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Juufuku Miho (重福省帆 Jūfuku Miho?) is a minor character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. She is a Level 2 Academy City student and is a user of the Level Upper.[1]


She has dark brown hair gathered into an odango style, and her bangs cover her left eye, most of her forehead, and her thick eyebrows, the last of which she is ashamed of.[1]


Miho and her eyebrows.

She holds grudges against people that have wronged her, but she will not act upon it unless an ample opportunity presents itself, as shown when she was still angry at Tokiwadai students even though it was already Summer (her lover broke up with her during Spring) and had started attacking Tokiwadai students only after she had used the Level Upper; however, her incentives are apparently far from malicious, and can be seen as petty, where most of her vengeful actions are innocuous as Miho simply draws large eyebrows on her victims' face.[1]

Though she is usually very meek and shy, she uses her ability to minimize her presence so as to not attract attention to herself.[1]


She is a second-year student from Sekisho Junior High School. Before the events of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, during one spring morning, her lover breaks up with her in favor of a Tokiwadai student, citing one of the reasons to be her weird eyebrows. Because of this event, she developed a grudge on all Tokiwadai students. Some time later, she discovered the existence of the Level Upper, and used it. Now able to conceal her presence from the human mind, she enacted her revenge on all Tokiwadai students: after rendering them unconscious by tazing them, she then drew large eyebrows on them with a marker (filled with special ink that was taken from a university in the School District 10 and cannot easily be removed). Before the events of Episode 3 of the anime, she had already attacked many Tokiwadai students and had gained the attention of Judgment.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

Main article: Level Upper Arc

Miho argues with her boyfriend in a stylistic flashback.

She first appears in Episode 3 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime; having infiltrated the School Garden with her ability, she has already enacted her reign of terror upon hapless Tokiwadai students, one of which is Kongou Mitsuko. During her visit in the School Garden, Miho attacks Saten Ruiko in Pasticceria Manicagni after mistaking Saten to be a Tokiwadai student (Saten was wearing a Tokiwadai uniform at the time because her regular one had gotten wet), but not before Saten gets a glimpse of Miho. After regaining consciousness, Saten decides to take revenge on Miho for drawing large eyebrows on her forehead, and, with the guidance of Uiharu Kazari and the help of Shirai Kuroko and Misaka Mikoto, they're able to corner Miho. Miho attacks Mikoto with a stun gun, but Mikoto is unaffected, and zaps Miho back. Saten wants to pay Miho back by drawing thick eyebrows on Miho herself, but realizes, much to her shock, that Miho has already large eyebrows.[1]

Here, Miho confesses why she attacked Tokiwadai students, and expects Saten to laugh at her, but Saten decides to calm her down and instead compliment her on her eyebrows, making Miho blush and gain affection towards Saten, much to Saten's surprise. Before being taken into custody, Saten allows Miho to write to her. As Miho was a Level Upper user, she falls into a coma later on.[2]

Miho later returns to attend a class held for Level Upper users; here, she is constantly using her ability to minimize her presence. Miho also meets up with Saten again, and shares her lunch with her, thanking her for responding to every letter she wrote. Miho confides to Saten that everyone in the classroom is a Level Upper user and that she feels oppressed by its atmosphere. Miho witnesses Saten's perseverance in Yomikawa Aiho's training and her bravery in standing up against Elder Sister. After class, Miho gives another letter to Saten, saying that she wants to follow her example and live more confidently.[3]

Poltergeist Arc

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She is seen near the end of the last episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun in a restaurant, apparently busy with writing a letter before gazing up to see Kiyama Harumi's students' message on a blimp.[4]


Her ability is Dummy Check (視覚阻害ダミーチェック Shikaku Sogai?, lit. "Visual Inhibition") which allows her to make her presence less noticeable to other people, but it cannot cloak her from secondary sources (such as mirrors) or technology (such as surveillance cameras).[1] This makes the ability more akin to Mind Hound, rather than actual invisibility. It is unknown whether or not this also affects animals.

Her ability is categorized by Tree Diagram as Level 2, but she is able to display a Level 3 counterpart of her ability thanks to her use of the Level Upper.[1] At Level 3, her ability allows her to erase a person's memory of having seen or noticed her, effectively making her invisible even if she is directly being looked at.

Her ability is listed as No. 00492 in the Bank.[1]

Character Art Designs


  • (In a flashback) "It was during the Spring... I was enjoying the warm sun. I was so innocent then. I thought that those happy times could last forever... But... Spring ended."
  • (To Saten Ruiko in a letter) "From now on, I'll stop regretting everything and live strongly like you!"



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