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For the anime character of the same name, see Junta (Railgun anime).

Junta (ジュンタ Junta?) is a minor/supporting character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. He is part of a group of thugs who sell the Level Upper to others. He is also one of its users.


He has brown hair that runs to his shoulders and a small mustache. He wears a white bandana over his hair, a light purple shirt and gray pants.


At some point in the past, he and his gang were beaten by a wandering Kimi.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

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In the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, Junta and his gang are shown to be the ones chasing Touma.[2]

Three Stories Arc

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In his second appearance in the anime, he swings a metal bat on Accelerator's head from behind, only to get his own right wrist mangled. His gang then tries to corner Accelerator, but they also end up with mangled wrists. In a last-ditch attempt, one of the gang fires a beam of green energy at Accelerator's back with his unmangled hand, but he ends up hit with his own attack.[3]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

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In his official debut here, he's shown refusing to tell Misaka Mikoto, who's undercover alongside Shirai Kuroko, any information he and his gang knows about the Lever Upper. His friend tries to persuade Mikoto to trade him not cash, but her company for the info, but with a convincing act, Mikoto manages to have them accept cash for it.[4] However, Kamijou Touma interferes with the deal, unknowingly sabotaging Mikoto's efforts, before finding himself outnumbered and flees. As Junta and his gang are chasing Touma, Mikoto tries to proceed with the botched deal, but Junta tells her to go away, which leads to her frying him. The others, seeing Mikoto subdue Junta, prepare to fight her, revealing that they used the Level Upper to gain abilities equal to a Level 2, but Mikoto easily subdues them as well.[5] He appears once again with his gang when Kuroko investigates the Level Upper.[6]

Jailbreaker Arc

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He entered the Jailbreak Trial with his gang who work part-time at an ironwork. They made an armored car to ram into the facility; however they were defeated by the acoustic weapons outside the wall.[7]


  • In his debut appearance, there are eight other guys in his gang. Later on, while pursuing Touma, he, followed by the rest of his gang, are fried by Mikoto. The Prologue of Volume 1 states that eight guys are still pursuing Kamijou Touma, which implies that one of the nine in said gang stopped pursuing Touma before Mikoto fries Junta.
  • His name and actions most likely served as the foundation of another character in the Railgun series also named Junta.



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