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The Kamijou Faction (上条勢力 Kamijou Seiryoku?), or Kamijou Party, is a large and informal group of individuals associated with Kamijou Touma, consisting of the myriad people he has met throughout his adventures. It is a "new group" which technically does not exist in any tangible form. However, the possibility of the "faction" becoming a real group is "feared" by certain individuals on the magic side, including Etzali (initially) of the Return of the Winged One, because it might destroy the actual balance of power between the magic and science sides;[1] the group "violates the regular rules"[2] existent in current organizations since "it's composed" of espers, magicians and regular people allied with Touma, contrary to most organizations that use only magicians, only espers or only people unrelated to either side in their operations.

The existence of the group was first noted by Etzali,[1] and later by others such as Lessar, Mass Murderer Salome and the High Priest.


Touma meets his allies unexpectedly, and they help each other in many situations. The people in the group have formed connections with Touma for various reasons, such as having feelings for him (Misaka Mikoto and Itsuwa), being friends with him (Tsuchimikado Motoharu), respecting him (Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori respect him for saving Index), having their lives saved by him (Himegami Aisa and Lessar), being encouraged by him despite them not being human (Misaka 10032 and Kazakiri Hyouka), changing their way of living after being defeated by him (Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage), having a history with him (Kumokawa Seria and Shokuhou Misaki), wanting to use him for the Imagine Breaker (Leivinia Birdway), or facing the same enemy when they met each other (Sogiita Gunha and Kakine Teitoku).

Etzali has pointed out that the most troublesome thing about the group was that they took radical actions in order to solve problems and thus "couldn't be ignored". Etzali also pointed out that every member allies themselves to the group out of their own volition, beliefs and conviction, and thus they would never betray Touma, they can't be bribed out of the group, and they would not switch sides regardless of the consequences. He notes how the faction will survive even if Touma dies, as the bonds between its various members can't be dissolved.[1]


Membership in the Kamijou faction is informal, and there is no official organization or method of joining; the individuals below are "members" solely by dint of being connected with Touma. Most of these people used to lead difficult lives or had problems that they could not handle; for example, in Index's case, being a container of the 103,000 grimoires.[3] Moreover, some of these people have been previously antagonistic towards Touma, such as Kanzaki Kaori.[4] However, Touma helped them even if they refused his help, and because of him, their lives were changed and they became trustworthy allies who helped Touma in battle or other situations (except in his unlucky peaceful daily life and his homework). They are also grateful to Touma and believe in his strength; for example, his friend Tsuchimikado Motoharu once warns Aleister that if he wants to use Touma for his unknown but selfish plans, Touma will break down Aleister's illusions.[5]

Their relationships with each other in the story are normal (sometimes in a comedic way) when it is peaceful. But when a crisis occurs, they assist each other so they can return to their peaceful days.

Individuals like Etzali, Sherry Cromwell, and Vento of the Front were never seen helping Touma, but they used to fight him and they were defeated by him. After that, they changed their ways of living and had their own reasons for providing support.

Abilities and Powers

One of the dangerous attributes of the so-called group is the diversity of the individuals involved with it. Most individuals in the group possess unique powers and abilities that make them noteworthy or infamous in their respective sides.

  • Kamijou Touma possesses the Imagine Breaker which can nullify anything related to the supernatural, and has another mysterious power as shown when he fought against Fiamma of the Right.
  • Index possesses 103,000 grimoires memorized in her brain, making her a Magic God candidate and sought after by many magicians.
  • Misaka Mikoto possesses the Railgun ability, which makes her the Number 3 Level 5 esper in Academy City and the strongest Electromaster.
  • Kanzaki Kaori is a Saint, of which there are less than twenty in the world.
  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu is a Magician-Esper hybrid and the only successful one in the world.
  • Himegami Aisa is a Gemstone and possesses the ability "Deep Blood," which attracts and kills vampires.
  • Accelerator is the Number 1 and most powerful Level 5 esper in Academy City and he wields at least Angel-class powers when in his "Awakening" state.
  • Kazakiri Hyouka is an AIM being and the conscious form of the Imaginary Number District (Artificial Angel), who is at least an Angel-class being.
  • Last Order, clone of Misaka Mikoto and administrator of the Misaka Network, is used to summon AIM beings (Fuse Kazakiri and Aiwass).
  • Hamazura Shiage is a Level 0 who defeated Mugino Shizuri, the Number 4 Level 5 in Academy City. He also has allies in Skill-Out and ITEM.
  • Kumokawa Seria, advisor of the member of the Academy City Board of Directors Kaizumi Tsugutoshi, she has enough skills at manipulating people to match the Level 5 ability Mental Out without a mental esper power.
  • Acqua of the Back, former Saint and member of the God's Right Seat with the power of the Divine Mother's Mercy, is a powerful veteran mercenary and magician.
  • Leivinia Birdway, the leader of the magic cabal, the Dawn-Colored Sunlight, is powerful enough to be compared to a Saint.
  • Kuroyoru Umidori is a Level 4 cyborg with the Bomber Lance ability and was once part of the Dark May Project.
  • Thor is the second strongest member of GREMLIN, able to fight equally with a Saint.
  • Fraulein Kreutune, an immortal being who possesses strange powers.
  • Shokuhou Misaki is the Number 5 Level 5 esper of Academy City and the strongest Telepathy user.
  • Kakine Teitoku (Beetle 05) is the Number 2 Level 5 esper of Academy City and a being made of Dark Matter.
  • Sogiita Gunha is the Number 7 Level 5 esper of Academy City and the strongest Gemstone with an ability that can't be understood.
  • Othinus is the former Magic God and leader of GREMLIN. Despite being miniaturized to 15cm, she still possesses great magical knowledge.
  • Kamisato Kakeru is the wielder of World Rejecter, an abnormal ability that is comparable yet different to Touma's Imagine Breaker. Moreover, he has the loyalty of the Kamisato Faction, a group of espers, magicians and others with greater coordination than the Kamijou Faction.
  • Karasuma Fran is a skilled magician and spy with knowledge of science and technology, similar to Motoharu but without an esper ability.
  • Aleister Crowley is one of the most skilled magicians alive and has some control over an immense and varied army in the form of the Crowley's Hazards.


As seen mostly in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 10, the influence of the Kamijou faction—or rather, the extended influence of Kamijou Touma himself—affects many other organizations. As noted by Levinia Birdway, Touma's influence could be used for the greater good or for destruction depending on how he uses it.

Touma has direct or indirect influence over the following: 

  • The Government of the United States of America (extended from his relationship with Roberto Katze).
  • The Dawn-Colored Sunlight, the largest magic cabal in England (extended from his relationship with Levinia Birdway).
  • The Dark Side of Academy City (extended from his encounters and relationships with Kumokawa SeriaTsuchimikado Motoharu, Oyafune Monaka, Kaizumi Tsugoshi, Accelerator and so on).
  • With the exception of the Number Six, all of the Level 5s, the most powerful espers of Academy City, due to either knowing them personally or indirectly (Mugino Shizuri through Hamazura), and having worked with many of them as allies.
  • England's royalty (as shown in the end of New Testament Volume 10, extended after the events of the British Halloween).
  • Many other unnamed smaller cabals and organizations that could act out of fear of Touma's influence, as shown by Etzali and Kanou Shinka, Touma's influence has reached so deep into the large organizations that the smaller ones fear him due to not knowing his real personality.
  • Despite their many attempts to kill him, Touma's mended relationship with Kamisato Kakeru enables him to gain the aid of the Kamisato Faction so long as he and Kamisato work towards the same goal.
  • Aleister Crowley, due to Touma being the cornerstone of his plan, and by extension Mina Mathers and Aiwass.
  • In spite of him declining their offer, true Gremlin desired to use him as their scorer and in turn, they'd keep the world peaceful for him.
  • Connected with Judgment, Anti-Skill, and Useful Spider through Misaka Mikoto, Aiho Yomikawa, and the members of Useful Spider who helped him save Patricia, respectively

So far, Touma has very rarely intentionally utilized his influence over any organization, only going as far as stopping the Allied Forces from continuing their manhunt against Othinus. Also, as stated by Lessar, multiple individuals and factions have started making plans to use his influence for their own benefit.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

Main article: Index Arc

Touma meets Index, and later meets Stiyl and Kanzaki. Kanzaki revealed Index's continous memory loss to Touma. Touma revealed the 'truth' to Stiyl and Kanzaki and they combined their efforts to save Index. After that, Index, Stiyl and Kanzaki changed their opinions about Touma. Index learnt about Touma's memory destruction so she tried to help him remember and later confessed her feelings to him while held back her tears. However, Touma managed to fool her.

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

Touma and Index meets Himegami Aisa. Index managed to persuade Touma to keep Sphynx. Touma 'meets' Stiyl and learnt about Aureolus Izzard and Aisa's secret. Aureolus Izzard reveals his plan and his past which involved Index. Touma defeated Aureolus Izzard and rescued Aisa. In the end, Aisa started to develop feelings for Touma.

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

Touma meets Misaka 10032. Later, he come across Misaka 10031's corpse and meets the Sister Clones. Touma later found out Misaka's dark secret and managed to convince her not to fight Accelerator. Touma managed to stop Accelerator from killing Misaka 10032. The real Misaka later arrived to see the battle. Mikoto and the Sisters managed to help Touma in order to defeat Accelerator.

Angel Fall Arc

Main article: Angel Fall Arc

Touma and Index temporary leave Academy City and headed for the beach. The next day, Touma meets his father. However, Touma noticed everyone's appearance have changed except him. Touma later meets Misha Kreutzev who attempted to eliminate him but Kanzaki and Tsuchimikado made it in time to stop her. They explained to Touma about the Angel Fall and Tsuchimikado revealed that he was a member of Necessarius. The next day, Touma is looking for the culprit and came across his family photo. Knowing his father's appearance has not changed, Touma searched for him and soon confront him at the beach. However, he doesn't know anything about the Angel Fall. Misha soon appears but Kanzaki arrived in time and revealed Misha's true identity, Archangel Gabriel. While she faced Misha, Touma and his father reached and entered their house and Tsuchimikado suddenly appears. Tsuchimikado revealed the truth and knock out Touma and his father. Tsuchimikado completed his spell and destroyed Touma's parent's house. In the hospital, Tsuchimikado revealed his true nature and abilities to Touma. Finally, Touma gets to see his mother's true face.

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

Etzali says that his superiors considered a threat to Kamijou Faction. The arc would mark the first time the name Kamijou Faction is mentioned.

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

While they were in the military truck in Russia, Lessar says that she doesn´t accompany Kamijou to become part of the Kamijou Faction.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Hawaii Invasion Arc

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Leivinia manipulates the science side part of the Kamijou Faction in order to draw the true members of GREMLIN out.

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Touma demonstrate his power and influence over his alliance by having them complete the ingredients needed to stop Fräulein Kreutune from eating a human brain as well as stop GREMLIN and Ollerus' group from using her for their plans. Here, Hamazura Shiage trusts Touma's orders despite lacking information, allowing for Touma's goal to be achieved.

Meanwhile, the most obvious demonstration of Touma's influence itself is showing off to Leivinia Birdway, as she prepares to shoot him, on how he is not alone, which is then promptly followed by Misaka Mikoto and Thor using their powers to give Touma time enough to recover and fight Leivinia again, despite busy fighting powerful opponents themselves.

Salome Arc

Main article: Salome Arc

Mass Murderer Salome targeted members of the faction following her brother's defeat at Touma's hands, using a list of those with close connections to Touma compiled by fortune teller sisters Sunny and Rain.[6]

Element Arc

Main article: Element Arc

Aleister Crowley Arc

Main article: Aleister Crowley Arc

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc


  • There is evidence that, in the Magic Side, magicians and organizations believe that this faction is very dangerous and influential; while others want to join.
  • Etzali was one of the first to point out the danger that this group presents, but despite that, he ended up "allying" himself with the ideas faction.
  • After Lessar mentioned the 'Kamijou Faction', she said that she does not want to be a part of it. However, she did not abandon Touma and kept on assisting him during his journey to save Index. Her journey with Touma is solid evidence that she is one of Touma's allies.
  • Since Touma is somehow related to several influential people, one could say that the faction has several resources. For example: Third Princess Villian, Elizalina, President Roberto Katze, Oyafune Monaka, or Kaizumi Tsugutoshi .