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Isahaya (諫早 Isahaya?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is an old member of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.


He is likely named after the city of Isahaya in the Nagasaki Prefecture.


Isahaya is an elderly man with a receding hairline. He has grey hair. His belly protrudes a bit, likely due to his old age. In his cameo appearance in the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, he wears a polo shirt with pants.[2] However, in his appearance in the novels and in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga he wears the same outfit, a light jacket over a turtle neck sweater with dark pants. All versions have him wear a pair of glasses.


Though not much of his personality separates him from his comrades, he joins in with his comrades conversation regarding Itsuwa and shows that he is proud of her as if she was his own granddaughter growing up, as well as showing concern for her slow progress with Kamijou Touma.[1] However, he doesn't mind a good prank on her.[3]

Predictably, he still has preferences of an old man, collecting golf sets and sticking them into a mobile home in spite not using them.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

He is present in the battle against the Agnese Forces both in the manga and anime adaptations of the 7th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.

In the anime adaptation, it was only a brief cameo of him fighting off the Agnese Forces as Kamijou Touma and Orsola Aquinas try to escape the building they were in.[2] In the manga adaptation, he has a much bigger role, he and the other Amakusa Christians use wires to restrain the members of the Agnese Forces before they overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.[5] He and the other Amakusa Christians later follow the plan concoted by Stiyl Magnus, Tatemiya Saiji, and Kamijou Touma, act as decoys while they distribute Stiyl's rune cards to create a large magic circle and the pretend to be defeated by the Agnese Forces.[6]

Acqua of the Back Arc

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Isahaya is one of the named Amakusa Christians in the novel. In the story arc, the Amakusa Christians are sent out by the Anglican Church to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back.

Isahaya, Kouyagi, and Tsushima witnesses Saiji telling Itsuwa to stand up to her despair and repay Touma.

There are a few notable scenes with him. He is first seen when he and the rest Amakusa Christians spy on Itsuwa and Touma from behind a nearby building. He and the rest of the males there gather around Saiji as he describes Itsuwa's greatest weapon to getting Touma which has yet to use, her breasts. Hearing of this, he is proud of her growth. He later becomes concerned for Itsuwa's passive nature towards Touma. Here, Saiji proceeds to show them his countermeasure.[1] He later witnesses Saiji taking out a soccer ball and kicking it towards Touma's head in order for his face to land on Itsuwa's breast. He is successful, but he manages to catch the attention of Misaka Mikoto, irate on what had happened to Touma. Saiji and the other later leave quickly without a trace.[7]

Isahaya is likely present during Acqua of the Back's first appearing before them and defeating them all. He is present in a School District 22 hospital after their and Touma's defeat at the hands of Acqua of the Back. He is present in the illustration with Kouyagi and Tsushima next to him when Saiji forces Itsuwa, who was depressed after failing to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back, to stand up to her despair and repay Touma after protecting her from being attacked by Acqua of the Back.

He and the other Amakusa Christians partake in the battle against Acqua of the Back. As the fight goes on, Acqua of the Back makes a reversal against Itsuwa. He knocks her back with his large mace despite blocking it with her spear. Still worn from the first strike, Isahaya manages to knock Acqua of the Back's second strike on Itsuwa off course, allowing Tsushima to get Itsuwa out of the way. However, despite avoiding a direct hit, large amounts of debris hit Isahaya and blows him away.[8]

Once was broken, is again now whole.

Before Itsuwa could prepare the Saint Destroyer, he, Tsushima, and many other Amakusa Christians support her by attacking Acqua of the Back from all angles. However, he easily blocks them with the swing of his mace. They later probably witness Itsuwa using Saint Destroyer on Acqua of the Back and its failure against him.[9]

Isahaya and the other Amakusa Christians later rally to Kanzaki Kaori's sides after she asks for her help in defeating Acqua of the Back.

British Royal Family Arc

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Isahaya conspires with Tatemiya Saiji for what they presumed to be harmless prank on Itsuwa after she became depressed that Touma didn't come in the airport as intended and ends up with Sphynx instead. He enters the room where Itsuwa is drowning her sorrows with Ushibuka's alcoholic drink to inform her that Touma, specifically referring him as "that boy", having kept his plans and is headed to London. Itsuwa panics as she can't possibly show herself to Touma in her current state, which Isahaya exacerbates by saying that Touma is on his way to where they are. As Itsuwa panics, Saiji arrives, revealing himself to be the "Spiky-haired Tatemiya Saiji". Immediately after seeing the ruse, Itsuwa, in a fit of alchol-fueled rage flips over the table and Saiji along with it. Isahaya can only pale at the sight of what was happening.[3]

He and the others likely continue to participate in the missions that were given to the Amakusa Christians of the British Halloween.

English Civil War
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Isahaya and the other Amakusa Christians appears right after Touma, Index, and Princess Villian's successful Overloading of the Curtana Original mission. It was a calm before the storm, and the members of the Anglican Church, including the Amakusa Christians and the Agnese Forces, have gathered in the verdant outskirts of London. Saiji mentions that they succeeded in weakening Curtana Original but they were still affected by its reaction. Ushibuka then states that it is because of the telesma emitted in all directions with the second princess at the center, affecting the spiritual items and facilities within London, and destroying three small churches in the process. Kouyagi adds that the Telesma in London is incredibly dense, so much so that using magic within London would envelop the city in an explosion. Saiji agrees, stating that they could mentally take down the knights now that Carissa has been weakened further. Isahaya comments that they need to wait for the Telesma in London to diffuse before they could attack, though he worries that the Curtana Original might be restored and the Knights of England would focus on defending Buckingham Palace in the meantime. Saiji states that though he is unsure of the knights, the Curtana Original is too strong and cannot be restored easily without leading into catastrophe if it fails. With that, Saiji concludes that they have a little break, though states that it is also a preparatory period before the final battle. Tsushima retorts that they should do their jobs properly then, to which Saiji and other males of the Amakusa begin arguing back against her. However, Tsushima is unperturbed as she sees them looking at Itsuwa and her apron using the binoculars.[10]

During the calm before the storm, the Amakusa and the rest eat to restore the stamina they lost from the fleeing and battling. While Itsuwa is flustered on what she should do with getting close to Touma, Saiji appears having apparently gotten the Great Spirit Revealing Maid outfit. Saiji reveals that the designer was from London, as such he picked one up just after the coup d’état started, to which Itsuwa just freaks out. Seeing this, Kanzaki lets out a sigh of relief, believing that her own maid outfit was lost back in the ensuing chaos of evacuating the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. But Saiji reveals that he also picked up both the Fallen Angel Maid and the Fallen Angel Ero Maid from the dormitory, much to Kanzaki's befuddlement. The Amakusa men and even the elderly Isahaya then started talking about Kanzaki having other more erotic maid outfits, infuriating her even more. This was apparently because they have never seen their Priestess in a Fallen Angel Ero Maid outfit. All the discussion about maid outfits reached the ears of the Agnese Forces and even Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas.[10]

Isahaya and the other Amakusa Christians are present during the Battle of Buckingham Palace. When the Griffin Sky arrives to aid Carissa, Kanzaki later catches 5 of them and turns them into a makeshift hammer to strike down upon Carissa. She in turn simply used her Curtana Original to slice it up, frustrating Isahaya. Itsuwa later encourages them not to give up hope as they now know the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses can be taken down.[11]

After the battle, Isahaya, as part of the Amakusa Christians likely later treat the wounded after the end of the coup d’état. When the conversation shifts from Kanzaki getting more debt from Touma after his assistance in beating Carissa and ending the coup to Kanzaki wearing the Fallen Angel Ero Maid as repayment, Isahaya and Nomozaki join in the conversation. Kanzaki then scolds them for joining in the conversation in spite of their age.[12]

He and the others may have also gathered around Index after Fiamma of the Right took away the external controller for her John's Pen Mode, as well as Touma declaring to hunt down Fiamma of the Right.[12]

World War III Arc

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As a member of the Amakusa Christians, he was likely deployed during the Battle of Dover Strait against the French forces.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Isahaya isn't mentioned but he is likely present along with hundreds of other people in St. George's Cathedral to watch Tatemiya Saiji attempt a sword catching technique with Itsuwa. After several failures and the suggestion that the bamboo blade might be throwing Itsuwa's timing off, Kouyagi offered her a metal imitation sword to try using, to Saiji's dismay.[13]

Coronzon Arc

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During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, he and the Amakusas were stationed on the frontline against the invaders crossing the Strait of Dover. After the coastal defensive line fell, they withdrew to London and regrouped in order to begin a counterattack. At the time of the events which transpired in Westminster Abbey, the Amakusas noticed the sudden disappearance of the Crowley's Hazards in the city. Before they could go to investigate the cause, they were found and defeated by the reproduced William Wynn Westcott and Annie Horniman.[14]

Other Appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

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Itsuwa like most Amakusa Christians play a supporting role to Itsuwa, as they struggle to clear their name after being framed by the Dusk Waiting to Awaken magic cabal. He is first name-dropped as the Amakusa Christians try to find a temporary base to hide and plan their next move in. He suggests not to use the mobile home Next Shop's parking lot as he filled with full of piles of golf sets. Tsushima is perturbed by Isahaya's old taste. He is then asked by Itsuwa why he bought so many as he never does anything more than go to the driving range on holidays, to which Isahaya replies that as there is nothing wrong with using his own money toward his dream in the country of St. Andrew.[4]

They later decide in using a Chinatown food warehouse. Isahaya shows them a map of all the Anglican Church facilities that are in London. He then says that if the people who framed them wanted to take over any of them they would have to cause a very large commotion even with the free pass that allows them access to the facilities in the first place. They are later able to calculate that the cabal is after the grimoires in the city library.[15]

During the battle against Flack Anchors and his men in the city library, he and Ushibuka and Isahaya are injured as well on either their palm or ankles.[15] He and the others likely witness Itsuwa triumphing against Flack.

Later, while their riding on a ship on the Thames to get to the Strait of Dover, Kouyagi is later knocked off the ship by Tsushima after teasing her, forcing Isahaya to fish him out with a rope.[16] After that venture, the group later go to Stonehenge, where he, Kouyagi, and a few others volunteer as scouts to look out for the remnants of the Dusk Waiting to Awaken as it was led by Vase. They quickly gave up after they are detected and return to hiding, much to Isahaya's chagrin as the magic cabal seem to have complete control of the area.[17]

He and the rest of the Amakusa Christians, along with the Dusk Waiting to Awaken, are later captured by the Anglican Church. Much later, they are all captured by Emilie Fordia, and are used as hostages in order to draw out Freadia Strikers, the Amakusa Christians' relentless chaser. After Freadia Strikers defeats Emilie and their names are inadvertently cleared, Itsuwa later leans on her grandfather, tired after the ordeal, as Ushibuka carries the injured Freadia away.[18]

Isahaya like the other Amakusa Christians are later deployed by the Anglican Church to look for Cynthia Exment, the culprit for the attack on the Pound Economy nations, and much later, likely received their free passes as well after Itsuwa defeated her.


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Like most of the Amakusa Christians, Isahaya is trained in the style of combat and magic inherited from generations of secrecy, and is particularly effective working in a team. Like most of the Amakusa Christians, he uses a Western weapon. In the anime adaptation, he used a sword, however, in the illustration where he actually carries a weapon in the original novel, Isahaya uses a flanged mace.

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  • (To Itsuwa regarding his hobby, from Necessarius SS): "What are you saying!? This is the country of St. Andrews!! What’s wrong with using my own money toward my dream!?"



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