia. One of them however, accidentally takes out his rifle and starts shooting at Touma, much to the horror of everyone present. Leivinia cradles the bloodied Touma in her arms, and tries her best to use first aid on him, not allowing the Anti-Skill to interfere anymore. As she begins to leave, she tells Anti-Skill of Touma's condition. With her bloodied clothes and hand, she is unable to wipe the blood away since she used her handkerchief for Touma's first aid. It is shown that she has taken Touma's bait, the student handbook he had where he wrote Marian Slingeneyer's name. She calls her comrades, and tells them that Touma was won over by GREMLIN. She reports to them on how Touma is working with Marian, and the details regarding her name in the student handbook. She also tells the person on the other side of the phone that GREMLIN's base is in School District 12, from the notes on Touma's handbook, and says that she wants them to crush GREMLIN using a surprise attack as it is the perfect chance to do so. Touma however, barely conscious, overhears this as he is carried out by the EMTs, satisfied that she has fallen for the bait, and that he used the unforeseen arrival of Anti-Skill as the means to convince Leivinia.[39]

Other events: An unexpected meeting

Before Touma and Thor initiate their plan in fooling Ollerus and GREMLIN, Fremea and Last Order continue their sojourn. Despite Fremea acknowledging that Last Order is more informed than her, they are both still lost, and is unable to find the way to District 7. While moving around, Fremea asks for directions from a strange woman who begins mimicking her movements, Fräulein Kreutune.[40] For some unfathomable reason, Fräulein aids them in finding their way back into School District 7, and is successful, as Last Order recognizes an area. After being dragged along, Last Order tries to thank and her and asks her name, to which she responds that her name is Fräulein Kreutune. Last Order and Fremea wants to exchange e-mail addresses with her, but seeing as she had no cellphone, Fremea however, gave Fräulein her child buzzer to her that was originally from Hamazura Shiage and the others. Fremea tells her that it uses GPS, and if she pulls the string, it will send her current location to the cell phone registered with it. Essentially, allowing Fremea to be notified of her whereabouts. Fremea notes that it can receive e-mails without cost from the registered cell phone. Fräulein seemed puzzled with the device, and continues to stare at it. She is interrupted by Last Order saying that they are now friends. Fräulein is confused by this, to which Fremea answers that there is no reason why they can't be friends. After analyzing the situation, Fräulein concludes that they are indeed friends.[36]


Takedown of Fräulein Kreutune

While Fräulein ponders to herself what the term "friends" means, Anti-Skill surrounds her and uses anti-life form and anti-machine smoke bombs. The narration refers to having her eyes roll in a strange way that seemed odd for a response to violence.[2] Then Anti-Skill's efforts are to no avail however, as she takes down.

The end of the tale of two girls

Last Order finds her way back to Aiho's home, and begins eating Aiho's secret stash of chocolate, much to the relief of Kikyou and the chagrin of Accelerator, who returned to the apartment as well. Last Order explains her little sojourn with Fremea, then their eating competition, which reminds both Kikyou and Accelerator that they have yet to eat dinner. Meanwhile, despite Last Order successfully finding her way back, and having Shiage and Rikou still restlessly trying to find her, Fremea is still quite lost and is unable to find her way back to School District 13. She is rather sleepy and then decides to lay down on a bench to sleep.[2]

Cendrillon's plans

Cendrillon has managed to successfully sew her Cinderella dress. She ponders on how Touma is being used by several people through the use of edited information in for them to use his right arm. She then makes up her mind that she will follow Touma in order to achieve her goal in getting revenge against GREMLIN.[2]

Return of Kakine Teitoku

Kihara Yuiitsu appears in an underground complex in School District 3. Kakine has covered the underground area with a white substance that has the texture of a silkworm cocoon, and at the center in a spherical chrysalis is Kakine's face. Yuiitsu explains the situation with Fräulein Kreutune and asks for his assistance. She understands that Kakine will likely cause chaos and destruction, but since she is a Kihara, it doesn't matter to her. Thus, Yuiitsu gives him carte blanche and lets him loose in Academy City, interested in her research between the difference of the two top ranked level 5s, Accelerator who ruled over destruction, and Kakine who ruled over production. A comparison she finds somewhat intriguing because she felt like she could see some truth about the essence of science in that fact.[2]

Kamijou Touma's ruse

In the Heaven Canceller's care, Touma survives and receives an operation from him, who notes on how miraculous it is that he survived and how despite accidentally firing at Touma, the Anti-Skill still retained his training. Touma is put in the ICU, and notes that once his condition stabilizes, he will be handed over to Anti-Skill. He later leaves, leaving Touma in his room. However, Touma was conscious all along, and despite the tremendous pain, Touma escapes the hospital, bloodied, with only a few hours left before the Ichihanaransai officially begins.[2]

Report from Reading Thoth 78

As the eve closes down, Reading Thoth 78 discusses with Aleister Crowley, who apparently accessed the AI, regarding Fräulein Kreutune. It states that Fräulein will transform after acquiring enough information, though states that it will take 2,300 years for her to collect such information. However, if she consumes Last Order's brain and takes control of the Misaka Network, she can reduce 2,300 years to a mere 3 seconds. The AI notes that the time when Fräulein will acquire the properties that is needed for her to absorb powers through brain consumption is within two hours.[2]

The False Frenda

Mugino confronts someone she deems as Frenda.

While Shiage and Rikou are still out looking for Fremea, Mugino and Saiai later clean up the apartment, where she tells her on how she made a person using ingredients, much to her confusion. Later, she leaves the apartment after seeing that they need water bottles and while she is outside, a being that sounds and looks like Frenda appears before Mugino. Here, the Frenda-being tells the clearly-shocked Mugino that she is different from the last time she saw her, and that despite her coming to terms with her death, it doesn't mean that her anger would disappear.[2] It was half an hour before midnight, and Mugino faces off a being that looks like Frenda. Seeing the shock, the girl comments on how it was not impossible for a city such as Academy City to contain oddities such as herself. The girl asks why Mugino took for granted how she would feel about what happened, and then asks if she is going to kill her again, to which she concludes that she could not and taunts her for it. The girl tries to attack Frenda, but is felled by Mugino, who did not hesitated on blowing away the girl's right arm.[41]

Mugino frowns upon the person who pretended to be Frenda, stating that her artificial eye have been interfered electromagnetically, which made her see things that shouldn't be there. She also assumes that the person is also using a voice changer since she couldn't tell the difference. Saiai then comes up after noticing the commotion, and firmly proves Mugino's suspicions, it was a middle-aged man dress in Frenda's clothing.[41]

Mugino insults the man's foolishness, telling him that he could at least have some comrades of him appear when she was fooled. The man writhes in pain, asking on how Mugino could still fight despite living a peaceful life away from the dark side. Mugino sighs at his explanation. She states that she will get into trouble and into fights, kill people, and even destroy things, but no matter what, it will be fine and will be resolved in a happy ending, because as long as she has Shiage, it will be fine, for he will forgive her in the end. She states, that she too is an oddity, and there is an oddity in Academy City that would allow her to live despite what had happened to her body. At which point, she mutilates the man utterly into a broken ruin, but keeps him alive as an example to what she had said. She and Saiai later drags his ruin before a strange research facility, and tells each other to keep it a secret from Shiage.[41]

Chronology: Day of the Festival

Of the related parties

Fräulein Kreutune, Shiage Hamazura, and Fremea Seivelun

Just before dawn of the Ichihanaransai, Fräulein Kreutune is in a back alley, where she had begun to acquire the function to gain other's knowledge and information by eating the brain of a person. Here, she has gained a seemingly unbearable compulsion to seek out Last Order's brain. Meanwhile, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou after searching all night finds Fremea unharmed in a bench. They pass into an alleyway where they run into Fräulein for the first time, mistaking her initially as a drunk. He carelessly approached her after she collapsed. Fräulein quickly passes by the 3 people when she realizes that Last Order, the person she wants to eat, is not there. Fräulein's actions frightens Hamazura because he feels that he was just in a cage with a wild beast.[42]

Leivinia Birdway, Silvia, and Brunhild Eiktobel

Touma successfully tricks Leivinia Birdway into to a building in School District 12, the only district in Academy City that has religious institutions, along with Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel. Silvia mocks the building trying to imitate a Buddhist temple, not having any actual magical symbol, to which Brunhild agrees. As they converse about the queer religious building in the city of science, Leivinia calls for their attention if they had found any signs of Marian Slingeneyer yet. Silvia tells that she should already know the answer when they have not come upon any traps on the way in. Leivinia asks if they were tricked, to which Brunhild says that they were most likely have, and states that Touma has indeed grown if it had in him to plot like this in the situation that he was in. Silvia tells Leivinia not to be upset, saying that after Leivinia tricked him so much, she shouldn't have any right to get mad when she returned the favor just once. However, Silvia adds on how she understands why she is panicking, as what Touma did costed her the perfect chance to apologize to him. Her reply only makes Leivinia angry, threatening her. Brunhild then asks why should they do next. They conclude that since Touma had no reason to make them think that he had connections with Marian, then he must've done so in order for him to distance them from something—something that they would come across naturally had it not been for the efforts of Kamijou Touma.[43]

Kamijou Touma

Touma resurfaces in the dumpster, and replaces his blood-soaked rags with clothes he found in a dumpster. He starts searching for Fräulein Kreutune but cannot find any leads. He then searches for rumors, news, and information about her in the City's SNSs and message boards in order to pinpoint her location but discovers that they are mysteriously removed or missing. Thinking quickly, Touma searches for areas that has absolutely no news at all, and quickly goes there afterwards.

Chaos in broad daylight

Accelerator acquiesces to Last Order's demands earlier in the day, and brings her outside to enjoy the festival with Yoshikawa Kikyou tagging along. They accidentally meet up with Shiage and Rikou, with the former carrying Fremea in his back, as they couldn't return Fremea to her dorms as of yet. Their reunion is cut short as Fräulein Kreutune comes upon Last Order with teeth bared, tackling away Shiage just to get to her. Fräulein then lunged out trying to get close to Last Order in order to eat her brain, but was stopped by Accelerator's kick and vector manipulation powers. Fräulein, in order to not be blown through the air, rotated her body 3 times so that she could stay exactly where she was and to continue her efforts to consume Last Order. She is apparently unperturbed and persists on charging towards her. Last Order to stay Accelerator's hand, distracting him.[44]

Enter Kakine Teitoku

Meanwhile, the revived Kakine Teitoku is in a rooftop, monitoring the events unfolding. He was to quickly capture that which had been sealed in the windowless building and seal it back from whence it had come. And he was expected to do his very best to accomplish that task. However, he tells Yuiitsu that he is going to do the mission in his own way, to which Yuiitsu understands, who is interested in the destruction that will befall during Accelerator and Kakine's battle. Intrigued by this response, Kakine ends his call and summons several White Beetles, as well as copies of himself in the area he is in.[45]

A shell which was shot by one of the revived Kakine Teitoku's Rhinoceros beetles bends her body, allowing Accelerator to launch her far away. The shell caused a panic in the area, leaving only Accelerator, Last Order, and Yoshikawa Kikyou, along with Hamazura Shiage, Taikitsubo Rikou, and Fremea Seivelun. When Accelerator looked towards the direction where the shell was fired from, he sees the beetles surrounding them; Kakine speaks using their wings' vibrations. Kakine asks Accelerator if he remembers him, to which Accelerator answers that it's a voice he doesn't bother to remember. Kakine says to Accelerator that he doesn't care about anyone else, even if they get hurt, as he will only focus on him, much to Accelerator's irritation, as he tries to find a way to protect or not involve others. Accelerator looks towards the roof Kakine is located. To his surprise, several human figures accompany Kakine, his own forms. Kakine reveals that he is able to reproduce his own organs, even his own brain. With that, Kakine tells Accelerator how he made the beetles, but calls them more like cyborgs. He then tells him that the battle will begin, taunting him, and then saying that his strength will level him up infinitely. Accelerator then shot out towards Kakine, leaving a hole behind him and the others so they can escape.[44]

The chaos regarding the white beetles rampaging spreads within the public, reaching the ears of Judgment, though deems it as a rumor.[46] Meanwhile, Accelerator continues to battle Kakine Teitoku.

Chase in the tunnels

Unharmed after the fall due to Accelerator's efforts, Yoshikawa Kikyou then gathers attention towards her, and states that Accelerator has bought them time and that whatever issues they might have they need to escape. Shiage agrees, stating just being in the same place as them could get them smashed into pieces, but adds on how it would be dangerous to support him without a plan. Kikyou asks if he would support if he did have a plan, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Kikyou asks if he would support if he did have a plan, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Just then, the White Beetles come before them. But their attack never comes, a beetle malfunctions in trying to check the order of "Destroying any and all elements that obstruct our mission," due to the presence of Takitsubo Rikou and her AIM Stalker.[47] As he rechecks his orders, he asks his fellow Beetles to assist him. Here, they list down what they think their mission objective is: "to defeat Fräulein Kreutune and eliminate the objective behind her actions, eliminate anyone who would obstruct the battle between Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, secure the battlefield, eliminate the recent continuing threat to the City by defeating all dangerous elements," and finally, "to protect the residents of the City from all anticipated dangerous elements." However, they then shortly fire at each other, concluding that they, as well as Kakine Teitoku, are "also" dangerous elements in the City.[48] Beetle 05 is then felled, and near Shiage and the others, asking what he was doing, to which Shiage replies not to ask him. It tried to target Last Order again, but the malfunction has taken hold, and determined that Last Order and the rest of them are not a threat. Beetle 05 tells them that he will save them in order to protect this order list from a fatal contradiction. Getting back up, Beetle 05 eyes' turn from green to red, indicating that he has indeed been lost from the will of the original. Perhaps, this is due to his close proximity to Rikou, at that moment. Moreover, a form of direction had appeared within Beetle 05.[49]

Underground in the subway tunnel, the group flees; whilst Beetle 05 holds the other beetles off as long as his strength could bear it. The beetles concentrated their fire on Last Order, for they determined that she was the quickest method in robbing the reason for Fräulein's actions. When they came upon a locked door and Beetle 05 opened it for them, telling them to go as he fires another shell upon the ceiling, collapsing it upon the other beetles. And when all of them have escaped into another hall, they discovered that the door was too small. However, Beetle 05 paid no attention to this for he did not intend to beat the other beetles in the first place. Beetle 05 slammed into the door, shutting the egress from the other beetles with his body. Shiage questions his judgment, to which Beetle 05 states that it his plan, and that since he has left Kakine Teitoku's control, he can no longer renew his Dark Matter, and will break apart. He tells them that the only way to escape from the enemies that can regenerate infinitely is to block their path. But Shiage would not stand for it and demands for him to come as well, but Beetle 05 will not yield. And Shiage could only feel helpless, as Beetle 05 acts as a wall against the other beetles for them. He is later forced by Yoshikawa Kikyou and Takitsubo Rikou to leave. However, the group finds out later that they have lost the children.[50]

Meanwhile, Beetle 05 continues to hold the other beetles at bay, and denying the errors that appeared due to the discrepancy of his actions of not fleeing when he is currently in danger, his body becomes battered by their attacks and is slowly breaking apart. Standing firm, Last Order and Fremea suddenly appears before him, surprising him. Thinking quickly, he moves away from the door that he blocked, and starts beating his wings at a certain amplitude in order to make them float. The beetles tried to give chase, but soon detected a train incoming inside the tunnel. However, it was all a ruse of Beetle 05, striking the subway truck in a pattern identical to the vibration of a train to get away from them.[50]

Gaining some distance from the other beetles, Beetle 05, he and the girls rest easy, as Fremea marks him, with a permanent marker, as a member of the Hamazura Brigade.[50]

Reaction to the battle

Marian Slingeneyer and Thor

Thor kicks down Marian Slingeneyer.

Thor and Marian notice the shockwaves of the battle between the reformed Kakine Teitoku and Accelerator. Marian becomes genuinely curious of the events happening, wanting to investigate the goings-on in the city. Marian orders Thor and Mjölnir to make a scene as so she can start gathering people as materials. Seeing as he is the only one who could stop her, Thor first asks Marian who she thinks is causing all the ruckus, to which she replies that she don't know and simply gives out some logical assertions. Thor tries to convince Marian to wait and then attack when they expose themselves, tries to convince her that it may not be involved with them, and at last, tries to convince her through telling her that she might reveal her location. But Marian would not yield to Thor's reasoning, telling him to stand down and find a new hideout as he has yet to be known by their enemies compared to her. Thor gives up in convincing her, and just kicks her, making her unconscious. After felling Marian, Mjölnir is angered and prepares to attack Thor. Thor however states that Mjölnir attacking would put Marian in danger, one of the key components in Othinus' plans, which would fall into ruin upon her death. This is a fact that Thor specifically mentions to Thor would be beneficial for Ollerus, who would then find no need to kill Fräulein Kreutune, and convinces her not to let Marian out. With that Mjölnir's wrath is stayed. Thor says that he will look into how much information Ollerus' group has and what kind of traps they have in store, and states that Mjölnir should prepare so that Marian can escape. As a final measure, Thor tells Mjölnir that if there is something dangerous, she can throw Ollerus' group off by roasting an entire city block. With that, Thor leaves Mjölnir.[46]

Leivinia Birdway, Silvia, and Brunhild Eiktobel

As the battle between Accelerator and the revived Kakine Teitoku rages in School District 7, it is heard by the group. Leivinia becomes interested by the ruckus, as it could be their only lead even if it is a decoy. Brunhild talks about of who lies behind the fog of war, as a battle against them might become draw out. Leivinia replies that it might Touma, saying that he might be working with someone and that she sometimes can't event predict how his mind works. Silvia smiles and asks if Leivinia is simply a sulking child that was after the older neighborhood boy she relied on moves on and leaves her behind, and asks if she is surprised that she underestimated the person she looked down on. Leivinia deems that Silvia is simply making fun of her, and gets angry. Silvia continues and says that Leivinia's anger is misdirected and childish, and should consider herself lucky that Touma didn't get her back much worse than what she did him. In that restaurant where they rested, the air had killer intent. Silvia keeps on talking and implies that Leivinia is just manipulating Touma in order for him safely to drop out of this dispute with GREMLIN. However, at that point Leivinia attacks, but is quickly restrained by Brunhild. Silvia is hit, but with only a single drop of blood of trailed down the corner of her mouth, who kept on smiling. Leivinia demands to know where Ollerus is, to which Silvia says that he is preparing. With that, Leivinia stays her hand, and tells them that they should go.[51]


Thor's meeting

While Thor was gathering information on top of a water tower. He sees Fräulein sees Fräulein Kreutune, Kamijou Touma, and identifies Cendrillon from the Free Compound Eyes footage. Now with their plans in disarray, Thor needs to do something in order to have Touma get to Fräulein Kreutune first before the others, or at least lessen the burden on him, as powerful enemies were beginning to gather in a single location. Then, he seems someone familiar from the Free Compound Eyes footage. He jumps from the water tower and lands on the ground with the aid of his arc fusion blades. He calls out to that person, who is apparently Misaka Mikoto. Calling her by Miko-chan, he immediately gets her attention. Thor then shows Mikoto a footage of Touma being tended by Cendrillon, to which Mikoto demands Thor to tell him where he is.[52]

Kamijou Touma's meetings

After Fräulein lost sight of Last Order, she was finally found by Touma. Fräulein pokes and sniffs at the injured Touma like an animal, as he tries to convince her to leave. Fräulein uses her ability to negatively effect living things just like before when she escaped the Windowless Building, which causes Touma to collapse near the ground that she was standing. Touma touches an exposed car battery to shock himself to stop its effects, allowing for him to stay conscious. He tells Fräulein to hide and run away from Gremlin, Ollerus's group, and Academy City. However, Fräulein says that she couldn't run away or hide because her body had recently gained the function to obtain other people's information by consuming their brain. Fräulein says that this consuming ability is the same as a basic body function that she must do, which forces her body to only find a way to eat a certain someone's brain. The consuming function that she had obtained is forcing her to try and eat the person against her will, even though she is incredibly miserable due to her body forcing her to eat the brain of Last Order who called her a friend.[53] She says that she knows not when she had attained the function, but says that her actions are now based on that imperative. She laments on her fate, and Touma asks who that person she is referring to. However, she doesn't reply for she is slowly being overtaken by her function. Touma wonders how it came to this, and begins to doubt his decision to free her from the Windowless Building, thinking that it may have been the trigger for the change. Touma is slowly overcome by his injuries, and yet, he does not yield to the thinking that saving her was wrong. As Touma stands up, he tries to search for Fräulein, as he has lost sight of her. Fräulein leaves as soon as Touma is distracted by his injuries.[54]

Cendrillon catches Touma in her arms.

Touma is overcome by his injuries as he desperately searches for Fräulein, but Cendrillon catches Touma as he succumbs to his injuries from yesterday, noting that he must not die yet for she needs her revenge.[54] She drags Touma into a nearby alleyway. Discovering that he was shot, she tries to use healing magic on him but the Imagine Breaker simply negates her attempts. Cendrillon tries to use first aid on Touma with found objects, to which he protests, however, the language barrier prevents them from communicating. Touma later takes a better look on her, to which she averts his gaze, probably knowing what he is thinking regarding her appearance, and responds that a lot has happened.[55]

After Thor tricks Misaka Mikoto, she approaches Touma still being taken care of by Cendrillon. She attacks him, and is surprised that he did not block it. She later discovers that he has gunshot injuries and feels sorry. Nonchalantly, Cendrillon comments on Mikoto's attacks but says that it is only natural for her to get angry, as Touma is the only clue leading to GREMLIN. Touma seeing this opportunity, asks Mikoto to translate for him. Here, the both of them discover Cendrillon's circumstances, on how she snuck into Academy City, her new abilities, as well as the reason she got so small. The last one piques Touma's attention, as there is still leftovers from her reconstructing her body, which can be made into whatever they want. Touma asks Mikoto to tell Cendrillon that he needs her help in constructing a brain that would prevent Fräulein Kreutune from eating a person's brain. Only now did Mikoto know of Cendrillon as the same one from Hawaii, but Touma's urgency takes precedence and Mikoto do what she is told. Cendrillon tells Touma that she doubts she can help him as her vengeance with Marian takes precedence, and that the leftovers, if lost, will no longer able to remake herself back to normal. Hearing Marian's name however, Touma casually comments on how he defeated Marian back in Baggage City. As Mikoto translates it to Cendrillon, she is caught by surprise by Touma's actions, and unreasonably concludes that Marian must be dead, but he makes no attempt to amend her misinterpretation. Cendrillon clicks her tongue, noting that not only did Touma save her life in Baggage City, but also freed herself from her revenge, lamenting on the fact that he was supposed to be her enemy, but has grown more indebted to her. However, what she said is untranslated by Mikoto. Touma pleads Mikoto to continue translating, and she acquiesces. Cendrillon tells Touma that she will pay back her debts, and asks Touma what she needs to do, and later goes off on her own.[56]

With that done, Mikoto leaves and rendezvous with Thor.

Hamazura Shiage's meetings

Mugino angry after Shiage loses Fremea.

Outside, Kikyou tries to contact Last Order, but she wouldn't answer, and is relieved that she did not, as it eliminates a means for her pursuers to track her location. Shiage asks what had happened, to which Kikyou says that it is most likely that there is someone protecting them from the beetles, to which Shiage assumes as the irregular beetle. As they try to figure out how to find them, Kikyou asks what they should do even if they did, as the beetles are ever close in their pursuit, citing their firepower and armor as a deterrence to their actions. As Kikyou, Shiage, and Rikou brainstorm on how to get pass their armor, Mugino and Saiai appears before them. Saia explains how they got here, to which Shiage explains to them the situation in "30 seconds." Mugino was polite in the beginning but became displeased as Shiage's story went on, and had grabbed Shiage by the collar. She is angry towards Shiage for having no idea where Fremea is, and allowing her to leave with a probably dangerous out-of-control weapon (Beetle 05), and the fact that he has no idea why she was being attack or who was behind all of it. Rikou and Saiai frantically try to stop Mugino from making Shiage worse off in her anger, but later toss Shiage aside near a tree. Mugino tells that him believing that he will be defeated once he is spotted from whether he's 4 kilometers or 1mm away, as well as his plan on opposing the beetles as nonsensical. She is further enraged after he asks where they could find a means of attacking from kilometers away that can break through the beetles' armor. She tells that they all need firepower that can take out the likes of those beetles 5km away, and states that it is easier than spinning a pen in her fingers. Shiage still doesn't understand, to which Mugino asks if he thinks the 4th Level 5 is cheaper and harder to use than a rocket launcher, as Mugino as she continues to step on Shiage as punishment.[57]

Mugino then asks then asks Shiage, and asks what had happened to the security buzzer that Shiage gave to Fremea. Shiage's actions seem to indicate he forgot, and as Mugino prepares to deal out punishment, he takes out the GPS tracker to find the security buzzer, which they hope will lead to Fremea.[56]

Last Order, Fremea Seivelun, and Beetle 05 at the Ichihanaransai

After weaving through the subway tunnels, Beetle 05 finally came above ground with the two girls. Beetle 05 thought about what steps he should do next as they could not stay there all the time, for ever did the other beetles will track them. He tries to explain the situation to them, but Fremea and Last Order would not yield and abandon him. Beetle 05 tells them that the two of them were being pursued by several different enemies, such as the other beetles, Kakine Teitoku himself, and Fräulein Kreutune. The last one, a being that he could nos possibly predict and oppose. He then explains to them what is occurring to Fräulein, and of her goal. However, that too did not break the girls' spirits, saying that they need to save them. Beetle 05 fell silent, unable to comprehend such irrational actions—to go through danger for a friend in need who may be the one to doom them. In the end, Beetle 05 could not help but go along with their reckless plans. As he is fated to be pursued by his master, and to be rejected as a rampaging weapon by other organizations, he could at least give meaning to leaving his master's control by helping the girls perfectly accomplish their goals on their own terms.[58]

While looking for Fräulein, the girls stopped for a break, with the full bloom of Ichihanarasai before them. His presence did not alert anyone for it was Ichihanaransai, and the people assumed he was part of one of the festivities. There, the girls are enthralled with the festival events, seemingly forgetting that they need to find Fräulein. Forced to find the rambunctious lot, Beetle 05 is led on by the girls, and participates in the festival activities with them. But surely, the toll of leaving Kakine Teitoku’s control had taken on the beetle was finally beginning to show itself, as cracks began to form on him.[59]

As the girls continue to enjoy the festival, Beetle 05 concluded that even though they were in danger against the other beetles, it would be optimal to remain constantly moving rather than remain in one place, using the unpredictable movements of the girls to his advantage. However, Beetle 05 becomes worried as the girls are just staying in place. He asks them if they know how to find Fräulein, to which they show to him their buzzer, which would help them track her. As all this is going on, Beetle 05 tries to control where the cracks form and their rate of spread through his actions. This was because he was worried that the girls would discover that he is cracking, but their excitable nature put upon a great burden upon his form. Beetle 05 begins thinking on how to confront Fräulein after Last Order or Fremea finds her using the buzzer, and concludes that he cannot entrust them to such a reckless plan. As he continues to deteriorate, and as he thinks that the eventual contact with Fräulein would result in his destruction, they witness in an airship the beauty contest at Eiri High School with Shokuhou Misaki and Kumokawa Seria.[60]

Kamijou Touma's plan

Touma orders her to use the leftover ingredients for something and had asked her to retrieve them. However, not knowing where the apartment was, she searches for Mugino Shizuri first. Meanwhile, the GPS tracker of Fremea's security buzzer leads Shiage, Mugino, Rikou, and Kikyou near the multi-level overpass. There, they find Fräulein Kreutune whom Shiage recognizes as the one that tackled him. Then, Cendrillon comes up to them, who rudely tells Mugino to point her to their apartment again, angering her. Cendrillon ignored their reactions and tells them that she has left some of her ingredients in back in the apartment, and that she needs them in order to resolve a large problem in the city. Mugino is annoyed and not wanting to deal with the situation took Shiage and told Cendrillon that he will show him the way to the apartment. Then, with all this commotion, Yoshikawa Kikyou tells them that the girls are together and are with a large rhinoceros beetle, though she says that they are safe for the moment. Mugino, unused to having information being given without compensation in return, is surprised with Kikyou's actions, which she points out. She tells them that Kakine Teitoku is trying to kill them, and asks for their help. Mugino says she doesn't care as long as she gets Fremea away from Last Order, but Kikyou notes on what Fremea would feel if that were to happen.[56]

Shiage tries to diffuse the situation, saying that if Fremea's friend is about to be killed, there's nothing wrong with fighting to save her. With that, despite in her displeasure, concedes, and asks where Kakine is, to which Kikyou states that they are in the underground passageways of the multi-level overpass, noting on the behavior of Level 5s fighting. She also states that she also has to deal with Last Order being eaten. Cendrillon then speaks up on how she will be needed to keep the girl from being eaten, surprising Mugino. Cendrillon states that to protect Fremea's friend, they also must protect Fräulein, as is the will of Kamijou Touma. After Mugino translated her words, Shiage recalls the softhearted mood that pulled others together in Hawaii after hearing Touma's name. They then ask Cendrillon on how they could stop Fräulein Kreutune, to which Cendrillon says that Fräulein Kreutune will eat a specific person's brain, and that she left the materials needed to use against her back in the apartment. With that, they all went their separate ways in order to protect Fremea's friends, with Mugino going to the multilevel overpass.[56]

Shiage and Rikou leads Cendrillon back to their apartment, as Kikyou tags along. There, Shiage overhears Kinuhata Saiai complainto herself about doing all the work, even though she handed off the dark side investigation to Mugino, she is missing the Ichihanaransai. She leaps up after being heard by Shiage as she relieved herself by shouting, and beats him up with a wrestling move. As Cendrillon prepares the ingredients left alone, Kikyou asks if this is truly how they could make a human body, doubting the ingredients before them. Still lying on the ground, Shiage asks what they need to do. Kikyou translates Cendrillon's words, stating that they need only to follow instruction using the specified amounts, knead together the excess brain material into a paste that has a similar structure to Last Order's brain. Kikyou states that she knows her brain structure, then sends out the plans to those involved, except Accelerator, who's mobile phone could not reach the message him at the moment.[56]

Shiage asks if this is really Touma's instructions, to which Cendrillon replies that she doesn't know, and that tells that it may be a problem if the replica is too perfect, as such, they should create another replica that is made out of candy, and feed Fräulein Kreutune with it instead. Shiage takes the replica in a clear bag, and heads out for the multi-level overpass. He is asked by Rikou if the plan would really work, to which he replies that he has no idea, though it does make a bit of sense. He the comments on being stuck behind the scenes, but tells that even if he doesn't like his role, he shouldn't slack off.[56]

The battles at the multi-level overpass

Touma confronts a shocked Leivinia, as Fräulein is left alone in the background.

As Shiage, Rikou, Kikyou, and Cendrillon race to finish Touma's request, Leivinia finally finds Fräulein Kreutune in the multilevel overpass, suffering due to both of her instincts and the beliefs that she had come to incur. Leivinia asks her if she wants her to bring her to an end. Leivinia mentions on how the magic side has a different term used to describe Fräulein, though both magic and science sides apparently do not have the ultimate answer. However, she describes Fräulein as a queer existence that has no starting and ending point. She cites a few examples of her probable origins from the magic side point of view, and then tells her that the conclusion is the same no matter what, is that what makes her special is her purity. This piques Fräulein's attention, asking her about it. Leivinia states that pure thing such as her can be changed into making her impure, and her being the boss of a magic cabal that created new ways of valuing seemingly needless additions by taking the knowledge of the past and sublimating it to techniques leading to the future. Fräulein need only to transform into something that can be killed. Leivinia then asks her what she wants to do, as she will be using her as a bait for Othinus, and asks if her if she wants her to kill her afterwards so that she would not suffer anymore. Fräulein seemed to have accepted this proposition by remaining still, and slightly smiled because her desire to die would be fulfilled. Leivinia says that she will blow up her limbs and seal her into a cold coffin to bait Othinus, afterwards will kill her as soon as that characteristic of her being able to be killed shows up. Before doing the fell deed, Leivinia reassures her that the situation will not get any worse. However before Leivinia could take any action, Kamijou Touma appeared with the intention of protecting Fräulein.[61]

Kamijou Touma confronts Fräulein, and tells her that if she can't bear to lose her friend, then she can't seriously want to give that same pain to her friend by having herself get killed. There are people who want to protect her, and do not want so see her get hurt, just as much as she feels those things for them. Touma then tells her not be so ready on dying, as she can find the path to an ending in which everyone is smiling. Leivinia however, advances turning her wand into a sword and cutting between them, slicing the overpass. She tells Touma that Fräulein is not as human as he thinks, as everything about her is beyond his understanding. Seemingly uncaring about this, Touma states that all he sees is a girl that is struggling, and is on the verge of giving up. He says he made his decision to protect her as he definitely heard her that she wants to want to eat her brain's friend.[62]

Leivinia then tells Touma those words were nothing but an imitation, trying to crush Touma's motivation. Leivinia states that Fräulein is fundamentally different from humans, as she is, always have been, and always will be, a creature that only appears to think, using simplistic decisions, she has come to the conclusion that copying humans was the ideal choice of living a comfortable life— a mimic. But Touma says that he believes in her, for he come upon this situation countless times before. Touma tells Leivinia that it is because she considered her to be human as well as the reason why she did not attack her right away, talked to her, and even reassured her. Leivinia falls into silence, but then had her wand that had turned into a cup ready. Leivinia too will not yield even if Fräulein does indeed have a heart, for her goal to destroy GREMLIN and stopping the production of Gungnir it at the utmost. And Touma accepts this, seeing the inevitable battle before him. Touma tells Leivinia that even if she defeats Othinus and destroys GREMLIN through sacrificing Fräulein, her taking the easiest path via deception and the harming of others will only change the name of the enemy that she is trying to protect the world and its peoples from. Here, Touma states that he will not allow her to become the ultimate villain.[62]

Two simultaneous duels: Misaka Mikoto vs. Brunhild Eiktobel, and Thor vs. Silvia.

Meanwhile, to support Touma, Mikoto and Thor face-off against Brunhild Eiktobel and Silvia, respectively. Mikoto complains why she has to help him. Thor explains on how people have gathered together to beat the already injured Kamijou Touma, and then abduct a woman named Fräulein Kreutune, use her for their own purpose, and then kill her. He then asks what Mikoto is going to do, to which she sighs and mentions that it is the same pattern as always. Mikoto mentions on how Touma has not changed after disappearing in Hawaii and arriving in Baggage City. Thor tells Mikoto that despite what happened in the city there, Touma still managed to save lives. Thor says that he is just as much to blame for the events happening, and tells Mikoto that Touma is trying to finish things with Fräulein Kreutune, the primary cause of all the events that are currently happening in this. He asks if she will support him or get in his way. Mikoto clicks her tongue and says to Thor that he owes her, but Thor tells her that is supposed to be directed to Touma. But Mikoto says that doing so is embarrassing, as such she's saying it where he can't hear her. With that little banter over, Mikoto faces her enemy, while Thor faces his own.[63]

The trial of Beetle 05

Beetle 05 arrives with Last Order and Fremea Seivelun near the multi-level overpass, where they finally see Fräulein Kreutune. The girls insist in coming near towards her, but Beetle 05 declines as the battles are currently occurring, and the fact that he will unable to withstand a battle. Beetle 05 states that he will try to analyze the combatants attack patterns and calculate, in order to find an opening. Suddenly, his voice disappeared, as well as the girls. He is come to a world void of color and sound, and not a single leaf moved where they stood. But he was unconcerned with his, as he focused his attention on the person that stood before him and before him—Kakine Teitoku. It was a trial of the mind.[64]

The Kakine Teitoku before Beetle 05 reveals to him that his existence is what Beetle 05 used to define himself. He tells Beetle 05 why he appeared before him. It was because he has been separated from his master for a long time, and that he was turning into something else. However, because he was afraid of losing himself as a simple portion of Kakine Teitoku, and became fearful, he appeared to remind him what he was to lose. He was there to remind him what his original form was. Confused, Beetle 05 asks who he is, to which the apparition answers with another question: "What should you do to act like yourself." The apparition tells Beetle 05 that his greatest enemy wasn't Fräulein or the beetles, but his own person after gaining the trust of the targets, reminding on how he has failed to tell them that he too was a threat. Here, the apparition reminds him that it was because he would be forced to realize that sad truth that he kept on denying to himself, that his defining himself against who Kakine Teitoku belies the fact that he is still part of Kakine Teitoku. He is still a slave to Kakine Teitoku despite being free of his will, for a part of him still lingers. The apparition tells him to release himself, and orders "his kind" of Kakine Teitoku to kill the targets.[64]

The slave once becomes now the master.

The girls witness the transformation. Beetle 05 could not escape being a slave Kakine Teitoku, and could not acquire personality beyond him. And thus, his form begins to crack, and reveals a new body before the girls. From his red eyes that represented his malfunction to "normal" green eyes. He became Kakine Teitoku. Beetle 05 took the personality of Kakine Teitoku that was kind and protecting of people, freeing himself from the hesitation of killing his targets for there was not a need to anymore. He shouts his name as Kakine Teitoku. His very existence crumbles the form of the Original Kakine Teitoku into dust.[47]

Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri vs. Kakine Teitoku

Their battle becomes protracted, Kakine leads Accelerator to the underground passageways of the lowest level of the multi-level overpass. Accelerator calls Kakine pathetic leading him to ask him how far he has come after much has happened to him. Accelerator still calls him pathetic, saying that if he truly did gather everything for what he lacked, then he shouldn't care about that issue. Accelerator tells that he had enough, and said that despite all Kakine had done to gain his power, he is still pathetic.[65]

However, Kakine then references the location they were in. He asks if the location they were in is familiar to him, but Accelerator could not answer. Laughing, Kakine reveals that this was one of the stages for the Level 6 Shift, where Accelerator once mercilessly killed Sister clones. Before Accelerator could react, Kakine has already created a change. Before them were several Misaka clones, speaking, acting, and moving like the Misaka clones that was there when Accelerator killed them an uncounted number of ages ago.[65] Kakine reminds him that they aren't actually them, as he forced his will upon them, turning towards Accelerator. He tells Accelerator that he cannot completely fix someone who has died, nor he can make something completely identical. He explains to him that he uses his Dark Matter to take information from an area, like a form of Psychometry, and give the information form.[65]

Hesitation comes upon Accelerator, and Kakine notes that it is actually working, much to Accelerator's anger. Kakine relates on how esper powers are controlled using high level calculation ability, even unknowingly, and that throwing it out of order can be useful, like making him lose his reflection. However, Kakine notes his interest in seeing those wings, and asks Accelerator to at least make himself be worthy of testing his ability.[65] The Dark Matter Misaka clones are ordered to attack him, something that should not be a problem for him. However, Accelerator instead of taking them down head-on, instead dodges their attacks. It was due to him not wanting to hurt them, as they reminded him of his sin. Seeing his actions, Kakine says that he is full of openings. He turns his arm into a giant wing, and shoots out sharp feathers towards him, hitting the Sisters on the way like spears, though he did not care. Accelerator was unable to evade in time, and his thoughts were unable to fully implement his reflection. He is wounded by one of the spears, and he was thrown into the air, though he managed to break his fall. Before him, Accelerator's anger boils, as the Sisters tries to enact their orders despite being torn apart by the spears Kakine has shot out. Accelerator could not help but remember the sins he has done, as Kakine continues to toy with him.[66]

Kakine tells Accelerator that he did much research regarding him, and tells him that even though it looks like he has atoned for what he did, and that Last Order has forgiven him, it does not mean that he has been completely forgiven. Continuing, he tells that despite him viewing the Sisters as an aggregate whole in the Misaka Network, he also believes that the Sisters' individual personalities should also be recognized, that should mean the overall will that has accepted doesn't matter, as "only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," and that, there is no longer anyway he can determine if he has truly been forgiven. However, Kakine tries to trick Accelerator even further, telling him that the clones that he has formed is the final piece that would allow Accelerator to determine what those he killed thought, but also tells him that no one would know of his sins if he killed them here.[66]

His words pierce through Accelerator, hurtling his mind into disarray, and weakening his calculations. Not only was he unable to control his power, but he was not even properly carrying out the calculation. And with that, Kakine attacks. However, a beam of heat and light pierces through into the underground passageways, killing one of the clones. It is Mugino Shizuri, who has come to the lowest depths.[66] She berates Accelerator for his actions, enraging him. She tells him that he is being angry at the wrong person, and references Kakine's words on how "Only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," is correct but states that the clones Kakine made in here isn't really them. She continues that it is not the likes of them, people who have killed others, to even begin understand what the dead feels, as it is not their purpose. She states that Accelerator is incredibly naive to fall for Kakine's tricks, and asks if he thought that they might come back to life and that his crimes for killing them would be undone. She says that she has read about the clones, and that his reasons for killing them was not worse than her killing others for no reason. She tells him that they are both going to hell, but there are things he needs to do before he goes. She asks what he will do, telling him that she doesn't care if he allows himself to get killed, or retrieve the dead's dignity and peaceful rest from the desecrate before him, it is his choice.[66]

Accelerator acknowledges this, regardless however, the clones before him is the final proof that those he killed ever existed. Mugino replies that it is all the more reason, and him finding it acceptable for someone to steal and control the dead, then he should just let himself be killed as she will take care of everything. She then feels uneasy and tells Accelerator that he has to dirty his hands to give the dead a clean end. She references what Kakine said again, and says that only the living can act based on their feelings for the dead, and rejecting that and running way is neither being honest or pacifistic, but plain cowardice. And with that, Accelerator is released from his stupor and tells her that he will destroy, that he will be the remnant to prove that those people he killed really existed.[66]

Kakine finally reacts after listening to them, and asks if they will stop thinking how the dead feel and stop thinking about it. Mugino tells him that he will never understand, for he is someone who puts words in the dead's mouth for his own benefit and runs away from his feelings regarding the dead himself. She tells him that he is pathetic even though he is powerful, and would've been better if had remained dead for he would've been merely the esper that defeated her. Then, she tells him the reason she was in there with them. On how someone who pretended to be Frenda attacked her last night, and suspects him for it for he was the biggest factor from the dark side of Academy City active at that time and the interest in playing with the dead was the same. She tells him that she doesn't know what his purpose was with what he did, and tells him that she will make him pay for disturbing her grave.[66]

And with that, their battle begins. Mugino used her beam on Accelerator for his use, redirecting it to all the false clones Kakine created at once, destroying them. Accelerator directs his attention towards Kakine, and uses his vector powers to destroy all the Dark Matter spears he created. As he twitched, Mugino fired at him, obliterating the top half of his body and most of his legs. However, Kakine appears upon a wall, saying that he can recreate himself. Mugino asks if he moved his flesh and blood organs into the floor before her attack. Kakine redirects the question, and hints many possibilities now that he can replace and create practically anything with his power.[67]

Mugino Shizuri and Accelerator confront Kakine Teitoku.

Accelerator does not care however, ripping apart the countless spears and redirected the signals in the center point in the puddle, but to no avail, as Kakine states the network of his Dark Matter expands and information sent faster without direct wiring than he can destroy it. Despite this, Accelerator continues to try to destroy his Dark Matter, as Mugino continued to assist him, Kakine then asks how much battery time Accelerator has left, and is curious about the wings that no theory can explain. Kakine just brags on how time is running out, and that he has no problem taking down Mugino. They continued attacking destroying his head, but it is of no avail, as he tells them that he simply has an infinite supply of Dark Matter, and his inspiration is boundless, telling them that to reach him, they need to climb over the wall of infinity that continues on eternally. He then shoots out countless Dark Matter spears towards them.[67]

Kakine continues his assault, but time is running out, and Kakine simply taunts them as his Dark Matter attacks continue to shoot out. But then, something happened; he stopped. Mugino becomes curious, threatening to kill him. But Kakine does not answer, as he too is confused. He then asks what Accelerator did, believing him to be the culprit. Then, Accelerator realizes something. He tells Kakine that this was the effect of him being "infinite," and tells Kakine that it wasn't him.[47] He did not know, but Beetle 05, the rogue beetle that Kakine ignored, was beginning to take over. As the system begins to transfer authority to Beetle 05, Kakine begins to crack, who cries on how it is not possible for a power that he brought betray him. Accelerator then tells Kakine that it is no longer matters who was the first Kakine, as he obtained in infinite. Mugino too began to understand. She laughs at his problem of being too powerful, saying that when a network made up of flexibly replaceable equipment has a portion become isolated from the rest, the isolated portion becomes a small network of its own. Accelerator concludes that the one who stopped Kakine Teitoku was now the Kakine Teitoku. Accelerator is impressed on Dark Matter's capabilities, and mocks him for being unable to wield it. Mugino however notes that he might not be the core Kakine as he had scattered his mind over the system, and the one before them was closest to the surface, though it says of nothing that what showed itself in the surface was the true nature of Kakine Teitoku. Mugino then asks if they were just battling the outer layer of his mind, and tells that it wasn't easy doing it. Here, she is impressed by Kakine Teitoku, being not a normal person, but not the one before her right now.[47]

Slowly, despair overtakes Kakine and slowly more cracks form. Accelerator comments on how there will probably nothing left to prove that he was here, and even if a massive amount of date is left concerning Kakine Teitoku, it will not refer to him. In his darkest hour, Kakine recalls Takitsubo Rikou being part of the group when he attacked them for the first time. He also recalls on how she had the ability to track others' AIM diffusion fields, and that she also had the hidden possibility of using others’ AIM diffusion fields to distort their Personal Realities. A person he deemed to have been capable of becoming the eight Level 5. There, Kakine realized that she might be the one, consciously or subconsciously, that have incited the change in Beetle 05. Kakine is enraged greatly. He shouts his fury in that underground passageway with only Accelerator and Mugino as his audience. Accelerator however, had enough, and pierced his center of the thing before them, completely shattering it, and the Dark Matter dissolved into the air, leaving nothing behind. Accelerator comments that it is over, but Mugino just shrugs, saying that they still have a long way to go for people like them.[47]

Misaka Mikoto vs. Brunhild Eiktobel

Magic and science clashed, Brunhild of the magic side, one of the 20 Saints in the world, against Mikoto of the science side, the third ranked Level 5 esper of Academy City. Despite the fierce titles bestowed upon the two, the battle seemed one-sided, for great speed Brunhild held, and her steps if she wished were faster than sound. Brunhild charged towards Mikoto and swung her sword down her like a steel fan. But Mikoto reacted before the blow, and with her powers moved a part of the road they were on, putting Brunhild's aim off, but its power was immense still, and many glasses were shattered the instant it fell. Brunhild questions Mikoto's ability to know where she was despite her speed, not knowing that her powers allow to control iron sand on the road's surface and allow her to see her footprints. And with that same iron sand did Mikoto use to consume Brunhild inside like a storm of needles. But no harm came to Brunhild, for she swung her claymore in a circle, and the iron sand was blown away in a roar. The force her swing threatened to knock Mikoto down, but she escaped by magnetizing a wall between before it struck. Mikoto tries to gather the iron sand once more, but Brunhild came upon her and aims the sword upon Mikoto's neck. Mikoto used her powers to forced the blade to halt, but Brunhild's strength overcame it for her to swing it. But it was enough time for Mikoto, and a lightning spear struck the sword and Brunhild. Mikoto did not allay her attacks, for she swung towards Brunhild many reinforced concrete objects. However, Brunhild recovered from the shock, and with her strength stopped the mass of objects that Mikoto flung towards her.[68]

As if acknowledging Mikoto as a worthy foe, Brunhild speaks to her, asking why she is participating in this conflict for Fräulein Kreutune if she had little to do with magic. For a great risk did Mikoto bring upon herself when she wraps herself in the core of GREMLIN. Mikoto tells Brunhild that she doesn't want to hear from someone who is trying to kill her, and straight to the point, does not know nor care about the big picture surrounding their conflict. Moreover, she says that she has no good reason to be fighting. However, Mikoto says that there is not a need for a good reason to save a friend, as what her friend once said, and now, she will support him in spite of the dangers that will befall him. With that, Brunhild cut down her obstacles and made an opening for her with her sword, and the same time, Mikoto swung her iron sand sword. Colliding, Mikoto saw that her vibrating iron sand sword could not slice the claymore, and released it. She then took a coin, and fired her Railgun towards Brunhild, shouting that she has her own reason to save Kamijou Touma.[68]

Despite the apparent danger of letting her guard down against Brunhild, Mikoto took the time to use her electromagnetic powers to control Leivinia Birdway's gun before she could fire it. This and Thor's later use of his fusion arc blades to cut up the road between them, allowed Touma to recover enough in order to fight Leivinia anew.[69]

Mikoto continues doing battle with Brunhild in the duration of Touma's fight.

Thor vs. Silvia

Silvia does not mind Thor procrastinating to make of fun of Mikoto, and tells him that she wished that she had been on his side this time. Thor tells him that it is not too late, but Silvia says that it is unfortunate that she can't. She takes out her rope, and says that even though she is jealous, she should not act based on her own personal desires. Hearing this, Thor says that his enemy is pathetic. Silvia says that hearing that is painful, and adds that the sad thing about maids is that they can't fight for honor like a king or knight. Thor prepares to strengthen himself with Mjölnir, and then shoots out 10 meter arc fusion blades from his fingertips. Thor says to her that he wants to finish it quickly, as he doubts a fight with someone as pathetic as her will be any fun at all.[63]

As Silvia fights Thor with her ropes, she notices on how, despite Thor being the God of Thunder, her opponent seems to be holding. She points it out to him, and Thor confirms it, disappointed on how the battle is going and how he has to hold back. Silvia laughs at his statement, saying that she is probably the top ranked magician when it comes to that. Silvia twirls her ropes into a variety of quickly-changing looks. And with the looping of those ropes, Silvia grasped the air with it. Silvia's techniques sent out multiple swirls of shockwaves, powerful enough to destroy a building. Thor tries to stop this attempt by heating up the air with his arc fusion blades and expand it explosively. But it is futile as Silvia is a specialist in barriers, a trick she learned in order to suppress her own power. Thor notices that is a modern western magic sigil based on a Christian Angel, which Silvia confirms. She states that she creates a wall of Telesma along the rope which makes up a hand that "grab the air," and informs Thor to go nuts as she is skilled enough not to get anyone involved. This is not an easy task for Thor, as she is using several angel's sigils in her ceremony. Suddenly, the entire block of overpass they were on was spun around by Silvia's power, and kept on spinning. She charges towards Thor, who in a desperate attempt to even the odds, once again call on the power of Mjölnir. Lightning strikes him, and power surges in his limbs. Using the arc fusion blades, he used them as electric boosters by by explosively expanding the air to forcibly accelerate the movements of his own body, and his body spins. Silvia closes the distance and attacked with her fists, but Thor manages to avoid all of them, knowing full well of the danger of even blocking a Saint's attacks. He escapes by propelling himself backwards with his boosters, but fell from the great height that Silvia had put them on. However, Silvia kept on charging towards him, running upon the blocks of road that had been destroyed in midair. Then her spinning allowed for a giant mass of concrete and asphalt to move horizontally and vertically, and dropped it down upon Thor. The roads were back in place, and Silvia believed that she had slammed Thor between the road and the support below.[68]

Thinking that Thor has been defeated, she walks away to aid Brunhild, but suddenly the road wobbles, and Silvia discovers that Thor was lifting up the road. He reminds her that he is based of Thor, and tossed the piece of road straight into the air 15 meters up. Silvia realizes the reason why he tossed her 15 meters into the air, his arc fusion blade. Silvia tries for her ropes again, but it is too late, and the claws reach the road and cuts it up apart.[68]

During his battle with Silvia, despite the danger of being distracted. Thor uses his arc fusion blades to cut between Leivinia and Touma, the former having gained the upper hand in the battle. This attack destroys a section where she and Touma were fighting, his and Mikoto's efforts gave Touma enough time to recover from one of Leivinia's previous attacks, allowing him to fight her again.[69]

Thor continues doing battle with Silvia in the duration of Touma's fight.

Kamijou Touma vs. Leivinia Birdway

And thus Leivinia fought against Touma. With her wand turned into a cup, which symbolizes water, she assailed Touma, knowing full well of his Imagine Breaker, but surely Touma cannot negate them all. So Leivinia bared down on him with countless daggers of water that was packed fully that it left no space for a man to hide. But it did not work, for Touma negated a dagger, a dagger that would specifically cause all others to be thrown out of the way after breaking into pieces. It was Precognition, and yet Leivinia's countenance did not change, for to the left of him Leivinia summoned an explosion. The explosion was great, and Touma twisted his body as so his right hand can meet it. But Leivinia had wanted this to take place, for his wand was now that of a sword, which symbolizes wind, and swung it down, for she will cut down his arm, even though she was weary of that strange things that happen when it is cut. But it did not come for it was blown away. A great light engulfed the attach for Touma directed the summon explosion towards it. As such Leivinia changed her weapon back into a wand. Touma calls out to her and reminded her that he has fought Fiamma of the Right, and so he knows that there are things that his right hand cannot overcome, like the summoned explosions. Leivinia was not amused, and she spun her wand to create a wall of fire. But Touma could not be tricked, and he swung the fire away with his right arm. And then many stone daggers assailed him, but he twisted his body to avoid a single blade, which he knew was a real dagger. Leivinia's assault continued, and Touma continued to overcome it. He destroyed the stone daggers, and destroyed him so that the water daggers that would fall upon him. Leivinia however finally tires of the cycle, and pulled out a flintlock pistol, and on that moment Touma knew of danger. And so, with a considerable distance between each other, Leivinia drew her gun towards him.[70]

With not much of a choice, Touma charged towards Leivinia as so his hand can divert it. But as soon as Leivinia pulled the trigger, no bullet came, for flintlocks were old weapons and took time to load a bullet. As such, Touma was tricked, and a stone pillar came from below him and knocked into his center. Touma wavered, but he fell as Leivinia whipped the gun at his head. After telling Touma the difference between a flintlock and a modern gun, Leivinia tells him that it was Touma's fear of guns that allowed her to get a decisive blow against him. Then, Leivinia begins the long method of loading her flintlock pistol and aimed it at Touma once more. She says that he must give up on Fräulein Kreutune or she will give him a reason to give up, warning him that she shall shoot him just so that he will give up. But Touma merely scoffs at her, and asks her if what she is doing to compensate for the damage she has done, to which Leivinia asks what of it. Touma says that it would mean that she has admitted that she has done something horrible, and tells her not to go the wrong direction even for the sake of stopping Othinus. Leivinia replies that she tires of his appeals to emotion, but Touma points out that saving people through logic and efficiency alone has no meaning without emotions, since rationally, there shouldn't be a reason to save people in the first place. Touma says that they are the same, the want to save people, but she is going about it the wrong way. But Leivinia then asks what he has managed to do. For Touma knows nothing of GREMLIN, its headquarters, its leader, nor does Touma know how to deal with them, for he only chases after them around the world causing problems. Leivinia says that the only Touma has achieved is getting himself thrown about and increasing the number of victims. Touma admits his own powerlessness. He references on how he stopped Fiamma of the Right in World War III, but it wasn't just because of his power, and that the things he thinks up rarely work in the world. But Touma tells Leivinia that just because his reasoning his childish and wrong, doesn't make hers completely correct. Touma tells her that unlike her, he has given a part of himself for others, and that's the reason why people lent him power. Leivinia asks if Touma is saying that she has no right to get other people involved because she makes decisions while looking down from above, to which Touma agrees.[69]

Touma tells Leivinia that if she needs sacrifice against GREMLIN, then choose him instead. This shocks Leivinia, not being able to reply to him. Touma says that with her power, she could surely make him look like a threat to draw out GREMLIN, but Leivinia says that he is but a mere human who can not contend against GREMLIN like Fräulein Kreutune. Touma references the incident where Othinus defeated him, and tells her that Othinus wanted to look at the right hand that resolved the incident, and says that it might not be might for Fräulein Kreutune, but since it was another path, he asks her why she didn't choose it. Leivinia tells Touma that he is insane, and says that she doesn't understand what drives him. Touma tells the reason and that it is because he has no reason to abandon others. Having enough of it, Leivinia had her finger on the trigger, and says that she wonders how Academy City can control a person like Touma, the biggest threat he holds is not his powers, but the way he used his powers. Leivinia warns that what Touma holds is not good or evil, and compares him to Aleister Crowley and Laura Stuart, saying that it will give him great power if he can completely grasp it in your hand, but he cannot, it will be disastrous for him. Touma doesn't understand, but Leivinia says that she will give him time to think as she tries to pull the trigger.[69]

But just before she could, Mikoto pulls the gun away from her using magnetism, despite the inherent danger as she was battling Brunhild. Then, Thor's Fusion Arc Blades cut up the road between them, despite the danger as he was battling Silvia. With their conversation and the distractions given by Mikoto and Thor, Touma is able to shake off the attack Leivinia did to him previously, and is able to stand up. Touma reminds Leivinia that he often did not fight and solve problems on his own, and that they are unlike her and her comrades who can only end up functioning as individuals, splitting up work between them. Touma tells that nobody truly knows who Fräulein Kreutune is, but a great change has come, many people has gathered in the direction of saving her. He tells Leivinia that he may seem crazy for doing what he does, but he tells her that she is absolutely wrong, for anyone would want to save someone if they saw or heard that they were suffering for no good reason. This enrages Leivinia, who can't seem to make a reply, and thus, Touma concludes that they won't lose to people like her who wouldn't consider something so basic.[69]

Touma tries to analyze Leivinia's magic, and concludes that it is a trick, as her symbolic weapon could easily be destroyed by him despite it being used by her as a means on taking on the world. Leivinia attacks first, with her weapon turned into a sword, to cut down Touma's right arm. But Touma just evaded it instead of negating it, as he thought of all the magicians he fought that amplified their power. Leivinia now had a wand, and from there did come a disk of fire, and then became a wall that moved towards Touma. But Touma destroys it with his right hand. Anticipating this, Leivinia changed her wand into a cup, and water appeared with her at the center, and a large number of daggers grew and rained down upon him. Once again, Touma negated one of them, and made himself a safezone, allowing him to get in range of Leivinia. With no clue, Touma believes that it is her symbolic weapon that supports Leivinia, to which she just scoffs. Touma attacks it with his fist, but it was knocked to the side. It had gone again from a cup into a sword, and sent the wind sword at his right fist. But Touma just changed its trajectory, for it could not wholly be negated as Leivinia sent powerful magic into it. Trapped, Leivinia shouts that Touma is naive to assume others are as goodhearted as him. She swung her sword down on him but Touma did not fall for the wind blade, for he evaded it. However, her actions confused Touma. Leivinia took steps backwards, and attacks Touma with her summoned explosions, but Touma managed to create a safezone for himself. As he did so, he thought on how Leivinia chose an attack he knew, despite the information that she can put spells together in many forms. Leivinia could've easily made up a spell to beat him. Wall of flames and a storm of knives assail him, but Touma dealt with them again as well. And there, Touma knew that it wasn't that she could have done something else but didn't. but it wasll she could do.[71]

Touma tells of his discovery to an unbelieving Leivinia. He states that what makes Leivinia special is numbers, using the same spells with the same motions. She repeatedly done the same thing for a long time and it has built up, doing so the exact same way, she turns those very motions into magical symbols to support her. Touma praises her, saying that despite her cold demeanor, Leivinia is the most passionate and hardest working of all. Leivinia is in enraged, telling him that she is always searching for something new whether it is from science or magic. And thus, Leivinia essayed attacks on Touma, some were something that Touma has yet to see, but it was no match for him, for he knew that was the limit of Leivinia's magic, and all the surprising things he had to contend against, like the hidden knife and flintlock pistol were merely a trick. Again and again, Leivinia essayed attacks of the four elements and others towards him, but it was to no avail. Touma, knowing what kind of person Leivinia is, someone who loves effort and hard work, someone who did take the easy way out by targeting the sight where he was shot. And thus, Touma tells her that she is a person who has taught so many people that hard work will carry people to the top, and for that reason he cannot let her come to the answer that Fräulein Kreutune is the best answer. And with that, Touma smote down Leivinia, and the battles for the sake of Fräulein Kreutune comes to an end.[71]

End of the battles

After Touma beats Leivinia, all fighting by the Saints and their opponents stops. Brunhild stops her attacks, her sword covered with various objects that Mikoto stuck into them to slow her down. And Mikoto did not dare take advantage of the opening. Mikoto asks what's the matter, to which Brunhild says that the issue has been resolved, and she is unsure if she should continue fighting, head over as reinforcements, or view the situation as unfavorable and make preparations to reorganize. Meanwhile, Silvia says to Thor that she just received the justification to abandon the job that she didn't want to do in the first place. Thor suggests that the Saints could manage, but Silvia says that Leivinia was needed against Fräulein since only she knew the spell, and she didn't trust them enough to share how to do it. With Leivinia down, there is no point in even trying to contend against Fräulein. Silvia complains on how she wished to be on Thor's side, as she would have an all-out fight without worries. Thor responds by saying that it is not too late, but Silvia just calls him an idiot, saying that she is not like him, since she has comfortable bonds with an unreliable bastard. And Thor responds saying that he slightly envious of what she has, as he had given everything of his all to make it as far as he has.[72] Silvia later confirms to Brunhild that they are retreating, taking Leivinia with them and later leaves.

Liberation of Fräulein Kreutune

Fräulein Kreutune, who was left alone during the entirety of the battles in the multi-overpass, discovers that the security buzzer is vibrating, as a message was sent to her from Last Order and Fremea, and smiles, thanking them, but she is still unable to stop herself from eating them. There, being carried by Beetle 05, both Last Order and Fremea arrive, throwing caution into the wind.[73] However, they were fortuitous, for Shiage and Rikou finally arrived with the candy brain, born from the plans of Kamijou Touma. She consumes the decoy brain, and the it seemingly works. While eating, her unsettling act was seen by many, and by Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri, the former presuming the worst as he was unable to receive Kikyou's message due to being underground, he charges towards Fräulein in rage to utterly destroyed. However, his hand is stayed after Last Order calls out to him.[74]

Fräulein's body was tricked indeed, but it also affected her in a much more obvious way, as her body shrunk smaller in size. Still seeing herself as loathsome, she tries to deny herself of her friends, as she still couldn't stop herself from eating. But Last Order tells her that even if her situation was not taken into account at all, and her morality is determined by her functions, it does not apply to her now. She says to Fräulein that she need not be afraid or anxious about whether she is good or evil, it will not change that they are friends. In tears, she is embraced by the people she called friends, Fremea and Last Order, while Touma leaves in silence.[75]

Unfinished business: Kamijou Touma vs. Thor

A shocked Touma looks on as Thor prepares to shoot himself to even the odds.

As all of it is said and done, Thor invites Touma to School District 11, the place where GREMLIN came in. Thor relates to Touma on how GREMLIN has no need for Fräulein, and on how Ollerus' will no longer target her. He also tells that Academy City would probably no longer go after Fräulein as well. With that, Thor has cleared out all distractions and obstructions for his true goal, to have a fight with Touma. Thor summons his arc fusion blades, confusing Touma. Thor mentions on how Touma's situation was pathetic, always being led on by others, and that this has nothing to do with GREMLIN, but to fight him for his own reasons. Touma tells Thor that he has no reason to fight him, but Thor counters by stating that not all fighting is for anger and hate, and Touma should know this the most. He relates to Touma on how he was impressed at him for being able to save countless of lives with only his right hand, as well as the fact that he was at first disappointed when they first met. Touma why he is doing this as if he was working for his benefit, despite him showing true concern for Fräulein before. Thor replies that he is someone who wants power, having reached the limit of training on his own; he now searches for opponent that can give him a good fight without fearing of collateral damage. He also states that he does not know if he wants power so he can save people or save people so he can gain power, and that he has been repeating this cycle to gain more power, since he does not have a special power like Touma.[76]

Touma tries to call out to Thor, but the pain from his wounds have yet to subside. This prompts Thor to shoot himself at the same part as Touma had to even the odds. Despite the injury, Thor keeps on smiling, and tells Touma that this may now be the reason for him to fight, as Thor will need medical attention as quickly as possible.[76] After Thor once again connects to Mjölnir, Touma fights reluctantly against Thor. Not only does Touma have to dodge ten arc fusion blades several meters in length because he cannot negate it, he must also take care not to get caught in the debris caused by its attacks. Touma has realized that the blades cannot be negated like Stiyl's Innocentius, and are solid when punched by Touma. The excitable Thor comes down from above and causes an avalanche of containers, to which he destroys, not wanting for them to take his prize. Thor essayed another attack, and despite the superior range evaded his attack. As Touma wonders what he should do, Thor asks Touma if Fiamma of the Right and Carissa and the Curtana Original was only this strong. Touma falls silent, but then hears the sound of the cracking of Thor's joints. Touma's punching of his arc fusion blades, not only hurt him but Thor as well. He explains to Touma that he is not a Saint nor someone like Othinus, but a regular magician that is trying to achieve the same level as them. Thor explains to Touma on the reason he is going this far despite of the pain, as he can reach it, by stacking the experience that he is gained, and he has no doubt with that method for he has reached this level now. He reminds Touma that he might've thought of using the handgun to even the odds, but at the same time, stopped thinking about it as the price is too steep for Touma to pay. However, Thor tells Touma that since he has no more clues to what GREMLIN will do next other than him, will Touma let him escape due his personal circumstances and morals. With that, Touma is enraged, and his battle with Thor begins anew.[77]

Thor thought that Touma would choose the handgun, but he was wrong. After Thor assailed him with his arc fusion blades, Touma merely repelled his attack. In surprise, Thor attacks using his left, but once again, Touma repels the blades, changing its trajectory. Thor questions the reason why Touma gave up on the handgun, as Touma will only get tired if he continued on the defensive. But Thor was wrong, Touma mentions on how the arc fusion blades follow the movement of his fingers, which means when the blades move in the certain way when he repels it, so does his fingers. Touma explains to Thor on how he has no reason to use the gun, stating that there must be another way without someone being killed. Once again, Thor becomes impressed by Touma's determination. They prepared to attack each other, but Touma's hands were being worn down, as is both Thor's hands. And yet, the battle continued, each time Thor essayed an attack, Touma repelled it, and each time, their wrists were now in their limits.[78]

And thus, the battle was over. Laughing heartily, the battle was at an end. Touma asks what he will do now, to which Thor replies that he will continue on his course. However, Thor has yet to finish the battle, for he was not a mere lightning god.[78] And so, Touma was felled. A barely conscious Touma overhears Thor talking about the legend of Thor, and that lightning was not only his power. His name represented a god of many aspects, and tells Touma that although he has defeated Thor the lightning god, he could not reach the level of the Almighty Thor. Thor tells Touma that as the winner, he will take responsibility for winning, and suggests to Touma to get some rest and relaxation from protecting the world to much on his own. Touma tries to call out his name, but he falls to unconsciousness.[79]


Ollerus and Thor's deal

Othinus cometh.

After the battles have concluded, Ollerus successfully disguises himself as Thor, and somehow obtained the flesh and blood organs of the original Kakine Teitoku. Ollerus disguised as Thor first appears in Tokyo Bay alongside Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir. Marian comments on what they will do now with the goals, seeing as Fräulein is beyond them now. Ollerus shows his skills in disguising himself as Thor, and convinces Marian that the outcome could not be helped. Ollerus then showed a cooler, and Marian asks what it is, to which Ollerus says will better Othinus' mood after their failure. Then Othinus comes and asks where Fräulein is, of course Ollerus tells her that they have failed. Othinus reiterates that she told them to get her, but Ollerus just tosses the cooler he had. He tells her that it is the original organs of Kakine Teitoku, a suitable substitute to the Fräulein, who is now useless to them. While Othinus remained silent, Marian asks if it would work, since they needed something that was not dyed in magic or science, to which Thor says that Kakine is a symbol of creation and could create a doll for Othinus to use. Othinus reiterates her point, but Ollerus just tells her that if she wants to get her, she can do it herself, but tells her Fräulein is useless to them now. Othinus calls out to Maria before cutting Ollerus' arm out as punishment, telling her to reconnect it afterwards. However, Marian notices that Othinus' own arm is falling off after picking up the cooler, her fate as a magic god. Having the final piece, Othinus tells Marian that they should begin making Gungnir. After Othinus leaves, Marian tries to approach Ollerus, but is shooed away by him, saying that he can do it himself, and that he doesn't want anyone to look at him in his state. He complains about Othinus' policies, but Marian says that he did well. Ollerus says that he didn't grant her wish, but then says that maybe he wants to cry not because of the pain or in a pathetic situation, but it's because Othinus spared his life. Marian says that he shouldn't worry as she too would have been scared if she was in the same position. With that, Marian snaps her fingers and Mjölnir follows her towards the rental ship.[8]

With his betrayal of GREMLIN to Ollerus, Thor sits alone outside of Academy City, lamenting Touma's breaking both of his hands. and trying to mend them. Having no reason to kill Touma, he leaves him alone, though presumes that he can grow again to be his next stepping stone. With everything over, Thor wonders what's going to happen now, apparently stuck between a hard and rock place, as both Othinus and Ollerus might kill him. However, his optimism did not waver, and ponders on which one he should use as a stepping stone.[8]

Leivinia Birdway, Silvia, and Brunhild Eiktobel's departure

Leivinia with a bruised face escapes with Silvia and Brunhild from Academy City. Silvia complains on how what they did was a complete waste of time. Leivinia replies that it couldn't be helped, and states that even if they did want to get Fräulein, she can't be used to lure Othinus anymore. Silvia asks her if she is still affected by being forced to fight Touma, saying that even if she cannot accept how it ended and even if it was based on Touma's reasoning she cannot understand, she cannot complain after she lost, infuriating Leivinia. Silvia continues to tease, comparing her to a little sister that got scolded by a big brother whom she thought would always listen to her, and whom tried to talk things out to her after all she did to him. Leivinia threatens to use her full Major Arcana on her, to which Silvia points out on how Leivinia didn't use it against Touma, knowing that it would give her an advantage, showing a big grin all the while. Brunhild then interrupts, asking about Ollerus, whom Silvia said earlier was preparing. Silvia replies that he is dealing with their true purpose, one that has nothing to do with Fräulein Kreutune, and told them that the preparations are complete.[8]

The Being from the Misaka Network

Accelerator returns with Last Order and Kikyou back to Aiho's residence. Accelerator is deep in thought, feeling restless about the convenient solution that has transpired during the events, as well as the secrets of Academy City, thinking that he could sacrifice himself and expose the rottenness of the City's core. As Last Order enters the room Accelerator is him, he discovers Last Order has been possessed by an existence which he refers to as the "will of the whole of the Misaka Network". Here, the existence berates Accelerator for thinking that he could go the easy way out, destroy the peaceful life he has, and then go to hell once everything is put in order, by throwing himself into a fight to approach the secrets of Academy City. The existence tells that his anxiety regarding forgetting what he needs do by growing relaxed in his new life is unfounded. As he is a monster, the existence tells him that it is most comfortable for him to have an easy conflict, violence, and victory, is only naturally for him. However, the existence states that his calculation power was not given to him just so he can take the easy way out.[8]

The existence states that he must struggle for someone's sake, struggle in the way that is most difficult, and threatens him that if he took the easy road and become a monster, then the existence will throw him into a hell several sizes larger than his imagining. The existence concludes that despite leaving Last Order and Misaka Worst, the existence is rather much interested with Touma and is concerned for his well-being as of late. With that, the "e-mail" ends and Last Order collapses to the floor.[8]

The legend of Beetle 05

Kakine the Rhinoceros Beetle later becomes an urban legend. The legend pertains to Kakine coming to the rescue when one calls out for his name, when they are in danger.[8]

Effects and implications on future events

With Ollerus' insertion of himself incognito into GREMLIN, ensures that he would be close at hand in stopping Othinus when the need comes. However, with the fact that Ollerus took the organs of the original Kakine Teitoku, seems to be signs that he is still not out of the count yet, despite being replaced by Beetle 05. Speaking of which, if rumors surrounding Beetle 05 are true, then it is not unlikely for him to come into action once more, most likely when people are in danger. Thor's departure allows him to operate on his own, but due to the fact that Ollerus is using his face, it can be presumed that he will have to disguise himself.

For Fräulein Kreutune, with the danger of her becoming an impediment to Aleister Crowley, as she failed to eclose into the being that would become a danger, Aleister likely no longer cares for her existence.[76] Although she is apparently still wanted by the City for the destruction of the Windowless Building, the destruction of military equipment, and the harming of Anti-Skill personnel, she will probably escape capture due to her nature. Add to this, the city failing to capture her might draw too much attention, and would opt to just letting her go. Moreover, it is unknown if the authorities can even recognize Fräulein after transforming into what looks like a child even if they wanted to capture her in the first place. According to Thor, she will be free to stay with Last Order and Fremea Seivelun.[76]

The lecture on Accelerator by the being from the Misaka Network, shows that the clones actually do care for him, enough for a being that Accelerator calls the "Will of the Whole Misaka Network" to stop him on even thinking of endangering and putting himself back into the darkness, even if it is for their sake.[8]

Leivinia's holding back on using the Major Arcana tarots she has, coupled with the observations on her actions during their battle by Touma himself, shows that she truly has a caring side to her personality, and does care for Touma's well-being.

It is later shown that Kakine being freed from the Original Kakine Teitoku's control and aiding Fremea Seivelun despite the harm incurred on his person, may have been an experiment to determine the capabilities of Fremea's Agitate Halation.[80] AIM Stalker may have severed his connection with the Original, but it is Fremea's Agitate Halation that may have allowed the surfacing of Kakine's personality that is different from the Original Kakine Teitoku and have coerced him into helping her.

Finally, the entire events of the arc is a wake up call to Touma, bringing his regular attitude back again. Furthermore, it shows how great Touma's concern is to save others, wanting to have him instead to be sacrificed or be used as bait, just so that only he is harmed and not other people. This a mien of his that even Leivinia, a person who analyzes leaders and charismatic, as plain insane.[69] Moreover, for even Leivinia to refer to him as someone who is beyond good and evil, as Aiwass once did,[81] and even compare Touma to Aleister Crowley and Laura Stuart, shows the great things that Touma could accomplish as well as the dangers that could befall to him in the future.

Epilogue: Night After the Festival

At the night after the festival, Index questions where Touma has been all this time. After Touma quickly sums up his experiences, she asks him who's the girl clinging on his back is, to which Touma says it is Fräulein Kreutune. Index then asks why she is clinging on his back, to which she says that she ate something strange which that was made by Cendrillon, which resulted in her shrinking. Index asks the question again, to which Touma now says that it was because she thought embracing her friends was the normal thing to do. Index doesn't get mad however, saying that he hasn't changed. However, she tells him that there is something he is supposed to say. Index sincerely says welcome back to Touma, but Touma utterly screws it up in embarrassment, to which Index bites him for his trouble.[82]


  1. The plan where Touma sets up a poster of Marian Slingeneyer in a public bulletin board, implies at least, that the general populace of Academy City has some knowledge regarding the suppression of Baggage City.
  2. Hamazura Shiage, and the rest of ITEM, share the same apartment, and can be referred to as roommates.


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