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This article deals with the original Kakine Teitoku. For the current Kakine Teitoku, please go to the Kakine Teitoku (Beetle 05) article.

Kakine Teitoku (垣根 帝督 Kakine Teitoku?) is a recurring character in Toaru Majutsu no Index, and is the main protagonist of the manga spin-off Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter. He is the second-ranked Level 5 of Academy City.

In his debut, he plays an antagonistic role to both Mugino Shizuri and Accelerator as the leader of SCHOOL, one of the many underground factions in Academy City, with the latter eventually destroying his body and presumed to have killed him. Afterwards, he was used by Academy City to produce technology for them, but his will lingered on. He is reintroduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, reviving himself through Dark Matter in order to handle the situation with Fräulein Kreutune as well as to deal vengeance upon Accelerator, but is later defeated with the cooperation of Mugino Shizuri.

Being both Level 5s and having to deal with the Dark Side of Academy City, his character is often used as a contrast to that of Accelerator.


Kakine's full name can be translated as "Emperor of the Front Fence," which suits his personality.


He has shoulder-length dirty blond hair and often wears a cocky smile, though in his interaction with Uiharu Kazari, it is shown that he can fake warmth and kindness. Uiharu also notes that he radiates an almost vulgar sense of style. He wears a dark maroon colored suit with a white collared shirt, both unbuttoned, revealing a red v-neck under them.


After his revival in the second series he still wears the same clothes as before. His body however has become ghostly white, an effect of his power being regenerated from his Dark Matter. His eyes have changed becoming more sinister gaining yellow irises and dark sclera. A deep darkness could be seen when he opens his mouth.


He is a rival to Accelerator, the #1 Level 5 esper. He strives to become the strongest, even if it means that he needs to kill off Accelerator. He's also a ruthless, cocky, and cold hearted individual, though at times he may show mercy. When attempting to find Last Order to draw out Accelerator, he attacks and tortures Uiharu and was on the verge of killing her when she refused to give him Last Order's location[2]; but when attempting to eliminate Takitsubo Rikou, he decided to let her go as she was already on the verge of self-destruction from over-use of her ability.[3] He prefers not to get innocent people involved in his battles, though if they do get involved, he will not go out of his way to protect them. However, he shows no mercy to his enemies or anyone who opposes him and will crush them without hesitation.[2]

Hamazura Shiage notes that though Kakine and the rest of SCHOOL are horrible people, yet the fact that they still have the humanity to let those weaker than them live makes them far better than Mugino, who kills her own comrades simply because she is annoyed by something.[4] In his fight with Accelerator, it was noted Kakine probably also went through tragedies like the kind Accelerator went through which twisted his personality. He is extremely envious of Accelerator because of his right to communicate directly with Aleister and seeks to defeat him and become the #1 Level 5 so that he may have that right.[5] Kakine has the tendency to spout sarcastic remarks inside and outside the battlefield, things like praising his enemy while he actually is talking down to them, or stating “That hurt” when a direct attack failed to damage him in any way.[2]


As leader of SCHOOL

It is implied by both Accelerator's thoughts, and Kakine's own words that tragedy has struck him in the past, like Accelerator, that made him walk the path of darkness.[2] Kakine compares Accelerator to him after attacking Yomikawa Aiho as the same as he is, unable to protect anybody.[1]

Kakine was apparently aware of Aleister's plans, and was distasteful of him being the Spare Plan[6] He likely took over SCHOOL with the intention of forcing Aleister to negotiate with him. Becoming brazen enough after the HsPS-15 Powered Suits left to clean-up Avignon, SCHOOL apparently rebels against the higher-ups and participates in the citywide factional war of underground organizations on October 9[7] in order to gain an audience with Aleister Crowley. It is likely that he was the one that led SCHOOL to rebel, severing contact from their liaison.

They later hire a sniper for the purpose of assassinating Oyafune Monaka. However, on October 6, their sniper is killed by ITEM,[8] forcing them to go to Management to get them a sniper and arrange the assassination of Monaka.


Before his revival and release from the facility where he was kept, he was somehow aware of what was happening to him, like being used to produce Dark Matter for military use. Moreover, he was quite aware of Accelerator, and did research on him, especially with regards to the wings Accelerator possessed. When he was still kept in the facility, due to the usage of his body to produce Dark Matter, he was able to create what he had lacked, forming a new body that had been destroyed. In essence, he was learning as he was producing Dark Matter for the City.[9]

When he was called out for his assistance by Kihara Yuiitsu, he had apparently left behind his real flesh and blood organs behind somewhere, and created a body completely made of Dark Matter.[10]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Due to the effects by the assassination attempt on Oyafune Monaka, the security in the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory has been disrupted,[8] allowing for SCHOOL to infiltrate it in order to steal the Tweezers. There they are intercepted by ITEM. Apparently not risking a battle, SCHOOL escapes the facility in a station wagon with ITEM close behind.[11]

While the Girl in the dress confronts and splits ITEM, chasing after Hamazura, he continues his escape with the Tweezers with his henchman. It was likely him that the Girl in the dress reported to when she asked one of her comrades from SCHOOL. She then says that there is mother and a baby carriage nearby and posits a question that Shiage (subordinate to ITEM) could have disguised himself as a baby, a mother, or baby carriage. She was later called an idiot and told to die afterwards as a response.[12]

Threats are exchanged between MEMBER's Professor and Kakine.

The station wagon later stops at a warehouse in School District 4. After showing off the Tweezers to the driver and what it does, the Professor from MEMBER accompanied by one of Baba Yoshio's Type: Great Dane. The Professor uses his Mimosa to attack Kakine who has begun wearing the Tweezers, killing his driver in a gruesome manner. Kakine becomes aware of him, to which the Professor laments on how losing a Level 5 would be a shame. Kakine ponders on which faction he is from, to which the Professor states that is of MEMBER. The Professor then asks Kakine if he smokes, though he does not reply. The Professor makes a metaphor on the situation, comparing Kakine to a child doing something because he thought it was cool, annoying Kakine. Using the Tweezers, Kakine noticed for the first time the Professor's Mimosa, stating them to be Nanodevices. The Professor claims that the Mimosa are not as grand as Kakine presumes and explains its properties to him. At which point, Kakine becomes surrounded by them and attacked.[13]

The Professor meets his fate.

Kakine survives however, and creates a loud explosion, inadvertently dispersing the Mimosa and making it useless. There, the Professor discovers that Kakine Teitoku is alive and without a single scratch on his person. Kakine has overheard the Professor's short story of his life, to which the Professor tries to attack him using the Mimosa but discovers that they have been dispersed too much by the explosion. At his wit's end, Kakine tells the Professor that "It’s about time you had another dose of despair." Kakine kills him afterwards, though in what manner is unknown.[13]

SCHOOL somehow later comes upon Frenda Seivelun of ITEM by herself. Here, she is questioned regarding ITEM's whereabouts and on how they were able to track them down. According to Mugino, Frenda was afraid of SCHOOL,[14] and as such betrayed that knowledge of ITEM hiding out in a room in the Private Salon as well as Takitsubo Rikou having AIM Stalker with the promise that SCHOOL will let her go unharmed.[15] It is likely that Kakine was present in the interrogation. Later, Frenda goes into hiding, though in a place not secret enough for Mugino to find.[14]

Kakine is accompanied by the Girl in the dress and Sunazara Chimitsu along with their subordinate organization on their attack on ITEM's Private Salon. He does battle with Mugino Shizuri once more and defeats her, though not knowing he did not kill her. He later arrives right after Kinuhata Saiai defeats Chimitsu, believing him to be dead. Kakine then recognizes Saiai as a remnant of Dark May Project and mocks her for it. Saiai however, says that she is thankful that she at least did not get sent to Produce where the subject's brains were chopped up. Saiai then asks Kakine to which he gives an empty response, making Saiai even more wary against a Level 5 like him. Kakine then asks where Rikou is, saying to her that if she tells her where she is he will her go. Saiai then asks if he thinks anyone would be stupid enough to go along with what he just said, to which he responds that there are, giving Frenda Seivelun as an example. Saiai stands in stunned silence as Kakine continues speaking. He says that he is simply giving her an option as she has no way of defeating him. Saiai does not respond to him, prompting Kakine to ask again. Saiai then says that she does not have the right to refuse him with a smile on her face, to which she then grabs a nearby bench and throws it toward Kakine. However, something explodes with Kakine at its center, destroying the bench and blowing Saiai away 10 meters and then through a wall. Kakine then comments on how her weighing her pride against her death was sentimental but unrealistic. Kakine then orders a member of SCHOOL's subordinate organization to retrieve her. Surprised, the man asks if he know she is still alive, to which Kakine states that is the kind of esper she is.[15]

Kakine later takes Saiai's unconscious body and after finding Shiage and Rikou dumps her body before them. Here, he praises Saiai for making the right decision and having Rikou get away as she is the core of ITEM.[16] Shiage whispers to Rikou to go to take the elevator down and escape. Rikou tries to protest but Shiage is insistent, saying that even if he could get away from ITEM by abandoning her, ITEM would still be destroyed. Kakine having grown impatient, asks them how long for them to say goodbye, to which Shiage shouts Rikou to go, shoving her into the elevator. However, Rikou maneuver herself in order for her to move Shiage into the elevator. Confused by the sudden action, Shiage falls down to the floor of the elevator. Before he could make a reply, Rikou apologizes to him. She says that she told everyone what he said by the furnace, and continues by saying she does not want him to become ash like the corpse. Rikou smiles and tells him not to worry as she is a Level 4 and he is a Level 0, as such she will protect him. Before Shiage could say anything the elevator door closes, and thus Rikou face off against the 2nd-ranked Level 5.[16] Here, she faces Kakine and tries to manipulate his AIM field, using it as her form of an attack against him by forcibly attempting to make him lose control of his power and go berserk. Her attempt fails however due to her condition in using the Ability Body Crystal and the sheer difference in power between them. As such Rikou falls before Kakine alongside her comrade Saiai.[3]

When Shiage returns back to Kakine after deciding to protect Rikou, he finds her collapsed before him. Here, he is surprised by Shiage's return. He tells Shiage that Rikou did well against him despite having no direct battle power. He tells Shiage that she must have used her search power to try to interfere with his AIM diffusion fields to reverse the flow and take control of his power. He then comments on how if Rikou developed more then she could have become the 8th-ranked Level 5. Having none of it, Shiage tries to use his handgun. But there, the Girl in the dress arrives, where Shiage immediately recognizes as the "Crane Woman" from earlier. As Shiage struggles who to aim at, the Girl then says that he should stop whatever he is doing. With those words, Shiage could not move his body. Here, the Girl in the dress used her powers on him, to make him not shoot at them because it is seemingly against his nature. Seeing Shiage's struggle, the Girl comments on how he may be fairly kind on the inside. She smiles and then says that with her power Measure Heart she can freely regulate "the distance between people's hearts." She advises Shiage to stop fighting against them, as she has him set-up to make it seem that the distance between their hearts are the same between him and Rikou. He cannot shoot her just as much he cannot shoot Rikou. Seeing this display, Kakine begins speaking, saying that the situation made it seem like they were the bad guys. The Girl comments on how Shiage and Rikou, a man and a woman, protecting each other is a moving story, and that it is such a rare sight that she feels that she should not destroy it. Kakine then tells Shiage that Rikou will die regardless of what they do, shocking him. Kakine kicks the Ability Body Crystal case towards him, and says that she was using the Ability Body Crystal to activate her powers. Kakine then explains the usage of Ability Body Crystal and on how it affects Rikou. Kakine tells Shiage that Rikou will not last long in her current state, stating that she will be fine as long as she does not use her powers ever again. As Shiage is frozen in shock, Kakine tells him that they do not need to kill her if she can; use her searching powers and that he does not care if she died or not. The Girl then tells Shiage that she collapsed on her own as she kept forcing on using the Ability Body Crystal in order to fight them, and tells him that none of her would be left if they attacked her seriously.[3]

As Shiage stares them down after their revelation, he manages to press the button for the elevator. As Shiage waits for the elevator, Kakine wonders if he should kill or let her go. The Girl says that they can just leave her alone as a member of ITEM on the edge of her doom cannot stop them. Shiage grounds his teeth after what the Girl just said, despite this he still cannot attack her. Kakine says that it would be easier to kill her, but the Girl counters by saying that since Rikou used his AIM to mess up his Personal Reality, Kakine should check up on that. She says that his power going out of control would be much more dangerous than Rikou, and that she would rather not die if an ally of hers went out of control. Teitoko becomes annoyed at being bossed around, but acquiesces to the Girl's warnings. He tells her that they should leave as though checking up is easy they do not have the necessary equipment. At that moment an elevator arrives, at which point Kakine and the Girl leave, allowing Shiage and Rikou to escape harm.[3]

SCHOOL returns to one of their hideouts, with Kakine trying to use the Tweezers for their plans. When the Girl in the dress returns after she does her little dating service for lonely men, she meets up with Kakine again. He asks where she has been, to which the Girl immediately complain about scientists not giving her tips and only paying the basic rate. Kakine wonders and says that an hour is not very long, but the Girl says that she should not be guilty as they were talking in the hotel room while she flipped through a magazine. Kakine asks if the Girl does not do anything sexual, to which she says that she does not need to. She then explains her business to him. She then mentions to Kakine on the fate of ITEM and Mugino. This surprises Kakine, especially with Mugino apparently escaping his attack on her earlier. He asks on who was the one to have defeated her as Frenda betrayed ITEM and fled (now dead), him defeating Saiai, and Rikou not having a directly battle ability. But Kakine then trails in his words, realizing that it may have been someone from the subordinate organization. There Kakine and the Girl recall Shiage back in the elevator hall who was trying to protect Rikou. Kakine then whistles in praise for him. The Girl then asks about the analysis with the Tweezers. Kakine answers by referencing on how Aleister seems to know a little too much about their actions beyond the use of conventional surveillance technologies. He then says that Aleister does so by using UNDER_LINE after having spreading about ten million invisible machines throughout the city. He explains on how they needed the Tweezers to capture the microscopic machines that make up UNDER_LINE and get information out of it. The Girl then asks again regarding the results of the analysis, to which Kakine laments on how the data in UNDER_LINE are not enough to compete with Aleister with equal footing. The Girl then asks if he truly must kill Accelerator, to which Kakine confirms as it is the only way for him to ensure the negotiations with Aleister would go well. Hearing this, the Girl in the dress states that she will not be taking part in a battle against Accelerator, explaining on how his reaction to her using her powers on her would be too unpredictable, and liable to get her killed. Hearing this, Kakine is not disappointment as he has expected that she would not be much help in the battle anyway. The Girl then looks again on the Tweezers and says to Kakine that if he has the result then she should tell her as she would like to know they can directly negotiate with Aleister, to which Kakine agrees.[6]

Kakine, apparently alone, wanders the city trying to find Last Order in order to get to Accelerator, knowing of her relationship with him. He later comes upon Uiharu Kazari in an open cafe, knowing that she knows Last Order. Uiharu notices him and uses her wits to get Last Order far away in spite being adamant of her leaving before. With Tweezers equipped, Kakine approaches her, not even bothering to hide the conspicuous Tweezers he has equipped. He shows her a photo of Last Order and asks where she is. Uiharu denies ever seeing Last Order, and advises Kakine to go to the nearest Anti-Skill booth and ask them there. Kakine seems to accept her answer, however, he suddenly hits her in the head. He tells her that he knew that she was with Last Order hence why he did not ask Uiharu if she knew the girl in the photo.

Kakine torturing Uiharu for not telling him the truth.

Kakine dislocates Uiharu's shoulder with his foot, and begins torturing her. Kakine knows that Uiharu has noticed him and had Last Order escape. He says that he understands that she is not that capable, and though he is a scumbag he prefers not to involve normal people. He tells her that if she had cooperated with him in the first place he would not have to resort to violence. He continues by saying that however he has no mercy for his enemies and that she has become one the moment she decided to protect Last Order of her own free will. He then asks her not to allow him to kill her. Uiharu continues to be tortured by Kakine, all the while bystanders do not even approach to aid her. In deep pain, Kakine asks her again, to which Uiharu mocks him, saying that Last Order is at a place he will never see. She then sticks her tongue out as a final gesture of defiance. Hearing this, Kakine decides to finish her off with his foot. However, before he can do so, Accelerator arrives and throws an ATM machine at Kakine, mocking him for attacking someone like Uiharu. Kakine's feet missed its aim, but Kakine still however achieved his goal, something he tried to do through Last Order, that is finding Accelerator.[2]

Despite Accelerator's attack, it barely made a reaction on Kakine, saying that he was hurt. He, however, says that he was irritated and that it was only right for him to come and kill him first. Accelerator mocks him however for talking and then taking a hostage (Last Order). Kakine replies that Last Order was only a little insurance as no one would fight Accelerator fairly. Kakine then mocks him for believing that protecting weaklings made him out as a good guy. Accelerator however states that Kakine still does not understand, and that he will show him on how even villains have standards. With that the two of them clashed in the city. Kakine is knocked back by this and then smashed into a cafe. Despite this, Kakine is fine and comes out of the cafe. He notes Accelerator's power of controlling any vector and asks him what would happen if he was smash into a large mass that cannot be moved regardless of all the vectors he can gather, though says that it would likely not work. He tells him that as long as his vectors are not being controlled it is meaningless. Not only is Kakine unhurt, he was apparently enveloped by six wings like that of an angel's. Now spread behind him, Accelerator mocks him for being unoriginal, though Kakine says that he does not have to worry about it as he already knows.[5]

Accelerator battling Kakine above Academy City.

And thus they do battle once more, and upon the air they meet. As Accelerator gets close, Kakine references the particles that make up the world, and then states that kind of knowledge does not apply to his Dark Matter, as it is is something that does not exist in the world. Despite the wings that defied the laws of physics, Accelerator's will is unshaken, and continues to come close, declaring that he will blast him and his Dark Matter as well. But Kakine says that Accelerator still does not understand, and then his wings projected out a light that hurt Accelerator, surprising him for he believed he could reflect all his vectors with his ability. Kakine says that it was the diffraction of sunlight through the unseen gaps of his Dark Matter wings, changing the light's nature and use it to attack him. Kakine asks him how it felt to be burned by sunlight. However, Accelerator calls Kakine a fool, saying that no matter how he diffracts sunlight, it does not change its nature into something like a beam of light that kills. Kakine says that would be the case for normal physics of the world, but not for his Dark Matter. With that boast, he blew a gust at wind at Accelerator, who tried to subdue the wind through the use of his Reflection. As he pondered on what to do, he found Kakine smiling, saying that his reverse calculations are complete. Then, his wings struck and felled him in spite of his power. Kakine says that Accelerator is wrong that he can reflect everything as Accelerator tries to fly towards him, but his wings were ready to meet him. Kakine gives examples as he presses his advantage over Accelerator, injuring him. Here he says on how not everything is reflected by him, explaining to him that he has a subconscious filter that reflects anything that could harm him. He says that is using the sunlight or the wind, infused by 25,000 different kinds of energy created by Dark Matter, to analyze his filter, so that he can use the energies subconsciously accepted as not harmful to attack Accelerator bypassing his Reflection. This complicates things for Accelerator as even if changed the rules of his Reflection, Kakine would merely inspect the change with his Dark Matter and then continue his attack. Despite this they continue to clash. Accelerator makes four tornadoes through his power, and wing by wing, Accelerator's and Kakine's blow and sweep each other apart. As they continue to attack each other, wreaking havoc upon their surroundings, Kakine mentions on how killing him, the #1, is the fastest method in accomplishing what he wants, which is to directly speak with Aleister himself. As they exchange blows, Kakine reasons that since Aleister has a web of plans up his sleeve, he needs to destroy all other plans, allowing him to the only viable plan left for him, the so-called "Spare Plan".[5]

The two of them stand face to face, gauging each other. Accelerator thinks that there must be some truth to what Kakine has said about Aleister having many plans, and wonders what tragedy has struck him in the Dark Side of Academy City that shaped him to what he is and to push him to what he does. Accelerator however mocks what Kakine said, to which Kakine says that despite Accelerator having the right to directly communicate with Aleister he does not use it and that he has no right say that to him. He tells Kakine that that the moment he spoke those words of his, he became common filth passing themselves as a great villain. Kakine however is unconvinced, giving his explanation as to why, saying he does not want to touch normal people, and if he is in a good mood, he would let even bad guys live, though all in all he does not really care whether they live or die. He tells Accelerator that they are the same as in their battle he asks him how many bystanders got hurt by their attacks. Accelerator says that including the person (Uiharu Kazari) that shielded Last Order, they are all the same, and that Kakine, someone who kills bystanders has no right to lecture him, and that Kakine is not exempt from his own ideals. As Kakine does not believe this, Accelerator shows to him why he is #2 and he is #1, why there is an impassable wall between them. Here Kakine discovers, much to his disbelief, that despite the destruction caused by their battle, no bystander was hurt due to the efforts of Accelerator, everything was under his control from the beginning of the battle. Here Accelerator tells him that what he is what should be called a villain. Angered by Accelerator, Kakine increased the power of his six wings and prepared to do battle once more, confident that he has no way to defend himself as he knew about his filtering system, though Accelerator is unintimidated. Accelerator admits on how his Dark Matter can work against his reflection, to which he tells Kakine that all he needs to do is add Dark Matter into his calculations, using his ability to control Dark Matter. Kakine laughs at this prospect. After a couple of banters, the two clashed once again.[5]

Accelerator defeats Kakine Teitoku, taking control of his white wings and stabbing him with it. Though terribly injured, Kakine still lives. As Accelerator was not one of those "good guys" and since Kakine willingly involved civilians and Last Order, he prepares to execute the unconscious Kakine with this. It is unknown when Kakine regained consciousness, but he later stabs Yomikawa Aiho after she convinced Accelerator to put down his gun and spare Kakine. Accelerator is in shock as Kakine restores his white wings and mocks Aiho's words to Accelerator. Afterwards Kakine rants on about the darkness and on how the both of them are still the same, unable to protect anybody, and will continue on killing. Kakine stands up and uses his powers to step upon Aiho. Accelerator begs to stop, but Kakine continues to torture Aiho, wanting him to push him to the edge, wanting him to be as low as him, mocking him for becoming soft. And thus, Kakine shatters the pillar that supported Accelerator.[1]

In anger,Accelerator's Black Wings emerged again.

Giant black wings spread from behind Accelerator and seeing them, Kakine deems them to be made from Dark Matter. Impressed by Accelerator's power, Kakine acknowledges that Dark Matter is only suitable as a spare plan, though he says that it does not mean it is all decided. With that his wings spread out and glowed, Accelerator and Dark Matter, black wings and white wings, the organic and inorganic, the One Who Wields the Power of God and the One Who has Touched the Territory of God, face to face. Then an unprecedented power expanded within Kakine, who perfectly mastered his power. Kakine laughs at the implications of what would happen now, as he waved his completely awakened six wings down at Accelerator, as he tries to test his new powers on Accelerator after seeing him as no longer a threat. Immediately after, Kakine is splattered onto the asphalt and his right hand that had the Tweezers on it is torn from the elbow downwards. Despite his injuries, Kakine is too shocked to take in what happened, believing he was untouchable and believing that Accelerator changing vectors and energies of some sort to redirect it towards him as an attack was impossible. Torn apart and unable to do anything, laughs in desperation, saying to have understood what Accelerator's "mission" is, while Accelerator walks toward him. His assumption unanswered, Kakine is slaughtered by Accelerator.[1]

His brain however, survives destruction, and is later collected for Academy City's use.


Main article: DRAGON Arc

It is revealed Kakine is being kept alive by "Dark Legacy", where his brain is preserved as a constant source of Dark Matter.[17]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Although he can be considered as "mostly dead", Kakine is still alive and being kept in Dark Legacy, apparently a life support system that Aleister has confidence in to allow Kamijou Touma to survive in, as seen when he gives the order of retrieving him back to Academy City, keeping it best that he is alive. However, the order dictates that if he has sided with an external organization, he is to be promptly attacked and retrieved and kept within the same life support system as used for the Kakine Teitoku.[18]

Kakine's Dark Matter ability is later used in the production of Academy City's new Equ.DarkMatter Powered Suits.[19] It should be noted that they primarily use White wings made of Dark Matter to attack, and that the wings are described as organic.[20]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Baggage City Arc

Main article: Baggage City Arc

Because of Kihara Byouri's use of him during the Natural Selector via her Equ.DarkMatter implant technology, communicating directly with his remains in Academy City and using his powers,[21] Kakine Teitoku has gained the ability to create human tissue with Dark Matter, a fact Kihara Yuiitsu says is worth the loss of the three Kiharas sent to battle GREMLIN.[22] Interestingly, when Byouri fought Kihara Kagun, Kagun inferred that Kakine's personality was trying to overtake Byouri's via the implant link. Although she controlled the electric pulses that dictated the flow of Dark Matter, the Dark Matter itself retained the presence of Kakine Teitoku himself which put a strain on Byouri's spirit. If things had gone on for much longer, Byouri's spirit would have been crushed and her body left soulless.[23]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Sometime after being defeated by Accelerator, Kakine Teitoku apparently somehow managed to recreate his body using Dark Matter alone. Kakine reappears when Kihara Yuiitsu, someone who has been keeping watch on him and studying his powers, enters the big concrete room where he is kept in a hidden underground laboratory in School District 3. The entire room is covered with a white substance that has the texture of a silkworm cocoon, and at the center in a spherical chrysalis is Kakine's face. Yuiitsu explains the situation with Fräulein Kreutune and asks for his assistance. She understands that Kakine will likely cause chaos and destruction, but since she is a Kihara, it doesn't matter to her. Thus, Yuiitsu gives him carte blanche and lets him loose in Academy City.[24]

It is implied that Kakine is the one behind the man who is behind the attack on Mugino Shizuri.[25] The attack where a man dressed up as Frenda and hacked Mugino's cybernetic eye to fool her into thinking him as a resurrected Frenda, though the assassination was unsuccessful.[26]

The revived Kakine first appears in public after discovering the whereabouts of Fräulein Kreutune, who is currently bothering Accelerator and company, as her body function has changed into a mode in which she needs to eat Last Order's brain. He was to quickly capture that which had been sealed in the windowless building and seal it back from whence it had come. And he was expected to do his very best to accomplish that task. However, he tells Yuiitsu that he is going to do the mission in his own way, to which Yuiitsu understands, who is interested in the destruction that will befall during Accelerator and Kakine's battle. Intrigued by this response, Kakine ends his call and summons several White Beetles, as well as copies of himself in the area he is in.[27]

After one of his beetles fire a shell at Fräulein, bending her seemingly impervious body, and allowing Accelerator to kick her away. The shell caused a panic in the area, leaving only Accelerator, Last Order, and Yoshikawa Kikyou, along with Hamazura Shiage, Taikitsubo Rikou, and Fremea Seivelun. When Accelerator looked towards the direction where the shell was fired from, he sees the beetles surrounding them; Kakine speaks using their wings' vibrations. Kakine asks Accelerator if he remembers him, to which Accelerator answers that it's a voice he doesn't bother to remember. Kakine says to Accelerator that he doesn't care about anyone else, even if they get hurt, as he will only focus on him, much to Accelerator's irritation, as he tries to find a way to protect or not involve others. Accelerator looks towards the roof Kakine is located. To his surprise, several human figures accompany Kakine, his own forms. Kakine reveals that he is able to reproduce his own organs, even his own brain. With that, Kakine tells Accelerator how he made the beetles, but calls them more like cyborgs. He then tells him that the battle will begin, taunting him, and then saying that his strength will level him up infinitely. Accelerator then shot out towards Kakine, leaving a hole behind him and the others so they can escape.[28]

While Kakine fights with Accelerator, he is aware that Beetle 05 has gone out of his control, and cares not for it.[29]

Kakine was upon a radio tower, pondering on how Accelerator easily defeated 300 of his Dark Matter creations of himself in 15 minutes. Then a giant Dark Matter dragonfly came towards him to relate to him reconnaissance information. There, Kakine predicts that their battle would come to a pathetic end once Accelerator's batteries run out. Kakine then predicts one of Accelerator's actions, creating nonsense calculations. He also predicted that Accelerator would want to secure extra power, and had discovered some idiosyncrasies in the nonsense calculations that Accelerator has been throwing off. Kakine, through his dragonfly, learned that it could not find his target, and Kakine made it focus its search on areas that could not be seen from sky. He begins expressing interest in Accelerator's wings, as it leaves the category of logic altogether, and can overwhelm his Dark Matter, making it the biggest danger against him. With little to go on regarding the wings, Kakine needs to hold Accelerator's emotions in check when fighting him. And believes that even though he is fiercely powerful, an opening will open up for him. Then, Kakine jumped off the radio tower, after determining that the surveillance from above is no use.[30]

Kakine leads Accelerator to the underground passageways of the lowest level of the multi-level overpass. Accelerator calls Kakine pathetic leading him to ask him how far he has come after much has happened to him. Accelerator still calls him pathetic, saying that if he truly did gather everything for what he lacked, then he shouldn't care about that issue. Accelerator tells that he had enough, and said that despite all Kakine had done to gain his power, he is still pathetic.[9]

However, Kakine then references the location they were in. He asks if the location they were in is familiar to him, but Accelerator could not answer. Laughing, Kakine reveals that this was one of the stages for the Level 6 Shift, where Accelerator once mercilessly killed Sister clones. Before Accelerator could react, Kakine has already created a change. Before them were several Misaka clones, speaking, acting, and moving like the Misaka clones that was there when Accelerator killed them an uncounted number of ages ago.[9] Kakine reminds him that they aren't actually them, as he forced his will upon them, turning towards Accelerator. He tells Accelerator that he cannot completely fix someone who has died, nor he can make something completely identical. He explains to him that he uses his Dark Matter to take information from an area, like a form of Psychometry, and give the information form.[9]

Hesitation comes upon Accelerator, and Kakine notes that it is actually working, much to Accelerator's anger. Kakine relates on how esper powers are controlled using high level calculation ability, even unknowingly, and that throwing it out of order can be useful, like making him lose his reflection. However, Kakine notes his interest in seeing those wings, and asks Accelerator to at least make himself be worthy of testing his ability.[9] The Dark Matter Misaka clones are ordered to attack him, something that should not be a problem for him. However, Accelerator instead of taking them down head-on, instead dodges their attacks. It was due to him not wanting to hurt them, as they reminded him of his sin. Seeing his actions, Kakine says that he is full of openings. He turns his arm into a giant wing, and shoots out sharp feathers towards him, hitting the Sisters on the way like spears, though he did not care. Accelerator was unable to evade in time, and his thoughts were unable to fully implement his reflection. He is wounded by one of the spears, and he was thrown into the air, though he managed to break his fall. Before him, Accelerator's anger boils, as the Sisters tries to enact their orders despite being torn apart by the spears Kakine has shot out. Accelerator could not help but remember the sins he has done, as Kakine continues to toy with him.[25]

Kakine tells Accelerator that he did much research regarding him, and tells him that even though it looks like he has atoned for what he did, and that Last Order has forgiven him, it does not mean that he has been completely forgiven. Continuing, he tells that despite him viewing the Sisters as an aggregate whole in the Misaka Network, he also believes that the Sisters' individual personalities should also be recognized, that should mean the overall will that has accepted doesn't matter, as "only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," and that, there is no longer anyway he can determine if he has truly been forgiven. However, Kakine tries to trick Accelerator even further, telling him that the clones that he has formed is the final piece that would allow Accelerator to determine what those he killed thought, but also tells him that no one would know of his sins if he killed them here.[25]

His words pierce through Accelerator, hurtling his mind into disarray, and weakening his calculations. Not only was he unable to control his power, but he was not even properly carrying out the calculation. And with that, Kakine attacks. However, a beam of heat and light pierces through into the underground passageways, killing one of the clones. It is Mugino Shizuri, who has come to the lowest depths.[25] She berates Accelerator for his actions, enraging him. She tells him that he is being angry at the wrong person, and references Kakine's words on how "Only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," is correct but states that the clones Kakine made in here isn't really them. She continues that it is not the likes of them, people who have killed others, to even begin understand what the dead feels as it is not their purpose. She states that Accelerator is incredibly naive to fall for a Kakine's tricks, and asks if he thought that they might come back to life and that his crimes for killing them would be undone. She says that she has read about the clones, and that his reasons for killing them was not worse than her killing others for no reason. She tells him that they are both going to hell, but there are things he needs to do before he goes. She asks what he will do, telling him that she doesn't care if he allows himself to get killed, or retrieve the dead's dignity and peaceful rest from the desecrater before him, it is his choice.[25]

Accelerator acknowledges this, regardless however, the clones before him is the final proof that those he killed ever existed. Mugino replies that it is all the more reason, and him finding it acceptable for someone to steal and control the dead, then he should just let himself be killed as she will take care of everything. She then feels uneasy and tells Accelerator that he has to dirty his hands to give the dead a clean end. She references what Kakine said again, and says that only the living can act based on their feelings for the dead, and rejecting that and running way is neither being honest or pacifistic, but plain cowardice. And with that, Accelerator is released from his stupor and tells her that he will destroy, that he will be the remnant to prove that those people he killed really existed.[25]

Kakine finally reacts after listening to them, and asks if they will stop thinking how the dead feel and stop thinking about it. Mugino tells him that he will never understand, for he is someone who puts words in the dead's mouth for his own benefit and runs away from his feelings regarding the dead himself. She tells him that he is pathetic even though he is powerful, and would've been better if had remained dead for he would've been merely the esper that defeated her. Then, she tells him the reason she was in there with them. On how someone who pretended to be Frenda attacked her last night, and suspects him for it for he was the biggest factor from the dark side of Academy City active at that time and the interest in playing with the dead was the same. She tells him that she doesn't know what his purpose was with what he did, and tells him that she will make him pay for disturbing her grave.[25]

Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri confront Kakine Teitoku.

And with that, their battle begins. Mugino used her beam on Accelerator for his use, redirecting it to all the false clones Kakine created at once, destroying them. Accelerator directs his attention towards Kakine, and uses his vector powers to destroy all the Dark Matter spears he created. As he twitched, Mugino fired at him, obliterating the top half of his body and most of his legs. However, Kakine appears upon a wall, saying that he can recreate himself. Mugino asks if he moved his flesh and blood organs into the floor before her attack. Kakine redirects the question, and hints many possibilities now that he can replace and create practically anything with his power.[31]

Accelerator does not care however, ripping apart the countless spears and redirected the signals in the center point in the puddle, but to no avail, as Kakine states the network of his Dark Matter expands and information sent faster without direct wiring than he can destroy it. Despite this, Accelerator continues to try and destroy his Dark Matter, as Mugino continued to assist him, Kakine then asks how much battery time Accelerator has left, and is curious about the wings that no theory can explain. Kakine just brags on how time is running out, and that he has no problem taking down Mugino. They continued attacking destroying his head, but it is of no avail, as he tells them that he simply has an infinite supply of Dark Matter, and his inspiration is boundless, telling them that to reach him, they need to climb over the wall of infinity that continues on eternally. He then shoots out countless Dark Matter spears towards them.[31]

Kakine Teitoku breaks apart.

Kakine continues his assault, but time is running out, and Kakine simply taunts them as his Dark Matter attacks continue to shoot out. But then, something happened; he stopped. Mugino becomes curious, threatening to kill him. But Kakine does not answer, as he too is confused. He then asks what Accelerator did, believing him to be the culprit. Then, Accelerator realizes something. He tells Kakine that this was the effect of him being "infinite," and tells Kakine that it wasn't him.[29]

He did not know, but Beetle 05, the rogue beetle that Kakine ignored, was beginning to take over. As the system begins to transfer authority to Beetle 05, Kakine begins to crack, who cries on how it is not possible for a power that he brought betray him. Accelerator then tells Kakine that it is no longer matters who was the first Kakine, as he obtained in infinite. Mugino too began to understand. She laughs at his problem of being too powerful, saying that when a network made up of flexibly replaceable equipment has a portion become isolated from the rest, the isolated portion becomes a small network of its own. Accelerator concludes that the one who stopped Kakine Teitoku was now the Kakine Teitoku. Accelerator is impressed on Dark Matter's capabilities, and mocks him for being unable to wield it. Mugino however notes that he might not be the core Kakine as he had scattered his mind over the system, and the one before them was closest to the surface, though it says of nothing that what showed itself in the surface was the true nature of Kakine Teitoku. Mugino then asks if they were just battling the outer layer of his mind, and tells that it wasn't easy doing it. Here, she is impressed by Kakine Teitoku, being not a normal person, but not the one before her right now.[29]

Slowly, despair overtakes Kakine and slowly more cracks form. Accelerator comments on how there will probably nothing left to prove that he was here, and even if a massive amount of data is left concerning Kakine Teitoku, it will not refer to him. In his darkest hour, Kakine recalls Takitsubo Rikou being part of the group when he attacked them for the first time. He also recalls on how she had the ability to track others' AIM diffusion fields, and that she also had the hidden possibility of using others’ AIM diffusion fields to distort their Personal Realities. A person he deemed to have been capable of becoming the eighth Level 5. There, Kakine realized that she might be the one, consciously or subconsciously, that have incited the change in Beetle 05. Kakine is enraged greatly. He shouts his fury in that underground passageway with only Accelerator and Mugino as his audience. Accelerator however, had enough, and pierced his center of the thing before them, completely shattering it, and the Dark Matter dissolved into the air, leaving nothing behind.[29]

Mugino Shizuri is actually right in her assessment, as Kakine Teitoku's true flesh and blood organs have been kept in secret, and has somehow come into the possession of Ollerus. Disguised as Thor, he smuggles Kakine's organs from Academy City, and brings it before Othinus, in hopes of fooling her into using it as a substitute for Fräulein, who changed into a form that is useless to them, as she can no longer become a Holistic esper. Ollerus tells Othinus that they can use him to create a doll that would act as a substitute for Fräulein, a doll that is tainted neither by science nor magic. Othinus takes Kakine as a substitute, after punishing "Thor" for failing to acquire Fräulein for her.[10]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

Kakine Teitoku's original personality is revived by Gremlin at Tokyo Bay, who wishes to use his Dark Matter to create the magic spear Gungnir. When Kakine has regained consciousness, he tries to mock the members of Gremlin about how foolish it was to revive and use him for their own purposes. This results in Kakine immediately trying to kill the members of Gremlin. However Kakine is stopped by Othinus, who lifts Kakine and holds him painfully by the neck. After Kakine realizes that he is disabled by Othinus, he declares his submission to the Magic God. Afterwards his dark matter body is turned into a ball-like shape by Othinus, which is given to the members of Gremlin to use for the completion of Gungnir.[32]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Kakine argues with his agent

Before the beginning of the Daihaseisai, Kakine is inquired about participating in a demonstration of Level 5s by the Daihaseisai committee through SCHOOL's usual agent. He refuses, but the agent insists, earning a lashing from Kakine. The agent then suggests that Kakine's power, more specifically, his white wings, would have appeal among kids. Kakine's pride was severely hurt as shown when he went berserk afterwards and wrecked SCHOOL's hideout. The Boy with goggles and Girl in the dress are amused, but are quickly silenced by Kakine's furious glare.[33]

Dream Ranker Arc

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Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter

Yuzuriha Ringo Arc

Main article: Yuzuriha Ringo Arc
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The angelic-like nature of his ability is described as "The One Who Has Touched the Territory of God" (「神が住む天界の片鱗を振るう者」 Kami ga sumu Tenkai no henrin wo furu'u mono?, Yen Press: One who wields part of the heavenly plane in which God lives),[1] and just like Accelerator, Aiwass has shown great interest in Kakine's now torn-apart body. Kihara Yuiitsu, who has studied Accelerator and Kakine, compares the two with the duality of Destruction and Production.[24] Moreover, his powers are described as "inorganic" in constrast to that of Accelerator which is described as "organic".[1]

Dark Matter

Original incarnation

Dark Matter (未元物質 (ダークマター) Migen Busshitsu (Dāku Matā)?, lit. "Unknown Matter"), is his esper ability which allows him to create and control an unknown material that he uses to attack. It should be noted that the term "Dark Matter" is not to be confused with the true "Dark Matter" which is among the components of the universe. In addition, 'unknown matter' here does not mean matter that has not been discovered by humans but matter that did not exist until it was created by Kakine. The material he creates defies the Laws of Physics, allowing him to produce 25,000 different types of energy.[5] He can use the substance and apparently shape it in any form he desires. The most obvious of this is the six angelic wings, which grants him the power to fly, blow powerful gusts of wind that is affected by Dark Matter, and have sunlight pass diffract upon it to form harmful rays of light.[5] The Dark Matter can apparently also be invisible, hence the reason why he is able to apply an invisible pressure on Yomikawa Aiho without touching her.[1] When fighting Kinuhata Saiai, he is also able to utilize his ability to create a strange explosion which is able to instantly knock Saiai out.[5] His Dark Matter can initially even strike through Accelerator's Reflection, though after Accelerator took into account how 'normal' physics don't work on Kakine's ability he re-calculated and managed to reflect Kakine's Dark Matter, and even use it against him later. His ability also appears to grant him a form of super strength, though he is still not strong enough to overpower Accelerator with sheer brute force.[5]

During Kakine's brief conflict with the DA and Kihara Souji, he displayed much more varied abilities and capabilities of his Dark Matter, as seen when he managed to twist a DA's agents arm into mince meat and disintegrate his other arm into smoke simultaneously.[34] And during his battle against the controlled Yuzuriha Ringo and Souji's mind controlled DA agents, Kakine displayed various other possibilities that his Dark Matter can create, such as creating an attack that completely slips past shields, armors, and clothes, and pierce human flesh, put an immense amount of pressure in a specific area, manipulating light and sound to telepathically enter into someone's mind, create an unexplainable attack that transforms a humans cells into sand, and the power to create a specialized zone where various other unique phenomena happen due to being effected by his Dark Matter.[34]

Before being torn apart by Accelerator, an "unprecedented power" expanded within Kakine, apparently mastering his Dark Matter and believed that he could easily defeat Accelerator with it.[1] It is unknown what would happen if Kakine was able to show-off this power had Accelerator not attacked him first. The Western fandom term Awakening is taken from a personification of Kakine's wings during this scene, describing it as "awakened".


After his revival, it was revealed that he can now seemingly infinitely create a variety of objects using Dark Matter, even organs. Kakine reveals himself to be able to create a body made out of pure Dark Matter, making him white in the process.

In this seemingly infinite supply of Dark Matter, Kakine can apparently survive so long as there is Dark Matter. He can create autonomous beings such as a copy of his own body, bodies of other people, and cyborg-like beings like the White Beetles and dragonfly. Kakine also implies that it is only a matter of time that he can construct full Personal Realities, seemingly real people, and make implementations of other people’s powers before long.[28]

There is a sort of "network" to his creations, where he has some form of control over them and allowing them regenerate their Dark Matter when they are injured.[35] This connection to the network allows Kakine to live through, despite the destruction of the current core of his form.[31] Effectively, there is now no distinction between the Dark Matter Kakine produces and Kakine himself, and it could be said Kakine has achieved a sort of "immortality".

Residual Thought

One of the queer powers that Kakine has learned is the ability to run his Dark Matter in an area's surface, to obtain information of past events, like a powerful form of Psychometry. Moreover, through the use of Dark Matter, he can give them shape. It is like a CD where individual tracks refer to each unique information gathered. With this simile, it would be like he can allow the shape to "play" the track that was gathered by him.[9]


Originally, his brain, that he somehow left behind and did not carry with him, produced Dark Matter through his Personal Reality. However due to the fact that he has essentially made himself immortal and infinite through the use of Dark Matter, allowing other parts to be referred to as Kakine Teitoku, there was no longer an issue for whomever the brain referred to. This would normally not be a problem, since Kakine seems to still have no ability to create things with Personal Reality, a being with will of their own, and to forcibly let them refer to themselves as Kakine. However, when Beetle 05, came into contact with Rikou and her AIM Stalker, an esper power that is predicted to manipulate Personal Realities, Beetle 05 became isolated from Kakine's network .[29]

When a network made up of flexibly replaceable equipment, like Kakine's "network", has a portion become isolated from the rest, the isolated portion becomes a small network of its own. As such, it also becomes referred to as a "Kakine Teitoku," and if so chooses, can take over the entire network, and be referred to as the Kakine Teitoku.[29]


Tweezers after Kakine's modifications.

  • Tweezers: Is the claw that Kakine Teitoku wears on his right hand, it is the tool he uses to grab nano-sized matter. Kakine used it to capture Underline, the nano-machine which Aleister Crowley uses to monitor Academy City. It should be noted that the glove was originally a large, bulky piece of machinery, but Kakine modified it by "only leaving the truly necessary parts" greatly diminishing it's size and weight. Tsuchimikado Motoharu took it off of his body after he was defeated by Accelerator and analyzed the information in the Underline stored in the glove, which led to GROUP's discovery of DRAGON.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Haimura Kiyotaka designed Kakine around the idea of a backup yakuza member and a host in a host club, giving him a look like someone approachable but would immediately turn to someone that would threaten you, opposite to Accelerator, who has an aura of danger around him.

His design for his return form is the same as his original design apart from his body being made of black and white colors.



  • Fans usually depict Kakine Teitoku in various works as a man - or in rare instances, a brain with three pairs of wings - inside a refrigerator. This is a reference to how his brain was restored by Aleister Crowley in order to utilize his esper ability beyond his death. Mugino Shizuri describes the device Kakine Teitoku is strapped to as a refrigerator-like device.[17] Some later depictions also had him as a volleyball, after he was captured and reshaped by Othinus.[32]
  • It is stated in the narration in volume 15 that Accelerator controls the organic while Dark Matter (Kakine) controls the inorganic of a higher plane. In addition to this, it is stated that Accelerator's wings are made of something similar to the Dark Matter that Kakine creates with his ability, according to his observation.
  • Kakine seems to be inspired by themes from myths or fairy tales as he agreed twice to Accelerator's comments about what he creates with his Dark Matter.


  • (Against Professor's surprise attack, from Volume 15): "Are you making fun of me? Cause it sounds to me like you want to become a nice corpse."
  • (Against Kinuhata Saiai's surprise attack, ibid): "So you weighed your pride against your death. That’s sentimental but not realistic."
  • (To Girl in the dress when she was teasing Shiage, ibid): "How boring. You make it seem like we’re the bad guys here."
  • (While stomping Uiharu, ibid): "If you didn’t know anything and were only around Last Order by chance, then I wouldn’t have to do this. However, the instant you decided to protect her by your own will, it became another matter entirely. So please, ojou-san: don’t force me to kill you right here."
  • (To Accelerator, ibid): "Such is Dark Matter. This space which has been affected by foreign bodies is no longer the world that you know!
  • (To Accelerator, ibid): "In the end you are the same as me, unable to protect anybody. After this many more will die, killed by a mongrel like me. Isn’t that right, Accelerator!! Didn’t you also slaughter your way to where you are now!!"
  • (In the face of Accelerator's Black Wings, ibid): "…So strong. Such powerful Evil. So you can do it if you put your mind to it, Villain. If that’s the case then indeed ‘Dark Matter’ is only suitable for being the ‘Spare Plan’. However, this doesn’t mean it’s all decided!!"
  • (To Accelerator, from NT6): "Be crushed by the symbol of your own sins and die, you worm."
  • (To Accelerator and Mugino, from NT6): "This is a difference in the freedom our powers give us. And that difference is insurmountable for you. I need not even do anything. I do not simply have an infinite supply of Dark Matter. My inspiration also knows no bounds. No matter how many cards you gather in your hand, I can push it back with brute force as numbers means nothing to me. …Nothing you do will ever even reach me. To reach me, you first need to climb over the wall of infinity that continues on eternally."
  • (To Accelerator and Mugino, from NT6): "Choose... Will you slowly dry up over a long period of time or will you die in a single painless instant?"
  • (To Accelerator and Mugino, ibid): "What was the point of it all? Now that it comes to the end, I just have to wonder. The #1,the #2, the #3, the #4, the #5, the #6, and the #7… How ridiculous. So this is what it is like to leave the realm of what can be counted with numbers. I guess that was the extent of Academy City’s society."
  • (To Othinus and Kihara Kagun after he regain consciousness, from NT8): "A new age has arrived."
  • (To Othinus and Kihara Kagun, ibid): "The old age is long over. I don’t know who you are or what you’re after, but your fate is clear now that the age has left you behind. How sad. If you had tried this exact same thing just a few weeks ago, you might have gained everything you wished without issue. I really do feel sorry for you."
  • (To Othinus and Kihara Kagun, ibid): "I don’t care who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve built up. I’m not interested in what you’ll give to the world. Good and evil? Kindness and malice? Gain and loss? Positive and negative? We can let historians decide that a hundred years from now. All I know is what fate you deserve for trying to use me as a tool!!"
  • (To Yuzuriha Ringo, from Dark Matter Chapter 3): "I understand your tragedy now. But a terrible experience in the past does not mean you have to live the same way in the future."
  • (To Kihara Souji, from Dark Matter Chapter 4): "She's pretty good as a substitute for Accelerator. But only as a substitute. She isn't reproducing the Accelerator data I want."
  • (To members of SCHOOL, ibid): "I refuse to accept that... Our lot in life is to have everything taken from us. I'll show you first-hand that your rules...don't apply to me."


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