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The Jeans Shop Owner (ジーンズ店主 Jīnzu Tenshu?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2 as a minor supporting character to Kanzaki Kaori. He is later reintroduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki once again as a supporting character to her, though with his role greatly expanded in helping her.

An unofficial member[1] of Necessarius, he is currently unnamed. He owns a small jeans store in London, England, where he sells vintage jeans, and Kanzaki is customer of his.


As dictated by his profession, store and name, he is a person who is primarily a fanatic to jeans while having slight involvement magic. This fact is proven throughout the story that he used to sell jeans to Kanzaki, but immediately ceased any forms of business when he found out she abuses them. To him, stone washing and cut jeans are the things he hates most in the world.[2]

He is also a pervert, as despite his anger at Kanzaki for the mistreatment of jeans, he doesn't hesitate to point out her  sexiness and taking advantage of it by tricking her into wearing a monokini.[3] Moreover, despite the apparent danger he was in, being controlled by the Jeans Slasher, he is unable to resist her sexiness. Indeed, when she first shows herself after attacking a man and cutting his jeans, he becomes focused on her breasts.[2]


He is a man who owns a small jeans store in London that has success. Being affliated with Necessarius, he is assigned to various missions as supporting roles. He is usually partnered with Kanzaki Kaori, knows what assignments other members are on like Stiyl Magnus, and doesn't seem to trust in Theodosia Electra's knowledge.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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The First Friday of FebruaryEdit

Index SSv02 030

The Jeans Slasher in all her naked glory.

Prior to Kanzaki and Stiyl’s mission in Academy City, Kanzaki Kaori visits the Jeans Shop Owner in his store in London, looking for some vintage jeans. The Jeans Shop owner knowing how she treats jeans refuses to sell any to her. Disappointed, Kanzaki says that she will have to do something about the Jeans Slasher herself, apparently wanting jeans for use against the Jeans Slasher. Hearing this, the Jeans Shop Owner tells Kanzaki that she should’ve said that earlier.[4]

The Jeans Shop owner asks where Stiyl is, to which he says that he is still pursuing Index, surprising him, though says he is praying that some idiot comes running to interfere. Changing the subject the Jeans Shop Owner asks her if she is cold while wearing her outfit, being cold himself, as he sees that Kanzaki is wearing her cut denim jacket and pants. Kanzaki says that she is fine, much to his exasperation. He then asks about the Jeans Slasher, to which Kanzaki says that it is exactly what it sounds like, an unknown person cutting up people’s jeans in the streets, though surprisingly no one has been injured. He asks if they will the person, to which it is to decide. The Jeans Shop Owner then says that he is surprised that Kanzaki isn’t the prime suspect, much to her surprise asking why he would think that. He then ignores her and asks where the Jeans Slasher is, to which she says that she does as the person uses Norse Mythology thanks to the investigation of Theodosia Electra. The man asks if they can really rely on that but before Kanzaki can reply, an old man collapses on the front door of his shop—with the legs of his pants cut as well as part of his pants’ crotch. Seeing this, the Jeans Shop Owner is shaken by the Englishman’s loss of dignity. Kanzaki replies that if one is going to cut jeans, one has to do so elegantly, irritating the Jeans Shop Owner.[4]

Then Kanzaki hears a sound and draws out her the scabbard of her sword. It meets with a blade, from the Jeans Slasher, preventing Kanzaki’s pants from being cut and further. The Jeans Slasher is a woman, who wears a lewd and indecent outfit on her person, shocking Kanzaki. The Jeans Shop Owner then says that the woman is wearing the legendary Bikini Armor, though that doesn’t help Kanzaki in becoming less embarrassed by the woman’s outfit. Kanzaki complains of her outfit, to which the woman says that Kanzaki too is also not wearing a top, saying that she is impressed by her sexiness. Angered, Kanzaki tries to draw out her sword but is told to stop by the Jeans Shop Owner. He then says that objectively Kanzaki is dressed much too sexily as well, confounding Kanzaki, saying that she has to fight the Jeans Slasher. The Jeans Shop Owner pleads to stay her blade but Kanzaki is hesitant with doing so against the perverted Jeans Slasher. The Jeans Shop Owner pleads with her, though then explains to her why the Jeans Slasher’s outfit is ridiculous, specifically how it accentuates her breasts, leading to Kanzaki to accuse him that he simply likes them and then punches him, ending any further attempts from him to interrupt her.[4]

For the rest of Kanzaki's confrontation with the Jeans Slasher, he is unconscious, though since he has been aroused by the Jeans Slasher, he is susceptible to her Nine Support Spell. Indeed, after she uses it, the Jeans Shop Owner screams. Turning to look, the Jeans Shop Owner had 9 girls grabbing his hands, legs, waist, and neck, forcing him to move. Here, the Jeans Slasher reveals that a Valkyrie can call out 9 warriors at once, using her spell to have 9 girls control a man as her pawn. Kanzaki asks about the Jeans Shop Owner’s will, to which the woman says that the spell is easier to use on someone who is thinking of her as very beautiful. Kanzaki interprets that the Jeans Slasher uses her sexy bikini in order to bring out the sexual desire in men so she could control them. She then looks coldly at the Jeans Shop Owner, who averts his gaze and says sorry. Kanzaki then says that she will chop his head off, to which the Jeans Shop Owner says that he promises to break free of the magic with love and courage. Seeing this, the Jeans Slasher seduces him by bending down and squeezing her breasts between her arms, winking at the Jeans Shop Owner. She tells him that if he takes Kanzaki out, she’ll show him all sort of things and asks if he prefers to do things or have things done to him.[4]

The Jeans Shop Owner then apologizes to Kanzaki, saying that his heart has moved past the point of no return, irritating Kanzaki to the point of once again threatening cutting his head off. In spite of this, she doesn’t go through with the threat and just knocks him out again.[4]


  • He is able to read and gauge a person's personality to able to tell if they are lying or not
  • Spiritual Item Analysis: The Shop Owner is able understand and reverse-engineer designs for magical items for their composition and purpose, provided they are cloth related. [5]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

Jeans Shop Owner's design remains static throughout the series. He was supposed to appear in SS2's illustration, but was unable to by Haimura.



  • That’s…the legendary bikini armor.[4]
  • "...I may be a suspicious hitman by day, but I sell jeans in secret by night." [2]
  • "...God damn it. These harsh S&M goods are out of my area of expertise." [6]
  • You fool!! You’re the sexy onee-san type!! How could I put a cute and frilly one piece like that on your plump body that’s large in all the right places!? That kind of thing is only seen when you make a hot housewife wear buruma in a punishment ga-…bghah!?[3]


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