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For the sake of clarity in this article, the Kakine Teitoku which retains the personality as seen in volume 15 will be referred to as the Original Kakine Teitoku.

Kakine Teitoku (垣根 帝督 Kakine Teitoku?) is the name of the being that has been taken over by Beetle 05 (カブトムシ05?). He was originally a white Rhinoceros Beetle made by the original Kakine Teitoku using his Dark Matter.

He was introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 06. Originally resembling a robotic construct created by Kakine to delegate his work, due to the effects of Takitsubo Rikou's and Beetle 05 wresting away the essence that makes Kakine Teitoku through his own will, Beetle 05 is now Kakine Teitoku, though with a significantly different character than the original.[1]


Beetle 05 the rogue beetle.

He originally appeared as an actual white Rhinoceros beetle with normal green eyes which signified that he was functioning, when he reinterpreted Kakine's orders and began protecting Last Order and Fremea Seivelun, his eyes turned red to indicate his malfunction.[2] After he had taken the character of Original Kakine Teitoku, his eyes turned back to green, and has kept this green eye color when his body turned to that of the Original Kakine Teitoku.[1]

He is described as being a white boy after his take over,[1] which probably means that he has retained being colored all white. However, regarding his physiology, it is unknown whether or not he could be considered as a human, as he cannot feel pain at the time of being a beetle,[3] and being made of Dark Matter, let alone being considered as male. For the purpose of this wiki, the character shall be referred as male.


When Beetle 05 achieved self-awareness, the kind side of Kakine Teitoku's personality, surfaced.[1] This personality, is someone that desires to protect others,[1] enough for him to even sacrifice himself, as shown when Beetle 05 allowed himself to be battered by his fellow Beetles to allow Last Order and Fremea to flee.[3]

Although, one can assume that it was not truly his feelings in the first place but his directive to follow the "orders" at all cost, which is to protect Last Order and Fremea after his reinterpretation of it. One can also assume that it was truly his own prerogative that he allowed Last Order and Fremea to get to Fräulein Kreutune despite the inherent danger, foregoing his reasoning for emotions.[4] Moreover, the narrative states at the time of the change in his eyes from green to red, that even though it came from a mistake, some form of "direction" appeared within the Beetle,[2] and that, even with all the errors popping inside of him over the discrepancy with the theoretical ideal evasive and tactical actions, he denied it as well in order to assure safety to Shiage and the rest.[3] This implies that his personality, existed as soon as Rikou's power affected him. Before taking over, he defined himself to what he thought who Kakine Teitoku was, and he even feared becoming what the Original Kakine Teitoku was in the presence of the two girls, and denied within himself for the duration when he was still bound in the form of Beetle 05.[5]

With this, we can at least conclude that indeed, Beetle 05 is now an entity of his own, with his own prejudices, fears, and desires, and not driven by orders, even before taking over the existence known as Kakine Teitoku, and it is evident if the urban legends of him helping people if called are proven true.[6]


Beetle 05 may have been formed by the original Kakine Teitoku, when he found Fräulein near the area where Accelerator, Hamazura Shiage, and their friends have gathered.[7] However, despite seemingly made just at that moment, it seems that the Beetle 05 has some knowledge of things that it couldn't possibly know on its own, like knowing that a strange weapon reinforced with the power of Dark Matter competed for market share with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher,[3] implying that he has gained knowledge outside his own senses, like retaining memories from the Original Kakine Teitoku, it existing prior to its deployment against Fräulein, or is simply a symptom of Beetle 05 slowly gaining control over the existence known as Kakine Teitoku.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Beetle 05 may have been first seen summoned by the Original Kakine Teitoku along with his "brethren" upon the roof of a building, after he sees Fräulein Kreutune as well as Accelerator.[7]

His first actual appearance is in the tunnel where Accelerator dumped, Last Order, Fremea Seivelun, Hamazura Shiage, Takitsubo Rikou, and Yoshikawa Kikyou into in order not to get involved with his battle with Kakine Teitoku. Here, he malfunctions in trying to check the order of "Destroying any and all elements that obstruct our mission," due to the presence of Takitsubo Rikou and her AIM Stalker.[1] As he rechecks his orders, he asks his fellow Beetles to assist him. Here, they list down what they think their mission objective is: "to defeat Fräulein Kreutune and eliminate the objective behind her actions, eliminate anyone who would obstruct the battle between Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, secure the battlefield, eliminate the recent continuing threat to the City by defeating all dangerous elements," and finally, "to protect the residents of the City from all anticipated dangerous elements." However, they then shortly fire at each other, concluding that they, as well as Kakine Teitoku, are "also" dangerous elements in the City,[8] as speculated by Kihara Yuiitsu.[9] They may have been, too, affected by Rikou's AIM Stalker.

Beetle 05 is then felled, and near Shiage and the others, asking what he was doing, to which Shiage replies not to ask him. It tried to target Last Order again, but the malfunction has taken hold, and determined that Last Order and the rest of them are not a threat. Beetle 05 tells them that he will save them in order to protect this order list from a fatal contradiction. Getting back up, Beetle 05 eyes' turn from green to red, indicating that he has indeed been lost from the will of the original. Perhaps, this is due to his close proximity to Rikou, at that moment. Moreover, a form of direction had appeared within Beetle 05.[2]

Underground in the subway tunnel, the group flees, whilst Beetle 05 holds the other beetles off as long as his strength could bear it. The beetles concentrated their fire on Last Order, for they determined that she was the quickest method in robbing the reason for Fräulein's actions. When they came upon a locked door and Beetle 05 opened it for them, telling them to go as he fires another shell upon the ceiling, collapsing it upon the other beetles. And when all of them have escaped into another hall, they discovered that the door was too small. However, Beetle 05 paid no attention to this for he did not intend to beat the other beetles in the first place. Beetle 05 slammed into the door, shutting the egress from the other beetles with his body. Shiage questions his judgment, to which Beetle 05 states that it his plan, and that since he has left Kakine Teitoku's control, he can no longer renew his Dark Matter, and will break apart. He tells them that the only way to escape from the enemies that can regenerate infinitely is to block their path. But Shiage would not stand for it and demands for him to come as well, but Beetle 05 will not yield. And Shiage could only feel helpless, as Beetle 05 acts as a wall against the other beetles for them. He is later forced by Yoshikawa Kikyou and Takitsubo Rikou to leave.[3]

As Beetle 05 continue to hold the other beetles at bay, and denying the errors that appeared due to the discrepancy of his actions of not fleeing when he is currently in danger, his body becomes battered by their attacks and is slowly breaking apart. Standing firm, Last Order and Fremea suddenly appears before him, surprising him. Thinking quickly, he moves away from the door that he blocked, and starts beating his wings at a certain amplitude in order to make them float. The beetles tried to give chase, but soon detected a train incoming inside the tunnel. However, it was all a ruse of Beetle 05, striking the subway truck in a pattern identical to the vibration of a train to get away from them.[3]

Gaining some distance from the other beetles, Beetle 05, he and the girls rest easy, as Fremea marks him, with a permanent marker, as a member of the Hamazura Brigade.[3]

After weaving through the subway tunnels, Beetle 05 finally came above ground with the two girls. Beetle 05 thought about what steps he should do next as they could not stay there all the time, for ever did the other beetles will track them. He tries to explain the situation to them, but Fremea and Last Order would not yield and abandon him. Beetle 05 tells them that the two of them were being pursued by several different enemies, such as the other beetles, Kakine Teitoku himself, and Fräulein Kreutune. The last one, a being that he could not possibly predict and oppose. He then explains to them what is occurring to Fräulein, and of her goal. However, that too did not break the girls' spirits, saying that they need to save them. Beetle 05 fell silent, unable to comprehend such irrational actions—to go through danger for a friend in need who may be the one to doom them. In the end, Beetle 05 could not help but go along with their reckless plans. As he is fated to be pursued by his master, and to be rejected as a rampaging weapon by other organizations, he could at least give meaning to leaving his master's control by helping the girls perfectly accomplish their goals on their own terms.[10]

While looking for Fräulein, the girls stopped for a break, with the full bloom of Ichihanarasai before them. His presence did not alert anyone for it was Ichihanaransai, and the people assumed he was part of one of the festivities. There, the girls are enthralled with the festival events, seemingly forgetting that they need to find Fräulein. Forced to find the rambunctious lot, Beetle 05 is led on by the girls, and participates in the festival activities with them. But surely, the toll of leaving Kakine Teitoku’s control had taken on the beetle was finally beginning to show itself, as cracks began to form on him.[11]

As the girls continue to enjoy the festival, Beetle 05 concluded that even though they were in danger against the other beetles, it would be optimal to remain constantly moving rather than remain in one place, using the unpredictable movements of the girls to his advantage. However, Beetle 05 becomes worried as the girls are just staying in place. He asks them if they know how to find Fräulein, to which they show to him their buzzer, which would help them track her. As all this is going on, Beetle 05 tries to control where the cracks form and their rate of spread through his actions. This was because he was worried that the girls would discover that he is cracking, but their excitable nature put upon a great burden upon his form. Beetle 05 begins thinking on how to confront Fräulein after Last Order or Fremea finds her using the buzzer, and concludes that he cannot entrust them to such a reckless plan. As he continues to deteriorate, and as he thinks that the eventual contact with Fräulein would result in his destruction, they witness in an airship the beauty contest at Eiri High School with Shokuhou Misaki and Kumokawa Seria.[4]

As the various battles thunder in the multi-level overpass, Beetle 05 and the girls finally arrive and find Fräulein. The girls insist in coming near towards her, but Beetle 05 declines as the battle between Kamijou Touma and Leivinia Birdway, among others, are currently occurring, and the fact that he will be unable to withstand a battle. Beetle 05 states that he will try to analyze the combatants attack patterns and calculate, in order to find an opening.Suddenly, his voice disappeared, as well as the girls. He is come to a world void of color and sound, and not a single leaf moved where they stood. But he was unconcerned with his, as he focused his attention on the person that stood before him and before him—Kakine Teitoku. It was a trial of the mind.[5]

The Kakine Teitoku before Beetle 05 reveals to him that his existence is what Beetle 05 used to define himself. He tells Beetle 05 why he appeared before him. It was because he has been separated from his master for a long time, and that he was turning into something else. However, because he was afraid of losing himself as a simple portion of Kakine Teitoku, and became fearful, he appeared to remind him what he was to lose. He was there to remind him what his original form was. Confused, Beetle 05 asks who he is, to which the apparition answers with another question: "What should you do to act like yourself."[5]

The apparition tells Beetle 05 that his greatest enemy wasn't Fräulein or the beetles, but his own person after gaining the trust of the targets, reminding on how he has failed to tell them that he too was a threat. Here, the apparition reminds him that it was because he would be forced to realize that sad truth that he kept on denying to himself, that his defining himself against who Kakine Teitoku belies the fact that he is still part of Kakine Teitoku. He is still a slave to Kakine Teitoku despite being free of his will, for a part of him still lingers. The apparition tells him to release himself, and orders "his kind" of Kakine Teitoku to kill the targets.[5]

The slave becomes now the master.

The girls witness the transformation. Beetle 05 could not escape being a slave Kakine Teitoku, and could not acquire personality beyond him. And thus, his form begins to crack, and reveals a new body before the girls. From his red eyes that represented his malfunction to "normal" green eyes. He became Kakine Teitoku. Beetle 05 took the personality of Kakine Teitoku that was kind and protecting of people, freeing himself from the hesitation of killing his targets for there was not a need to anymore. He shouts his name as Kakine Teitoku. His very existence crumbles the form of the Original Kakine Teitoku into dust.[1]

Seeing Touma's victory over Leivinia Birdway, Kakine takes the girls to their friend despite the danger.[12] Kakine may have been witness to Touma's plans in stopping Fräulein from eating Last Order's brains.

Kakine the Rhinoceros Beetle later becomes an urban legend. The legend pertains to Kakine coming to the rescue when one calls out for his name, when they are in danger.[6]

It is later shown that Kakine being freed from the Original Kakine Teitoku's control and aiding Fremea Seivelun despite the harm incurred on his person, may have been an experiment to determine the capabilities of Fremea's Agitate Halation.[13] AIM Stalker may have severed his connection with the Original, but it is Fremea's Agitate Halation that may have allowed the surfacing of Kakine's personality that is different from the Original Kakine Teitoku and have coerced him into helping her.

Agitate Halation Arc

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Beetle 05 in his keychain form as he appears on Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 07's back cover.

Kakine spends much of his time in the arc in the form of a Rhinoceros keychain attached to Fremea's backpack. He first appears alongside her during her argument with her class regarding the existence of Santa Claus.[14] Later, Kakine aids her in preparing for the next school day. As Kakine, in the form of the beetle tries to leave through the window, Fremea advises him that he could always stay, but he states that he cannot. As Fremea goes to bed, an audible cracking noise comes out from him, and his little beetle form rolls down unto the floor. Cracking all over and struggling, Fremea goes over to him. Here, Kakine realizes that someone is interfering with his Dark Matter, and notes how their draw is very powerful. Realizing that the hijacking and ruining of his body was not to harm but to make others, namely Fremea, know that he is injured. The beetles tries to communicate this Fremea, but fails miserably, making her worry even more as his voice came out like a scream. Worried, Fremea takes the beetle form Kakine to find help, specifically Shiage, leaving her dorm through the emergency exit, and alerting the entire building.[15]

Kakine doesn't move throughout Rensa's various battles, though is likely conscious during Fremea's cry for help, inadvertently summoning the "heroes" to her through the Agitate Halation.[16] Under Yakumi Hisako's instructions, Rensa once again takes control of the body Kakine, the beetle, and have him instruct Fremea to go to the Learning Core, and so she can easily find her by following his signal (as they have already taken control of his Dark Matter). Here, the controlled Kakine tells Fremea to get rid of the security buzzer that allows Shiage to track her using GPS. Although Fremea hesitates, the controlled beetle implores her and threatens Fremea that Shiage will get hurt if she is hurt through something that he gave him. Despite the Kakine trying his best to take back control of his body and managing to say "Stop," Rensa manages to convince Fremea otherwise, crushing the security buzzer under her foot, his struggles all in vain. With this the controlled beetle urges Fremea further into Learning Core and into the Lightning Rod, a building where Rensa would promptly kill her and fulfill Hisako's plans.[17]

After Touma finally tracks down Fremea Seivelun at the behest of Shiage and in his own desire, he confronts Rensa anew in the museum where Fremea lay hidden. This one however, was different from the previous one, for the body named Rensa was a mere shell to be used by different minds. Touma faced and handily defeated Rensa #28 before, who had a subdued mien, but now faced a more aggressive pilot, Rensa #29. As they banter on, Rensa takes control of Kakine's beetle body once again and shows her deceit to Touma and Fremea, and speaking of its struggles to bring warning. Rensa warns of bombs that have filled the buildings and that there would no reason to fight him anymore for they have already won. Touma quickly tries to go towards Fremea to protect her from the explosion. However, as Rensa activates the switch, nothing occurred and no harm was done upon the building or its inhabitants that might derive from a violent explosion.[18] Rensa is just as surprise as Touma and Fremea, not knowing how this come to pass. Suddenly, the helicopter outside in which Rensa used to come to Learning Core was destroyed by a collision with the arrival of another body of Kakine Teitoku.[19]

Rensa believing that she had control over his body is surprised by his arrival. Kakine points out that primary consciousness means nothing with Dark Matter, as so as the little Rhinoceros beetle keychain still trembles trying to regain control over Rensa as Kakine Teitoku, so too is the great white Rhinoceros beetle that appears before her. He speaks that he can split asunder and join together again into single consciousness, and with this advantage, he did split himself into 50 different insect-sized versions of himself when he noticed that Fremea was being led to the Learning Core, and there, independently came there to search for any danger, with this, the bombs that Rensa had set up which they have cut down. There, Kakine Teitoku, in a form of large Rhinoceros beetle, tell her not to underestimate a Level 5. Kakine falls down to face her, and breaks free from his shell and appeared before them with fair wings and a white form.[19]

Rensa #29 faces off against Touma and Kakine.

Seeing this, Touma stands up once again to do battle against Rensa. The two boys stood on either side of Rensa. She just smirks at their appearance, apparently believing that Hisako has taken into account this unforeseen event. With this, she takes out the giant mechanical flower from her back, and rearranged the machinery within her. Thus, four wings made of whirling wind appeared from her back, showing off her using the power of Accelerator. Here, this version of Rensa shows that her battle style is much more different than the previous one.[19]

Kakine and Rensa met in battle, clashing with their wings in supersonic speeds, and their strike made the museum tremble. Despite the power of Accelerator against him, Kakine must've taken measures with his Dark Matter as he did not hesitate his attack at Rensa. However, she keeps on laughing throughout all this, once again pointing out the difference between her and the previous Rensa, and mocks the teamwork between Kakine and Touma. Despite all the taunting and the obvious difference of power and speed, Touma presses forward, knowing that she would be wary of his right hand. And thus she did, her speed changed slightly and Kakine, seeing this change, tried to attack her as if trying to push her towards Touma. She forcefully took the attack as if sacrificing one of her arms, trapping Kakine. She grabs one of his wings and used the power of Accelerator to twist it unnaturally and launch it in a irregular and difficult to predict trajectory towards Touma. And he was slammed down by Kakine's power, falling near Fremea. Rensa began focusing her attention towards Touma, but Kakine cut in between them.[20]

Thus, Kakine met once again in the heat of battle did Rensa meet, wing to wing, where she taunted him ever of the doom that might befall on Touma and Fremea if he were not to properly meet her strikes. But Touma has yet to yield. He stands once more and demands Kakine to "Cut them loose!" and he understood his intentions. Kakine severed his wings from his main body as Touma charged forward, and swung his fist towards her from behind the wings floating in the air. She tried to protect her face, but Kakine made an opening and struck her belly with new Dark Matter wings he has formed. With a dull sound, Rensa is struck down. Kakine asks Touma if they have done it as Rensa lied unmoving in the rubble. Touma tells him that they need to get away from her just to be save advising to carry Fremea far away. However, Touma's counsel is interrupted as Rensa once again compares herself to the previous pilot of that cyborg body, telling Touma that Accelerator had an ace up his sleeve which showed itself when he was truly cornered. Jet black wings come forth from Rensa, a thing that both Touma and Kakine had witnessed firsthand before. Kakine is then struck and sent flying by those black wings of hers, and his crash made the building tremble. With Kakine down, Rensa praises Accelerator's power and mocks his power for being the reason why he is merely the second-ranked Level 5.[20]

Touma is enraged, but Rensa merely swung her black wing towards him horizontally, and yet it did not hit him. Instead, he knocked it upwards. Confused, Rensa once again swung a black wing towards him, and the same such effect happened. At least five times she attacked but Touma would not fall against her wings. She laughs again, surprised that Touma is able to contend against her despite knocking down Kakine. Touma doesn't answer her straight. She asks again if the increased danger added to his effectiveness in battle, or that if he has an easier time reading situations when it's merely one against one, or that he has trouble in fights involving multiple people. But Touma once again does not answer her straight, to which she responds that she can do something about it. Rensa swung once again towards him, and if not for Kakine's timely usage of all his strength to knock Touma out of the way, then it would be the end his fight against her. Fremea screams, and Touma saw that Kakine had been slammed against the ground in his place.[20] Man versus machine, Touma and Rensa's fight had just begun.

For the majority of Touma and Rensa's fight, Kakine is too weakened to do anything. As Fremea begins to realize that the reason everything is happening, from Shiage saving her from Freshmen, to several people gathering to protect Fräulein Kreutune, and to the gathering of "heroes" now is because of her doing, lamenting on how people are getting hurt because of her. Kakine says that Fremea shouldn't worry about him coming to help for he only did it because he wanted to, as well as Touma. Fremea wipes her tears away, and looks upon the battle. Although she is scared of being harmed, she however determines that people getting harmed in her place is more terrible. And there, Fremea Seivelun determines that she will not be holding out for a hero anymore, and will now protect everyone.[21] Kakine is most likely awake when Rensa was going out of control after Fremea hijacked the Shading Computer and launched the AIM thought body of Yakumi Hisako into her. Surely, as Rensa's body began to swell as it was a power she could not understand, Kakine Teitoku, still lying on the floor, slowly regained his human form told Touma to end the fight. And thus hearing it, Touma clenched his right fist and walked towards her. Kakine Teitoku most likely witnessed the defeat of Rensa at the hands of Touma.[22]

It is interesting to note that Fremea's beetle keychain is not mentioned in the epilogue in the scene with Fremea and her class, most likely symbolizing the growth of Fremea Seivelun.

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

As one of the seven Level 5s of Academy City, he is one of the recipients of the email giving an order to kill both magic god Othinus and Kamijou Touma.[23] Here, he is confused by the message and wonders about the city still doing "this" kind of thing, likely referring to the Dark Side of Academy City's activities.[23] He doesn't follow the kill order however.

Element Arc

Main article: Element Arc

According to Fräulein Kreutune, he was out in the open during the December heatwave and hunting the Elements, apparently defeating six of them compared to her three, before remarking on the nuisance and shooting up a flower mantis and an ant-mimicking spider Element.[24]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Operation Handcuffs Arc

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc

After the events of Christmas Day and Operation Handcuffs, he and Fräulein Kreutune were with Fremea Seivelun as she was asleep in an amusement park hotel room filled with character products.[25]


As a Dark Matter Beetle

As Beetle 05 was created by the Original Kakine Teitoku using his Dark Matter power, he retains the characteristics present on all Dark Matter Beetles, such as the ability to vibrate their wings to speak for themselves,[8] or used by the Original Kakine Teitoku to speak through if he chose to.[26]

He also originally acted like a cyborg,[26] explaining its apparent analytical prowess, and logic-based thinking.

  • Regeneration: Beetle 05 originally had the ability to renew his Dark Matter when he was under the will of the Original Kakine Teitoku, allowing him to regenerate parts of himself apparently indefinitely.[3]
  • Flight: He has the ability to fly using its wings, and if he chose to, can vibrate it to allow certain things at a certain amplitude in order to make them float.[3]
  • Cannon: Using the large horn on its head. It can fire Dark Matter shells on targets, apparently exploding upon impact. It does not use gun powder; it does not smoke when fired.[26] Instead, it uses a spring system to fire the shells. Moreover, the shells are unable to destroy other beetles.[3]

As Kakine Teitoku

After becoming Kakine Teitoku, it can be presumed that he retains all the abilities that the Original had, like the ability to regenerate at a whim,[26] create an apparently unlimited number of objects like spears[27], and create cyborg-like objects.[26]

He may be even able to use his Dark Matter to take all the information in an area and give them shape, called Residual Thought. The Dark Matter runs through surfaces of materials to obtain information of past events, like Psychometry. Like a record or CD, the record of those vibrations on the surface of objects allows him to replay it.[28]


  • (To Shiage, from NT6): "...What was I trying to do?"
  • (To Fremea and Last Order, ibid): "Understood... We will escape Kakine Teitoku’s pursuit and also work to save Fräulein Kreutune. Is that okay?"
  • (From NT6): "I never had to become anything other than Kakine Teitoku."
  • (From NT6): "My name is Kakine Teitoku, Academy City’s #2 Level 5 and the user of Dark Matter."
  • (Rumor in Academy City, from NT6): "All sorts of scary rumors spread through this city, but if you run across one of the scary people spoken of in those rumors, you just need to shout out as loudly as you can. Shout out, ''Help me, rhinoceros beetle!' If you do that, you will be all right. Academy City’s #2 Level 5 who uses Dark Matter will come. Someone named Kakine Teitoku will surely come to save you."
  • (To Rensa, from NT7): "Do not underestimate a Level 5."


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