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Interception Spell (迎撃術式 Geigeki Jutsushiki?) or Counter Spell is a spell that activates when certain conditions are met or when a certain action is performed by the spell's target.


Oriana ThomsonEdit

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Stiyl Magnus experiences Oriana Thomson's Interception Spell on him.

Oriana Thomson uses one against Stiyl Magnus. She successfully manages to analyze his magic after he used Tsuchimikado Motoharu's spell, All-Around Reality Circle. Oriana, in order to take on Stiyl himself, tried to grasp the type of magic that he could possibly use, and tried her best to focus on sealing Stiyl's magic. She successfully read Stiyl's lifeforce, and then made a magic circle (her Shorthand) to intercept Stiyl as he converts his lifeforce into mana as he tries to use magic. The spell basically identifies a person and seals him up. As a result, whenever Stiyl used magic that is within Oriana's predictions, great pain falls upon his body. It is described by Motoharu as Stiyl "losing control over his power".[1]

The spell attacks automatically and seems to work regardless of the distance between the caster and the target. It is on par with execution spells, according to Stiyl, and uses her Shorthand to execute it. The effect can be negated by the Imagine Breaker, but requires the destruction of the Shorthand for the magician to use magic again.[1] The spell also reacts to touch, and counterattacks whoever touches the magic circle, or in this case, where the Shorthand is written,[2] as what happened to Fukiyose Seiri.

Aztec Calendar StoneEdit

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The Aztec Calendar Stone, an original grimoire, that has merged itself with Xochitl is mentioned to be able to defend against any type of attack against it, allowing for not a single scratch to touch it.[3] Since original grimoires are said to be impossible to destroy only sealed, it is likely all other grimoires have this property.


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Giant snakes glowing silver crafted by Ellasone, which protected St. Julian's Cathedral upon Kanzaki Kaori's entering of the church. It is made up of over 30 autonomous interception spiritual items, and were powerful enough to crush the marble pillars they wrapped around. Moreover, there are also others which are shaped like an octopus and a bat.[4]

Brick WharfEdit

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The Brick Wharf is an ultra long distance interception fortress used to prevent invaders from the sea. Upon Kanzaki Kaori's arrival, it has been turned inland towards the United Kingdom instead. It has an effective range of 200 kilometers. Kanzaki and her team manage to come within the Brick Wharf's range and is only about 3 kilometers away from it. Apparently, the Brick Wharf can detect intruders,[5] uses a spell disturbance type attack that will analyze the spells the intruders use, and then sends out the signal that will most effective against the target using a large invisible bombardment on the intruders.[6]

St. Peter's Interception SpellEdit

St. Peter's Interception Spell, also known as the anti-flight spell (撃墜術式 Gekitsui Jutsushiki?) is a widespread spell that has restricted the use of flight by Magicians. The spell is derived from a story involving St. Peter, one of the Twelve Apostles. In the story he confronted Simon Magus, a magician famous for attempting to buy sacred acts. When Simon flew freely through the sky, Peter said "Oh, demons carrying this magic user, promptly let go!!", causing Simon to lose the ability to fly and fall to his death.[7]

This spell is executed by saying the same phrase spoken by St. Peter,[7] after which magical flight that can be explained using Christian doctrines are then cast down by the spell.[8] It has spread far and wide due to being simple yet powerful and effective, as well as being based on a famous story. As a result, all modern magicians are restricted due to the fact they could be brought down the instant they tried to fly without wings.[7]

Large objects such as the mobile fortress Coven Compass had large walls protecting them from the spell however, and magicians who intend to fly can counteract the danger of flying by simply flying near the ground.[8]


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