The Jeans Slasher (ジーンズ切り裂き魔 Jīnzu Kirisakima?, lit. Jeans Tearing Demon, Yen Press: Jeans-snipping slasher) is an unnamed character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2 as an antagonistic albeit comedic character to Kanzaki Kaori. Currently unnamed, she calls herself a Valkyrie, though Kanzaki refers to her as a Valkyrie apprentice.

She is encountered by Kanzaki in London, England on the first Friday of the current year of the timeline after being tasked in taking her down due to her recent pants-cutting reign of terror on unsuspecting men. Her introduction here is used to ease the concept of Valkyries into the story.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The women called the Jeans Slasher was described as about Kanzaki Kaori’s age. She is described as a beautiful woman with hair that was more silver than it was gold. She is fairly well-endowed, and with her personality allows her to seduce men with ease.[1]

She wears a special breastplate made of an arrangement of various pieces of steel over a piece of cloth, similarly made waist armor, long gloves on both hands that reached her elbows that were decorated with a cow print for some reason, and long boots that reached her thighs that were decorated in the same way as the gloves. It can basically described as a bikini armor. She carries a broadsword on her.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

She has a perverted and lascivious personality, provoking men such as the Jeans Shop Owner with her appearance and charms. Although she does imply some shame about it, stating that she threw away her "humanity" just to wear it, though she says it in a teasing tone.

In conjunction with her personality, she cuts off the the jeans of men due to the fact that her goal in receiving her Einherjar is humiliation play, sadism.[1] Despite this, she is completely aware that her outfit is shameless, though doesn't mind because of her goals.

Background[edit | edit source]

She described her goal as wanting to use her charm to increase her Einherjar and amass as much power as a magic cabal on her own. She believes a Valkyrie should be someone who sometimes fights, sometimes dances, and contains both courage and beauty. This apparently extends to her receiving of her warriors, which is humiliation play, by cutting the jeans of men. She has apparently been cutting the jeans of people for quite some time, allowing a legend and rumor to build around her actions.[1]

It is unknown if she was born as a Valkyrie or was turned into one, though since Kanzaki refers to her as "Valkyrie apprentice" she is likely the latter, if so, it is unknown how she became one in the first place.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2[edit | edit source]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

The First Friday of February[edit | edit source]

The Jeans Slasher in all her naked glory.

Necessarius sends Kanzaki Kaori out to investigate the Jeans Slasher, who was described as some unknown person who is cutting up the jeans of passers-by in the street. Kanzaki receives information from Theodosia Electra that the slashings may have something to do with Norse Mythology.

While talking to the Jeans Shop Owner in his store she encounters the Valkyrie who cuts apart an old man's jeans outside the store. At first both Kanzaki and the Shopkeeper were surprised by her clothing which was described by the shopkeeper as "the legendary bikini armor". Kanzaki complains of her outfit, to which the woman says that Kanzaki too is also not wearing a top, saying that she is impressed by her sexiness. Angered, Kanzaki tries to draw out her sword but is told to stop by the Jeans Shop Owner. He then says that objectively Kanzaki is dressed much too sexily as well, confounding Kanzaki, saying that she has to fight the Jeans Slasher. The Jeans Shop Owner pleads to stay her blade but Kanzaki is hesitant with doing so against the perverted Jeans Slasher. The Jeans Shop Owner pleads with her, though then explains to her why the Jeans Slasher’s outfit is ridiculous, specifically how it accentuates her breasts, leading to Kanzaki to accuse him that he simply likes them and then punches him, ending any further attempts from him to interrupt her.[1]

Seeing this, the woman giggles, saying that the Jeans Shop Owner cannot be blamed for being aroused, as is the whole reason that she, a Valkyrie, exists. Kanzaki asks why a Valkyrie apprentice like her, going around slashing jeans. She replies that transporting the souls of warriors isn’t the only duty of the Valkyrie, saying that they serve the warriors in Valhalla drinks and charm them with their dancing and then train their souls for the sake of Valhalla. The Jeans Slasher points out that her goal is to use her charm to increase her Einherjar and amass as much power as a magic cabal all of her own.[1]

In other words she says as the Jeans Slasher proudly proclaims, that this is her answer on what a Valkyrie should be, saying that sometimes she fights, dance, and contain both courage and beauty, calling herself as the dancer in the sexy armor. Seeing this ridiculous display, Kanzaki thought of giving up but manages to pull herself together and declare her magic name—Salvare000. Kanzaki then demands that they should now fight. The Jeans Slasher just chortles, saying that both of them has given up their humanity to wear their respective embarrassing outfits, and says that she cannot be stopped by the likes of Kanzaki.[1]

Hearing her, Kanzaki sees that the Jeans Slasher seems to still have a sense of shame, saying that she can still be saved. Their blades then clash with Kanzaki oddly overcome with emotion. However, the Jeans Slasher isn’t easily felled, as she was very fast and strong for someone who is merely calling herself a Valkyrie. She tells Kanzaki that what she has is a true value of being a warrior girl—Nine Support.[1]

As the Jeans Slasher called out in a loud voice, the shadow at her feet suddenly splits into nine parts. Not knowing what is happening, Kanzaki observes the shadow carefully. Nothing happens, but then the Valkyrie spins around in the center and the shadows disappear. Suddenly, the Jeans Shop Owner screams. Turning to look, the Jeans Shop Owner had 9 girls grabbing his hands, legs, waist, and neck, forcing him to move. Here, the Jeans Slasher reveals that a Valkyrie can call out 9 warriors at once, using her spell to have 9 girls control a man as her pawn. Kanzaki asks about the Jeans Shop Owner’s will, to which the woman says that the spell is easier to use on someone who is thinking of her as very beautiful. Kanzaki interprets that the Jeans Slasher uses her sexy bikini in order to bring out the sexual desire in men so she could control them. She then looks coldly at the Jeans Shop Owner, who averts his gaze and says sorry. Kanzaki then says that she will chop his head off, to which the Jeans Shop Owner says that he promises to break free of the magic with love and courage. Seeing this, the Jeans Slasher seduces him by bending down and squeezing her breasts between her arms, winking at the Jeans Shop Owner. She tells him that if he takes Kanzaki out, she’ll show him all sort of things and asks if he prefers to do things or have things done to him.[1]

The Jeans Shop Owner then apologizes to Kanzaki, saying that his heart has moved past the point of no return, irritating Kanzaki to the point of once again threatening cutting his head off. In spite of this, she doesn’t go through with the threat and just knocks him out again. Taking care of him, Kanzaki asks why she is slicing up mens' jeans, to which the Jeans Slasher says that her specialty for the warrior’s reception is humiliation play—sadism. Hearing this, Kanzaki’s desire to beat her increases.[1]

It is unknown what happened to her, though it is likely she was defeated by Kanzaki.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Her sword attack was described by Kanzaki as being relatively fast and strong. She is described as being able to cut apart the jeans of people accurately without hurting them or being seen. She is also strong enough to block Kanzaki's attacks[1]

Nine Support[edit | edit source]

Nine Support (九人祝いナインサポート Kyūnin Iwai (Nain Sapōto)?, lit. "Nine Gifts", Yen Press: Party of Nine) is a spell which creates nine girls to control a man as a pawn, based on Norse mythology's importance on the number nine. It causes the user's shadow to split into nine parts. They then become much like a magic circle with the caster spinning around in the center. Afterwards the shadows disappear and re-appear as nine girls around their target. These girls then grab onto various parts of the target's body and can force him to move against his will. The higher the sexual desire of the target towards the caster, the more effective the spell is.[1]

Character Art Designs[edit | edit source]

Design Evolution[edit | edit source]

Jeans Slasher's design remains static throughout the entire series, appearing only a single volume. She was designed by Haimura to look like some American macho fantasy movie more than someone from Norse mythology.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She probably is one of the "self-proclaimed maidens of battle that dance around all year in a bikini like some kind of pervert" which Brunhild dislikes, because of them causing a distorted commonplace about the Valkyries. More likely, she is probably the one that Brunhild refers to.[2][Chapter/Part]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Jeans Shop Owner, from SS2): "If you take her out, I’ll show you all sorts of things. Do you prefer to do things or to have things done to you?"

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