jonaGarden in the anime.

jonaGarden is a restaurant in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. First featured chronologically in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, it is a fairly large building in Academy City which serves drinks, desserts and food, including exotic dishes such as escargot lasagna.[1] The building is close to a electric distribution technology center and is a notable location for delinquents to gather and meet.[2]


The restaurant is used in the anime adaptations as the starting point for where the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline starts and where it begins to coincide with Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Level Upper ArcEdit

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Chronologically, the restaurant first appears in episode 8 of the anime where it has been noted earlier by Uiharu Kazari that it is used by gangs as a rendezvous point to trade the Level Upper. Misaka Mikoto tries to deceive some delinquents into handing over information about the Level Upper, but she was forced by them to hand over all of her money instead, which prompts her to electrocute them all. She then meets the leader of the gang, Elder Sister, who challenges her to a battle but is swiftly defeated by her after Mikoto is prompted to not take her lightly. This encounter causes a blackout in Academy City.[2]

This does not occur in the original manga, as Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko visit another restaurant called Benny's, and where Mikoto would later meet Kamijou Touma, who tries to save the delinquents.

Poltergiest ArcEdit

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jonaGarden later reappears during Daigo and Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor's meeting, where the latter along with Saten Ruiko, Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari and Misaka Mikoto, mistake it for a date and where Daigo hinted that he will propose to her.[3]

Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

The Toaru Majutsu no Index anime uses the restaurant for a similar scene. Here Mikoto meets Touma in the restaurant again and he tries to save the delinquents from her as he knows that she is one of the Level 5 espers in the city.[1] This scene is similar to the manga adaptation, however the restaurant where Mikoto and Touma meet is unnamed.


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