Judgment Training Center

Recruits following drills in the area.

The Judgment Training Center (風紀委員 (ジャッジメント) 訓練場?) is a large area in School District 2, that is used for training for prospective Judgment recruits for four months, before becoming an official member of Judgment. The area consist many large building complexes, with a communication towers and large lighting fixtures (probably for night training purposes) built in the area, as well as a large empty field that is used for drills.[1][2]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

The training grounds only appear once in a flashback by Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko, where it is revealed that Kazari along with other recruits are trying to pass Judgment's physical tests to become a member of Judgment, and where Kuroko is simply forced to train, even though she is already a member of Judgment. Kazari is shown to be clumsy and is seemingly physically unfit enough to follow the training's pace. Later, Kuroko and Kazari meet in the training grounds after the training, where they become friends after Kuroko encourages Kazari.[1]

It is shown in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, that members of Anti-Skill are the ones who oversee the training of Judgment recruits.[2]


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