John Dee (ジョン=ディー Jon Dī?) was a magician and fortune teller who was close to Elizabeth I and introduced Enochian magic to the world.[1][2]


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NT22/22R - Enochian, Elizabeth I, Edward Kelley, Downfall


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John Dee was referenced several times during the events surrounding the Ceremony of Mo Athair, as the one who introduced Enochian magic to the world,[3] an example of magicians who have influenced the United Kingdom in the past,[4] and an example of well-known historical magicians who met an untimely or lonely end.[5]

Kamijou ArcEdit

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During a conversation with Aiwass at the Tower of London, Anna Sprengel referred to how John Dee gave his woman to his friend because that friend had claimed to have received a divine message saying they should share their views, comparing it to how magic cabals leave their doors open to newcomers and take their assets for their own.[6]


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