John's Pen remote control

The John's Pen remote control.

The Index Librorum Prohibitorum's John's Pen Remote Control or John's Pen External Controller (『自動書記』の遠隔制御 “Jidō shoki” no Enkaku Seigyo?) refers to two spiritual items that allow for its user to remotely control Index's John's Pen Mode.

Initially, there were two of them, one for the heads of British Royal Family, Elizard, and the Anglican Church, Laura Stuart. Elizard's remote control was stolen by Fiamma of the Right at the end of the British Halloween and by the end of World War III was destroyed by Kamijou Touma.


The spiritual item appears like a metal dial padlock, with letters of the alphabet carved upon the dials instead of numbers. It is described as having an unnatural trick art set upon it as the small rings should not be able to fit all 26 letters of the alphabet. This is to described the fact that only letters appearing on the rings are the ones that are needed, and that they are not carved but more accurately displayed as if the rings were an LCD display.[1]

Illustrations depict the spiritual item as cylindrical or column-like. Its dials or rings are colored in white or silver. It is flanked by two bases of gold.


The spiritual item allows the wielder free access to the knowledge of the 103,000 grimoires, though contamination from them is still possible and as such it is to be used as a last resort. Not only that, it also forces Index into John's Pen mode.[1]

After the destruction of Collar and damaging of John's Pen by the Imagine Breaker, Index's body could not fully be controlled.[1] Elizard's remote control would later be modified by Fiamma of the Right to increase its "output" as a way to remedy this.[1]

After being used for the first time, it later leads to Index and her personality in a comatose state, which would continually do harm to Index's body when Fiamma attempts to access her knowledge.[1]


Used only as a last resort due to the contamination that the user may get from the grimoires inside Index, the remote control is a treasured item of the United Kingdom. So secret is the spiritual item, that not even Carissa was sure of its existence, and the people who were supposed to take important items from Buckingham Palace during the coup was completely unaware of its existence.[1]

It was created in order to both prevent the danger of Index falling into the wrong hands and to give Index some measure of basic human rights. Elizard justifies its creation as preventing an even worse fate for her just for the sake of keeping Index from falling into the wrong hands.[1]

The remote control and John's Pen's Collar is just one of the many security measures installed on Index.[1] In fact, the existence of the spiritual item likely allowed for Index to continue living in Academy City with Touma despite being in deep inside the territory of the science side.

When the Collar was destroyed, those who held the remote controls would later forget testing what would happen if they used them after its destruction.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Fiamma holding John's Pen Remote Control

Fiamma with the remote control.

During the British Halloween, Fiamma of the Right took advantage of the chaos of the coup d'état to steal the queen's remote control from Buckingham Palace.[1]

World War III ArcEdit

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Volumes 20 to 22

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Processor Suit ArcEdit

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Volume 19 Chapter 4

Concept ArtEdit

Design evolutionEdit

According to Haimura, the John's Pen remote control looks the way it does because it reminded him of the cryptex from the Da Vinci Code.



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