The Imperial Package (インペリアルパッケージ?) is a computer that gives the user access to all government cloud systems. Due to the sensitive nature contained within the government, it is very likely that only people with high ranks can use the the device, such as the President of the United States of America.


It appears as a silver colored attaché case. Apparently, it is light enough to carry around without much effort.[1]

Use and OperationEdit

Using its cables and connecting it to any device that can access the Internet,[1] the Imperial Package can then connect to the smart system for linking units, there, the device can link with the cloud systems of government and access secret and confidential files and information.[2]

With the Imperial Package, it gives the president complete authority of the government cloud and allows him to send out presidential orders from anywhere, as long as the president has the Imperial Package, they are able to carry out their official duties.[2]

The Imperial Package however, can only check things within range of America's power (its territories and most likely part of its allies). As such any actions or information that goes on outside of America's range cannot be traced by the device.[3]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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Following his escape from the clutches of his own Secret Service and government, Roberto Katze, the President of the United States of America takes the Imperial Package to investigate the anomalies within his own government, and discovers that several high-profile members of the government are accessing information that does not encompass their duties.

From there on, Roberto uses the Imperial Package to access information that could not be acquired through normal means, the information taken from the device also has things Olay Blueshake could not acquire using her Free Compound Eyes technology, and later helped him discover the current whereabouts of her daughter, Lindy Blueshake, which was essential key during the invasion of Hawaii for both parties, as well as Roberto's which was temporarily severed ties with the government in order to investigate.



Hawaii Invasion Arc

Novels NT Index Volume 3

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