Isobe Bank

The bank close during working hours.

Isobe Bank (いそべ銀行?) is a bank located in the Furiai Plaza (ふれあい広場?) on 7th street. It is located near Crepe Rablm.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Level Upper ArcEdit

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On July 16, after buying crêpes from Crêpe Rablm and receiving a Gekota mascot, Misaka, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten gathered around a bench near the crêpe store. While eating and enjoying themselves, Uiharu noticed that the Isobe Bank across the street had its security shutters all closed. Shortly after she noticed this the shutters exploded open with flames. Kuroko had Uiharu immediately contact Anti-Skill and to check for any casualties. While doing this Uiharu and Kuroko both quickly put on their Judgment armbands and got ready to assist. Three men then came running out of blown out shutters of the bank carrying bags presumably filled with money. One unnamed robber was quickly defeated by Kuroko and Okahara Ryouta was taken out next. The final while trying to escape grabbed a nearby child to use as a hostage. Saten tried to grab the child from him and both were smacked away. Due to this Misaka intervened and the final robber was defeated by Misaka's railgun as he tried to ram her with a car. Afterward all three robbers were arrested and taken away by Anti-Skill. It was reported that nobody (except the perpetrators) were injured in the failed bank heist.[1]

The manga adaptation features this scene slightly differently, as Ruiko does not appear until several chapters later. Also, since there were no children in danger, the reason why Mikoto involved herself against the robbers was because one of them bumped into her, causing the crêpe she was eating to fall into her uniform.[2]


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