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Due to the story shifting focus from magicians chasing her down for her grimoires (though this is apparently still something that occurs occasionally) Index takes more of a backseat role for the GREMLIN Arc which opened Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index only reaching the role she had in Old Testament in the closing of the Arc. Though she takes her role as a main heroine again in the second overarching arc; the Fall of Academy City Arc, aiding Touma in battles and serving as someone he tries his hardest to protect alongside the Magic God Othinus.

Freshmen Arc

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Index is seen wandering around Academy City briefly by Accelerator while he was out grocery shopping. Accelerator noted to himself that something was different about her, like she was depressed and had fatigue and impatience.

Homecoming Arc

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Birdway with help from Index explains magic to the three protagonists.

As she wait in the dorm room unsure what to do or how to contact Touma, a heavily intoxicated Touma suddenly walks in and greets Index after a long period of time, along with the many other girls that appeared having been magnetically stuck together via Mikoto's power. This of course leads to him being greeted with being bitten.[2] After Touma sobers up and the other girls leave she then helps Leivinia Birdway explains the principals of the magic side to Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage.[3]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Index appears at the end of the arc, asking Touma for an explanation for what he has been doing all this time. After Touma quickly sums up his experiences, she asks him who's the girl clinging on his back is, to which Touma says it is Fräulein Kreutune. Index then asks why she is clinging on his back, to which she says that she ate something strange which that was made by Cendrillon, which resulted in her shrinking. Index asks the question again, to which Touma now says that it was because she thought embracing her friends was the normal thing to do. Index doesn't get mad however, saying that he hasn't changed. However, she tells him that there is something he is supposed to say. Index sincerely says welcome back to Touma, but Touma utterly screws it up in embarrassment, to which Index bites him for his trouble.[4]

Agitate Halation Arc

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Index appears only at the end of the arc. She and Tsuchimikado Maika are walking together with Maika complaining about not getting extra credit points for cleaning an external institution and Index complaining about Touma not feeding her as always.

Magic God Othinus Arc

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Touma wakes up finding Leivinia Birdway and Lessar sleeping with him in the bathtub. As he tries to escape the situation, Index finds out and proceeds to bite him.[5]

Leivinia ends a conference call with the allied nations and says that the preparations are complete. Index thinks that she ordered a pizza, to which Leivinia replies that she would rather order sushi or soba since she is in Japan. As they are eating their breakfast, Index finishes her food quickly and demands for more, who later acquiesces after initially refusing. Leivinia explains the reason they came to Japan is because they needs Touma’s help, to which he refuses at first but then agrees after the threats and explanations from Leivinia. She then tells them the location of GREMLIN's headquarters.[6]

Index getting mad at Touma.

Index is then asked by a sleepy Lessar if it is okay for her to let Touma go, to which Index replies that complaining can’t stop Touma. They then proceeded to go to School District 23, walking on the same path where the students go to school, making Touma feel awkward at the looks of the people passing by due to the fact that he is surrounded with foreign girls. Lessar then tells him that they will not falter when faced with alienation in that level. They then waited for a bus to District 23, and as Touma sits on the bench near the stop, Leivinia begins sitting on his lap with Lessar clinging to his arm, saying that she is still affected by jet lag. Index the becomes mad at the sight before her, and then proceeds to bite him as usual.[7] Mikoto would later see them and in response uses her powers to rip the bench from its foundations and catapults its occupants away, though they are left unharmed by this display. Index and the others are at District 23 international airport. Lessar and Leivinia then proceeds to shop for swimsuits so as to prepare to go and hide to a resort after defeating GREMLIN since they would likely be the target by the churches after everything is finished. Leivinia and Lessar insists on going to "50% Less Skin Covered" swimsuit store, to which Touma refuses and instead suggests to put into a vote to which store to go. Touma tricks Index that "Tropical Bright Girl" sounds more delicious and thus gets her vote. Touma wins and they proceed to the other swimsuit store (Tropical Bright Girl). On their way, Mikoto then asks Index if these crazy things always happen to Touma, to which Index responds that this is just the third link of the chain. As they enter the store, Index says that she would be fine with any store as long as it has food and Touma reacts if she has finally reached the point wherein she will also eat swimsuits or cellphones as well. Index then exclaims that she can smell cafes and bread shops around. Touma is amazed at her skill when it comes to food and Index tells him that food doesn't change and as long as there is food, she will eat it. Mikoto then says to Index that she must not underestimate the advances made by science and says that even a trash meat in Academy City is much better than the average in the outside world. Index then screams at Touma, to which Touma responds that he can't afford such a high class meat. They then enter the swimsuit shop and Index says she doesn't care about swimsuits since it is November and asks Touma when they will go to eat.[8] Index, Leivinia and Mikoto then catches Lessar, who was overcome by shock due to Touma defeating her sex appeal, and then Touma holding a swimsuit and misunderstanding the situation. [9]

They the meet Kumokawa Maria at the airport and Index asks Touma who is this other girl that she doesn't know about. After receiving word that Sargasso has already been located, the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo has begun as well. Touma runs off with Index and Mikoto following him. After letting Mikoto go with him, Index demands to go too, to which he agrees. Index and the others proceeded to ride an electronic cart to a supersonic passenger plane. As the plane leaves Academy City, it is sliced in half by a giant dragon. Index and the others are then mercilessly thrown out into empty air.[10]

GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Mikoto holding Index.

As Index and Mikoto are falling from the sky, Mikoto stops using her parachute and catches Index who is chaotically rotating as she fell. Mikoto then uses her electromagnetic power and lands vertically on the wall of a giant train station building while holding Index. Mikoto is dumbfounded that the place is packed with people to the point that she can't see the sidewalk. Index then tells her that it was GREMLIN's doing. Suddenly, a giant dragon flies over their heads but does attack them. Mikoto then tries to use her cellphone but it was of no avail since the lines were apparently overloaded.[11] Mikoto then starts to move from building to building using her electromagnetism and while still holding Index. They are heading for Sargasso since Mikoto thinks that Touma will probably head there as well. While moving, Index then warns Mikoto to watch out and they land perpendicularly on the side of a high rise building. As soon as she does, countless sparks appear floating down and each spark strikes the glass wall and produces pillars of flame that took form. Index then explains that it is the Muspell from the Norse Mythology to which Mikoto doesn't understand.[12]

While still holding Index, Mikoto uses her electromagnetism to jump from wall to wall. They were being pursued by the Muspell but they tried to escape them. Mikoto then asks Index if she knows where they are right now to which Index responds that she doesn't know. They then wonder what has happened to Touma, when suddenly they see an Academy City bomber and realize that Academy City has made their move. They also see an eagle-like creature that flies, to which Index says that it is Hræsvelgr and explains it to Mikoto. Suddenly, the creature fall toward a wide open space as it engages the Academy City bomber.[13]

Touma lays down his pride and asks Index and Mikoto for help in saving both Freyja and her mother.

Mikoto while holding Index later saves Touma just in time before he is about to fall from a speeding train. Index is then released by Mikoto and she proceeds to scold him, to which Index says that it won't change Touma. Index then tells Touma that she would be going with him this time and she won't be backing down no matter what he says. Touma's cellphone then falls down while some button was pressed and he hears his mother's voice saying that she is fine and they don't have to worry. After hearing that, Touma then tells Index and Mikoto that the opponent he's facing now is Freyja and asks them to lend him their power so that he would be able to save both Freyja and the mother to which the two responds that he leave it to them.[14]

Index, Mikoto and Touma battling Freyja.

Just as Freyja commands Nidhogg Vol. 02 to attack them, Mikoto attacks it using her ability and repeatedly fires railgun at it at point blank range. The dragon is stopped and Freyja is shocked at this turn of events as Mikoto is left behind. Freyja then summons more creatures. However, Index casts Spell Intercept against them. Touma then tells her to analyze the magic being used to give birth to those '"children." Touma then persuades Freyja to let Index finish the spell and help her rather than relying on the power of the magic god. Index then analyzes the spell while Touma takes care of the others that tries to interfere. While Touma rushes to his opponents, Index then mutters an incantation and everything goes back to normal. The mother is unaware of what is happening and where she is, then she falls unconscious.[15] Index then asks Touma on what they should do now, to which Touma responds that they must ensure the safety of the pregnant woman. They later sneak on a different train and then arrive on a switchyard near the bay. They then see Leivinia, Lessar and Maria on a rubber boat and meets up with them. Mikoto also comes last and scolds Touma for leaving her behind after that bold announcement asking her to help him, as well as the fact that he is going after a pregnant woman to which Touma has to explain again due to the misunderstanding. They then try to get to the boat and leave for Sargasso. On their way, they are attacked by Nidhogg, and while they are preparing to counter it, Kagun defeats it. Maria then recognizes that it is Kagun and decides to go with him, along with the pregnant woman.[16] Index and the others then continues on to Sargasso wherein they are met by Mokkerkalfe, but it is destroyed by Thor (Ollerus in disguise), allowing them to continue.[17]

They later bear witness to Othinus becoming a perfect Magic God, due in part to the efforts of Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right not knowing that she need only to fail or succeed 100% to unify her infinite possibilities to become a magic god. Moreover, they later see the result of their failure, Othinus summoning Gungnir from her eye socket. They are left behind by Touma as he desperately tries to charge towards her, but all is in vain and the world is later destroyed.[17]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

Prior to Touma accepting that the cruel worlds he is visiting is actually reality, he frequently calls out to his comrades that followed him to Sargasso, Index, Mikoto, Leivinia, and Lessar.

In the second recreation of the world by Othinus, known as the Version_Beta world in-text, where another "Kamijou Touma" exists living Touma's life. She comes to a certain high school to complain about her lunch to "Touma" .[18] Later "Touma", and Index come upon Seria and Maria as they are riding a bike. After much arguing, Index slams the breaks and catapults "Touma" out of the bike. This eventually leads to "Touma" falling between Maria's legs, much to both Seria and Index's chagrin. Maria tries to explain to Seria on how she is fine with it because she wears panties for her abilities. As "Touma" is in danger of being bitten by Index, he gives Maria a piggyback ride, his head between her thighs in order to stay Index biting him, knowing that she only bites him. Maria naturally cries out as he does so, and gathered strength in her thighs to keep her balance, annoying her sister Seria. "Touma" tells Index to calm down or else he won't put Maria down while they shop, though Maria as well doesn't want to be piggybacked either while they're shopping. Index agrees with him, stating that she will have to master some techniques using her arms and legs, much to "Touma's" horror. Seria then mentions on how Maria is grinning a little bit, and casting aside her cool and intellectual demeanor, screams and dropkicks on "Touma's" back. He falls, but Maria manages to land safely. He later ends up in Index's skirt, to which she tells him to prepare himself for some pain.[19] Both Maria and Seria attack him as well afterwards. When “Touma” and Index get to the underground department stores seeing the price tags that he came back to his senses and attempted to suggest that instead they get an economical oden pack at the supermarket or convenience store. Index claims that she's already seen the best one and that by turning back now her desire will never disappear. “Touma” tries to dismiss this but stops when Index snaps her teeth together in a mensing warning like some kind of trap.[20]

Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, the cruel fate that made Index forget Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori and forced them to pretend to be her enemies have apparently not transpired. Index, Stiyl, and Kanzaki, along with other priests and nuns presumably from the Anglican Church, first appears in the park where Othinus puts Touma after recreating the world. Touma, already at the precipice of despair after seeing the "perfect world" and his continued conversation with his tormenter, is stunned by what he sees. Index is happily playing with Kanzaki and Stiyl with a soccer ball, which later finds its way before Touma. He instinctively try to reach towards Index's ball, and there Touma realizes that this "perfect world" is the future where they had not failed and had not had their role stolen by Touma. Index grabs the ball, and before turning away she sees Touma, whose suffering is likely written all over his countenance. She asks him what's wrong and if his stomach hurts. Touma is tempted to use his right hand and reach out to her, to check if something would change if he touched her. Touma's hand trembles, but manages to form smile and say to Index that he is fine. Index then jogs away back to her group, unaware to the great torment that is befallen of Touma.[21]

Later, after Touma's spirit has been finally broken and is trying to decide on how he should have himself killed, he wanders around a festival, seeing several familiar faces smiling. Here he has come to the conclusion that the smiles of the people in the perfect world Othinus truly held weight and his decision to kill himself had meaning. Then he hears Index's voice and sees her figure carrying Sphynx running towards his direction. She is apparently trying to catch up to Stiyl and Kanzaki, telling them that it is wrong to only her choose three things in the festival for food as she is starving. Seeing her, Touma burns the scene into his mind as she runs pass by him. Touma hears voices behind him, but he does turn to look back, and had felt he has seen what he truly needed to protect. And thus Kamijou Touma with the weight of all the world's smile bearing down upon his broken hearts continued forward and onwards toward a singular tower that loomed above him, finally deciding the way he should end his life to protect the cruel perfect world.[22]

After Othinus concedes the world to Touma, she recreates his original world using the Imagine Breaker. The group that went to Sargasso with Touma are back as well, unaware of what had transpired, and are about to face Othinus immediately after her confrontation with Touma in the Black World. With Othinus having lost Gungnir to Touma, she faces her fate in Touma's world. Index calls out to her, telling her that they won't let her get away with what she had done. Mikoto then speaks up, saying she won't hold back after Othinus got her mother involved. Lessar speaks as well, complaining about her and GREMLIN causing chaos. Finally, Leivinia says that she should be crushed right away otherwise she would go hide somewhere and cause problems later. The group later attacks Othinus with Touma still dumbfounded with Othinus' decision to bring him and his world back, causing her to be knocked backwards. Finally, after Touma asks Othinus if she knew of her fate when she saved him, the girls with him are surprised by his outburst. Touma later runs toward Othinus, all the while they try to call towards him. The group later witness Touma defending Othinus from the attack of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance using magic missiles.[23]

VS the World

Immediately after stopping the international coalition's magic attack on Othinus and declaring his intention on saving her even at the cost of making the world his enemy, Touma and Othinus spirits away from the group and vanish.[24]

Index, Mikoto, Leivinia, and Lessar are flabbergasted by what happened as they are completely ignorant of what had transpired in the many worlds of suffering that Othinus created to break Touma's heart. With Touma and Othinus gone, they start forming conjectures of why Touma made a complete 180 the moment he arrived in Sargasso. Leivinia assumes that Othinus may have messed with him as she is a magic god, though they actually don't know what she can or can't do. In the meanwhile, Index keeps quiet as she contemplates the likelihood on what had happened, for she has 103,000 grimoires and from her position could predict what a magic god was and a magic god coud do.[24]

Leivinia says that in any case they must get Touma away from Othinus for though he is somewhat special he will be danger when the coalition army attacked and get caught in the crossfire. Lessar however takes this chance in teasing Leivinia, saying that she may be upset that someone took her "big brother" from him. While they are all preoccupied with themselves, Academy City sends out a message to all Level 5s, Mikoto included, to kill Magic God Othinus and Kamijou Touma.[24]

Mikoto and Lessar later leave to deal the situation regarding Touma on their own. However, Leivinia and Index joined forces to construct their own lance, under the rationale that only a phenomenon extracted from a magic god can kill a magic god.[25] Moreover, Index divulges to Leivinia what might have happened between Touma and Othinus: that she had become a complete magic god and that she and Touma fought somewhere. Still however, they could not grasp what had transpired between them.[26]

Later, at the height of the manhunt for them as Touma and Othinus try to cross the bridge leading to Funen, they are met by Leivinia and Index. Leivinia says to Touma that she will not bother with questions she will defeat them and restrain them as quickly as possible since they consider Othinus as a threat under their rules and already assumes a battle stance. Touma then tells them if he needs to explain it all over again since he already settled it all to Mikoto. Leivinia and Index suddenly comes to a stop after hearing Touma say that. Touma then tells them that they just have to call Mikoto to explain things so that they don’t need to fight making both Leivinia and Index mad. Leivinia then says that they have the slightest idea on what happened to them back then and she is planning to go easy on Touma and take over for him but what he just said made her mad so they proceed on fighting him.[27]

Leivinia with Gungnir replica and Index.

While on their battle stance, Leivinia tells Othinus that she can fight too if she wants then a moment later, a smaller replica of Gungnir appeared from her hand. Both Touma and Othinus are shocked as when they saw it. Leivinia then explains to them that the 103,000 grimoires contain the possibility of reaching the level of a magic god if used right. Moreover, she tells them that she made some modifications for it to be fit for human use and just produce the same phenomenon as the thrown lance which can be only used once but have enough power to kill a magic god. Knowing the power of Gungnir first hand, Touma warns her that it is not the convenient tool she thinks it is. In spite of this, Leivinia is still adamant with her decision and is making use of all the 103,000 grimoires. Because of this however, the “poisonous knowledge” of the grimoires flowing from Index continually contaminate her mind resulting in headache for her, but she tries to suppress it.[25]

As Leivinia is about to throw the lance, Touma charges forward but dashes right pass her.[26] It turns out that Touma figured out that Index provided the knowledge through her singing and tries to stop her. Touma successfully stops Index, though not the way he intended, as he gropes her chest, startling her and interrupting her singing. The lance then becomes unstable in Leivinia’s grip, resulting in it exploding.[28] Touma is then bitten by Index as punishment. Index then nags on Touma for his lack of delicacy. As both Leivinia and Touma later lie face down on the ground while Othinus pokes on him. Touma asks Leivinia regarding how much they know about what happened to both Touma and Othinus. Leivinia responds by saying a complete magic god won’t bother with mere physical attacks but rather proceed on remaking the world. She then asks Touma on what did he saw in the changed world in which Touma said that nothing much but he learned something very basic which leads him on deciding to save Othinus and that he would never choose to kill a “mere girl” and smile about it. Leivina then responds that he is exactly the kind of person he is and that she is like an idiot worrying about the fate of the world and whether information was leaked to GREMLIN by him. Touma then stands up about to go on their way when Index tries to stop him, still not finished with her scolding, but Leivinia holds her down. She then asks Touma on how he is going to settle it to which Touma responds that he will neutralize Othinus’s power then hand her to America. She then asks Touma if there is a way to do that and Touma says that if there is none, he would have been broken long ago. And so, Leivinia decides to hold down Index since if she comes with him, Index would perfectly memorize the trump card in defeating a magic god and thus the threat around her would rise to the next level. Touma then asks Leivinia to look after Index to which she agrees.[29]

After the events that have transpired in Denmark, Touma is put back in his usual room in a certain hospital. After, the Heaven Canceller declares that it is now okay for visitors to enter, Index comes in with Sphynx. Index demands a show of gratitude or an apology. Touma says that he wold love to bow down to her in apology but he can't do it because he can't move. Index becomes worried after seeing the bandages covering him and asks if he is okay, to which Touma says that he is. He tells Index however, that he couldn't do anything about Othinus and thinks that the cracks that have appeared on her body have already too far spread by the time she rejected being saved. He says that no matter he did his right hand, it wouldn't have changed the result.[30]

Index tries to speak but Touma continues talking. He asks what it even means to save someone. He recalls her smile just before she fell to pieces and that she told him that she was already saved. He couldn't understand Othinus' smile and he truly did save her as his actions contradicted with what she wanted. He says that he may have been presumptuous to think he could save someone, but says that all he wanted was to see her smile in a different way. He contemplates on how it may have been his own selfishness or maybe his personal views as good or bad. Regardless, Touma believes Othinus vanished from the world and bitter feeling comes upon him and the only thing he could do is to accept the fact and continue on.[30]

However, the both of them later discover that Othinus is still alive, though only 15 centimeters tall. He berates Touma for acting that she is dead. Touma is confused, but tells him that he was part of the reason why. She tells him that since she had yet to put her eye back in she was essentially still a magic god and not human. As such, she was not completely destroyed as she was unable to fire the final crossbow show on Touma when he destroyed the fairy spell with the Imagine Breaker. And since she was a magic god and not a human, it crumbling is not enough to kill her. Touma is dumbfounded and so was Index as her grimoires only had the knowledge needed to make a magic god out of a human and not what happens afterwards. Othinus tells Touma that at this point, Magic God Othinus has been 99% destroyed and the remaining pieces have gathered on their own, though her form has changed and that she can no longer use her former power. Little did Touma know that Othinus questioned herself if her body would "automatically" re-form had it not been for the intervention of her will.[30]

Touma then asks if he can touch her with his right hand, to which he tries to do so, much to Othinus' embarrassment. Index is enraged as well as she snaps her teeth. Touma explains that with people like Kazakiri Hyouka she wants to avoid having her vanish if he touches her with his right hand. Othinus tells her that there should be no problem in him touching her as she is now a neutral magic god, but she can't say for sure since they haven't tested it, but says that her basic properties shouldn't have changed after she became smaller.[30] It was only after that Touma truly realized that Othinus has revived and has returned to him, and was unsure what expression he should make. Touma then asks why she wasn't taken in by America and imprisoned. Othinus tries to explain but before she can do so, Sphynx jumps off of Index and onto the bed towards Othinus, surprising her. Othinus asks for help, but Touma says he is unable to do so in his current condition. As she is held in Sphynx's mouth, Othinus recalls what had transpired after she became small and after Touma finally collapsed back in Denmark. She is given punishment by both Roberto Katze and Queen Elizard for the special circumstances that had surround her, and that is she must forever watch the world's happiness that she went as far away as suicide to look away from, an ironic fate, given that this is the same fate she subjected Touma in the Perfect World. And so, Othinus must bear the greatest punishment humanity can give to her after achieving victory over a magic god.[30]

Mental Out Arc

Main article: Mental Out Arc

Index and Othinus becomes angry at Touma for removing his cast, with the former threatening to bite him and the latter threatening to jab him in the eyes and ears.[31]

St. Germain Arc

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Index, with Sphynx, joins Touma and Othinus go to Dianoid, as the latter wants to buy a dollhouse for protection against Sphynx. Here, Index shows some antagonism with Othinus when she disagrees with her. Later, due to Touma and Index's careless words, Othinus runs away believing she won't get her dollhouse. Index later sets Sphynx loose to track her down, much to Touma's chagrin.[32] Index's actions don't help him as he also loses Index as well in the process.[33]

Index and Othinus later find Touma after his first encounter with St. Germain. As Touma did not know St. Germain's name as well as believing his lies, they are oblivious to the fact that Touma encountered a fake and not a true magic god. Nevertheless, Othinus confirms to Touma that in theory other magic gods should exist, though she says it is unlikely as they should have already interfered. In the end Touma still believes St. Germain's lies that he is a magic god. Though afraid of once again facing a magic god, Touma determines to stop them. He asks Othinus how to kill a magic god, to which she says Ollerus' Fairy Spell could be modified to kill one. He later asks both Index and Othinus to help him. Touma tasks Index to analyze St. Germain as much as possible, while Othinus was to go with Touma in order to determine if he truly was a magic god.[34]

Touma later sees Hamazura Shiage on television encountering St. Germain. Abandoning his plans, Touma uses the large water pipes of the Dianoid to get to him as quickly as possible, believing him to be in grave danger.[35] Othinus hitches a ride on Touma without his knowledge, leaving Index alone. Despite this, Othinus is fully aware later that she needs Index in order to form a countermeasure against the framework that makes up St. Germain after she finishes her analysis on them.[36]

As the battles against the St. Germains comes to pass, Othinus meets Index and Sphynx again in the air ducts. Othinus tells Index that they need to go to the lowest level where St. Germain is and where Touma will be. Crawling inside the air ducts they then find themselves at their destination. They observe the St. Germains and Kanou Shinka with the "Queen Anne's Shield", where both Index and Othinus ascertain that it is definitely a fake made up by St. Germain, though as it is magic it is still dangerous for Shinka, who is an esper. Here, Othinus believes that St. Germain wants to break Touma's heart by having his opponent, Shinka, die in front of him.[37]

After Shinka decides to fight St. Germain, Othinus and Index later come out of the air duct as one of the many people who has come to stop St. Germain. As the others fight with the St. Germains, Index and Othinus analyze one of their knocked out bodies.[38] As Index slowly unravels the true nature behind how St. Germain works through her singing, Othinus is there to stop her from being deceived by another one of St. Germain's lies.[39] With that, Index begins her work in deleting the structure that the St. Germain framework is made of, leading to them finally being defeated after Shinka does the finishing blow.[40]

World Rejecter Arc

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When Nephthys arrived at the Kamijou Residence seeking shelter, Index tried to bite Touma, angered at the thought of more freeloaders and therefore less food for her. After evading her, Touma discovered that the fridge was nearly empty despite him stocking up at a sale three days previously and confronted her about it.[41] Once Nephthys had explained about Kamisato Kakeru and the World Rejecter,[42] Index was left to take care of the place while Touma went out to the shops to buy ingredients for dinner.[43]

Index dismayed by Birdway's chest-related claims.

After Touma and Othinus returned from the shopping expedition with no food and Leivinia Birdway, Index carried out an analysis of the magic that was being applied, identifying a hybrid technique using legends from the Dark Continent. As she identified the cannibalization aspect, Leivinia woke up and made a comment which led the two into a brief bust-related scuffle before Leivinia explained her circumstances and her situation which had befallen her sister Patricia Birdway.[44][45] As the night wore on, Index became increasingly upset at the lack of food, bursting into tears when Nephpthys accidentally turned the TV on to an advert for fried chicken, and lunging when Touma was checking if he still had a fish sausage from a trade at school.[46]

As the Kamisato Faction began their attack on the dormitory, Index was entrusted with taking care of Nephthys.[47] On Touma's instruction, Index used her Spell Intercept to interfere with Elza's magic, causing her coins to explode out of her bottle, providing enough of a distraction for Touma to reach Kakeru.[48] Following the premature elimination of Sample Shoggoth, Index witnessed Nephthys sacrifice herself in order to save the dying Patricia.[49] Afterwards, Touma left Othinus with her before he faced Kakeru.[50]

Salome Arc

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On December 4th, Index was eager for breakfast and apparently going nuts with Sphynx before Touma got up. Cutting bread with plastic cutlery and glittering eyes, she remarked on how eating something sweet first thing in the morning made her feel a bit like a bad girl, to which Touma replied that she likes everything so he couldn't exactly go on what she thinks.[51]

The next day, while having breakfast, Index remained quiet during the conversation between Touma and Othinus, before mentioning how she had been waiting a normal meal for a while, but now that she was having it, she was finding it so normal it was boring.[52]

Element Arc

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During the abnormal December heatwave and the emergence of the Elements, Index, Othinus and Sphynx were allowed shelter at A Certain Middle-High School. On December 7th, when Touma visited them on the school's rooftop, Index was helping out by constructing a glider based on Fukiyose Seiri's instructions, using old-fashioned carpentry tools. Happy to see Touma, Index noticed his bandages and ask if he had been hurt again. On being asked what she was building, Index proudly replied that it was a secret weapon to make his fight easier, before being complimented by Fukiyose for her work and being a quick learner.[53]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

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On December 9th, Index and Othinus were sent a message by Touma, who sought their help regarding the issue of Kamisato Kakeru, who had been exiled to the 'new world' and was being used by Yuiitsu to force the Kamisato Faction to hunt Touma down.[54] They went to meet him at noon at District 7's station plaza, however the presence of the Kamisato Faction forced Touma to abandon the plan and avoid meeting up with them.[55]

As the '48 Hours to Restore Order' came to an end, Touma returned to the school and was bitten by both of them for standing them up.[56]

Aleister Crowley Arc

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On December 11th, Index, Touma and Othinus accompanied the Tsuchikimados and Karasuma Fran during their attempt to escape the city and the subsequent ascent through the Windowless Building.[57][58][59][60][61]

Processor Suit Arc

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On December 12th, while Touma, Aleister Crowley and Hamazura Shiage were facing A. O. Francisca (a Coronzon-possessed Fran) at Heaven Canceller's Hospital, Coronzon activated Index's John Pen's Mode using the remote control device.[62] Touma faced Index again but before they could clash,[63] the recreated Mina Mathers arrived and displayed the grimoire Aiwass had created to sustain her existence before Index, forcing her to memorize it as her 103001st grimoire and leading the toxin to burn out the controller.[64][65][66]

Coronzon Arc

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Following the temporary sealing of Coronzon and the evacuation of Academy City, Index accompanied Touma and Aleister's group as they travelled to the United Kingdom in order to deal with the roots Coronzon had placed there.[67]

Kamijou Arc

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