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Janie (ジャーニ Jāni?) is an anime original character introduced in the Silent Party Arc in the second half of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime. She is a Chemicaloid, and is backup of the main product of STUDY's work of the same name. The older twin of Febrie, she acts as a damsel in distress for the protagonists to save throughout the arc alongside Febrie and Nunotaba Shinobu.


Janie's name is derived from January, the first month of the Gregorian Calendar, a fitting name as she is the core of STUDY's plan while Febrie is simply back-up.


Both Janie and Febrie in the STUDY laboratory.

She looks almost the same as Febrie, with blond hair. The only difference so far is that she only has one ahoge, while Febrie has two. She has the same purple eyes as Febrie.

After being freed, she wears a gothic lolita outfit,[1] similar to Febrie's initial one that was given by Shinobu[1] before it was replaced by the one Kongou Mitsuko bought for her.[2]


She has no personality that is apparent due to her short appearance, though since she responds to Febrie despite being unconscious, a strong bond lies between the two. Presumably, her personality is similar to that of her sister, along with the biases apparent in beings having Testament used to input knowledge in them.[3]


Sharing the same biological base with Febrie,[1] she is created through the Chemicaloid Project, Janie is presumably the first successful product of it. She is made up of chemicals, though as part of her metabolic processes, her cells naturally secrete a poison that if left unattended it will accumulate in her body, disrupting her organ functions, making them ill or even killing them.[3] Moreover, Testament was used to input information into her, and as a consequence, having certain biases in the focus of her knowledge, as well as having her autonomic nervous functions, the thing that is keeping her alive programed into her.[4] Regardless, she was made due to her ability, the Diffusion Ghost, an ability STUDY would make use of for their Silent Party.

According to Shinobu, she apparently had no human consciousness prior to meeting her, and planned to give her one and then escape STUDY after finding the recipe for the neutralizer against her debilitating condition.[4] Shinobu is somehow unable to free her when she freed Febrie to find Misaka Mikoto.[1]


Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

She doesn't appear physically up until near the final episodes of Railgun S. Here, her presence in the story is only apparent through the machines that her power has taken controlled of by STUDY. She is mentioned by Sakurai Jun of STUDY as needing tuning after they have deliberated to leave Febrie alone and not retrieve or kill her as she will inevitably die because of the poison in her body without the neutralizer.[3]

Janie wakes up to the calling of her sister.

She first physically appears in a tank right before STUDY's Silent Party begins, a terrorist attempt to show the City the superiority of their artifically made esper, the Chemicaloid. After it goes utterly awry, Aritomi Haruki, leader of STUDY, launches an AIM bomb containing missiles with a payload of Janie's hair to destroy Academy City and its espers, and causing the system which Janie is in to go out of control, making any sort of connection impossible as it will kill her. Despite this, Shinobu still attempts to save Janie from the runaway system. And as she is not taking any outside input, she has Febrie's "strong emotions" to reach her, as they share the same biological base. A plan that Saten Ruiko says is pretty much the "power of love."[1]

Her untested plan is successful, with a little help from the Sister clones, stating that Janie and Febrie are like sisters to them as well, giving the computers a boost to allow Febrie's emotions to reach Janie. She later awakens, and Febrie greets her a good morning. She later witnesses Shinobu breaking down in tears for the long burden she had to put up with is finally over. Shinobu accepts the riceball Febrie made for her, and tells the two of them that she has a lot of things she wants for them to see.[1]

Janie and Febrie in the midst of acquaintances.

Like the Sister clones, she and Febrie are in need of body readjustments in outside institutions. She and Febrie has Shinobu as her guardian for their trip. In the end, they are in a Kongou Airlines runway in School District 23, where she receives a clover from Shirai Kuroko, a good luck charm in the city of science, for their journey. And thus, the fellowship, though bound by friendship and love, part ways.[1]


Janie's ability is called Diffusion Ghost (幽体拡散ディフュージョン・ゴースト Yūtai Kakusan (Difuyūjon Gōsuto)?, lit. "Ethereal Body Diffusion"),[4] an ability that is said by Shinobu, uses Janie's hair as a transmitter, and materializes an AIM diffusion field as a virtual object which fills its containing space and controls it,[4] though presumably this only applies to electronics. Janie can give orders to the AIM fields before materializing it, allowing her to control from something as a few security robots[5] to 20,000 plus Powered Suits.[4] Presumably, this is the reason why Shinobu is needed to "tune" her, and the tank and machine that she is connected to is part of the system that allows her to control so many Powered Suits.

So great is her power that Mikoto describes it as around Level 5,[2] and that overrunning the system she is in allows it to kill every esper in the city through an AIM bomb.[1] However, it should be noted that she is not actually considered a recognized Level 5 due to conflicts it would create in the timeline.

There is a link between Febrie and Janie that alerts Febrie whenever Janie uses Diffusion Ghost. Febrie can also tell Janie's location when Diffusion Ghost is used.[4]

Character Art Designs



  • Febrie has two ahoges as she is the second twin, while Janie has one ahoge since she is the first twin.