jellyfish is a special insert song played near the end of Episode 23 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime. It was played during the encounter and ensuing battle between Index and Sherry Cromwell's golem Ellis. The song was composed and sung by Kawada Mami; music was done by Tomoyuki Nakazawa, who also provided the arrangement along with Takeshi Ozaki. The song is part of the masterpiece single release.


Japanese English Translation
I want to meet
I want to believe
I want to touch it
I want to meet
I want to believe
I want to touch it
Shinkai o samayou kage
Kyoufu to mayoi to saigishin
Sotto kasa o hirogeta
Kokoro kakushiteru jellyfish
There’s shadows that wander over the deep sea
In my suspicious mind I’m having fears and confusion
I quietly opened the umbrella
To reveal the jellyfish who hides its heart
Tesaguri de ou yume
Yukue sura shiranu mama
Ten to chi mo miushinai
Hikari no michi sasu hou e
Chasing my dreams blindly
And remaining unaware of my whereabouts
As I’m unable to see heaven and earth
So I simply follow the road of light
Aisaretai to negai
Aisuru koto osoreta
Konna ni mo itooshii no ni
Kimi wa shinjitetai
Wishing to be loved
But fearing to love
So lovingly
Or so you believe
Shinjitsu ga aimai ni
Kawatteshimau kurai nara
Nannimo shiru koto nai
Hikari mo todokanu hou e
If the truth were to change
Into complete vagueness
I’d rather not know anything
And go out to where the light does not reac
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