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Kakumei Zen'ya (革命前夜 Eve of a Revolution?) is the 1st ending theme of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation. First used in episode 1 of the anime, a new version of the ED is later used in episode 7.

The ending theme was written by zopp, composed by Nakazawa Tomoyuki and Gratia, and arranged by Sasaki Hiroshi. Iguchi Yuka provided lead vocals.


First Edition CD and DVD versions will have the music video and "Making of" music video of the single.[1]

  1. Kakumei Zen'ya – 3:46
  2. blue moon – 4:51
  3. Kakumei Zen'ya (TV version) – 1:38
  4. Kakumei Zen'ya (instrumental) – 3:46
  5. blue moon (instrumental) – 4:49


Two versions of the ED are used for the anime. The first one is a simple slideshow of Index alone on a beach, with a brief close up of her legs and face seemingly naked.

The second version is completely animated, with Index waking up to find Touma missing in the apartment forcing Index to look for him in Academy City as morning breaks. The close up of her legs and face are kept but now wearing her robes.


By order of appearance:


English lyrics

When I least expect it, you're gone
And loneliness hits me hard in the chest
In the night filled with signs I look up at the stars
I bite my lip and pray
Every time the dawn comes I run to you
You try to hide behind a smile that you're covered in wounds
But I notice, because I'm not a child

I'll protect you even if I have to make an enemy of the entire world
This strength comes from the light you've given me

I don't want to just wait for a miracle
I want to start a revolution that changes who the two of us are

And this is the night before it starts




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