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There are several houses that are referred to as the Kamijou Family Residence. Originally only one house in the novels, additional houses were introduced to fill in the discrepancy in information due to adaptation of the novels into a different medium. The residence is the primary focus of the Angel Fall Arc.

In the light novelEdit


Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Kamijou Residence looks like any regular middle-class, two-storey, wooden Japanese home with the Kamijou nameplate on a concrete wall near its entrance.[1] It has a red roof.[2]


Angel Fall ArcEdit

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In the original light novels there is no mention that the house is a new one owned by the Kamijou Family though Touma states that they have not finished paying its installments. During Touma's hospitalizion, his mother Shiina takes photos of it when she paraglides and sends them to him.[2]

Before the events of Angel Fall, Touya, in an effort to remove the misfortune that plagues his son, accumulates over 3,000 charms and arranged them in accordance to the principles of Feng shui. This creates a Magic Circle that uses the Power of the World through its leylines, allowing for Touya, the spellcaster or the conduit, to cast Angel Fall.[3]

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Jinsaku appears behind an unsuspecting Motoharu within the darkened halls of the Kamijou Residence.

The house was later invaded by Hino Jinsaku after fleeing Wadatsumi, turning the residential area into a media frenzy as the police try to find a way to enter the house. This however, attracts Touma and company's attention as they need to apprehend Jinsaku themselves to stop Angel Fall. After arriving and distracting the police with another house, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, a Feng shui expert, notices the queer arrangements of the charms there[3] but pays no heed as they are too busy trying to find Jinsaku, who has sealed off the house and released some gas. In the darkness, Motoharu and Touma fight against Jinsaku and are finally able to apprehend him. However, they learn shortly after that Jinsaku was also affected by Angel Fall, though his personality switched as he suffers from multiple personality disorder.[4] After seeing a photo of his father, Touma realizes that he has not changed chis appearance, leading to Misha Kreutzev to try and find him and for Touma to stop her.[5]

Later, after Motoharu stops Touma and Touya from interfering with his plans, he uses his magic, despite being an esper, to completely destroy the house and end Angel Fall.[3]

Later events in the novelsEdit

After its destruction, the Kamijous move to another area that is still in Kanagawa which is in same area as the Misaka family. There, Shiina and Misaka Misuzu become good friends, unaware of their children's and husbands relationships.[6]

In the animeEdit

There are two notable houses that can be referred to as the Kamijou Residence: the old one and the new one.

The old Kamijou residence is where Touya and Shiina were married and was the birthplace and childhood home of their son. The new residence is where Touya and Shiina resided a month before the events of the Angel Fall Arc and where Touya keeps all the souvenirs that would eventually activate Angel Fall.[7]


The old residence is akin to a mansion although when Touma was a child, he complained on how small it was. The new residence looked like a modern Japanese home. It was two storeys tall and built on an elevated area with a garage underneath.[7]


Angel Fall ArcEdit

Kamijou 2nd Residence

Touma and Motoharu before the house.

According to Touya, they moved into the house a month before the arc and had contacted Touma about it. For some unknown duration of time Touya stockpiled his souvenir collection of objects with magical properties and arranged them in accordance with Feng Shui to counteract his son's misfortune.[7] After leaving the house accidentally unlocked to go to Touma's location it became a temple for the spell and activated Angel Fall.[8]

Touma and Motoharu were forced to visit the house after they started suspecting Misha as the culprit behind Angel Fall as she had not touched Touma's right hand and had accompanied Shiina, who had returned home as she had forgotten to lock the house.[8] They arrived before the pair and discovered the various souvenirs Touya had accumulated. They also discover that Touya's appearance was unchanged despite the affects of Angel Fall. Motoharu concluded that Touya was the culprit behind Angel Fall but then Shiina and Misha arrived. The latter realized this as well and immediately left, forcing Touma to pursue her as she would kill Touya for being the spell caster.[8]

The house was later destroyed by Motoharu using his Shikigami pistol as it was the ritual location for Angel Fall its destruction negated the spell. The house is later being rebuilt and in the meantime Touya and Shiina returned to their former residence.[7]


  • In the novels, the reason on how Angel Fall was activated is not specifically clear., Motoharu guesses that since the Kamijou couple left the house empty where the souvenirs arranged in accordance with Feng Shui were, this made the ritual location incomplete, leading to the activation of Angel Fall instead of another spell out of pure coincidence.[3] In the anime, it is much more specific. Motoharu states that when the Kamijou couple left the home unlocked[8] it became a temple for the spell and activated Angel Fall.


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