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Ichizawa Akiko (一澤暁子?) is an Academy City researcher, who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP game).[1]


Ichizawa Aiko has long dark-red hair. She wears glasses, a white shirt, a red tie and a grey business suit.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP game)[]

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Ichizawa Akiko was due to attend a certain exhibition. Someone posting on the internet under the name 'Grim Reaper Kakiko', who had previously predicted bad things happening to people which then came true, predicted that she would be involved in an accident on her way to the exhibition hall. To be safe, Anti-Skill increased security around Akiko for the exhibition.[1]

On the recommendation of Atatsu Chiyo of Judgement, a decoy transport followed the route Akiko was originally going to take while Akiko went a different route with lessened security presence to minimise suspicion. However Atatsu Chiyo had actually been replaced by Aizono Mio, who having arranged a rocket attack on the decoy, attacks the real transport, capturing Ichizawa Akiko due to the lessened security.[1]

Mio later speaks to a bound and gagged Akiko in an abandoned karaoke box called Forkball. After being ungagged, Akiko asks Mio what she is after, to which Mio eventually answers that she is after the Eighth Level Red. Mio then brings in Futaishi Kyousha, a Level 2 Telepath, revealing that she found him from the samples from the Hair-Cutter and used a Testament to optimize him, shocking Akiko. Refusing to divulge her motivations, Mio then directs Kyousha to copy Akiko's brainwaves. Akiko tries to warn Kyousha of the danger, but Kyousha copies her brainwaves over his own and collapses. Mio then takes Kyousha and contacts Shirai Kuroko before leaving Akiko to be found, warning her not to try to get in the way of her goal.[1]

Akiko later contacts Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko to give them information on Aizono Mio's plans and the Magnetic Debris Cannon.[2]