Kakita (柿田 Kakita?) is a character introduced in 5th light novel volume of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a member of Anti-Skill and one of the first few to have confronted Fräulein Kreutune.


He apparently either has superiority or seniority over his two colleagues, Momozawa and Yashiro,[1] and is well known enough to be known by Yomikawa Aiho.[2]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

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He is one of the many Anti-Skill charged with finding and detaining Fräulein Kreutune, after her escape from the Windowless Building. He and his colleagues corner near her takoyaki stand, but is apparently told over radio that they have no jurisdiction. Kakita argues with someone over the radio, after being told that they should take Fräulein to a place which has the jurisdiction. Kakita tries to argue his place, and states that the standard procedure is to take her to the nearest branch.[1]

He later orders Momozawa to handcuff her, and Yashiro to bring the Anti-Skill truck around. However, before Kakita can finish his instructions, Fräulein stood up and they are forced to surround her.[1] They are taken out later for reasons unknown, but can be presumed that Fräulein took them down.[2]



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