Imura (居村 Imura?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator. He is an Anti-Skill and is part of the team sent to deal with incident at Seiin High School.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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Imura is a drone pilot and is part of the Anti-Skill team sent to deal with incident at Seiin High School. Without Academy City Board of Directors's permission, the team cannot involve iself in the incident, and so he feels a sense of powerlessness and blames the Board of Directors. An unnamed Anti-Skill colleague warns Imura that Anti-Skill must not criticize the Board, leading to Imura seizing his colleague by the collar in anger. The captain of the team stops them from fighting and orders the monitoring of the target. Soon, Imura finds out that his drone was destroyed and eaten by Taowu.[1]


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