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Touma uses his 'Imagine Breaker' on a magical attack.

The Imagine Breaker (幻想殺し (イマジンブレイカー) Gensō Goroshi (Imajin Bureikā)?, lit. "Illusion Killer") is the mysterious power that currently resides within Kamijou Touma's right hand, allowing him to negate anything supernatural such as esper powers, magic powers, and (according to his own claims) God's miracles.[1] More specifically, it is the power that can only exist in the right hand of Kamijou Touma due to "Imagine Breaker" finding meaning in being inside Touma's right hand.[2]

Neither magic nor esper ability,[3] nor Gemstone-derived,[4] the Imagine Breaker has long been under intense speculation both in-universe and in the fandom, with only a few people in-universe such as Aleister Crowley knowing fully of what it entails.[citation needed]


Seemingly a reference to Touma's Imagine Breaker, Touma incorporates the meaning of the kanji used for his ability (幻想殺し), which means Illusion killer, into his famous catchphrase which can be translated into English as: "I will destroy that illusion of yours."

Interestingly in the novels, the kanji for the Imagine Breaker is sometimes changed to (俺の右手 Ore no Migite?, lit. My right hand).[citation needed]


Primary features

As shown throughout the series, Touma's Imagine Breaker negates both esper powers and magic. Moreover, in certain circumstances, it can negate even divine powers, such as the miracles of God (according to himself) and, more prominently, in his defeat of Archangel Gabriel in World War III.[citation needed]

Supplementary features

Touma blocking a graviton explosion.

In two different instances, Touma has demonstrated that he can dispel to an extent the effects of an area-wide attack. One instance is blocking the effects of electricity Misaka Mikoto created, by putting his right hand out to act as a lightning rod for the electricity, so it hits his right hand instead to any another part of his body.[5] The other one is blocking a portion of Kaitabi Hatsuya's Graviton bomb from hitting the people behind him using Imagine Breaker as a shield. Nonetheless, it is required for him to have physical contact to initiate the effects of his power.[6]

It seems that Imagine Breaker has a permanent canceling effect on some supernatural objects, as seen when it robbed Index's clothes of their Walking Church.[7] Imagine Breaker can even ignore the actual weight or force of an object being propelled by supernatural power, as seen when Touma blocked a full-powered punch from a massive golem without showing signs of obvious effort, followed by the golem collapsing due to the magic that manifested it being abolished by Imagine Breaker.[8] He did, however, "almost break his hand" in said exchange.[3] Another example is when Touma blocked Acqua of the Back's magic-enhanced attack while in a weakened state, in contrast to how normal attacks (with no magic behind them) from Acqua could easily overpower him.[9]

Removal from the body

It has become apparent that in the event that the right hand is severed from the body, as has happened to Touma on several occasions, an invisible and ineffable power appears in Imagine Breaker's stead. This power's true form is currently unknown, though it is enough to terrify Fiamma of the Right when he witnessed it.[10] However, the power was weak enough to be utterly crushed by Othinus[2] and Aiwass.[11] Later during his encounter with Kamisato Kakeru, Touma's right hand was transported to the New World, and it re-appeared once again, whereas this time it overpowered World Rejector's effects. Touma speculated that it may not have been the same power that erupted in Fiamma and Othinus's presence, and there may be multiple entities residing within his right hand.[12] Interestingly, this seems to be subject to a placebo effect: if Touma is not aware of his right hand being severed, this power does not appear. Conversely, as soon as he is made aware of his injury, the power will begin emerging.[13]

Touma can communicate with the power and somehow force it to yield to his will. In Touma's first "talk" with the invisible thing, an even greater power swallowed what had appeared and suppressed it. There is currently no information on what this great power is, or if it is simply Touma's willpower that took control.[10]

Finally, after the right hand or right arm is torn or severed from Touma's body, it can reconnect miraculously back to the body, as if was not separated and all. This includes bones, vessels, and nerves.[2] During Touma's first from his right arm, Heaven Canceller references this and calls his right arm a piece of fantasy.[14] However, it has been shown that in the event that the removed right arm cannot be reconnected to Touma, a new arm takes the place where the old arm was in Touma's body, and from there, the Imagine Breaker disappears from the removed arm and transfers to the new arm.[10] This is not guaranteed to happen immediately, as shown when Shokuhou Misaki delays this from happening by keeping the right arm separate from Touma. In this case, Coronzon claims that Imagine Breaker would return to its owner eventually.[15]

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite the extents of Touma's abilities, Touma might not have the ability to negate all "artificial" supernatural abilities, such as the Power of the World and leylines. Some objects, such as the Queen's Fleet and Innocentius, require Touma to target the core or some other important piece that provides power to them in order for his Imagine Breaker to effectively negate them.[citation needed]

Oriana Thomson prepares her final attack on Touma with a trap in mind.

Also, since the Imagine Breaker is concentrated in only Touma's right hand, Touma is truly helpless against a wave of magic attacks in great numbers, as happened in Misawa Cram School when he was attacked by the Gregorian Chant Replica.[16] Furthermore, since Imagine Breaker can only negate, magicians such as Oriana Thomson can make use of this to make a trap against Touma after negating a spell.[17]

So far there are only a few attacks which can surpass Imagine Breaker's power canceling speed, meaning that Touma is unable to completely negate them even with continued use of Imagine Breaker: Index's Dragon Breath,[18] Stiyl's Innocentius,[19] Fiamma of the Right's flaming sword,[20] Accelerator's wings in his awakened state,[21]  Birdway's Summoned Telesma Explosion,[22] Thor's Arc Fusion Blades,[23] Othinus's Crossbow Arrows,[24] and Coronzon's Magick: Flaming_Sword.[25] The Curtana Original's Dimensional Cleavage Formula, however, is a different case, as it does not fall under the 'surpassing cancelling speed' category, but 'after this window of opportunity, it can't be negated' category. The phenomenon that Curtana creates is "normal" and is no longer considered a supernatural phenomenon. Kanzaki Kaori stated that Imagine Breaker can negate a dimensional cutter attack if it comes into contact within 1.25 seconds.[26]

While the Imagine Breaker does negate some forms of psychic powers and magic used on his body outright like teleportation and Healing Magic, this is not guaranteed. In Touma's first encounter with Aureolus Izzard, Aureolus could wipe Touma's memories of recent events, though this was reversed when Touma touched his head with his right hand.[27] In their next encounter, Aureolus nearly incapacitated Touma with the Suffocate command until he stuffed one of his fingers deep into his throat to destroy the spell.[28] When Cendrillon finds and drags Touma into a nearby alleyway, she discovers that he had been shot and immediately tries to use healing magic on him, but the Imagine Breaker simply negates her attempts. Though in this case, the spell was not yet negated until the light of the spell spread from his wound to the rest of his body, where it reached his right hand and was then negated.[29] In the Daihaiseisai incident Shokuhou Misaki is shown to have knowledge of the Imagine Breaker, but also showed that she is able to bypass its normal automatic negation of Telepathy.[30]

During his trip to Russia, Touma makes use of the Imagine Breaker's limitations for the first time. Due to Imagine Breaker not fully negating supernatural phenomena, Touma has learned to use it to interfere via "negation and disruption" (or "elimination and interference" in the official Yen Press translations). Normally, Imagine Breaker negates any supernatural power or object upon contact, but because of its limits, if a supernatural power/object is sufficiently powerful or massive enough in size it will take time to be fully negated. It's during this state of cancellation that Touma can actually physically touch and grab the power/object, negating and disrupting it instead of instantly destroying it. This, of course, is usually more of a disadvantage than an advantage of Imagine Breaker. Still, during Touma's fight with Accelerator in Russia, Touma pulled one of Accelerator's black wings to throw Accelerator off-balance and dodge the attack when Accelerator struck Touma with 100 wings that he summoned. That single touch was capable of negating the vector controlling power of said wing as well.[31]

According to Index's speculation, Imagine Breaker negates God's blessings, which is the luck people have, and this is the reason why Touma suffers from misfortune, much to his horror.[7] Furthermore, she speculates that his Imagine Breaker may also negate the red string of fate, which would also explain why girls can get close with him without effort.[32]

Under certain conditions, the Imagine Breaker can be affected to a certain extent by similar powers crystallized from the collective hopes and desires of magicians, such as World Rejecter.[33][12]

Effects on natural forces

Imagine Breaker, however, is unable to negate the Power of the World, its ley lines, or the lifeforces and souls of human beings,[34] due to them being natural despite being supernatural as well. According to Leivinia Birdway, this is because the Imagine Breaker normalizes things that are of abnormal values; specifically, it destroys things that have had their harmony taken. However, things such as the aforementioned examples have always been uniform from the start despite being supernatural in nature. Imagine Breaker can only destroy things that had their harmony taken from them, so something that has been abnormal from the start will never be negated by the Imagine Breaker.[35]

Effects on angels and divine beings

Touma offers gum with his right hand to the wary Misha.

Imagine Breaker also seems capable of affecting an angel since Archangel Gabriel, who became Misha using Sasha Kreutzev's body didn't dare to try and touch Touma's right hand when he offered her candy.[36] Kazakiri Hyouka, the artificial angel, is subconsciously afraid of physically touching Touma. Furthermore, as a reaction to the Imagine Breaker, Hyouka gains a consciousness and is born within the Imaginary Number District.[3] However, Touma cannot apparently completely negate them with the Imagine Breaker, as it's been shown that an angelic being has a core, such as the triangular prism within Hyouka's head or of the AIM Burst's, and can only be destroyed if this core is destroyed. Archangel Gabriel too also returned to its realm upon coming into contact with Touma's Imagine Breaker near the end of World War III.[37]

Imagine Breaker cannot fully negate Aiwass. When Touma tried doing so, his right arm was dislocated and Aiwass was unharmed.[11]


Science side

Since Touma is enrolled in Academy City, he is often treated as part of the Science side. However, Imagine Breaker cannot be detected or classified by their machines,[38] resulting in Touma being classified as a Level 0. Aleister Crowley considers him neither an esper nor a magician but rather a normal person with a unique ability.[citation needed] This allows Touma's actions to have a little leeway; since he is neither a magician nor an esper, he can interfere in various Magic side business without this being seen as an action of Academy City, such as when Touma helped resolve the Misawa Cram School incident. Aleister seems to take advantage of this, allowing Touma to go into dangerous situations regardless of sides for his plans.[39]

Most of the Science side, however, are unaware or plainly ignorant of the existence of the Imagine Breaker. Certain members of the general population, such as Saten Ruiko, consider the existence of a person who has an ability that negates other abilities as an interesting urban legend.[40]

This is also apparent in the dark side of Academy City, as only a few people such as the Girl in the dress, Kinuhata Saiai, and Tsuchimikado Motoharu, are aware of Touma's importance to Aleister Crowley, despite not knowing how exactly he fits into his plans.[41]

In Touma's fight with Rensa, she used her illegal access to Academy City’s Bank and found Touma's power listed there. According to the System Scan results recorded in the Bank, he was listed as a true Level 0 but, unlike normal Level 0s, the precision equipment had truly not been able to detect anything. She did find a comment that had been added, saying there were reports of him being able to negate other powers. Rensa mistook Imagine Breaker for an esper ability and attempted to copy it, but, despite meeting all of the necessary conditions for creating, her arm swelled up like a balloon and was completely blown off.[42] Unlike Sogiita Gunha's power, which she is unable to reproduce due to it being unexplainable, she was able to gain some understanding of Imagine Breaker but the results of reproducing it proved to be extremely hazardous. This likely proves how, much like Accelerator's relationship with the Dark May Project, there have been no known previous attempts into replicating Imagine Breaker's power, as the mere attempt would obviously be disastrous, along with having extremely low successful results. This further proves Imagine Breaker's value to the Science side.[citation needed]

Magic side

In the Christian dominations of the magic side, especially the Roman Catholic Church, Imagine Breaker is considered a heretical power since it denies the blessings of God. In the most extreme of cases, Touma himself is considered a heretic for having that power, not helped by him being responsible for many failed Roman Catholic missions. His heretical nature would later inevitably spark the invasion of Academy City, and later World War III.[43]

After the end of the third World War, Touma has become a major target by magicians, and some, such as the masterminds behind Radiosonde Castle have even gone out of their way to endanger the entire world just so to kill him.[35] Othinus, a Magic God and leader of Gremlin, wanted to use her Magic God powers to distort the world, specifically to take this world where Academy City and the science side have won and distort it beyond recognition. For this reason, she sees no value in the Imagine Breaker that can negate her distortion acting as a reference point to before the distortion still existed. Gremlin wishes to cut that lifeline and do nothing but ensuring the loss of this back-up of the previous world.[4]

Speculation and important points

The true nature of Kamijou Touma's Imagine Breaker has yet to be revealed, but it has been shown that it had different owners in the past. Both Terra of the Left and Fiamma of the Right had theories of its nature: Terra, based upon his experience of Fiamma's Holy Right, thinking that it could be extended beyond the right hand, while Fiamma terribly underestimated the true extent of the true nature of Touma's Imagine Breaker upon severing it.[10] But the most obvious example is Aleister Crowley's interest in Kamijou Touma and the Imagine Breaker. He has deliberately sent Touma into dangerous situations since his introduction,[39] such as setting up his meeting with Kazakiri Hyouka,[3] as well as manipulating him to confront Oriana Thomson.[44]

Touma's and Imagine Breaker's importance are later brought into further light, as he is considered the core of Aleister Crowley's plan alongside Accelerator. Touma's actions have been calculated to be within the error range of his plans, meaning that any action Touma may take can be beneficial.[41] In fact, the Imagine Breaker was apparently affecting 98% of Aleister's plans before the start of Carissa's civil war.[45]

Furthermore, Touma's significance is so great that he is valued to be greater than any esper in Academy City. During Academy City's planned retrieval of him during World War III, he was to be kept alive at all cost during retrieval, however if he had sided with an organization, he was to be attacked and later kept alive with the same life support system used for Kakine Teitoku, on his way to Academy City.[46] His importance is further shown by even Aiwass has taken an interest in him, alongside Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage.[47]

Later, Ollerus expressed a belief that Terra of the Left was probably the person who came closest to knowing the identity of the Imagine Breaker, through his research of the contradiction needed for the Son of God to be killed by human hands. He notes that the Imagine Breaker is the collection of the hope and the fear of all magicians. To him, it is the reference point or template to the original world. Its negation of supernatural phenomenon returns the world back to normal before the phenomenon occurred. As such, the Imagine Breaker embodies the hopes of magicians who can act all they want without fear of losing the original world, yet is also the fear of magicians because it removes the distortion they have created. It acts as a lifeline that allows the world to be reverted to normal, no matter how far it has been distorted in any direction. This is the very reason why someone who wants to distort the world beyond recognition from the previous one, like the Magic God Othinus, sees the Imagine Breaker as a threat.[4] Othinus herself would eventually make use of Imagine Breaker's function as a reference point to recreate Touma's original world after her battle with him,[48] a process she later compared to watching an infinitely-expanding snow crystal growing from calculated core.[49]

The Imagine Breaker's nature as a power crystallized from the hopes, dreams, and desires of magicians would later be affirmed by the Magic Gods themselves, who due to wielding the vast majority of the Magic Side's power have the greatest influence in the formation of such powers. Due to the true Gremlin's emerging doubts in Touma, whom they wished to be their 'scorer', brought about by his interactions with Othinus, some of the power focused on the incomplete Imagine Breaker escaped and began to form a new power. This led to the creation of World Rejecter, a crystallization of the wishes of magicians to escape to a new world rather than cling to the current one like with Imagine Breaker.[50]

Beyond the right hand

The truth about the dragon and the Imagine Breaker has been speculated and mulled over since the scene's introduction.

It has been hinted even from the very beginning that Imagine Breaker has a strange connection with dragons. Imagine Breaker was able to destroy the Walking Church, that supposedly could only be destroyed if the Dragon that St. George defeated would descend again.[51] Strangely, Touma later confronts with both St. George's Sanctuary and Dragon's Breath, being unable to completely negate them and requiring Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori's assistance.[citation needed]

However, the most striking examples of this association with dragons have occurred when Touma's right hand or arm is severed. This first happened during the climax of the Deep Blood Arc, where a single dragon head emerged from the stump and caused Aureolus Izzard's defeat. The dragon head was referred to as the Dragon Strike (竜王の顎 (ドラゴンストライク) Ryūō no Ago (Doragon Sutoraiku)?, lit. "Jaw of the Dragon King", Yen Press: Dragon King). This was initially believed to be due to Aureolus being afraid of Touma and (because of his Ars Magna making his thoughts into reality) this caused Touma to become a monster.[52] It is later hinted that Aureolus may not have been the one to come up with imagining Touma's arm to be replaced by a dragon.[53]

Eight dragons emerge from Kamijou Touma's severed right arm to end the experiment and save both Misaka Mikoto and Academy City.

The Dragon Strike reappeared when Touma's arm was blown off in his attempt to stop Misaka Mikoto, while her powers were rising to Level 6, from firing a highly destructive giant black sphere during Daihaseisai. This time the dragon was accompanied by seven others, all of different appearances and all of them extending out with long necks from Touma's stump. The dragons proceeded to tear apart the black sphere with their jaws. As both Mikoto and Sogiita Gunha saw the dragon, this proves that the Dragon Strike wasn't merely imagined by Aureolus.[54] It should be noted that within Christian Church, the dragon represents more than one thing. It represents pagans and foreign invading forces, but also represents a fallen angel stained with evil.[55]

Below is a list of the dragons involved in the Daihaseisai incident and their abilities, revealed by Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou via Twitter following the broadcast of Railgun T Episode 14:

Name Description
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E14 05m 53s.png The First Dragon
It specializes in decursing and psychological attacks. If it bites you, you could have your memories destroyed.[56]
Blinded Dragon.png The Blind Dragon
A darkness dragon. It too has a powerful psychological effect, so you'll be overcome with terror and confusion when it's nearby.[57]
One-Eyed Dragon.png The One-eyed Cobra Dragon
A water dragon that summons rainstorms. Its fangs contain the undiluted concept of poison, so anything living it bites will either die or experience a fate worse than death.[58]
Four-Eyed Dragon.png The Four-eyed Dragon
It has multiple eye powers. It has illusion and hypnotism powers that can blur the line between dreams and reality. It is also a singer with a beautiful voice that can shatter even Shadow Metal.[59]
Energy Dragon.png The Corpse Flame Dragon
It is an undead fire dragon with flames erupting from its bones. It damages things with an energy drain that seemingly burns life force itself.[60]
Mineral Dragon.png The Ice Crystal Dragon
It is as tough and solid as the planet itself and it breaths ice.[61]
Spear Head Dragon.png The Spearhead Dragon
It releases lightning from its body and fires lasers from its mouth.[62]
Angel Dragon.png The Angel Dragon
Its traits and powers are a secret since Misaka Mikoto is fighting it in the current Railgun manga arc.[63]

The presence of something beyond the Imagine Breaker in Touma's right hand was not addressed again until the climax of the third world war. Fiamma of the Right severed Touma's right arm along with the Imagine Breaker in order to absorb that power into himself (not to gain Imagine Breaker itself, but to have it act as a medium for his Holy Right to gain a corporeal form).[10] Immediately afterwards, an "invisible thing" gathered on Touma's right shoulder which made Fiamma's power pale in comparison, but Touma unexpectedly crushed that power with "an even greater power" and then took back the Imagine Breaker. Although the true nature of those powers is unclear, Touma was able to communicate with the "invisible thing", referring to the power as "you" before refusing to use its power, crushing the power and regenerating his lost right arm.[citation needed]

After Fiamma's right arm was severed by Aleister, it was confirmed there is more to Touma's right hand than just "a right hand that can negate supernatural ability". Touma's right hand is a vessel that can be used to house a greater power, and this is the main reason why Aleister and Fiamma seeks Touma's right hand, not for Imagine Breaker. Due to Fiamma's discovery of something within Touma's right hand, Aleister was forced to make an appearance into the world, during which he hinted that he knew what was inside Touma all along and, now that Fiamma knew of its existence, he needed to eliminate him. Although Aleister failed in killing Fiamma of the Right, it showed how important the Imagine Breaker, and especially the unknown power residing in Touma's right hand, is to Aleister's plans that he is willing to show himself to the world and ruin his ruse of being dead to the world.[37]

However, the most important consequence of this is that Touma now also knows that something resides in his right hand and wishes to understand what Imagine Breaker is.[64] Regardless of this desire, Touma has never used the invisible power on his own volition and prefers to use the Imagine Breaker instead. Although, it should be noted that during the final part of his battle with the High Priest, Touma seemingly tried to use whatever it is that resides in his right hand to stop the Arrowhead Comet (which the High Priest had fused with) from falling on Academy City.[65]


Not much is known about the mysterious Imagine Breaker, but it has been confirmed that someone else, perhaps many others, have had the Imagine Breaker before Kamijou Touma. This power is poorly documented by the magic side. However, according to Ollerus, powers similar to the Imagine Breaker appeared in ancient times, taking different forms: weapons in the hands of great heroes, frescos rumored to be able to heal diseases, while others took the form of caves and functioned as trials for those who entered them. However, he is unsure if they are related to the Imagine Breaker, or if those hopes combined together into another form as they were lost and have naturally appeared here.[4]

A previous form of Imagine Breaker was kept by the Golden Dawn and known as the Blythe Road's Treasure. This form was an arrow with a head made of bone and divided into five prongs that resembled a hand, feathers made of leather, and a shaft made of grave wax (wax produced from human flesh and blood). These materials were taken from the right hand of a certain Saint. This version of Imagine Breaker was an ultimate exorcising spiritual item, intended to drive an uncontrolled being back beyond the magic circle after a failed summoning. Aleister used this to pierce through the quasi-immortality of William Wynn Westcott and injure him.[66]

Seemingly, only a few people know something about the Imagine Breaker. Terra of the Left for example, deduced that Touma had amnesia since he is apparently not using the Imagine Breaker to its full capacity, and hints that Imagine Breaker might actually be an ability that extends itself further away from its bearer's right hand, based on Terra's personal knowledge of Fiamma of the Right's Holy Right ability.[67] Even then, his conjecture may have been lacking as well, as even Fiamma of the Right was unaware of the terrible power that lurks within Touma's right hand after severing it.[10]

It has been revealed that the Imagine Breaker can choose which person can wield it. On several occasions, it has been severed yet it still remained in his possession. According to Fiamma of the Right, the current generation is still attached to Touma, referring to it as "the right hand is only the right hand when it is growing from his right shoulder", referencing his failure in obtaining Imagine Breaker from Touma in the past.[2]

According to Othinus, Imagine Breaker can also exist in objects, as she noted it takes different forms each time the last one is destroyed. She pointed out that if she were to destroy everything in existence, Imagine Breaker could potentially even find its way to her.[68]


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Art Designs

Design Evolution

Below is Haimura Kiyotaka's design of the Dragon Strike for Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 2. Following that are designs for the dragon heads released by the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga editor from his Twitter account. These are the dragon heads that appeared from Touma's severed arm as seen in the tankobon of the 10th volume of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Designed by Kiya Shii, it shows 8 of the dragon heads as well as additional 9 designs that have been rejected, though it has been recently confirmed by Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou in his Twitter account that the designs are actually canon, raising the posibility that the dragons in Touma's arm are not just eight.[69][70][71]



  • The song Gensō Goroshi is present in the 2nd Toaru Majutsu no Index original soundtrack and is named after Touma's ability. It is used in all animated adaptations of the franchise, both Index and Railgun, and is played often during moments of building towards action sequences. On the same soundtrack the song, Breakthrough can be found, having a faster tempo than the former and having a heavier rock-oriented arrangement.
  • The sound effect used for Imagine Breaker's negation varies over the course of the animated adaptations.
    • Originally, a very specific and high pitched sound is played in nearly every moment when Touma's Imagine Breaker negates something in seasons 1 and 2 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation. They are presumably designed by Ebina Yasunori, sound director for both seasons. The sound is later changed in Toaru Majutsu no Index III ​​​​​​to a sound similar to speeding race car, presumably because of the new sound director Yamaguchi Takayuki.[citation needed]
    • For the first season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, a different sound is used. It is similarly high pitched sound which echoes slightly. This is later remedied in the second season, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, which reuses the original Imagine Breaker sound effect. However, by Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, the sound effect is changed again, not carrying over the sound used in Toaru Majutsu no Index III. The sound is different yet much closer to the original sound effect. All three seasons' sound design were done by Aketagawa Jin.[citation needed]
    • As the games are an extension of the animated adaptions, all video games used the original Imagine Breaker sound effect. But by the release of Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest, a new Imagine Breaker sound was used, mimicking the one being used in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.[citation needed]


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