Ingrid Martin (イングリッド=マーティン Inguriddo Mātin?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.

A commando of the United States of America, she is the field leader of the unit in Denmark for Operation Norse Wind during the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma. She is code named White Lion (ホワイトライオン Howaito Raion?) for the mission.


Her appearance is not known as she is only seen wearing a yeti-ghillie suit that allows her to blend in with the snowy terrain. She is apparently flat-chested and takes offense at the fact.[1]


Despite being in a mission, Ingrid and the others can still joke about and talk casually to each other. However, this quirk of theirs doesn't diminish their skill, easily surprising Touma and the weakened Othinus.[2] She also has a loose tongue, according to Jaguar, to the point that her family yells at her for it. This evident by the fact that she divulges information on her personal life in their casual talk.[2] She and the others are also somewhat suspicious, having a bullet in their breast pocket as a good luck charm against being captured.[3]

She is also very loyal to the country, and is willing to kill Othinus in a horrific, though efficient manner just to be sure she is dead. Moreover, she also takes regard of the reputation of the office of the President. This is evident when President Roberto Katze was willing to let his popularity diminish if it meant that he can give Touma and Othinus a chance.[4]


Ingrid had apparently been a soldier for a while prior to Roberto becoming elected to the presidency. She is a commando, working across borders year round.[1] After Roberto was elected, Ingrid later received fewer jobs that left a bad taste in her mouth, which she is apparently grateful for.[4]

She is apparently aware of Touma's actions in Hawaii, calling him a hero who saved Hawaii.[2] She has a sister whose husband is from Hawaii. They have a daughter with whom she apparently just only started to get along with as she is shy.[2]


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Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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As with their mission entails, she and the others are to scan for Othinus and Touma while using the tanks lent by the United States of America to Denmark for World War III as a diversion. They later find both of them as the diversion works. She is then contacted by Lynx that he too has located the target and is securing the line of fire. Jaguar also contacts her, and says that with him, White Lion (Ingrid) and Lynx, they have Touma and Othinus surrounded. Ingrid confirms their status, at which point she begins talking why she is called White Lion, stating that there are better cats that they could choose, specifically the kinds that people make stuffed animals out of. Lynx asks if she doesn't agree to it because lion cubs are fluffy and cute, while Jaguar says that even lion cubs can bite off a human finger, saying that is perfect for her. This angers Ingrid, though she maintains her eyes on Touma and Othinus as she spots her comrades in the corner of her eyes.[2]

Ingrid then complains that hero that saved Hawaii (Touma) is with the leader of the bad guys (Othinus). Lynx mentions that Touma's actions now had cancelled out what he has done. Ingrid replies that her sister's husband is from Hawaii and that if they ended up killing Touma then she can't avoid fighting with her sister, remarking on how she just started getting along with her shy niece. Jaguar then reminds her that their actions are supposed to be classified and warns her not to blab about it as the Company will not be happy. Ingrid responds that she is more afraid of her sister than the higher-ups of the Company, claiming her sister to be the world's strongest housewife and then details as to the reason why. Lynx tells Ingrid not to give out personal information as it defeats the purpose of their code names. Jaguar then says that Ingrid's family yells at her for her loose tongue as well, and divulges that Ingrid told the rest of the family her niece's first love's name. This leads to Lynx to scold Jaguar as well.[2]

As they continued their observation, Touma and Othinus crouches down to hide themselves from the tanks. Seeing this as an intent to continue resisting, she orders Lynx and Jaguar to ready themselves as she wants the job to be finished quickly. With the two other confirming their actions, after Jaguar asks if she actually has girly things like periods, Ingrid stands up from behind Touma and Othinus just two meters away.[2] Touma and Othinus is caught unawares by them, with Ingrid putting pressure on Touma's carotid arteries thus rendering him unconscious. This is a deliberate choice in choosing Touma first as she knows he is important to Othinus and that she is wary of her powers based on America's experience with GREMLIN in Hawaii. Othinus, seeing this, swears at Ingrid, prompting her to use Touma as a human shield against her. Distracted, the others then show themselves, one of which fires a shot at Othinus. With Othinus preoccupied with the thought of being surrounded, Ingrid takes out a knife and throws its butt toward the center of Othinus' head knocking her out. Their attack took only twenty seconds.[5]

When Touma comes to, he hears Ingrid arguing with her comrades in English, though he cannot understand them. One of them argues why Ingrid didn't just kill Othinus with the knife, leading to another to defend Ingrid's actions, reminding their comrade of their mission and that shooting or stabbing Othinus may not work. Ingrid says that they still don't know the details of the magic used in Hawaii, but says that since Othinus needs to at least to think about to use magic, she knocked her out while she was too confused. However, Ingrid notes on how it was too easy. They later talk about waiting to create a secure video link to the UN headquarters. A necessity, as if the line is intercepted it could lead to Othinus' soldiers to interfere. Seeing that the line is up, Ingrid orders for them to move on to the next part of their mission, and orders them to review their process. When Touma looks up, he finds that he is on the ground as they review the gruesome method of killing Othinus in front of a camera and sending the footage to the President live, and her body's eventually secure disposal. One of them reminds them to take a DNA sample, though then complains about preserving Othinus' corpse as the remnants of her organization would rally around it. Ingrid says that is what the higher ups has decided and it is not their place to argue. Moreover, she explains that if her body is incinerated then there'd be no proof that she was truly dead. Finally coming to, Touma asks where Othinus is. He tries to get up from the ground, but is stepped down upon by a soldier pointing a gun to his head. Ingrid then tosses a radio to Touma, telling him that the President has something to tell him.[6]

NT Index v10 209

Touma pleads for Othinus' life to President Roberto Katze.

Ingrid, Jaguar, and Lynx remain silent during the duration of Touma's argument with Roberto, as they continue to create a secure line for a video feed to the UN for Othinus' execution. After Touma successfully pleads his case to Roberto, then tells Ingrid Martin that for their national interests and for the stabilization of the world, Operation Norse Wind is suspended. He orders them to release Touma and Othinus and continue their infiltration with the channel open for further orders, and then tells her to repeat what he just said. Ingrid Martin does so, and then has the soldiers release their bonds on Touma as well as that of Othinus. Touma then sees Othinus from a short distance being guarded by soldiers and goes toward her. As Othinus slowly regains consciousness, Roberto tells Touma that they won't attach an obvious collar on them, like a bomb on them, as a security measure, but says that the United States of America will be watching over them in hiding and maintaining a position to kill them. He says that would enough to replace an actual collar, with death constantly looming over Touma and Othinus.[6]

After being released, Touma looks at the soldiers in the eye just once, though they pay him no heed put their ghillie suits over their uniforms and then hid from Touma's sight. Ingrid and the others could only watch as Touma aids Othinus as they begin walking away. Suddenly, an explosion appears before them as soldiers try to escape their tanks. It is revealed to be FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units coming down from the sky attacking the tanks, much to Touma's horror as Academy City once again enters the stage.[7]

The Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units then begin hacking the tanks to allow them to use its speakers, and calls for the surrender and disarmament of non-combatants as it scans for Touma and Othinus' biometrics. The units warn that if they do not display an intent to disarm then they shall be eliminated regardless of the reason. After hearing all that, Ingrid, Lynx, and Jaguar come out of hiding. Ingrid asks why Academy City is attacking the tanks as she believed that Touma and Othinus talked it out. Touma rhetorically asks her if the units look like they are on his side. Othinus then tells them to stop complaining and think rationally. She tells them that if the units' warning is accurate then they are after her and Touma, saying that as long as they disarm they won't be eliminated. Ingrid says that they are forbidden to be taken prisoner no matter the circumstances or situation, saying that if they are captured then they die. Othinus then says that they should work together, telling them that Touma can give them information on Academy City, and in turn they can tell them how to survive the situation.[3] With them looking for Touma's advice, he tells them of the speed and capabilities of Academy City's supersonic planes as well as the capabilities of the FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. Hearing this, the soldiers lament their misfortune. They ask why Academy City is attacking their troops as they believe that they also want to defeat Othinus just like them. Touma replies that it seemed like Academy City acted on their own during the battle in Tokyo Bay. As he ponders, not even he can tell what Academy City is doing. Othinus then says that she has noticed something. She asks why the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units are scanning the area specifically as if they had located them by satellite then they would've ignored the tanks and come to them already. Touma assumes that they were scanning all over the place because they didn't know where they are, to which Othinus replies that if they didn't know where they are, then they would've narrowed it down to the plain were they stood. Othinus says that they may have some general information telling them that she and Touma are in the area but says they likely do not have their exact coordinates. She says that the vague information for the units may have come from somewhere.[3]

Ingrid then shrugs, and shows that America's military transmission may have been intercepted, but says they hide their location from the operation leaders, the president, and even the diversion unit to increase their level of secrecy. Othinus then says that the soldiers then owes them now, much to Ingrid's chagrin as she tells her that the situation would not happen if not for them, the terrorists. Touma tries to calm them down, leading to the both of them grabbing his collar. Touma concludes that the units know to check the area but don't have their exact location yet. He says that they will be fine if they escape now. After summing up the situation, the fighting finally settles down.[3]

With the soldiers leading the way, the group begins their escape, with Touma lagging behind as he has to aid the still weakened Othinus. Jaguar then become worried at the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units firing, though Touma cannot understand him. Jaguar then says that Denmark is flat as a board making them unable to hide for cover as there is none. They then start arguing after Ingrid takes offense to the term flat as a board. Hearing them, Othinus chooses not to translate what they are saying to Touma. They later follow them into a conifer forest, at which point the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units mow it down. This forces Touma to use his body to protect Othinus, leading him to be hit by the debris left by the explosion. Touma shouts that they have been found. Ingrid says that they can't stop here and orders Jaguar not to fight back as there is no point. The soldiers then continue to flee, as Touma pulls Othinus back up and follows them, while staying low. The attack continues however in the forest. After a while however, Ingrid says that none of the shots are hitting them, and asks if they are warning shots. Touma tells them that they have too much power, detailing om how their bullets are being fired from kilometers away and with that much distance, the air resistance may melt the surface of the bullets and alter the trajectory. Ingrid asks if they are safe for now, to which Touma says that they will eventually analyze the situation as well. They then see that units begin approaching them all at once. Despite the fact that they were running, the units still came closer and closer to them. Finally, Touma says to the soldiers to surrender as there is no point in sticking with them any longer. Ingrid says that they would if they could, telling on how commandos should not be taken prisoner. Touma reasons that the units are not taking prisoners, and says that if they give up they will pass right by them. Here, Touma urges them to give up on their pride as so they can survive. Although hesitant, Ingrid and the others later raise their hands in surrendered, with the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units passing them by as expected.[1]

Much later, Ingrid is apparently tasked on continuing to observe Touma and Othinus. She ends up in the area near Egeskov Castle, Touma and Othinus' destination. She later sees the final act of this saga, as Touma fights Othinus in order to save her life. Using a parabolic microphone, Ingrid overhears Touma and Thor's conversation regarding the distraught Othinus. Ingrid asks the President what to do, to which he says he is also trying to figure it out what to do, not being able to fully grasp the situation as Othinus uses her magic. Roberto then asks if she can continue to keep track of Touma and Othinus' conversation. Ingrid says that there'll be a lot of static but it would be possible. Roberto continues speaking and says that though he knows that it would be a difficult request for you since she is tasked with cross-borders operations he still asks her if she is able to declassify the footage of Touma's battle with Othinus. He says to her that he wants to show the two to the world as they are and he wants to ask the world for forgiveness. Knowing how this would be affect the President's credibility as it would take more of the blame than anyone else on the actual scene, Ingrid becomes frustrated. She tells him, with all due respect, that it would definitely harm his approval ratings and that both Touma and Othinus are not American citizens. Despite this, Ingrid already knows what Roberto will say: "So what?". Thus, despite her remonstrations, Ingrid is forced to follow his commands.[4] With this, Roberto intends to hand the fate of Othinus to the world's judgment.

Afterwards, Vasilisa rises out from the snow, surprising Ingrid. Hearing of America making its move to show the world on what's happening with Touma and Othinus, Vasilisa is angry on how "their boy" is making them wait on showing his good side. Sasha then asks if Vasilisa has any faith at all, to which Vasilisa says that since religious people in paintings are always beautiful then there is justice in beauty. Lessar then appears, and wonders what that black cat that appeared during the events of Touma and Othinus' battle was doing there. Ingrid Martin is astonished by their sudden arrival, to which Lessar points out that the spot is the best place to observe Touma and Othinus and that Ingrid was the one who was late in showing up.[4]

Ingrid later goes through with her orders in releasing the footage, with Roberto using it as part of his speech. Later, they likely saw Touma saving Othinus from certain death and then later see her becoming 15 centimeters tall. It is likely her that threw the radio that allowed Othinus to communicate with Roberto and Elizard.[8]


As a soldier, she likely received basic training. Ingrid is skilled in sneaking,[9] being capable of sneaking up on Touma strangling him by applying pressure on his carotid arteries, though she could've easily crush his windpipe,[5] as well being capable of being completely hidden from view in plain sight as she blends in with the snow.[7] She is likely a capable marksman, this is shown by being able to throw a knife at Othinus and knocking her out using its butt.[5]


  • (To Lynx and Jaguar, from NT10): "This job is as depressing as a Monday on your period. Let’s get this over with and go home."


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