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A much more experienced Kamijou Touma is seen in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. Much of the staple tropes of his character, such as his "Such misfortune" and "Break that illusion of yours" catchphrases, and being put into the hospital after every incident, has fallen into disuse. Comedic scenes with Touma, though still present, have become lessened, as he has become more proactive in stopping an enemy instead of reacting to their actions. Brought into a postwar world by Leivinia Birdway after being saved, Touma comes upon a much more savvy enemy, GREMLIN, led by the Magic God Othinus.

Moreover, he struggles much more against his enemies, making him more aware of his own limitations, and finally, suffers a great deal emotionally more than in Toaru Majutsu no Index. This culminates in his enduring countless Phases of the world where he suffers, which ultimately nearly led to his own self-style demise. In spite of this, Touma remains the same as he did in Toaru Majutsu no Index, still willing to save anyone who needs help, though now keenly aware of how he prioritize other people's conveniences instead of his own. It is not until halfway through the series that Touma is able to return back to normal through the mutual understanding between him and the depowered Othinus.

This article provides the chronological history of Kamijou Touma as he appears in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Freshmen Arc

Main article: Freshmen Arc

Touma returns at the moment when Kuroyoru is about to kill Fremea, and stops the attack with his right hand. He starts to explain to Shiage and Accelerator about Magic, but was cut off by Leivinia Birdway when she kicked him between the legs and said she'll continue the explanation.

Homecoming Arc

Main article: Homecoming Arc

Leivinia Birdway decided that explaining the introduction to the magic side and current situation to Shiage and Accelerator would take place at Touma's house. During the travel to his house, Touma realizes that there would be a lot explaining and apologizing he had to make and became depressed; Shiage suggested helping him by telling Touma to drink some alcohol.

Kamijou Touma's return.

Later a heavily intoxicated Touma is seen surprising and talking to Mikoto when she couldn't get any straight answers from him, she tried to blast him with lighting only to be surprised when Touma easily evaded despite being drunk rather than use his right hand. Soon he is recognized by many girls who followed him back to his apartment, those being Himegami Aisa, Tsukuyomi Komoe, Fukiyose Seiri, a self-proclaimed beast girl, Musujime Awaki, Kazakiri Hyouka, Kumokawa Seria and various classmates from A Certain High School.

At his dormitory, Touma still drunk greets Index after a long period of time, he "sobers up" after some head biting and then Leivinia Birdway begins the explanation of magic from its organization to capabilities. During one of the discussion breaks, he goes to a restrained Kuroyoru Umidori in his bathroom to give her some food. When Umidori tries to show off her cyborg and take his life, Touma displays being shock by her cyborg and calmly ignoring her attack with his Imagine Breaker. Much to Umidori's dismay, Touma treats her like an appliance and a child; she recoils from him when he tries to see if she has cyborg cat ears under her hood. [8]

After finally finishing the discussion on magic, Leivinia was about to reveal the name of the true enemy when she detected the approach of Radiosonde Castle. She tells the three protagonists that Academy City is about to be destroyed, because it was tracking Touma or more specifically his right arm. All three of them leave to stop the "tracking signal" before the Castle arrives. Accelerator located its position, Shiage got construction equipment to dig to it, and Touma destroyed the signal with his hand. Leivinia calls them after the crisis was over to tell them the enemy is GREMLIN. To the organization of GREMLIN, Touma is the "hero" of the science side and has been the biggest threat to magic side all because of Imagine Breaker surpassing even the constructed right arm of Fiamma of the Right.[9]

Hawaii Invasion Arc

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

With information from Leivinia Birdway regarding GREMLIN's current movements in Hawaii, Touma, Mikoto, Accelerator, Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst go there at the same day as Roberto Katze, the President of the United States of America disappears in his own accord due to the people even in his own government acting strange as if being controlled. Immediately after, they draw out a GREMLIN magician named Cendrillon, and after a bit of fighting, manages to subdue her and draw information out of her.

After much trouble with the mind controlled hostages of Saronia A. Irivika, a magician of GREMLIN, which allows them to meet up with the President, they discover that they are planning in creating an artificial eruption in the island of Hawaii that would possibly kill millions and push the world into a state of calamity like a domino effect. They fail in their task in stopping the eruption, however, much to their surprise, they discover that the volcano did not have the same destructive power as they predicted. Before they can ponder on about the implications of this, the Hawaiian Islands are attacked by the joint-forces of GREMLIN and mercenaries called Trident. Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto discuss the culprit behind the invasion, as well as the true nature of Saronia's mind controlling powers, while Accelerator, and Leivinia help out the US forces stationed in Pearl Harbor. They later deduce that the media queen, Olay Blueshake, hired Trident and aligned herself with GREMLIN in the hopes of turning the USA into a theocracy, which would provide protection for the USA against the occult and magic. At the same as this, Roseline Krackhart, Roberto's aide, uses her cards as well, planning to use Olay's daughter, Lindy Blueshake as a bargaining chip against her. With Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto visibly against the kidnapping and use of Lindy, the gang goes to Kauai, Hawaii, in hopes of retrieving Lindy first.

The puppeteer finally appears.

With Umidori in town, Touma does battle with Trident forces in the Napali Coast, who arrived to take away Lindy. She is later rescued by Shiage, Roberto, and Lindy, where they then tried to communicate with Rosaline Krackhart in the hopes of finding a better solution to stop the invasion. With the invasion of Hawaii in the line, as Cinesic Evers, commander of Trident in the invasion, bets on Saronia's defeating on Touma after Roberto and Roseline's forces captured him. After Umidori did her best to eliminate the backup Trident forces, Touma is forced to face Saronia alone, and at the same time figure out her powers and her weakness. After a great disadvantage, Touma somehow manage to discover Saronia's weakness and promptly beats her terribly.

However, all celebration ceases after the end of the invasion, as Touma soon discovers that Leivinia has used him to put Academy City in a terrible situation, for the sake of drawing the inner core of echelon out. Estranged with Leivinia, Touma promises not to return to Academy City, until he is able to fix the mess he made with his naivete. Meanwhile, Mikoto vows to follow him no matter what, leading to Touma planning on how to leave and deal with his problems on his own.

Baggage City Arc

Main article: Baggage City Arc

With Kihara Kagun's information and hints, Touma manages to get out of Hawaii without the rest of his faction following him, and arrive at Baggage City on his own.[10] A "Kamijou Touma" is first seen before Saflee Opendays' first battle, beaten up by her for accidentally coming upon her when she was not decent. Here, he somehow confides to her the situation in which he is in. On how Natural Selector came to be, blaming Leivinia Birdway for it, and wanting to have the 27 Cooperative Institutions back to Academy City, and how GREMLIN is planning something in Natural Selector. Touma tells her on how he got lost and would appreciate her help but does not recommend it, and proposes for her to run away. Saflee disagrees with his opinion, and tells of her desire to win the tournament. She later goes to her first match.[11] Science Guardian later discovers the whereabouts of Touma, thinking that he is a threat to the tournament due to him being from Academy City. Here, Weissland Strainikov along with Útgarða-Loki, and a few of Baggage City guards, comes up to Touma who was subdued by Saflee Opendays, worried about his welfare after discovering that Baggage City is after him. When he comes to, Touma tells them that he is not the intruder. Weissland believes he is referring to GREMLIN, but Touma states that someone else is headed for Baggage City. Here, he reminds them that Academy City will not be waiting around doing nothing, and foremost, they will not be sending a high-schooler like him. Touma simply states that "they" are coming. Saflee lets out a voice of confusion, and immediately after "they" came.[12]

For the rest of the events that occur in Baggage City, Touma is referred to as a mysterious and enigmatic character. Kihara Kagun himself stated that Oumi Shuri and Kumokawa Maria needed to meet Touma if they wanted to survive.

Kamijou Touma destroys the illusion that surrounded Baggage City.

Touma does not appear up until Maria is left alone to face Marian Slingeneyer and her sword, shattering the spell that has distorted Baggage City into a place of tragedy. Here, Touma comments that he has only now just caught up, and is late, though would now force GREMLIN to play by his rules.[13] His mere presence alone saves Maria from the deadly effects of Marian's sword. Marian tells Touma that he is late and that Kihara Kagun is dead, and he acknowledges it. Marian tries to use the swords first effect on Touma, but it had no effect due to his Imagine Breaker. Angry for Touma for denying Bersi's efforts (destroying the distorted world that had filled Baggage City), even then Touma will still fight her. Still with the sword sheathed, Marian tries to cut down Touma, to which he realizes that it cannot be negated by his Imagine Breaker. Immediately later, Touma determines the power of the sheathed sword, which collects vectors in a single point and send them directly out. Marian continues attacking, and sucks Touma in the sphere at the end of the scabbard of the sword, but easily manages to get out, and destroys one of her gold tools. Although this was a set-up that would allow Marian to put Touma in a position in which she could strike her. Thinking quickly however, Touma grabs the fragments of the tools he destroyed to cut his uniform and allow it to be sucked into the sphere of Marian's scabbard. With the sphere collapsing due to the pressure, the sphere explodes, sending Marian back and ensuring Touma's victory.[14]

Still adamant in giving up, Marian threatens in unsheathing completely her sword, but Touma plainly tells her that he knows that she will not unsheathe the sword, for she should have done it in the first place, ending all the battles even before they begin. Furthermore, he states that she did not want to draw it, stating that it might destroy more than what she wants destroyed, as well as the fact that she went berserk after Bersi's death, she still managed not to draw the sword. Marian tries, and unsheathes the sword, but could not even do it, when the power of the sword begins to emanate. In her moment of hesitation, Touma steps forward and punches her, defeating her.[14] After the battle, Marian asks what Touma is going to do, and he answers that he'll have to destroy Marian's sword. Maria then asks on how Touma found out about GREMLIN in Baggage City, to which he answers that Kihara Kagun (Bersi) was the one who told him (not personally), leaving various hints as well helping him get off Hawaii. Touma then asks Marian what kind of person he was, to which she replies that she is someone worth pursuing. An expression of disappointment draws upon Touma's face as he recounts on how he could not save him, though Marian says it is fine as Kagun died satisfactorily. Suddenly, Othinus comes out of nowhere and rips Touma's right hand off.[10]

From then on, Touma remains unconscious due to blood loss, though a strange and ineffable power once again manages to sprout from where Touma's hand used to be but was easily crushed by Othinus, lamenting on his power's development. Touma is later rescued by Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right, forcing Othinus to hasten her retreat with Marian. Touma's consciousness later flickers as his right hand somehow connects back to his arm. Here, Fiamma of the Right mentions that generation of Imagine Breaker is still attached to Touma, as it seems to find meaning in being borne by Touma. Touma later comes to, and Fiamma of the Right and Ollerus talks to him, with the latter introducing himself to Touma. Although still in pain, Touma tells the both of them that there may be still people requiring rescue in the city. Ollerus acquiesces to his requests and tells them what they need to do.[15]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Eve of the Festival

Touma awakens in a station, not knowing how he got there and back in Academy City. While he ponders what had happened in Baggage City, and regarding Fiamma of the Right and Ollerus, he hears footsteps, and as he turns around, he discovers that it is of his classmate Seiri. Here, she is carrying supplies for the Ichihanaransai. After Touma had the nerve to ask what she is doing at the station where he is left off, Seiri attacks him with one of her bags, reminding him that he is the one who had skipped the preparations for the festival. Seiri later uses the duct tape in her bag to subdue Touma and carry him back to school telling him that they are shorthanded, much to his remonstrations as Touma wants to see Index in their dorm. However, she ignores him.[16]

She is apparently uncaring of Touma's well-being as she dragged him in the streets and later shoves him into their classroom, declaring him as a fugitive, before moving to her own station. Here, Tsukuyomi Komoe tells Touma that his absences has reached the point in which homework and supplementary lessons can't cover it. She asks Touma if there are any problems he is facing that may be the reason for his absences, and later asks why he is so beat up. Although, Touma could only give half-hearted replies. He is later reunited with Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce, and predictably get into an argument regarding perverted cultural festival events, necessitating for Seiri to intervene.[17] With everything settling down, Touma is later told by Seiri that she'll need him to stay over tonight, much to Touma's dismay as he still wants to go back to his dormitory and see Index. Seiri then instructs him to buy some food for them, and gives him money for it.[18]

Touma dashes past Ollerus because there are more urgent worries than GREMLIN at hand.

With his cart, Touma tries to do what Seiri told him to do, that is, until he notices Ollerus. He notes to Touma on how it took so long for Touma to sense him, noting that he lost a bet with Fiamma of the Right, and says that he wants to talk about the Imagine Breaker to him, but Touma ignores him much to his surprise, as he still intends to deliver the food that Seiri has tasked him to do.[18] Ollerus later gets the opportunity to talk to Touma after he ran his errands. Here, Ollerus tells Touma on what a Majin is, GREMLIN and Othinus' goals, his and his Imagine Breaker's role in it, as well as his opinion regarding the nature of the Imagine Breaker, that it is the reference point of the original world, that forcibly reverts it back whenever it comes into contact with a distortion of it, an incredible detriment to Othinus.[19][20]

Wandering alone for a while to ponder on what Ollerus said, Touma then meets Mikoto again. Instead of attacking him with her electric powers, she hits him with her fists, and tells Touma on how she got stood up and abandoned in Hawaii. Touma asks her if it was right to place a friend in a position where they are likely to bear the full brunt of an attack from the people that were involved in Hawaii. However, the Mikoto before him reveals his true identity, Thor of GREMLIN, and attacks using electric arcs that cuts through the turbine behind Touma. Thor is impressed by Touma learning how to dodge instead of just defending using his right hand. Touma has realized that he is not Mikoto due to his action of hitting him with his fist instead of what Mikoto usually does, which is to attack him with electricity. After some swift movements, Touma manages to grab hold of Thor and demand to know who he is. As Thor's disguise breaks apart, Thor tells Touma who he is and that GREMLIN is already in the city.[21]

Touma is treated by Thor to a snack, much to his surprise, where he discusses to him how he knows about Mikoto, and how he has the power to change his form into that of girls. More importantly, Thor discusses with him about the latter's discussion with Ollerus a while back. He tells Touma that he knows that he is afraid of being made to fight according to someone else's wishes such as with Leivinia Birdway during Hawaii or Kihara Kagun in Baggage City. Thor tells Touma that just because Ollerus opposes them doesn't mean he is wholly good, moreover, he tells Touma that someone who uses violence to resolve a problem should not be completely referred to as good and just, a statement that hits Touma completely. Thor tells Touma that Ollerus did not come alone to Academy City, and states that he had brought along Silvia, Fiamma of the Right, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway, all extremely powerful beings, and with the likelihood that they will clash GREMLIN, making Academy City the primary battlefield, something that Ollerus' group could have avoided by preventing GREMLIN from reaching Academy City or Japan in the first place. Thor bluntly tells Touma that it is because they are using Academy City to carry out their objectives.[22] Touma however, begins to doubt Thor after he explains on how Thor really doesn't know Ollerus true intentions, as well as that of Othinus. Thor tells Touma that he never said that he should trust him, and just tells him not to rely on too much information from just one side. Thor tells Touma that the both of them will fight eventually, and that he would like to fight him with no reservations, but he wants the situation surrounding him to be solved beforehand. Thor say that both Ollerus and Othinus are fighting over something similar, and says that he happens to know of a way to dumbfound of them, which involves rescue.[22] Thor states that Othinus wants a person who has yet to be dyed by magic or science, and have a high durability that will allow the person to survive whatever modifications Othinus puts her through. Though he doesn't know the specifics, Thor states that the person, Fräulein Kreutune, is still alive, is in Academy City within the Windowless Building, and that she was kept and imprisoned there as a last ditch effort to contain her as she is an existence that goes against the wishes of the city's leader.[23] Touma is basically told that they need to open the way into Academy City's most impregnable fortress, free Fräulein, and do it before any of the other can do so. Touma asks Thor if they can really pull it off, to which he replies that he has an idea and that the only thing that Touma needs to do is to make up his mind. Thor says that he is not Touma's ally, and that he should have no worries about betrayal, because that is indeed an inevitability. To make it even, he tells Touma that he can abandon him if he doesn't need him anymore. However, Touma falls silent, but Thor continues to press for his answer.[24]

Thor surprised by Touma suddenly negating his lightning arc blades and turning the tables on him.

After thinking for a while, Touma says that he cannot possibly trust Thor because he has nothing to substantiate what he said. Thor sighs, and mocks Touma's misgivings. Thor assaults Touma, shoving his head down on the table they were eating on as witnesses gather round their scuffle. Thor then throws Touma off, slamming into tables. Thor continues to mock Touma's doubts as he kicks him around, saying that a girl named Fräulein Kreutune is being imprisoned. That simple fact should normally be enough for Touma to save her. He tells Touma that he has survived for so long in a world full of experts is because he always acted on his desire to save someone whether succeeded or not, and that if he loses that his fist will only become a tool for his own selfish desires. As Thor tries to kick Touma again, he blocks it, and tells Thor to shut up. Touma tells him of his hesitation, and blames him and his group for starting this nonsense in the first place. Thor however, does not buy into Touma's excuses and continues to kick him. He tells Touma not everyone in GREMLIN supported what Othinus has done, and that he dislikes Othinus methods, as such, it is the reason why he has betrayed GREMLIN for this mission. He tells Touma that he was better when he was still reaching his hand to help any girl he saw, despite being tricked by everyone around him.[25] As Touma stands, he tells Thor that he doesn't know how many people were caught in the little wars they have fought in Hawaii and Baggage City, and states that there is nothing wrong with being cautious. Thor however, replies that hesitation doesn't make the best decisions, and attacks Touma with his electric arc blades, noting that if that is how he acts, to abandon someone because of his fears, then he is a true villain. However, Touma easily dispatches the electric arc blades. Touma tells Thor that he doesn't have any kind overarching plan as well, then slams his knee into Thor's guts. As Touma continues to beat Thor, he continues to beat into his head that he is sick of trying to save someone and causing more suffering as a result. But Thor turns the tables around, and starts beating Touma, and continues lecturing him. The fight continues to a brawl, with no side overpowering the other. In a lull, Thor asks Touma if he wants to help or not, to which he states that if Fräulein is really suffering, but tells him that he will crush Thor if he ends up using him for his own ends. Thor tells him to do as he pleases, and says that he is taking action tonight, and that he doesn't care what he does as long as he ends up saving Fräulein Kreutune. He leaves after giving the rendezvous point to Touma.[25]

After escaping the custody of Anti-Skill after his little street fight with Thor, Touma ends up in the area where the Windowless Building is located. He meets up with him at the rendezvous point. He tells Thor that he will betray him when he sees fit, to which Thor understands. He shows Touma some tools, which leads to Touma questioning him on how they are supposed to breakthrough impregnable Windowless Building using them, to which Thor answers by giving him instructions.[26] After Thor leaves, however, the real Misaka Mikoto spots him, and demands answers from him, such as why he is not helping his school for the Ichihanaransai, regarding on how he was arrested by Anti-Skill, and how he ended getting back to Hawaii. Touma however, believing that the Mikoto before her is still Thor, tells her to stop joking around, confusing Mikoto. Touma then demonstrates how terrible "Thor's" his disguise is and touches Mikoto's chest, ceaselessly bewildering her. Touma notes on how they feel so real, to which Mikoto stutters to say that they are not pads. Tired of this nonsense, Touma leaves Mikoto and tells "him" to stop joking around and get to the rendezvous point.[27] At the rendezvous point, Thor leaves Touma alone to prepare for something, as he observes the Windowless Building with the binoculars. As Touma confirms that there's no one around the area of the building, Thor has already set up remotely the truck bombs around the building. He detonates it later, though much to his concern, as Touma tells him that the explosion should be enough to shatter the glass in buildings and might injure people. Thor then tells Touma that everything went according to plan, despite the building remaining unscathed. He later sends Touma a map on where they should meet up next.[27] Touma later meets up with Thor, and then walks towards one of the abandoned bases of Freshmen that was made as a security blind spot for the vast surveillance system of Academy City. Although they can only use it for twenty minutes before someone investigates the blank spot. With nothing to monitor them, Thor explains the reason he used the bombs on the building; the reason being, is that he needed to figure out the discrepancies in the Windowless Buildings' Calculate Fortress' shockwave dampening abilities as there are some shockwaves that the armor cannot fully escape. It was information that was provided by Kihara Kagun whilst he still lived. After fifteen minutes of having a powerful computer that they accessed through Kagun's backdoors analyze the data Thor gathered, Thor and Touma leave the base with tools.[28] Thor later states that they have about ten to twenty minutes to act in order to break through the Calculate Fortress and free Fräulein. With the tools readied, Touma tells Thor that they should go now, impressing him.[29]

What Touma and Thor sees before being struck down by Fräulein Kreutune.

After some preparations, both Thor and Touma start to jackhammer upon the surface of the building, and much to Touma's surprise, it actually starts penetrating the Calculate Fortress. As Thor tries to replace the spike of his jackhammer after it got broken, the Four Wings have come. Thor panics as they have no longer an escape route, and that threat of being attacked has increased. Touma says that they should retreat as they cannot save Fräulein if they are killed. Thor replies that they no longer have that option once GREMLIN and Ollerus group makes their move. As they have reached an impasse, the cracks on the wall of the Windowless Building starts expanding, creating a huge perfect square shape around the wall. It collapses, and out of the shadows comes Fräulein Kreutune. Immediately after, both Thor and Touma are somehow struck down by her.[30]

After coming to, Thor tells Touma that Fräulein has escaped, destroyed the Four Wings, and his views on how Fräulein's powers worked on them and on the Windowless Building. Even though Touma doesn't anything, Thor begins to mock Touma on how he wouldn't save Fräulein now after what she has done, since she is not like the other people Touma has saved. But Touma agrees with him, and says that he needs to befriend Fräulein quickly. Then, their attention is taken by the gaping hole that Fräulein has made, and they are tempted to go inside. Thor tells Touma that they will be "devoured" if they step inside, and Touma replies that he knows. Thor agrees with Touma's assertion that they need to get to Fräulein—their top priority. Their objective is to get to Fräulein as quickly as possible as GREMLIN and Ollerus are not that stupid to have noticed the ruckus Fräulein has made.[31]

Thor and Touma listen on as the Anti-Skill scramble to mow down Fräulein. Thor notes after Touma asks him who GREMLIN sent with him, that GREMLIN has clearly not moved yet, and that Ollerus is probably doing the same. However, Touma says that if Thor's assumptions are correct, then they are in doubt that Fräulein has escaped, and that they can still fool them if they can send them some fake information making them think it's a trap and that they should stay away, and have them keep away from Fräulein. Thor is intrigued, and asks what they need to do. Touma says that they need to scatter some bait before they get accurate information on Fräulein Kreutune, make them think it must be a trap. Touma and Thor later dress up as firefighters in order to escape the area that is surrounded by Anti-Skill.[32] With that out of the way, Thor and Touma discuss on how they have no idea where everyone from GREMLIN and Ollerus are. Touma asks why Thor doesn't even know where his comrades are, and that Touma has no way to contact Ollerus. Touma says that the only way is to trap GREMLIN, and that should naturally raise Ollerus' attention, necessitating for him to send out a scout, and for them to set up a second trap. Thor sums up Touma's plan that they make GREMLIN think that Academy City and Ollerus are attacking them, and Ollerus think that Academy City and GREMLIN are attacking his group. Thor tells Touma about the difficulty of his gambit, to which Touma says that it has already become difficult the moment they stepped into the city.[33] Thor accompanies Touma to his high school to prepare for their trap. Finally arriving at the computer laboratory, Touma and Thor set out to print some posters for some plans.[34]

Thor calls Marian Slingeneyer to tell her to meet up with him in a plaza in front of the District 7 station in order to have more firepower in capturing Fräulein. As Marian tries to search for Thor, she discovers a poster of a bulletin board declaring her to be a dangerous person involved in Baggage City, and that she should be reported to Anti-Skill. Marian reports this to Thor as Marian scrambles away. Thor tells Marian that they can crush Academy City and Ollerus' group, but not at the same time.[35] After Thor agrees to Marian's plan on moving to another location, it is revealed that it was all just a ruse made up by Touma, who used the bulletin boards that are used for the festival announcements for his plan, and using Thor's transformation abilities to change into Marian for the photo. Thor asks Touma if he really is going to do it with the second trap on the scout, to which Touma says that Thor should stay out of the way, as the others would get suspicious, and the fact that he is the only one capable of recovering from Fräulein Kreutune's attacks, making him the trump card. He then asks Thor to give him the water based pen as he writes something on his handbook and makes it appear smudged. Touma asks what if Marian is going to use her magic while running away, to which Thor replies that she probably won't as she doesn't want to cause a commotion. Touma asks what Marian might do, to which he says that Marian can likely create decorations based on Norse mythology to make the wearer's body invisible, like Tarnkappes, though the user themselves will not be able to know if they had actually been rendered invisible or not. But Thor reassures him that he has added some spells the moment Marian entered the plaza in order to prevent her from making herself invisible so Touma can follow her. And with that, he takes the handbook that he smudged on purpose, and tells Thor to go ahead without him if he can't meet up with him.[36]

Touma is reunited with Leivinia.

As Marian moves with Mjölnir to find their next hideout, she is tailed presumably unaware, by Touma. Finally, Touma notices the scout that was sent out to tail Marian Slingeneyer, Leivinia Birdway, and with that, grabs a nearby power drill, to finish his part of the plan. Touma closes down on Leivinia and aims the power drill at Leivinia's skull. With arms spread out, Leivinia is completely nonchalant regarding Touma's threats. Touma tells Leivinia not to move as he has the advantage, but Leivinia asks if he really expects that he can kill her with the drill. Leivinia then states that she never expected him to act in behalf of GREMLIN. Touma tells Leivinia that he has no idea if what he is doing is right or wrong, but says that it is at least, it is due to him thinking through things for himself. Leivinia says that he might've been tricked into doing it, to which Touma replies that she is the one who specializes in doing that, to which Leivinia falls into silence.[37]

Leivinia completely ignores Touma's tirade regarding the hell that happened in Baggage City, her role in keeping damage to a minimum, and the fact that despite all she did, he still deemed it as something that is not the best answer, as Kihara Kagun died, bringing Kumokawa Maria to tears, and that she still used Baggage City to her own end. Touma then asks her how he is supposed to unconditionally trust someone who did all that. For but a moment, there was no reply from Leivinia. When she speaks, however, she coldly tells him to move the "toy" he is carrying out of her way, and that he has created a situation that he no longer has grounds that will not stop her from killing him, as he threw it away before her now.[37]

Just then, as the tension becomes thicker, Anti-Skill arrives, and sees Touma's threatening Leivinia. One of them however, accidentally takes out his rifle and starts shooting at Touma, much to the horror of everyone present. Leivinia cradles the bloodied Touma in her arms, and tries her best to use first aid on him, not allowing the Anti-Skill to interfere anymore. As she begins to leave, she tells Anti-Skill of Touma's condition. With her bloodied clothes and hand, that she is unable to wipe since she used her handkerchief for Touma's first aid. It is shown that she has taken Touma's bait, the student handbook he had where he wrote Marian Slingeneyer's name. She calls her comrades, and tells them that Touma was won over by GREMLIN. She reports to them on how Touma is working with Marian, and the details regarding her name in the student handbook. She also tells the person on the other side of the phone that GREMLIN is based in School District 12, from the notes on Touma's handbook, and says that she wants them to crush GREMLIN using a surprise attack as it is the perfect chance to do so. Touma however, barely conscious, overhears this as he is carried out by the EMTs, satisfied that she has fallen for the bait, and that he used the unforeseen arrival of Anti-Skill as the means to convince Leivinia.[37]

In the Heaven Canceller's care, Touma survives and receives an operation from him, who notes on how miraculous it is that he survived and how despite accidentally firing at Touma, the Anti-Skill still retained his training. Touma is put in the ICU, and notes that once his condition stabilizes, he will be handed over to Anti-Skill. He later leaves, leaving Touma in his room. However, Touma was conscious all along, and despite the tremendous pain, Touma escapes the hospital, bloodied, with only a few hours left before the Ichihanaransai officially begins.[38]

Day of the Festival

Touma resurfaces in the dumpster, and replaces his blood-soaked rags with clothes he found in a dumpster. He starts searching for Fräulein Kreutune but cannot find any leads. He then searches for rumors, news, and information about her in the City's SNSs and message boards in order to pinpoint her location but discovers that they are mysteriously removed or missing. Thinking quickly, Touma searches for areas that has absolutely no news at all, and quickly goes there afterwards.[39]

After Fräulein lost sight of Last Order, she was finally found by Touma. Fräulein pokes and sniffs at the injured Touma like an animal, as he tries to convince her to leave. Fräulein uses her ability to negatively affect living things just like before when she escaped the Windowless Building, which causes Touma to collapse near the ground that she was standing. Touma touches an exposed car battery to shock himself to stop its effects, allowing for him to stay conscious. He tells Fräulein to hide and run away from GREMLIN, Ollerus's group, and Academy City. However, Fräulein says that she couldn't run away or hide because her body had recently gained the function to obtain other people's information by consuming their brain. Fräulein says that this consuming ability is the same as a basic body function that she must do, which forces her body to only find a way to eat a certain someone's brain. The consuming function that she had obtained is forcing her to try and eat the person against her will, even though she is incredibly miserable due to her body forcing her to eat the brain of Last Order who called her a friend.[40] She says that she knows not when she had attained the function, but says that her actions are now based on that imperative. She laments on her fate, and Touma asks who that person is. However, she doesn't reply for she is slowly being overtaken by her function. Touma wonders how it came to this, and begins to doubt his decision to free her from the Windowless Building, thinking that it may have been the trigger for the change. Touma is slowly overcome by his injuries, and yet, he does not yield to the thinking that saving her was wrong. As Touma stands up, he tries to search for Fräulein, as he has lost sight of her. Fräulein leaves as soon as Touma is distracted by his injuries.[41]

Cendrillon catches Touma in her arms.

Touma is overcome by his injuries as he desperately searches for Fräulein, but Cendrillon catches Touma as he succumbs to his injuries from yesterday, noting that he must not die yet for she needs her revenge.[42] he drags Touma into a nearby alleyway. Discovering that he was shot, she tries to use healing magic on him but the Imagine Breaker simply negates her attempts. Cendrillon tries to use first aid on Touma with found objects, to which he protests, however, the language barrier prevents them from communicating. Touma later takes a better look on her, to which she averts his gaze, probably knowing what he is thinking regarding her appearance, and responds that a lot has happened.[43]

After Thor tricks Misaka Mikoto, she approaches Touma still being taken care of by Cendrillon. She attacks him, and is surprised that he did not block it. She later discovers that he has gunshot injuries and feels sorry. Nonchalantly, Cendrillon comments on Mikoto's attacks but says that it is only natural for her to get angry as Touma is the only clue leading to GREMLIN. Touma seeing this opportunity, asks Mikoto to translate for him. Here, the both of them discover Cendrillon's circumstances, on how she snuck into Academy City, her new abilities, as well as the reason she got so small. The last one piques Touma's attention, as there is still leftovers from her reconstructing her body, which can be made into whatever they want. Touma asks Mikoto to tell Cendrillon that he needs her help in constructing a brain that would prevent Fräulein Kreutune from eating a person's brain. Only now did Mikoto know of Cendrillon as the same one from Hawaii, but Touma's urgency takes precedence and Mikoto did what she is told. Cendrillon tells Touma that she doubts she can help him as her vengeance with Marian takes precedence, and that the leftovers, if lost, will no longer able to remake herself back to normal. Hearing Marian's name however, Touma casually comments on how he defeated Marian back in Baggage City. As Mikoto translates it to Cendrillon, she is caught by surprise by Touma's actions, and unreasonably concludes that Marian must be dead, but he makes no attempt to amend her misinterpretation. Cendrillon clicks her tongue, noting that not only did Touma save her life in Baggage City, but freed herself from her revenge, lamenting on the fact that he was supposed to be her enemy, but has grown more indebted to him. However, Mikoto refused to translate what she just said. Touma pleads Mikoto to continue translating, and she acquiesces. Cendrillon tells Touma that she will pay back her debts, and asks Touma what she needs to do, and later goes off on her own.[44]

Touma confronts a shocked Leivinia, as Fräulein is left alone in the background.

After Leivinia Birdway discovers Fräulein Kreutune at one of the tiers of the multi-level overpass, and prepares to subdue her in order to prevent Othinus getting her, Touma appears before her, with the intention of protecting Fräulein.[45]

Touma confronts Fräulein, and tells her that if she can't bear to lose her friend, then she can't seriously want to give that same pain to her friend by having herself get killed. There are people who want to protect her, and do not want so see her get hurt, just as much as she feels those things for them. Touma then tells her not be so ready on dying, as she can find the path to an ending in which everyone is smiling. Leivinia however, advances turning her wand into a sword and cutting between them, slicing the overpass. She tells Touma that Fräulein is not as human as he thinks, as everything about her is beyond his understanding. Seemingly uncaring about this, Touma states that all he sees is a girl that is struggling, and is on the verge of giving up. He says he made his decision to protect her as he definitely heard her that she wants to want to eat her brain's friend.[46]

Leivinia then tells Touma those words were nothing but an imitation, trying to crush Touma's motivation. Leivinia states that Fräulein is fundamentally different from humans, as she is, always have been, and always will be, a creature that only appears to think, using simplistic decisions, she has come to the conclusion that copying humans was the ideal choice of living a comfortable life—a mimic. But Touma says that he believes in her, for he come upon this situation countless times before. Touma tells Leivinia that it is because she considered her to be human as well as the reason why she did not attack her right away, talked to her, and even reassured her. Leivinia falls into silence, but then had her wand that had turned into a cup ready. Leivinia too will not yield even if Fräulein does indeed have a heart, for her goal to destroy GREMLIN and stopping the production of Gungnir it at the utmost. And Touma accepts this, seeing the inevitable battle before him. Touma tells Leivinia that even if she defeats Othinus and destroys GREMLIN through sacrificing Fräulein, her taking the easiest path via deception and the harming of others will only change the name of the enemy that she is trying to protect the world and its peoples from. Here, Touma states that he will not allow her to become the ultimate villain.[46]

And thus Leivinia fought against Touma. With her wand turned into a cup, which symbolizes water, she assailed Touma, knowing full well of his Imagine Breaker, but surely Touma cannot negate them all. So Leivinia bared down on him with countless daggers of water that was packed fully that it left no space for a man to hide. But it did not work, for Touma negated a dagger, a dagger that would specifically cause all others to be thrown out of the way after breaking into pieces. It was Precognition, and yet Leivinia's countenance did not change, for to the left of him Leivinia summoned an explosion. The explosion was great, and Touma twisted his body as so his right hand can meet it. But Leivinia had wanted this to take place, for his wand was now that of a sword, which symbolizes wind, and swung it down, for she will cut down his arm, even though she was wary of that strange thing that happens when it is cut. But it did not come for it was blown away. A great light engulfed the attack for Touma directed the summon explosion towards it. As such Leivinia changed her weapon back into a wand. Touma calls out to her and reminded her that he has fought Fiamma of the Right, and so he knows that there are things that his right hand cannot overcome, like the summoned explosions. Leivinia was not amused, and she spun her wand to create a wall of fire. But Touma could not be tricked, and he swung the fire away with his right arm. And then many stone daggers assailed him, but he twisted his body to avoid a single blade, which he knew was a real dagger. Leivinia's assault continued, and Touma continued to overcome it. He destroyed the stone daggers, and destroyed him so that the water daggers that would fall upon him. Leivinia however finally tires of the cycle, and pulled out a flintlock pistol, and on that moment Touma knew of danger. And so, with a considerable distance between each other, Leivinia drew her gun towards him.[47]

With not much of a choice, Touma charged towards Leivinia as so his hand can divert it. But as soon as Leivinia pulled the trigger, no bullet came, for flintlocks were old weapons and took time to load a bullet. As such, Touma was tricked, and a stone pillar came from below him and knocked into his center. Touma wavered, but he fell as Leivinia whipped the gun at his head. After telling Touma the difference between a flintlock and a modern gun, Leivinia tells him that it was Touma's fear of guns that allowed her to get a decisive blow against him. Then, Leivinia begins the long method of loading her flintlock pistol and aimed it at Touma once more. She says that he must give up on Fräulein Kreutune or she will give him a reason to give up, warning him that she shall shoot him just so that he will give up. But Touma merely scoffs at her, and asks her if what she is doing to compensate for the damage she has done, to which Leivinia asks what of it. Touma says that it would mean that she has admitted that she has done something horrible, and tells her not to go the wrong direction even for the sake of stopping Othinus. Leivinia replies that she's tired of his appeals to emotion, but Touma points out that saving people through logic and efficiency alone has no meaning without emotions, since rationally, there shouldn't be a reason to save people in the first place. Touma says that they are the same, the want to save people, but she is going about it the wrong way. But Leivinia then asks what he has managed to do. For Touma knows nothing of GREMLIN, its headquarters, its leader, nor does Touma know how to deal with them, for he only chased after them around the world causing problems. Leivinia says that the only thing Touma has achieved is getting himself thrown about and increasing the number of victims. Touma admits his own powerlessness. He references on how he stopped Fiamma of the Right in World War III, but it wasn't just because of his power, and that the things he thinks up rarely work in the world. But Touma tells Leivinia that just because his reasoning is childish and wrong, doesn't make hers completely correct. Touma tells her that unlike her, he has given a part of himself for others, and that's the reason why people lent him power. Leivinia asks if Touma is saying that she has no right to get other people involved because she makes decisions while looking down from above, to which Touma agrees.[48]

Touma tells Leivinia that if she needs sacrifice against GREMLIN, then choose him instead. This shocks Leivinia, not being able to reply to him. Touma says that with her power, she could surely make him look like a threat to draw out GREMLIN, but Leivinia says that he is but a mere human who cannot contend against GREMLIN like Fräulein Kreutune. Touma references the incident where Othinus defeated him, and tells her that Othinus wanted to look at the right hand that resolved the incident, and says that it might not be might for Fräulein Kreutune, but since it was another path, he asks her why she didn't choose it. Leivinia tells Touma that he is insane, and says that she doesn't understand what drives him. Touma tells the reason and that it is because he has no reason to abandon others. Having enough of it, Leivinia had her finger on the trigger, and says that she wonders how Academy City can control a person like Touma, the biggest threat he holds is not his powers, but the way he used his powers. Leivinia warns that what Touma holds is not good or evil, and compares him to Aleister Crowley and Laura Stuart, saying that it will give him great power if he can completely grasp it in his hand, but if he cannot, it will be disastrous for him. Touma doesn't understand, but Leivinia says that she will give him time to think as she tries to pull the trigger.[48]

But just before she could, Mikoto pulls the gun away from her using magnetism, despite the inherent danger as she was battling Brunhild. Then, Thor's Fusion Arc Blades cut up the road between them, despite the danger as he was battling Silvia. With their conversation and the distractions given by Mikoto and Thor, Touma is able to shake off the attack Leivinia did to him previously, and is able to stand up. Touma reminds Leivinia that he often did not fight and solve problems on his own, and that they are unlike her and her comrades who can only end up functioning as individuals, splitting up work between them. Touma tells that nobody truly knows who Fräulein Kreutune is, but a great change has come, many people have gathered in the direction of saving her. He tells Leivinia that he may seem crazy for doing what he does, but he tells her that she is absolutely wrong, for anyone would want to save someone if they saw or heard that they were suffering for no good reason. This enrages Leivinia, who can't seem to make a reply, and thus, Touma concludes that they won't lose to people like her who wouldn't consider something so basic.[48]

Touma tries to analyze Leivinia's magic, and concludes that it is a trick, as her symbolic weapon could easily be destroyed by him despite it being used by her as a means on taking on the world. Leivinia attacks first, with her weapon turned into a sword, to cut down Touma's right arm. But Touma just evaded it instead of negating it, as he thought of all the magicians he fought that amplified their power. Leivinia now had a wand, and from there did come a disk of fire, and then became a wall that moved towards Touma. But Touma destroys it with his right hand. Anticipating this, Leivinia changed her wand into a cup, and water appeared with her at the center, and a large number of daggers grew and rained down upon him. Once again, Touma negated one of them, and made himself a safezone, allowing him to get in range of Leivinia. With no clue, Touma believes that it is her symbolic weapon that supports Leivinia, to which she just scoffs. Touma attacks it with his fist, but it was knocked to the side. It had gone again from a cup into a sword, and sent the wind sword right at his right fist. But Touma just changed its trajectory, for it could not wholly be negated as Leivinia sent powerful magic into it. Trapped, Leivinia shouts that Touma is naive to assume others are as goodhearted as him. She swung her sword down on him but Touma did not fall for the wind blade, for he evaded it. However, her actions confused Touma. Leivinia took steps backwards, and attacks Touma with her summoned explosions, but Touma managed to create a safe zone for himself. As he did so, he thought on how Leivinia chose an attack he knew, despite the information that she can put spells together in many forms. Leivinia could've easily made up a spell to beat him. Wall of flames and a storm of knives assail him, but Touma dealt with them again as well. And there, Touma knew that it wasn't that she could have done something else but didn't. But it was all she could do.[49]

Touma tells of his discovery to an unbelieving Leivinia. He states that what makes Leivinia special is numbers, using the same spells with the same motions. She repeatedly done the same thing for a long time and it has built up, doing so the exact same way, she turns those very motions into magical symbols to support her. Touma praises her, saying that despite her cold demeanor, Leivinia is the most passionate and hardest working of all. Leivinia is in enraged, telling him that she is always searching for something new whether it is from science or magic. And thus, Leivinia essayed attacks on Touma, some were something that Touma has yet to see, but it was no match for him, for he knew that was the limit of Leivinia's magic, and all the surprising things he had to contend against, like the hidden knife and flintlock pistol were merely a trick. Again and again, Leivinia essayed attacks of the four elements and others towards him, but it was to no avail. Touma, knowing what kind of person Leivinia is, someone who loves effort and hardwork, someone who did not take the easy way out by targeting the sight where he was shot. And thus, Touma tells her that she is a person who has taught so many people that hard work will carry people to the top, and for that reason he cannot let her come to the answer that Fräulein Kreutune is the best answer. And with that, Touma smote down Leivinia, and the battles for the sake of Fräulein Kreutune comes to an end.[49]

With the battles done, Touma's plan comes to fruition as Shiage brings a candy brain made out of Cendrillon's spare parts to Fräulein. It tricks her function successfully, allowing her to finally be able to embrace Last Order and Fremea Seivelun, her friends. While all this is going on, Touma leaves with a smile.

A shocked Touma looks on as Thor prepares to shoot himself to even the odds.

As all of it said in done, Thor invites Touma to School District 11, the place where GREMLIN came in. Thor relates to Touma on how GREMLIN has no need for Fräulein, and on how Ollerus' will no longer target her. He also tells that Academy City would probably no longer go after Fräulein as well. With that, Thor has cleared out all distractions and obstructions for his true goal, to have a fight with Touma. Thor summons his arc fusion blades, confusing Touma. Thor mentions on how Touma's situation was pathetic, always being lead on by others, and that this has nothing to do with GREMLIN, but to fight him for his own reasons. Touma tells Thor that he has no reason to fight him, but Thor counters by stating that not all fighting is for anger and hate, and Touma should know this the most. He relates to Touma on how he was impressed at him for being able to save countless of lives with only his right hand, as well as the fact that he was at first disappointed when they first met. Touma why he is doing this as if he was working for his benefit, despite him showing true concern for Fräulein before. Thor replies that he is someone who wants power, having reached the limit of training on his own, he now searches for opponent that can give him a good fight without fearing of collateral damage. He also states that he does not know if he wants power so he can save people or save people so he can gain power, and that he has been repeating this cycle to gain more power, since he does not have a special power like Touma.[50]

Touma tries to call out to Thor, but the pain from his wounds have yet to subside. This prompts Thor to shoot himself at the same part as Touma had to even the odds. Despite the injury, Thor keeps on smiling, and tells Touma that this may now be the reason for him to fight, as Thor will need medical attention as quickly as possible.[50] After Thor once again connects to Mjölnir, Touma fights reluctantly against Thor. Not only does Touma have to dodge ten arc fusion blades several meters in length because he cannot negate it, he must also take care not to get caught in the debris caused by its attacks. Touma has realized that the blades cannot be negated like Stiyl's Innocentius, and are solid when punched by Touma. The excitable Thor comes down from above and causes an avalanche of containers, to which he destroys, not wanting for them to take his prize. Thor essayed another attack, and despite the superior range evaded his attack. As Touma wonders what he should do, Thor asks Touma if Fiamma of the Right and Carissa and the Curtana Original was only this strong. Touma falls silent, but then hears the sound of the cracking of Thor's joints. Touma's punching of his arc fusion blades, not only hurt him but Thor as well. He explains to Touma that he is not a Saint nor someone like Othinus, but a regular magician that is trying to achieve the same level as them. Thor explains to Touma on the reason he is going this far despite of the pain, as he can reach it, by stacking the experience that he is gained, and he has no doubt with that method for he has reached this level now. He reminds Touma that he might've thought of using the handgun to even the odds, but at the same time, stopped thinking about it as the price is too steep for Touma to pay. However, Thor tells Touma that since he has no more clues to what GREMLIN will do next other than him, will Touma let him escape due his personal circumstances and morals. With that, Touma is enraged, and his battle with Thor begins anew.[51]

Thor thought that Touma would choose the handgun, but he was wrong. After Thor assailed him with his arc fusion blades, Touma merely repelled his attack. In surprise, Thor attacks using his left, but once again, Touma repels the blades, changing its trajectory. Thor questions the reason why Touma gave up on the handgun, as Touma will only get tired if he continued on the defensive. But Thor was wrong, Touma mentions on how the arc fusion blades follow the movement of his fingers, which means when the blades move in the certain way when he repels it, so does his fingers. Touma explains to Thor on how he has no reason to use the gun, stating that there must be another way without someone getting killed. Once again, Thor becomes impressed by Touma's determination. They prepared to attack each other, but Touma's hands were being worn down, as is both Thor's hands. And yet, the battle continued, each time Thor essayed an attack, Touma repelled it, and each time, their wrists were now in their limits.[52]

And thus, the battle was over. Laughing heartily, the battle was at an end. Touma asks what he will do now, to which Thor replies that he will continue on his course. However, Thor has yet to finish the battle, for he was not a mere lightning god.[52] And so, Touma was felled. A barely conscious Touma overhears Thor talking about the legend of Thor, and that lightning was not only his power. His name represented a god of many aspects, and tells Touma that although he has defeated Thor the lightning god, he could not reach the level of the Almighty Thor. Thor tells Touma that as the winner, he will take responsibility for winning, and suggests to Touma to get some rest and relaxation from protecting the world to much on his own. Touma tries to call out his name, but he falls to unconsciousness.[53]

At the night after the festival, Index questions where Touma has been all this time. After Touma quickly sums up his experiences, she asks him who's the girl clinging on his back is, to which Touma says it is Fräulein Kreutune. Index then asks why she is clinging on his back, to which she says that she ate something strange which that was made by Cendrillon, which resulted in her shrinking. Index asks the question again, to which Touma now says that it was because she thought embracing her friends was the normal thing to do. Index doesn't get mad however, saying that he hasn't changed. However, she tells him that there is something he is supposed to say. Index sincerely says welcome back to Touma, but Touma utterly screws it up in embarrassment, to which Index bites him for his trouble.[54]

Agitate Halation Arc

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Touma first appears inside a box and is sent to the School Garden by the hands of Tsuchimikado Motoharu, who deemed Touma as a detriment to his plans of vengeance for a wild goose chase, distracting Touma long enough for him to do what he needs to do. After he comes to, Motoharu contacts Touma and tells him of a magician named Umezaki Yuuga who intends to use Altar of the Wisdom King to suck out all the knowledge and skills of everyone within 5 kilometers. Not only that, the act of sucking that knowledge and skill destroys, apparently similar to the destruction of synapses and automatic nerves. After Motoharu's brief explanation of the danger, he activates the plastic explosives in Touma's box, allowing for it to open, and much to Touma's surprise, he is in a girls' locker room in Private Shidarezakura Academy in the School Garden, forcing Touma to flee and hide.[55]

As a hunting party of girls forms around searching for him, Touma tries to contact Motoharu but he would not answer, frustrating him that he shove all the responsibility to him. Touma needs to find a map to the School Garden in order to search for the likely places where an altar can be stored in the city of science.[56] He later hides on a roof to hide from a searching party, where he discovers that information about him is apparently widely varying as they are unsure what he looks like, one even deeming him to be a monster like a white alligator, much to his chagrin. He continues trying to contact Motoharu, but later remembers that it sends out a signal that can be tracked, forcing him to turn it off. However, the searching party has noted the signal, and discovers that they are at the same spot as he is. They however, deem Touma to be underground instead of above them on a rooftop after they tracked his cellphone signal.[57] After they've gone, Touma determines to keep on moving, and that the only way to do it is by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. However, his presence is discovered by Misaka Mikoto, much to Touma's horror. Seeing him on a rooftop, she attempts to pull him towards her by magnetizing his belt, but he negates that with his right hand and falls into the gap between the buildings, though is fine and manages to land into a store, scaring its occupants.[58]

Touma meets the number 5 by proxy.

With Mikoto hot on his trail among others, Touma tries to find a way to escape the building. However, he comes upon a strange acting girl, who shows some familiarity towards him. She is Shokuhou Misaki, the 5th-ranked Level 5 who was currently controlling a girl from a different school. She references their meeting in Daihaseisai, though he cannot remember it, as well as their relationship to him in the past, to which only confuses him after hearing of his explanation about magic in the School Garden and the danger it poses to it.[59] She helps him by having her clique serve as bait for Mikoto while she, still controlling a girl, hide Touma. She also follows him around the Garden, aiding and giving him information whenever she can. She acts a bit playful when doing so, tricking him into looking at the half naked body of the girl she is using, making him look more insidious to the girls than before, and trying to scare him, but all and all she means well.[60]

After having collected all the maps from all five schools of the School Garden, Touma reaches an impasse on where the Altar of the Wisdom King would be kept. Misaki, after her usual trickery and cunning, convinces a luggage entry inspector to let them use the data for items that have passed through, as she deemed that antiques or works of art such as what the Altar of the Wisdom King would be referred as would go through there.[61] Later, trying to get into Shiraha Social Support Club, Misaki gives a surprisingly pragmatic approach to getting an authorization card from the girls attend there. Using anpan and milk, they drop them on a target girl, which allowed Misaki to steal an authorization card from the other girl next to her authorization cards, using Touma as a decoy. Once inside, Touma searched for the spiritual item but could not find it. Misaki tells him to become suspicious of the source of the information that was given to him. Touma begins to doubt Tsuchimikado Motoharu's words when he dropped him off in School Garden to deal with the Altar of the Wisdom King himself. At that point, an airship showing the latest headlines shows a news regarding the death of Tsuchimikado Maika in a fire in her dorm. Misaki tells Touma that someone might have intentionally kept him inside School Garden like a cage in order for them to be able to do something else.[62]

From that point on, Touma completely abandons the wild goose chase as well as Misaki. Touma later turns on his cellphone after finally escaping School Garden, and as soon as he does, he gets an anonymous message from Kumokawa Seria after her defeat at the hands of Motoharu, who was under the influence of Agitate Halation, telling him to go to their building in School District 3.[63]

Touma arrives just in time to discover an injured Tsuchimikado Motoharu with a tied up Kaizumi Tsugutoshi. He is horrified by what he sees as it is so unlike the precise Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Touma tries to inquire what's happening due to his confusion, but receives no explanation. Seeing Touma, Tsugutoshi tells Motoharu not to fight as he could escape the predictions that the Agitate Halation has laid out for him, but he is knocked unconscious by him. Motoharu asks Touma how much he knows, to which he says that he knows nothing at all. Motoharu is troubled by Touma's answer as he has nothing to base his decisions on. He tells Touma that he must continue with his revenge and must not stop, and will not allow Touma to follow him down. He pulls his gun at Touma but discovers that he has used up all his bullets, something that was clumsy for him. With a sigh, he ignores Touma's words, and with his battered and weak body, engages in battle against Touma. And they fight, but Touma realized something strange with Motoharu's actions, he was being clumsy, and Touma, someone who could never beat Motoharu in a fight, is able to dodge and block and counter him. The Tsuchimikado Motoharu that Touma was fighting was nothing but a mere shadow of his former self. Touma beats and batters Motoharu, answering his fumbles with hits. Seeing the utter despair that has consumed the once bright spirit of Tscuchimikado Motoharu that could easily subdue Touma, he yells at Motoharu what he was doing. Motoharu finally collapses to the ground, and Touma continues to beat him up, asking what he is doing, what he has become. Motoharu's last action is to spit blood on Touma, who easily blocked him, and there, falls unconscious. Touma, however, weeps for his friend, disgusted with the victory he had against him, and asks him questions that he cannot answer to him.[64]

After Touma defeats Motoharu, he tries to call the ambulance, but Tsugutoshi stops him, saying that if he calls an ambulance for him, he will surely be killed. Tsugutoshi tells Touma that the one behind the Agitate Halation Project hoped to eliminate anyone who would interrupt the project by having them defeat each other, and they have been built into these plans. However, Tsugutoshi states that since they were alive means that the situation has already left their expectations, telling Touma that Motoharu will surely live. He points out to Touma that because of that, they now have the opportunity to counterattack. Touma ponders on who he is supposed to fight, and what led Motoharu to his current ends. Tsugutoshi tells Touma that if he truly considers himself as Tsuchimikado Motoharu's friend, then his top priority must be what he was trying to protect, Tsuchimikado Maika. He warns that all of Motoharu's actions were motivated to protect Maika, but warns that the ones behind the Agitate Halation project may have seen through Motoharu's ruse and may even reach Maika. He plainly tells Touma that someone needs to stop them. Touma believes that this is supposed to be Motoharu's job, but the old man's words convince him that he is out of the picture, though he does not take it kindly. Tsugutoshi asks what Touma will do. Touma gritted his teeth, and decides that he will protect Maika. He asks where she is, to which Tsugutoshi answers that she is not in her dorm, referencing on how Motoharu was thorough in hiding her. Hearing this, Touma is left with no choice but to attack whoever was running the Agitate Halation project and stop them. He took the documents on the project from Tsugutoshi and begins leaving. Tsugutoshi says that what matters to him is that Touma stops Agitate Halation, but advises to that he should save a life in the process. Touma says that he will but only her life, and states that the only one who can truly save Tsuchimikado Maika isn't him. Touma unties Tsugutoshi, but warns him that if he lets Motoharu die, he will become his enemy.[65]

Touma takes documents from Tsugutoshi, and reads about the Agitate Halation Project, how it works, who is behind it (Yakumi Hisako), and its core, which Touma realizes is a familiar name to him, Fremea Seivelun.[65] Touma goes to School District 13, though he doesn't know where exactly Fremea is, just as Hisako enacts the next phase of the Agitate Halation Project. Touma is attacked by the Paper Bag Bunny Girl, as the result of Fremea Seivelun's Agitate Halation. She is completely unhinged before him, not making any sense, and utterly vicious with her water tank and nozzle that can propel water from it. Not knowing if it’s an advanced technology or an esper ability of hers, Touma becomes extremely anxious around her, along with the fact that she is strange and unpredictable.[66]

As soon as she tries to attack Touma with her water jet, she is blown away by the sound blasting ability of the very loud Fusou Ayame and her trucks. Ayame as well, is influenced by Agitate Halation, and sees Bunny Girl as a threat to Fremea. Bunny Girls slices down one of her large trucks, and the both of them attack. As the queer battle continues, Touma is bewildered by the spectacle. As he questions the strange effects of the Agitate Halation on people, a cellphone lands next to him containing information regarding Fremea. Although Touma is suspicious of its convenient arrival, he eventually uses the information on the cellphone to track Fremea.[66]

Using the cellphone, Touma gets near Fremea's dormitory, but then comes upon Rensa #28, Hisako's cyborg assistant, who defeated both Kuroyoru Umidori and Hamazura Shiage. As she prepares for her killing blow on Shiage, Touma finally arrives and prevents her from killing him.[67] Thinking Touma would be easy, Rensa #28 did not turn around, and instead once again called up her mechanical power in order to use Kakine's Dark Matter. Her Dark Matter wings tried to pierce Touma, but he simply negates this. Realizing this, she tries to turn around but Touma simply kicks her down before she can do so. There, Shiage warns Touma that it can use multiple abilities and even several of the Level 5s abilities, shocking Touma. Rensa then turns around and calls upon a Meltdowner beam, though Touma simply crouches out of the way. Rensa #28 becomes frustrated at the events unfolding, calling Touma a mid-level problem. Then, Touma asks if she is the one that made Tsuchimikado Motoharu go through such lengths (effect of Agitate Halation), and the one who was targeting Tsuchimikado Maika. Rensa says that Motoharu attacked first and states that it is only fair to pay Motoharu 100-fold for it, angering Touma. Rensa tries to use Mikoto's ability on him, but he simply negates it again, shocking Rensa, and declares that she will now kill Touma to correct the course of the plan. Rensa then uses Accelerator's power to call up 120 m/s winds, but Touma is able to reach her before she can attack him with it and gets her face punched for her trouble, though she blocked it, stopping her control of the winds. She then tries to use Railgun on Touma. As she picks up a coin using magnetism and tries to shoot her Railgun, Touma punches her hand to throw off her aim, missing him.[68]

There, Touma mocks her for her poor copies of the Level 5's abilities, and tells her that due to the lag between switching her powers, he can read her timing. Touma head-butts her, and she staggers backwards near a dumpster, which she promptly peruses after calling her mechanical flower again in order to use Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out ability. Finding a remote to focus her ability, Touma immediately kicks it away from her. There, he continues to mock her, stating that she may have the abilities of a Level 5, but she isn't a Level 5 herself. Rensa calls upon Meltdowner again, evading it and in response punches her dead center in her face. However, Touma immediately notices how clean his attack is and realizes that it a trap. Using her mechanical body, she raises Touma up with a single hand by his neck. She declares on how he was only supposed to defeat Tsuchimikado Motoharu, and expresses her confusion on how he is still interfering in the Agitate Halation Project despite completing that goal, but tells him will end now. Touma laughs on how she doesn't get it, that despite controlling people like in a game of billiards, they don’t need some giant project as all it takes is someone saying "help," and he and other people will act. Rensa #28 coldly tells her that his words are meaningless and will put no more effort in analyzing them. There, she tells him that he will reverse his blood flow using Accelerator's ability.[68]

However, she hesitates for a moment after checking Touma's profile in the Bank, believing that he has a rare power, and that she will not be able to use it now as Touma will now be dead. Despite her personal opinion, Rensa #28 decides to kill Touma with Accelerator's ability. However, she then notices Umidori attempting to attack again. Seeing this as an opportunity to use Touma's power, she calls upon her mechanical flower again to knit her insides. Surprisingly, Imagine Breaker flowed into her right hand before it was overwhelmed by it, making her arm swell like a balloon, and giving errors to her cyborg body. A fatal encounter in her operation is detected without Rensa being able to determine why the Imagine Breaker caused an error in her. Her right arm explodes and she shuts down.[69]

After her defeat, Touma approaches the two of them to check on their condition. Shiage states that he is not going to die right away, but tells him that he'll be a burden. He says that he and Umidori will hide, and Kinuhata can take care of herself. However, he states that the real problem would be Fremea. Shiage hands his phone to Touma, where he can follow the GPS signal of Fremea's security buzzer with it. Touma understands, but tells Shiage that it isn't him that Fremea is waiting for, just the replacement. Touma tells Shiage not to die while leaving him with her. And Shiage agrees with a handshake.[69]

As 7,500 heroes gather from all around Academy City to answer Fremea's plight, Touma continues to track her using the phone Shiage gave to him, and discovers that she is heading to Learning Core. The signal is suddenly cut-off and Touma is forced to head to the place where she would most likely go to.[70] Touma reaches the Learning Core and there has an inexplicable feeling similar to that during World War III. Touma finds that the heroes have already broken into the facility and fires have already sprung out. Searching for Fremea is his number one priority, fearing that the self-proclaimed "heroes" may inadvertently harm her wanting to save her in their own way. Touma goes to the first-aid station and guard station but finds no one there, as they most likely hid away from the rioting of the heroes. He found numerous monitors in the guard station, but he is unable to call up past footage. After checking four or five similar places, he finally found someone, a zookeeper inside a square building labeled "food storage". Although the man was initially suspicious of Touma, he calms him down. After showing how he has no intention of harming him and telling him on how he got in, Touma tells the man how to get out, but the man doesn't want to. Touma says that the heroes are being completely indiscriminate, and that may start searching properly. The man asks what Touma is doing in the building, to which he says he is looking for an eight year old girl named Fremea Seivelun before the others. The man, knowing this situation is similar to things happening in nature where a mother accidentally kills an offspring in attempt to protect it, agrees with Touma's assessment. Touma asks him where the security guards in order for him to access camera footage. The man, though not knowing where the security guards are, says that there is a way to connect to the camera network's wireless LAN. The man shows his connected phone to Touma, and asks that it might take long as there are a lot of cameras. Touma is confident however, and asks where the alarm went off first, to which he answers is in the Lightning Rod building, the one with the toughest security, the safest place to be. Touma thanks the man, and tries to go but the man says that Fremea can last in the Lightning Rod all night, and that Touma might get attacked. Touma however counters that if they can figure it out, so can the others, moreover, there are people with cutting-edge technology and esper abilities, that throws into doubt that the building could last all night. Touma leaves, and the man says that he should be careful.[71]

As he approached the Lightning Rod, the number of people grew, likely already knowing where Fremea is. Pondering for a moment, Touma believes that the underground power lines could be used as passageways due to them needing to be big enough for people to enter for maintenance purposes, and there has to be secret routes connecting the different facilities. As Touma looks around for manholes to enter the underground passageways, he saw one manhole though he is too far away to check if it led to the power network. As he approached it, he met a leotard wearing girl using a long ribbon that causes sparks to attack him. Touma grabs the ribbon but felt no resistance from her, who apparently lets it go to take out several batons and clubs that caused sparks as well. Before she could throw or swing around those weapons, Touma jabbed his foot forward as hard as he could. He jammed his heel into the girl’s solar plexus and used his entire body weight to knock her unconscious. There was no time to relax however, as the heroes were slowly gathering and opening the manhole while they were watching would lead them to Fremea. He had to lose them before he could try the underground power network.[72]

Touma might have witnessed Mugino Shizuri attacking Ayame's trucks.

While trying to lose them, several heroes began appearing and tries to attack him. Touma ran and tried to take out as many as he could by performing a lariat as he passed by, but it was not enough. Far too many of them had noticed him, and he was running out of places to run. Then, Fusou Ayame once again returns and uses her powers and takes down a large crowd surrounding Touma, which he negated with his Imagine Breaker before it could hit him. Touma has no time with dealing with a lunatic who attacks Touma with her shockwave, and at the same time, an esper firing flames from his palm began barging in. However, Touma then sees Ayame's soundwave emitting trucks are then taken down by Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner beam. She alongside Takitsubo Rikou and Kinuhata Saiai arrive to search for Fremea, seemingly unaware of Touma, though he recognizes that she is the real Level 5 who uses the Meltdowner after his battle with Rensa. Ayame is stunned by this, and tries to make another loud announcement referring to the riot as a "live performance" but is quickly shutted up by Mugino. It is unknown if she was taken down by Mugino or by the collateral damage by Sogiita Gunha who tried to extinguish burning trees using his powers. As the Level 5s of Academy City gather around the Learning Core, the strongest one finally arrived, Accelerator. As he lands, a group of 1000 people were blown away in every direction, knocking them out. He glanced around and spotted Touma. Approaching him, Accelerator asks if he knows what he needs to do, to which Touma confirms. Accelerator tells Touma to go as he is not the protagonist here. Seeing as Accelerator is taking care of the heroes that would attempt to follow him into the underground passageways, he opens a manhole, and begins to climb down. He tells Accelerator the gist of the Agitate Halation Project and warns him to careful, though Accelerator responds him with a rhetoric question: "Who do you think you're talking to?"[72]

As Touma disappears down below ground, the other heroes notice him and began approaching the manhole, believing that it would lead them to Fremea Seivelun. Seeing this, Accelerator decides to try and test their mettle if they are truly worthy of the name of hero.[72] Underground, Touma quickly made it into the basement of the Lightning Rod and meets guards there. Touma calms them down, and asks them if a blond girl of about eight entered the building. One of them responds, saying that an alarm was tripped. The woman guard panics, worried that Touma somehow finding them may have learned about the emergency evacuation routes. Touma says that if they understand, then they should find some way to deal with it, as he can get in, so can they. The two guards began piling the furniture at the entrance, while Touma checks the map, discovering that Fremea may only be able to move through the museum portion due to Fremea not having a key and the building shuttered down because of the current emergency. As he leaves, Touma takes a set of keys from them and later uses it to open a door to the museum.[73]

Touma calls out to Fremea, but she doesn't answer. Realizing his blunder, Touma uses Shiage's name to make her trust him, to which it works. Fremea replies, and Touma speedily goes to where she is, in a mouth of a dinosaur skeleton. Touma runs towards a stopped escalator to reach her level, and as he asks her about her current condition. Suddenly, a museum window shatters and a helicopter hovers from above it. There, jumping out of it and into the museum is Rensa #29. Touma once again confronts Rensa anew in the museum in the Lightning Rod, and notes the stark difference with Rensa #29 and the previous one. As they banter on, Rensa takes control of Kakine's beetle body once again and shows her deceit to Touma and Fremea, and speaking of its struggles to bring warning. Rensa warns of bombs that have filled the buildings and that there would no reason to fight him anymore for they have already won. Touma quickly tries to go towards Fremea to protect her from the explosion. However, as Rensa activates the switch, nothing occurred and no harm was done upon the building or its inhabitants that might derive from a violent explosion.[73] Rensa #29 is just as surprise as Touma and Fremea, not knowing how this come to pass. Suddenly, the helicopter outside in which Rensa used to come to Learning Core was destroyed by a collision with the arrival of another body of Kakine Teitoku.[74]

Rensa #29 faces off against Touma and Kakine.

Rensa believing that she had control over his body is surprised by his arrival. Kakine points out that primary consciousness means nothing with Dark Matter, as so as the little Rhinoceros beetle keychain still trembles trying to regain control over Rensa as Kakine Teitoku, so too is the great white Rhinoceros beetle that appears before her. He speaks that he can split asunder and join together again into single consciousness, and with this advantage, he did split himself into 50 different insect-sized versions of himself when he noticed that Fremea was being led to the Learning Core, and there, independently came there to search for any danger, with this, the bombs that Rensa had set up which they have cut down. There, Kakine Teitoku, in a form of large Rhinoceros beetle, tell her not to underestimate a Level 5. Kakine falls down to face her, and breaks free from his shell and appeared before them with fair wings and a white form. Seeing this, Touma stands up once again to do battle against Rensa. The two boys stood on either side of Rensa. She just smirks at their appearance, apparently believing that Hisako has taken into account this unforeseen event. With this, she takes out the giant mechanical flower from her back, and rearranged the machinery within her. Thus, four wings made of whirling wind appeared from her back, showing off her using the power of Accelerator. Here, this version of Rensa shows that her battle style is much more different than the previous one.[74]

Kakine and Rensa met in battle, clashing with their wings in supersonic speeds, and their strike made the museum tremble. Despite the power of Accelerator against him, Kakine must've taken measures with his Dark Matter as he did not hesitate his attack at Rensa. However, she keeps on laughing throughout all this, once again pointing out the difference between her and the previous Rensa, and mocks the teamwork between Kakine and Touma. Despite the mockings and the obvious difference of power and speed, Touma presses forward, knowing that she would be wary of his right hand. And thus she did, her speed changed slightly and Kakine, seeing this change, tried to attack her as if trying to push her towards Touma. She forcefully took the attack as if sacrificing one of her arms, trapping Kakine. She grabs one of his wings and used the power of Accelerator to twist it unnaturally and launch it in a irregular and difficult to predict trajectory towards Touma. And he was slammed down by Kakine's power, falling near Fremea. Rensa began focusing her attention towards Touma, but Kakine cut in between them.[75]

Thus, Kakine met once again in the heat of battle with Rensa wing to wing, where she taunted him ever of the doom that might befall on Touma and Fremea if he were not to properly meet her strikes. But Touma has yet to yield. He stands once more and demands Kakine to "Cut them loose!" and he understood his intentions. Kakine severed his wings from his main body as Touma charged forward, and swung his fist towards her from behind the wings floating in the air. She tried to protect her face, but Kakine made an opening and struck her belly with new Dark Matter wings he has formed. With a dull sound, Rensa is struck down. Kakine asks Touma if they have done it, as Rensa lied unmoving in the rubble. Touma tells him that they need to get away from her just to be safe, advising to carry Fremea far away. However, Touma's counsel is interrupted as Rensa once again compares herself to the previous pilot of that cyborg body, telling Touma on how Accelerator had an ace up his sleeve that showed itself when he is truly cornered. Jet black wings come forth from Rensa, a thing that both Touma and Kakine had witnessed firsthand before. Kakine is then struck and sent flying by those black wings of hers, and his crash made the building tremble. With Kakine down, Rensa praises Accelerator's power and mocks his power for being the reason why he is merely the second-ranked Level 5.[75]

Touma is enraged, but Rensa merely swung her black wing towards him horizontally, and yet it did not hit him. Instead, he knocked it upwards. Confused, Rensa once again swung a black wing towards him, and the same such effect happened. At least five times she attacked but Touma would not fall against her wings. She laughs again, surprised that Touma is able to contend against her despite knocking down Kakine. Touma doesn't answer her straight. She asks again if the increased danger added to his effectiveness in battle, or that if he has a easier time reading situations when it's merely one against one, or that he has trouble in fights involving multiple people. But Touma once again does not answer her straight, to which she responds that she can do something about it. Rensa swung once again towards him, and if not for Kakine's timely usage of all his strength to knock Touma out of the way, then it would be the end his fight against her. Fremea screams, and Touma saw that Kakine had been slammed against the ground in his place.[75]

Rensa #29 has sealed away Touma's precognition, through freezing her expressions, restricting the information Touma can take in and giving Rensa an expressionless look and emotionless voice. Rensa mocks Touma and states that there is no way he can save everyone now. Rensa brings out a tube containing the hypothalamus of Rensa #28, and tells him that she, Rensa #28, and others, are like the batteries for Rensa, the operators of a single cyborg body. She tells Touma on how expensive the cyborg body is, how they are used for it, and on what they are used for after they are unable to operate Rensa. Touma asks Rensa #29 if someone told her to do this, to which she says that he should not think of her as a poor victim. She states that if she didn't choose her current path, she would definitely meet a worse fate, as such volunteered to become an operator for Rensa. She then says that it is understandable for Touma to not understand as he lived in a happy ignorant life away from the darkness, and says people who have actually been soaked in the darkness can't save anyone even if they win. Rensa, despite not knowing all the things that Touma has been through that includes having his limbs severed and his body injured several times, mocks on how Touma must've had it easy. Rensa says that Touma can't win this time, despite being able to save people, as their paths are just too different from each other. Rensa states the pillar of her character, stating that Touma cannot save everyone here and the ending where no one is sacrificed as the Agitate Halation Project had sacrificed many people before it even began. Touma is silent for a while, but then replies, as someone who knows exactly the feeling of not being able to save everyone. He rejects the very thought of even giving up of saving everyone even if people have already been sacrificed. He tells Rensa that if she stops trying just because she couldn't save someone then she'll lose any small possibilities that may remain. Touma acknowledges that there is no perfect hero, but if they don't all bring together what little power they have, they can never protect anyone. Rensa points out that Touma is contradicting himself, but he doesn't care, stating that it is for him to deal with. He says that he only needs to save people, and he will deal with any lies, contradictions, and mistakes himself, as he has done many times before, saying that he is not saving people to check whether he chose the right answer. Rensa laughs, saying that it was her attempt on saving him, but doesn't mind if he keeps going. There, she drew her black wings closer to Touma.[75]

After Fremea Seivelun takes over the Shading Computer that allowed for the Agitate Halation to take effect in the first place, and in turn, Yakumi Hisako, who willingly turned herself into an AIM thought being, she sends her towards Rensa #29, which is immediately taken in by her. Her black wings disappear, and she immediately begins to swell due to tremendous and strange power that entered her, just like when Rensa #28 tried absorbing Imagine Breaker. As two voices come out of her body, Kakine Teitoku, still lying on the floor, slowly regained his human form told Touma to end the fight. And thus hearing it, Touma clenched right fist and walked towards her. Rensa #29 laughs, saying that Touma's ideals are full of contradictions and that there is nothing right about them. Touma asks Rensa #29 what she wants him to do, to which she says that this is what she wanted, as Hisako is her greatest savior for turning her into what she is now. She tells Touma that she will never hand her over to him as it is one of the few things in this world that she would rather have herself killed than do. She tells to Touma the lamentable reality of not everyone can be saved, and states that Hisako was the one who took her from that difficult situation where someone had to be sacrificed, and tells Touma that the other Rensas are the same, having their own reasons to obey Yakumi Hisako absolutely. Rensa says that she will not let someone like Touma, who showed up much too late to take her away from them, their greatest hero in the world. Touma understands the fact that he cannot save every single person in the world, and that there would be people who would save others but with a very different method to his. As Rensa's body continued to swell and being unable to speak properly, Touma asks Rensa why she didn't ask Hisako earlier before she became an AIM thought being, or before that. He asks him what would happen if she had done everything she could until a hero could arrive, fighting to save Hisako until the end. As her body begins to crack, Rensa denies that she can do something like that as she is not someone who can play the role of hero. But Touma says that she is already doing a wonderful job right now. Rensa still denies this, saying that she will never be a clichéd hero like her as she is a simple tool that is being used to repay her debt to Hisako.[76]

But Touma does not listen, and calls her a hero. Touma says that he can no longer do anything but destroy as his hand can only destroy illusions, he tells Rensa that it is her that should make it in time. Promptly, Rensa tries to deny this very fact, and immediately after, white wings rise up from her back, the ultimate power of Accelerator. Unperturbed, Touma advanced towards her, knowing full well that he could kill Hisako just so to save Rensa. As Touma comes closer, Rensa walked unsteadily forward with those pure white wings still growing from her back. As their gazes meet, Touma says that she cannot stop him, for he will save her. Rensa tells him to stop as he will be saivng the wrong person. And thus they clashed. Rensa used her cyborg body to charge up to Touma at supersonic speeds. She swung the white wings on her back to the right and left simultaneously. However, despite her speed and sealing his precognition, Touma predicted how she will attack, and arranged for how he will act before Rensa acted. Touma crouches, preparing to attack. A slight trembling returns despite her lack of expressions, and here she realizes that this is the end. Touma clenches his fist, and moves his upper body out of the way of the charging wings. With the use of his right fist, Touma strikes Rensa at the center of her face, believing that she can find a way to save Hisako herself from him.[76] At that moment, a surpised look on Rensa's cyborg face appears, and there, she catapults Yakumi Hisako into a back alley in School District 13 before Touma's right hand can completely destroy her.[77]

Touma later visits Hisako's hospital and take every Rensa hypothalami stored there before proceeding to a certain hospital. Touma meets up with Shiage and the wheelchair-bound Umidori, all three in bandages. Touma asks for Shiage and Umidori's condition as they were the worst off. Shiage states that he will not be long there, but Umidori's stay will take a while. Umidori states that it is not a problem, and shows off the movements of her arms, which is still somewhat awkward. Touma's gaze falls upon Umidori, and in a strangely odd voice, says that she will kill him if he says anything unnecessary. Shiage then asks how much Touma found out. There, Touma states that Rensa was completely destroyed, as such she won't come back to enact her revenge. Touma then says with a heavy heart that maybe the reason she was destroyed was because she lost control and not because of the Imagine Breaker. A silence pass by as Touma ponders on Rensa's fate and her sacrifice to save Hisako. Touma then tells of the involvement of Yakumi Hisako in the Agitate Halation Project and Fremea being in the center, but that is alone the limit of his knowledge and references the dangerous things that were found in the hospital Hisako works in. Umidori then asks if he is satisfied with that conclusion, stating that the truth will never come to light, as the truly dangerous things are still hidden within. Shiage asks if there are still people out there who will use Agitate Halation. Umidori says that it doesn't have to be anyone directly related to the project. Shiage then falls silent after hearing Umidori's words. Touma replies that he knows what the stakes are, and it is the reason why he retrieved all 40 hypothalami that is used for Rensa, impressing Shiage as Touma did not go straight to the hospital. Here, they saw the grim reminder that not everyone can be saved. Seeing them, Umidori asks if what Touma intends to with them. Touma replies that he will have them put into cold storage until the time technology has advanced enough to find a way for them to be truly saved. As Touma leaves, Shiage calls back to him, asking what he is going to do now. Touma replies that he will do the same thing as always: "No matter how many times I reach game over and no matter how many times I must pathetically hit continue, I will not stop moving forward."[77]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

Touma wakes up in his bathtub where he usually sleeps next to Lessar and Leivinia, after much effort in not waking them and Index up, Touma arrives at the door of his bathroom. As Index tries to enter, Touma slams on the door in order for her not to enter, suddenly the wall surrounding the door collapses, indicating that this is where the girls entered. Upon seeing Touma and the girls, Index bites him.[78] Later, Leivinia explains that certain nations that are antagonist to GREMLIN have gathered in order to stop them in the creation of Gungnir. She says that Touma's right hand is a key component in the in the Alliance's plans against GREMLIN as they have no choice but to use him, and that she and Lessar are there to make sure that his right hand can be used at any time when the Alliance is ready. The plan was for them to bring Touma to the location of GREMLIN's headquarters after it is discovered by the Alliance, and then with the support of the military forces, have his Imagine Breaker at a single opportune moment, like when Gungnir is on the verge of completion, instead of Touma fighting a lengthy battle.[79]

An unassuming wait at a bus stop.

Although Touma is reluctant in facing GREMLIN, he agrees that GREMLIN should be stopped. As such, they later leave the apartment to wait for the bus to School District 23 as a Supersonic Passenger Plane that would ferry them to the location of GREMLIN's headquarters is waiting for them there. As Touma is dogged by the three girls from the magic side, Misaka Mikoto notices them. She saw Touma sitting on a bench with girls clinging to him then instead of becoming angry due to the unpleasant sight, she just muttered to herself that she is sick of this position. Suddenly an adult woman in showy suit spoke to her and she recognized that this woman was under Shokuhou Misaki's control. Misaki then teased her regarding Touma and asked if she wants to know what's going on to which she replied that she isn't at all interested. Misaki then provoked Mikoto by saying she will approach him, ask him and seduce him by controlling more girls stating that he will at least like one of them. Mikoto then panicked and told Misaki that if she continues doing this, there would be chaos. She then used magnetism to lift up the bench where Touma and the others are sitting and sent it to the other side of the river. Mikoto then landed on the bench and demanded an explanation from Touma.[80] Mikoto later tags along with them to School District 23. There, they spent most of their time arguing amongst themselves what swimsuits they should wear and forcing Touma into incredibly awkward situations.

Kumokawa Maria later sees Touma in the airport and calls out to him, to which Leivinia, Index, Lessar, Mikoto reacted as for Touma meeting another girl unknown to them and Touma wondering why they don't know her. She was then asked by Touma why is she there to which she replied that she is in the middle of an on-site training regarding using different languages to guide businessmen. Touma was dumbfounded and Mikoto explained it to him. Touma then asked how things have been going since that event in Baggage City and she said that she's email friends with the mixed martial artist girl and the ninja girl disappeared somewhere. She also said that she is not satisfied with what happened to her teacher and asked who is that eyepatch girl whom she felt an incomprehensible fear at that time. Touma then just assured her that they will know before long and she would be able to meet Kihara Kagun once again. Leivinia then received a word that they finally have their cue as to where Sargasso is as the attack on the North Sea Sargasso begins.[81]

GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

As the invasion of Tokyo by GREMLIN begins, Touma and their group evidently feels GREMLIN's pressure, as the airport begins announcement telling people to go to the underground shelters. Touma later discovers from Leivinia on how the battlefield is in Tokyo Bay. Touma is hesitant however, as he believes that GREMLIN will attack Academy City, but Leivinia tells him that the swiftest way to prevent the shed of blood is for Touma to destroy Gungnir before the forces of Academy City and GREMLIN collide. Having no choice, Touma follows Leivinia to get to their plane. Mikoto later calls out to him, and asks him if Tokyo becoming a battlefield like in Hawaii is just a joke. But Touma says that he doesn't know but tells her that she should be able to tell with the tense situation they are in. Mikoto says that her mother lives in Tokyo and needs something more concrete than what Touma just said. Pressed for time, Touma tells her to come with him as it is better than just watching. Index then runs up to him asking why he isn't relying on a magic expert such as herself as he's going to fight magicians. Touma just says "fine" to this, not having time for their questions.[82] Meanwhile, after Maria finally decides to follow Touma to get to GREMLIN and by proxy Kihara Kagun, she finds Touma are about to go to the supersonic passenger plane via an electronic cart, Maria jumped on Touma's lap while saying that she will be going with them and she will do anything just to let her go with them to which Lessar was shocked at Maria's action saying that she may be mistaken on who her real rival is. Leivinia then signaled the cart driver to go and approach the plane. Just before they took off, Maria apologized to Touma for asking him to do a favor to which Touma did not think of it as a major issue. Lessar then guided her to her proper seat and buckled up. Not long after taking off, they are above Tokyo. There, however, they are intercepted by a red dragon, Freyja's Níðhöggr, and easily slicing it into two, and dislodging all its passengers.[83]

After falling from the plane, Touma plummets towards the earth with Níðhöggr ever stalking him. Although he has with him a parachute, it opened in a queer way. As he falls, it is broken as his parachute is caught by a crane. There is a nearby building below Touma, and as he ponders on what to do, his parachute begins to rip. Touma then tries to climb up the crane before that happens. However, Níðhöggr catches up to him again and smashes the crane, making Touma fall. As he falls, he is able to get close into one of the buildings floors, and enter it through one of the still glassless windows. After bearing the pain of the fall, Touma quickly hides away from Níðhöggr, who quickly leaves after being unable to find him. After recovering, Touma tries to call up Index and discovers that the networks both Internet and phone have become congested and that only the emergency voice message service can be used. He becomes suspicious of this and looks out the window to see the streets being flooded by people, a result of GREMLIN distributing what people stood to gain.[84]

With communications still down and no message for him in the disaster message boards, Touma is left on his own in a city he is unfamiliar with. With time of the essence, Touma heads out to Tokyo Bay on his own, and decides to go down the subway tunnels, believing them to be abandoned.[85] Touma tries to force his way through the crowds in order to get to the station, after much effort he escapes the crowded places but he instead runs into Muspells. As he was not stalled by GREMLIN's manipulations, several appear before him. Still desperate to get to Tokyo Bay, Touma runs lets out his right hand and ran straight through them, easily destroying them. In the end, Touma discovers that the subway trains are still running through the tunnels. Seeing this as an opportunity to get to Tokyo Bay faster, he crawls into a ventilation duct, and tries to time his jump onto a passing train. With some difficulty, Touma is able to land on the subway train, and there, later meets face to face with Freyja.[86]

Freyja manages to land on the train Touma was able to jump on as well, seeing that he was the one who destroyed the most Muspells. She tells her who she is, and warns her that just because they're on a train doesn't mean it should be a reason to worry about a pregnant woman like her. She then tells Touma that he should be honored for she decided that he was the biggest threat to GREMLIN and must be defeated first.[86] There, Touma has to contend against the power of Freyja's Brísingamen summons. And though his right hand can easily destroy, Freyja summons many of them to overwhelm him. However, Touma finds away, impressing Freyja that he could find a way to withstand her surefire methods. She summons another monster based on a giant of Norse mythology, but it is quickly struck down by the ceiling getting lower as the train travels in a tunnel. Seeing his chance, Touma charges, but Freyja does not fear. She summons several monsters of the same type based on another giant of Norse mythology. But they were many and they cramped what little space they had. Believing that he could topple them all, Touma continues forward. However, what he did not take into account was Freyja summoning another one, Hildisvíni the boar, and then her ordering it to consume its fellow summons. This shocks Touma as it begins growing larger and large, enough to fill the space of the tunnel. Frejya explains that Norse mythology is a mythology of mutual destruction, where gods and the monsters slay each other. Using this as a basis, she can create an attack where one devours the other.[87]

The true Freyja revealed.

Touma is undeterred as he sees that he will have an easier time defeating a single large monster instead of many. Then Freyja laughs at him, believing that he is merely motivating himself, and that the "child" she gave birth to will hinder his motivations. Touma questions her wording of "child". Here, Freyja says that she is not calling her summons from far away but creating them by guiding her magic power through the womb, giving it a specific directionality of germination, and pour that magic power into a Brísingamen jewel, thus she can call upon monsters using the jewel as the core. She mentions her "child" and that since her own magical sense is lacking, she has no choice but to borrow the child's brain and body to use magic. Freyja mentions that the child has been trapped in her womb for a full two years, and refers to it as a leftovers in the back of a fridge. Touma is enraged at her callous regard for human life. Then the boar attacked. Touma thought that he could easily defeat such a large opponent, but he was mistaken. The boar was so large that when it charged at Touma when the train arrived at the station, it pushed air towards him, acting like a piston. Touma floats on midair due to the wind as the boar continues to charge towards him.[87] The boar's attack ravages the back of the train and Touma could not be seen. Believing Touma has either been crushed or have fallen, Freyja prepares to find her next target. Unbeknownst to her Touma survived, grabbing on the roof of the train. Freyja sees and congratulates Touma, but even before she could use her jewels, Touma swings his coat over her face, blocking her vision.[88] While her vision is blocked, she tries to summon another creature. And though Touma hesitates because she is pregnant, he has no choice but to press on forward. Touma apologizes to the child rather than to the mother, and destroys the creature she just summoned. Touma charges towards Freyja, intending to destroy the Brísingamen and end their battle as soon as possible. However, he then hears a shout, telling Touma not to touch her mother. At that moment, Freyja kicked Touma, forcing him back due to the pain. Freyja throws away his coat but he manages to get it back. There, he saw it upon he belly of the woman before her. There were runic markings on them, he then realized that if the mother was not able to use magic at all if wasn't for her child, then wouldn't that mean it is the child who can use magic. Here, Touma realizes that the child inside the womb is Freyja.[89] The child in the womb says that she is trying to save her mother no matter what. She tells of her hopeless and inescapable situation, which will find no redress even after ten years of work and one hundred years of research. Touma then asks what it has to do with GREMLIN and the destruction they spread. Freyja replies that he has yet to see what GREMLIN truly is. She readdresses her statement of "ten years of work and one hundred years of research" and references on how a magic god can ignore those restrictions, and says that as long as the lance is completed, her mother can finally be saved. Touma says not to trust Othinus for all the things she has done in Hawaii and in Baggage City that once the lance is complete, she won't need to listen to anyone else. Freyja says that it is fine for her only method of saving her mother is through borrowing the power of a magic god. Touma pleads to Freyja to reconsider as he deems that Othinus is only using that as a convenient tool to guide her, referencing as what is happening to the city as similar. However, Freyja does not heed his words and tells Touma to stay out of the way.[90]

Touma lays down his pride and asks Index and Mikoto for help in saving both Freyja and her mother.

Suddenly, Touma hears a scratching noise and realizes that the great hole inside one of the train cars may have been filled with a summon by Freyja while he fell a while ago. There, she reveals to him a great red dragon Níðhöggr Vol. 02, which was larger than any of the summons Touma has come to face in that tunnel for Freyja has fed it many of the summons while inside the car. Then, as the train exits the tunnel and Touma's eyes are filled with blinding light, the thing attacks him. Freyja cried out some order and moved to the next car forward, as the dragon wrecks several cars as it moves, including the one Touma is standing upon. As he falls, believing he has failed, he notices someone grabbing to his back as his body's fall changes. He was saved by Misaka Mikoto, with Index and Sphynx in tow. With only two cars remaining, they land upon one of them. Mikoto immediately goes on a tirade against Touma's during this dire situation, saying that just because the cellphone don't work doesn't mean he can run off on his own and get cornered. She reminds him that he has only one life no matter what kind of power he has. Index cuts in, saying that Touma will not change even if she says that, and that they will have to compromise for him. Index apologizes to Touma for interfering and says that she will not back down here. Then, his cellphone fell onto the train, and there it plays a recorded message from his mother directed to him and his father, telling them not to worry about her despite the chaos that is happening in Tokyo.[90]

Hearing this, Touma sees the great unfairness of the situation, and that he has no way on his own to save them. And thus, Touma swallows his pride. He tells them of Freyja and her true form, and finally asks the two girls beside him for help in saving her. There, as if some a deep wish has been granted for them, they say to Touma to leave it to them.[90]

Believing that she will win regardless of how many enemies will stand against her, Freyja summons the great red boar Hildisvíni as a cushion for her fall when she escapes after ordering Níðhöggr Vol. 02 to attack. And she does order it to destroy everything. As it charges towards them, Misaka Mikoto used her powers to jump towards the red dragon, and launched several Railguns at it in a row in point black range using her powers. It's advanced was stopped in an instant, shocking Freyja as the monster disappears. As Mikoto is left behind in the distance, Touma and Index steps forward. Freyja summons other monsters again. Suddenly however, her body stiffens as Index chants Notarikon letters, her Spell Intercept.[91]

Mikoto and Index help Touma in defeating the Goddess of Fertility.

Touma then spoke to Index and tells her that she should analyze the magic being used to give birth to Freyja's "children". Afterwards, Touma speaks to Freyja. He tells her on his initial confusion on how she said that she worked to protect her mother within the womb despite being a fetus. He tells her on how he questioned on how she was able to learn magic. He says that seeing her magic is specialized toward giving birth to "children," he realized on how it is based on, and asks a rhetorical question towards her on what it is. Freyja does not answer, but Touma tells her anyway. He reveals that her magic is based on the magic used to safely give birth to the child inside the womb, and that she has twisted it into an attack magic so she could join GREMLIN. Once again, Freyja is uncaring for Touma's words, telling him that no matter how it was originally, it failed in the end as her mother is doomed if she continues to be with her as well as if she leaves her. And that the only escape is through the use of the magic god's power to make the impossible possible.[91]

Hearing this, Touma says that he will have Index finish this, for she has the collection of knowledge that can reach the level of a magic god. With those 103,000 grimoires, surely if they can reveal the spell meant to allow the child a safe birth and send it into the mother that is fully reliant on the child, her mother should be able to keep her heart beating on her own just as when a child leaves its mother. As Index attempts to hack into the single system known as the Fertility Goddess Freyja that was made up of the mother and the fetus, Freyja speaks. Here she says that she will continue to protect her mother even if she has to sell her soul to a magic god or spill the blood of innocents as a pawn of GREMLIN, and she will do it on her own. However, Touma says that it is over and that she no longer have to use her hostility as weapon to protect her mother. Here, Touma says that the unfairness is over and Freyja can trust people now. With that, Freyja continues to resist as she did not know how to trust people, summoning two more monsters. But Touma is unperturbed, he tells Index that he will take out everything that tries to interfere so he can buy her the time she needs to prepare. He tells her to focus on her analysis and not to worry about a thing. As Touma fights, Index mutters an incantation under her breath, and the child inside the womb lets out a cry. There, Touma tells her it is over and that they will wait for her in the wide world.[91]

After Touma and Index removes the control the child has from the mother, the mother comes to as the train escapes the dark tunnel, politely asking where she is, though she later falls unconscious again.[91]

Later, carrying with them an unconscious Freyja, Touma and Index finally made it to Tokyo Bay. Leivinia, Lessar, and Maria pass them by on their commandeered motorboat. Seeing them, the girls turn back to meet them. Mikoto later arrives, falling from the sky and used magnetism to land on the metal railing alongside the river mouth and scolded Touma for leaving her behind after asking her for help. Seeing Touma with another girl and a pregnant one to boot, there was again a misunderstanding in Touma's part to which he explained everything that happened. As they try to ponder on what to do with Freyja before they set off to Sargasso on the motorboat, they are suddenly attacked by a giant dragon, the Níðhöggr that was harassing Tokyo all day. Touma asks Mikoto if she truly defeated the thing, but she tells Touma that she did but the ones before them is larger. With its great speed, it tries to charge towards them to retrieve Freyja. Being in danger of being crushed by that mass at such a speed, the girls prepare to fight it, Touma asks what he can do, to which Leivinia says that he should stay out of the way. Powerless, Touma can only watch as Mikoto's Railgun and Leivinia's magic is powerless to stop it. Just when Touma and the others were about to be attacked by Nidhogg, Kagun came and attacked it. He successfully defeated Nidhogg and Kumokawa Maria recognized him. Maria found that there is a slight scar on the back of his neck.[92] It turns out that there is an embedded chip there that is programmed based on a list that he had inputted in the device. That list comprises of the things that he would "actually do" or actions that are "like him" so as to ensure that even if he is dead he won't be controlled to do what he does not want to do. Maria then realized this and told Touma and the others that she would stay with him until the end, she carries Freyja with her walking with Kagun until the end as her comrades leave..[93]

Othinus, with the Lance of Gungnir, destroys the world before Kamijou Touma's eyes.

With their motorboat, the group races towards Sargasso, passing by Muspells who tried to intercept them. As they were too fast, they later disappeared. Out in the distance as they approach Sargasso, Mokkerkalfe appears, but before it can do anything, it's heart is crushed by Ollerus in the guise of Thor.[94] As they approached the end of Sargasso, Touma doubted if it is still part of the real world. He then sees Ollerus' body fall from the deck of a passenger ship. Othinus then told him that he was too late. Touma then asked about the lance to which Othinus responded that it all ended in failure but it didn't matter to her since all she wants is to complete her position as the magic god and as long as there is a way of doing it even without the lance, it doesn't matter anymore. She then told Touma that all of it was just a decoy, even the formation of GREMLIN and everything that happened in the past. Othinus then pulled the lance of Gungnir that she made herself from her right eye socket. While Othinus laughed, Touma was speechless. She then declared that she is now a complete magic god by having both solutions at once to which Touma just screamed. Othinus then lightly spun the lance around in one hand and pointed its tip towards the heavens and said that little fights are so troublesome, thus she'll just end the world. And exactly as she had announced, everything was immediately destroyed.[94]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

Othinus and Touma in the black world.

The world has truly ended, and while in the Black World, Othinus tells Touma who just woke up that he has failed to save the world and tells him that she isn't interested on what he will be going to do. Touma stands up speechless, notices his surroundings and asks Othinus about the place they are in. As Touma continues to deny what he is seeing and not accepting the fact that the world had really ended, Othinus tells him that what she destroyed is not just the Tokyo Bay or the Earth but the whole universe itself and only the two of them are left. Touma could not still believe it and walks away from Othinus as he wanders around the place.[95] After walking for a very long time, Touma accepts reality and wants some kind of a landmark. He then realizes that Othinus is still there and decides to go back to face her.[96] When he comes back, Othinus tells him that she thought that he had already died somewhere. Touma tells her that there is nothing there and that he will find a way to meet again the people who have disappeared. Othinus tells him that there is nothing he can do now that the world has already ended. Touma then tells her regarding his Imagine Breaker as a reference point as what Ollerus said and will find a way to revert everything she threw out of order. Othinus then tells him she is fine with it and that she has already expected Touma as the final barrier. Despite the fact that she can kill him easily at that moment, she doesn’t because she believes that if she killed him, Imagine Breaker would just reside somewhere else and it would be problematic so she decides to just break him mentally and use him as a cage to trap Imagine Breaker. Touma then challenges her for a fight but Othinus tells him that a magic god like her won't bother fighting a puny human. She then pulls her lance from the ground and it glows, signifying that she is creating something. Touma then wonders what she is doing and she tells him that she is going to break him mentally by taking everything from him and show him the insignificance of everything that he has gained in his life.[97]

In the Alpha World, while Touma is still in the bedroom and is at lost on what is happening after knowing that the world treats him as an evil person and wants him dead, Othinus suddenly appears and tells him that the world have realized that this great commotion would not end unless they kill Touma. Touma while trembling asks her what she has done to them, to which Othinus responds that she did not threaten them and that this is the current world and not just a nightmare. She then tell him that he would eventually die and nothing will change that. Touma then looks around the destroyed bedroom but Othinus has already disappeared.[98] After Touma escapes the police officers who are pursuing him, Othinus appears again to Touma on top of a telephone pole and tells him that he overcame his first trial. Touma then questions her on what she has done, to which she responds that she just merely changed everyone's point of view then vanishes yet again. Touma then learns that after the war, Japan was set up such that it would dry up on its own without help and that the pile of rubble that he was in is actually Shibuya. He then wonders if the GREMLIN or the coalition did this, then Othinus suddenly responds that it wasn't her and it doesn't seem to be over yet then vanishes once again. Touma then hears an announcement coming from a store's speakers that the students who had fled Academy City are the target of bombings. The attack lands and the shockwave affects Touma. He begins to run towards the station hoping that the people hiding there were not wiped out, then suddenly Othinus appears alongside him riding an electric two-wheeled vehicle that she had picked up somewhere while telling him that he shouldn't be so sure about that and things might not go as nicely as he thinks he will. Touma tries to punch her but she disappears along with the vehicle[99]. Touma then reaches the station and sees Fukiyose Seiri. While he is attempting to save her, she suddenly stabs him and blames him for everything that has happened. An LCD TV buried in the rubble comes to life and shows an announcement that a second and third wave of missiles are coming right at that moment and then the missiles came. The ground of Shibuya Station collapses and Touma falls. Othinus shows herself again to Touma while falling through the deep underground of Shibuya Station and asks him if he understands now that this is a world with a different point of view. Touma then asks her what point of view she changed to make this world, to which Othinus answers that she changed everyone's point of view concerning him. Touma then wakes up from the impact of falling and hears an announcement that Academy City has had all supply lines cut off. He understands that most people in the world hates him and that any people or organization that are connected to him are being indiscriminately targeted. Othinus yet appears again leaning against Touma's back while he is confronting Aogami Pierce who is about to attack him. She tells him that she did not brainwash them nor added anything new but just changed their point of view. She also tells him that he has already done what it would take to be treated like this and it's just that he and the others haven't realized it before. Continuing on, she tells him that in the world he knows, he always charged headfirst into some kind of incident using his fists to defeat the enemy and protect someone as a result then being treated as a type of hero and only that positive aspect was emphasized. She then continues on by whispering to him about what will happen if their point of view was changed and emphasized the other side of his actions, specifically the negative ones and that it would be strange for people to silently accept an incarnation of violence like that. After saying those words, Othinus cleanly vanishes. Touma then fights Aogami who is blaming him of everything and defeats him. He runs away while thinking about the safety of his parents. Othinus appears hung upside-down the ceiling; apparently knowing what he is thinking. She then tells him that she will not stop him if he wants to see it for himself and that he should be more cautious of his surroundings. Suddenly, he is stabbed by Komoe from behind. Komoe then apologizes and tells him that she has to take responsibility. The LCD monitors in the station suddenly lights up and shows his father announcing that despite the fact that Touma is their son they are willing to help everyone in order to kill him because he is an absolute evil and that they will correct the mistake they have made. Othinus then appears staring down at him while crouching and asks him who in the world actually saw him for who he was. She then tries to break him by telling him that people were not actually looking at him and that they do not see him for who he is and that is the reason why they were easily manipulated by changing their point of view. She then asks him if this kind of world is worth risking his life to protect, to which Touma responds that it is. She then realizes that she cannot break Touma that easily and decids for a slight change of plans. At a snap of her fingers, time speeds back to normal and Komoe proceeds to kill Touma.[100]

In the Beta World, Othinus sits on the teacher's desk in the twilighted classroom as evening falls, while Touma is contemplating on what he just saw earlier in the class. It turns out that there is an impostor who is living his normal everyday life and the others do not notice it despite the striking differences in their appearances. She tells him that it was “Kamijou Touma's” everyday life and that for those people, it did not matter who it was. She explains to him that their trust was established because he saved them so as long as they are saved, regardless of who saved them, their trust and good will would have turned in that person's direction. She tells him that anyone could be 'Kamijou Touma' and that no one is truly looking at him. She then asks him if he can still continue on, to which Touma replies that he won't deny this world he protected and it's valuable for him. Despite Othinus trying to break his will, Touma still decides that it is alright if everyone abandons him and that he will just rebuild his connections with them. Othinus then asks him who he is, then Touma realizes that he no longer knows who he is.[101] While Touma is contemplating about his identity, Othinus asks his name, what kind of person he is originally, the kind of people he is surrounded with, as well as the person he wanted to protect. She tells him that as thanks for letting her kill some time, she will return him to his former position as long as he tells her his proper name. She shows him his own class photo and tells him that if he chooses correctly who he is in that photo then she will return his world, life, and existence. Despite the fact that Othinus is trying to break his sense of identity, he insists that he is Kamijou Touma. Othinus is utterly displeased, and asks how he caught on, to which Touma replies that she gave him a hint.[102]

Othinus then makes Touma experience countless of worlds. After many worlds, Touma then realizes that Othinus isn't actually destroying anything. Othinus then explains to Touma about Phases and on how she just creates new filters and place them over the world so the world appears to have changed. She then mentions a man who names himself “Silver Star” seem to have been attempting to directly tamper with the 'Pure World' beyond all the filters. Touma then thinks that his Imagine Breaker does the opposite of what Othinus is doing and his hope to bring everything back to normal is renewed. Othinus knowing what Touma is thinking warns him regarding that last thread of hope.[103]

Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the Omega World, just as Touma had his resolve in bringing back everything to normal, Othinus shows Touma a seemingly perfect world where everyone is saved and enjoying their everyday lives. She tells Touma that if he insists that the changed worlds and the act of changing the world is evil, then he should reject this perfect world. Othinus embraces Touma's shoulders from behind while holding the lance which is within reach of his right hand. She then tells him that it must be right to return it to normal and that he should test out his own idea of justice by rejecting this perfect world. Othinus explains to him that the world does not need him and that even without him, everyone can be saved by using her power as the magic god regardless of the issue of good and evil. Touma then complains that it isn't fair and questions himself about what he is doing all along. He also complains that he cannot save everyone and that his actions might have caused tragedy to other people. Othinus tells him that he should not blame himself and that he has done well for a mere human. Suddenly, Index approaches him for her ball and Touma reaches for it. He also sees Stiyl, Kanzaki, and other priests and nuns that he does not recognize. Index then asks him what's wrong, to which Touma responds that it's nothing. Index then jogs away and goes back to her group. Othinus then lets him choose whether to protect or destroy the world, to which Touma asks what else he can do since even if he does not do anything, she can save the world. She then tells him that the perfect world was created on the assumption that he does not exist and him existing for much longer in this world will cause it to begin collapsing so he must end his life.[104]

After sitting on the bench for a long time Touma rises up and begins walking to Academy City, where in this world there is no reason for it to be walled off. As he walks through the city he sees many people he knows, some he is only acquainted with, some he has never met and some he can never meet in his world. After witnessing all this and enjoying a last meal he resolves to end his life to protect this world by ending his life. He resolves to end it by taking an elevator to the top off a forty story building and throws himself off it to his death. However, someone calls out to him, and just in time places a kick on his back, changing the path of his fall into a nearby window washing gondola, sighing as she sees that he is safe.[105]

Using Misaka 10031's body, the Will of the Whole Misaka Network waves to Touma after stopping him from committing suicide.

Apparently observing that Touma is in the deepest nadir of his utter despair and is about to commit suicide, she takes over Misaka 10031's body and scrambles to get to Touma just as he jumps off a building.[105] Touma sees her and believes her to be Misaka 10032, but corrects him by saying that she is Misaka 10031, the Sister Touma refers to as the one he barely missed saving. Touma asks what she means, to which she tells Touma that though this was the first time they have met, he has met a lot of her physical terminals. She then bows her head and says that she is the will created by the whole Misaka Network.[106]

However, she says all this with a smile on her face. Still in despair, the Will asks what he will do now, though Touma doesn't understand. She reiterates, asking him that now that he know that the world they are in is the perfect world with nothing but happiness, what he will do now. She asks him if he is sure that he searched properly to escape the world and that if there are contradictions in Othinus' ideal world, saying that there must something he can find and that her very presence must be something. However, Touma points out on how there would no reason for him to turn the world around as it will only cause everything to collapse. The Will then says that he should only talk about things when he is more positive. She compares Othinus as a dictator who had made her "home" as pleasant as possible, and that was the world they were in now. However, the Will asks if there was a kindness that had to be completely eliminated in the world they were in. Touma says he understands and refers to his experiences with GREMLIN, saying that Othinus did not create the new world out of concern for people, she created the new world because it was an eyesore for her. Touma however, still points out that regardless of this she still saved everyone, even those who couldn't save himself, and that he couldn't return everything to normal after seeing all that. He says that though it would be right, it'd be evil as he would rob the happiness of those people just so he can get back his own place in the world. The Will understands his reasoning's but asks him if he ever fought because it was the right thing to do, or if he ever punched people because they were evil. Touma hesitated to answer, to which the Will smiles, answering for him, saying that he has never used those reasoning's then, and there should be no reason to allow those reasoning's to crush him now. Touma points out that the reasoning will only save him, but the Will makes a rebuttal, telling him not to lie, taking Touma aback. The Will points out Touma should know that Othinus cheated to make the perfect world that could make Touma fall into despair. The answer would make this world turn out as something not so ideal that even Touma tries to deny it, saying that the world Othinus made was accomplished perfectly. Touma says that Othinus did save everyone where he could not. Hearing this, the Will asks Touma to prove that the world they were in was perfect and nothing anyone does can cause a single crack in it. Hearing her words, Touma finally admits the one thing that made the so-called "perfect world" flawed, the people there don't remember the original world.[107]

Touma however, asks why that matters as no matter what those people think they were truly saved. He says that having their memories or not does not change that they were saved. The Will points out however that it changes everything as it would disregard all the things Touma has done so far. She tells him that he should not change the rules he used then now. She then says that Othinus was afraid, but not because people would find it strange that dead people were standing before them, it's because that if everyone remembered the original world, everyone who was saved here would be unable to accept losing him. Touma tries to take in what the Will just said, who can only smile, apparently finding it funny that he could not understand that simple concept. The Will says that though Touma thinks that he can protect everyone's smiles by casting aside his place in the world, there are those who would not want to lose him, like her among others. Touma understood her words, that despite in the darkest of situations, no matter how hopeless the situation, people could still get along. The Will says that nowhere does it say that everyone would readily accept the terms of them losing Touma in exchange of the "perfect world". She says that it was Othinus feared, everyone gathering together to save him, as is the reason she "cheated" as the Will says and made no one remember him through the happiness they have. The Will continues on how it would not make any sense if he forced them to accept it as he himself did not allow that sort of thing to happen.[108]

Touma is in deep thought, having believed that his existence did not weigh heavily in the hearts of people after seeing everyone smiling in a world without him. Here, he believes that there would be others who could do what he did and maybe even better. As if cutting his own thoughts, the Will says that those possibilities of other people doing what he could do or even being better at it doesn't matter because he is still the one who has done it, the one in the right time and place who ran in and saved people. Touma could not but the Will pressed further. She says that he will be saved if he rejected this world, and that they will do for him what he has done for them, that is the reason why Othinus cheated. Touma does not reject her words, and begins thinking it all over. Touma however says that with that result, it'll just make it even worse. Touma cannot allow for them to be reminded of the original world as they'll only reject their "perfect world" just to save him. Hearing this, the Will then asks Touma a question, without all moral dilemmas and mysteries surrounding life. She asks him if it doesn't bother him that Othinus just appeared out of nowhere and stole everything he had built up.[108]

The Will consoles the broken-hearted Touma.

Although the question was simple, it cuts deep into Touma's heart. He remains silent for a while, but finally trembled out the words from his lips as he cried.[108] He says that it bothers him.[109] Here, Touma pours all of his emotions to the Will. He bemoans his cruel fate. He curses Othinus for making his life meaningless easily through her power, and though she can easily take away and destroy the perfect world made it to crush him underfoot, she still achieved something that he could not. He tells that if she were to tell him that she would return all those people who have lost their lives before she made the "perfect world" then he would probably reject it based on a random ideal or another, like saying their deaths had meaning or she can't toy with people's lives so easily. However, since she has already done it, to return things to normal now would be no different from killing the people that are happy now with his own hands. He states there would be no excuses for that, to return to the normal would mean to kill the people in this "perfect world." And so Touma asks what good would come out of destroying the "perfect world". He asks if he could really return to the old world he pictured in his head. He asks if he could ever face the people who are living their normal lives who are ignorant of what happened. He asks if he could really just smile when he knows the truth. Here, admits he cannot do those, even if he defeats Othinus, nothing would remain for him either way, he can't return to normal. He says that no matter what happens there is no way for him to succeed, stating that if he doesn't fail in whatever he chose to do he will still have complaints and will eventually fall apart, giving him no reason to fight. He asks why he should destroy the miraculous "perfect world" again. He asks why they couldn't just accept Othinus' victory if every path leads to destruction. He asks why they could not just let the number of people saved decide it. And since Othinus saved more, there is nothing else he can do, there is nowhere he can go to.[110]

The confrontation at A Certain High School.

Othinus is at the schoolyard of A Certain High School when Touma showed up. It irritated her that Touma is still there and alive when he should have already killed himself after accepting the perfect world that requires that he must not exist. She then decided that she will just kill him if she cannot break him and that she might achieve more stable control if she transfer Imagine Breaker to a more fragile container and break it.[111] And thus the battle between a man and a god began.

Without moving from her position, she sent explosions to Touma by just holding up her lance. Touma attempts to come closer to her but it is futile. When he almost got the chance to punch her, she vanished then appeared so close to him and grabbed his neck. As she lifts him up, she told him to realize it already to which Touma replied that he already have. Touma realized that they've been doing this countless of times already and that she won't kill him for a reason.[112] Othinus then felt exhaustion due to the fact that they've repeated this countless of times until Touma fails somewhere along the line. But Touma wouldn't break and she shouted in irritation. Othinus killed Touma over and over again while Touma speaks to her.[113] Touma then told Othinus that she couldn't throw away her first and ideal hope of returning to her original world by removing all of the phases that she have put in place and that her second hope of creating a world similar to her original world would still be different from the original so she couldn't abandon her first hope. He claimed that she should be able to use Imagine Breaker to repair the world and that he will do whatever it takes for her to bring back his original world. Othinus then responded that she tried it but it didn't work so her only option is to create the next world. Touma then told her that he won't move onto the next world and that they will repeat this billions or even trillions of times. After the 10,031st fight, she already have decided to end this and that she would give up on her first hope but suddenly she felt an intense headache. Touma explained that fighting with a weak opponent would wear down her mind at a faster rate as compared to his case wherein fighting a very strong opponent, would wear his mind at a slower rate.[114] Othinus then decided that she would end this and kill him here and will move on to the next world. Othinus continued to attack Touma but he just evaded it and told her that all this time, he is analyzing her attack patterns and somewhat started to understand her. She then threw the lance to Touma at a tremendous force that the space itself has torn apart but Touma used his right fist to strike it then the lance veered sharply upward to return to Othinus but it disintegrated midway. Touma then thought that he could end this due to the fact that Gungnir, the item that grants her 100% success has been destroyed but Othinus used the fairy spell to grant her the 100% failure.[115] Othinus then used her crossbow to rain down arrows on Touma. Touma eveded the first nine arrows but he did not anticipate the tenth one due to not considering the 100% failure in his analysis so he was struck and his lower body was blown apart. Othinus caught him in one hand and told him that it is over. Touma accepted it and told Othinus to put Imagine Breaker into good use to take back her first hope. While dying in her arms, Touma told her to just act the way she wants regardless of good and evil and asked her what she really wanted from the beginning. He then died. As she stood alone in the pitch black world, she then realized that she no longer remember why she wanted to go back to her original world and that what she really wanted is someone who understood her. She is not assured that if she go back to her original world, she would be able to find that someone. She realized that Touma was the only one who truly understood her and that she just killed him with her own hands. She then decided to bring back Touma's original world.[116]

Touma saves Othinus.

Touma woke up and saw that they were once again at Sargasso. Upon seeing Othinus, he realized that Othinus has already changed and conceded the world to him. He tried to stop Mikoto, Index, Leivinia and Lessar from attacking her but it didn't reach them. Othinus did not attempt to defend herself and was knocked backwards. Touma then ran to Othinus to his friend's surprise and searched for her. Meanwhile, Othinus is laying on the ground accepting her fate as the magical bombardment from the coalition falls on her. Touma then used his right hand to protect Othinus from the bombardment which surprised Othinus. Touma then told her that she knew that this would happen but still kept quiet about it to which Othinus responded that she would not last longer due to the fairy spell destroying her from the inside and that it is too late even if he use Imagine Breaker. Touma told her that she is different now and that she must atone for what she did and he can no longer sense any evil in her for her to deserve death. Touma then declared that he will save her even if it means he would fight the world.[117]

VS The World

Hot off the heels of declaring his intentions in protecting Othinus, Touma meets an impasse as he has no plan in saving her. In a rare occurrence Touma, now being completely casual and carefree around Othinus, asks Othinus, the person he is trying to save, to help him. Though Othinus is flabbergasted by his decision in his staying by her side and making an enemy out of the world, and even more so of his lack of plans, Othinus regardless gives hope to their venture. Othinus reveals that she can go back to normal and stop the corruption of her body due to the fairy spell by renouncing his magic god status. She says that to do this they must retrieve her eye that she has thrown into the lake near Egeskov Castle in Denmark, Mímir's Spring, in a ritual that transformed her body into that of a magic god. Using her Bone Boat, they move Denmark towards them, though still they are far from their destination. This magic however exacerbates the already fragile state of Othinus, and in the northern part of the country while Egeskov Castle in the south their time is running out. In the meanwhile, with Touma's sudden siding with Othinus and their later disappearance from Sargasso, the world including GREMLIN tries to hunt them down.[118]

Throughout their journey, Touma meets both enemies and allies, new and old, from people he knows to those he is barely acquainted with that had come to oppose them. Using his knoweldge and experience with these acquaintances and with a little helped from Othinus, he is able to outmaneuver and outwit them, allowing him to quickly end a battle or not start one at all if it can be helped. However, he still gets injured and as his journey continues, his injuries accumulate. He defeats Accelerator of Academ City in a battle, though he himself wasn't serious in fighting him as he meant to be defeated by Touma in order to stay the other Level 5s from taking on Academy City's order in hunting down Touma and Othinus. Touma later negotiates with Agnese Sanctis in helping him pass Aalborg, with her special place as a former enemy and ally of Touma being an advantage in making her understand Touma's plight. Touma however is pitted in a serious fight against Sasha Kreutzev and Vasilisa from the Russian Orthodox Church, two magicians whom he barely know and is later aided by their superior the Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy. He nearly succumbs to his Seven Deadly Sins spell, but due to his own experiences not all of the seven sins applied to him, allowing him to reverse it against Patriarch, and preventing Sasha and Vasilisa from interfering lest they harm Krans. He is later abducted by Kanzaki Kaori, William Orwell, Knight Leader, and Carissa, and is taken to Hotel Ariel, where they prepare a weapon against Othinus. These four are all sword wielders from England, whom Touma knows he can never hope to defeat. Touma uses his knoweldge of Kanzaki needing to save people to his advantage, manipulating her to fight for him and even save him as he destroys parts of the mobile fortress to escape. Later, he comes upon a distraught Marian Slingeneyer who is followed by Mjölnir. Marian being a non-combatant, the sheer power of her Dáinsleif, and her current emotional state, doesn't work for her favor, bungling her attempts in killing both Touma and Othinus, and allowing the former to destroy her sword. Although he is still busy with Othinus, Touma gives Mjölnir his phone number, as she carried the defeated Marian away, telling him that he would come to help them if they needed it.

The two later passes Billund. As they leave the city, they come upon an area with many tanks and soldiers. This makes Touma nervous as he thinks they are the American military. Othinus states that it is likely the Danish military acting in America's in behalf. As Egeskov Castle is still a long away and now that the international coalition is tightening their grip in the country, Othinus suggests stealing a military vehicle, though Touma just vetoes her suggestion.[119] As they try to hide from the tanks, little did they know that they have fallen for the trap set up by the American military for their Operation Norse Wind, with the American tanks operation by Danish military being used as diversion while American commandos look for them.[120]

As the commandos, comprising of Ingrid Martin, Jaguar, and Lynx, continued their observation, Touma and Othinus crouches down to hide themselves from the tanks. Seeing this as an intent to continue resisting, she orders Lynx and Jaguar to ready themselves as she wants the job to be finished quickly. With the two other confirming their actions, after Jaguar asks if she actually has girly things like periods, Ingrid stands up from behind Touma and Othinus just two meters away.[121] Touma and Othinus is caught unawares by them, with Ingrid putting pressure on Touma's carotid arteries thus rendering him unconscious. This is a deliberate choice in choosing Touma first as she knows he is important to Othinus and that she is wary of her powers based on America's experience with GREMLIN in Hawaii. Othinus, seeing this, swears at Ingrid, prompting her to use Touma as a human shield against her. Distracted, the others then show themselves, one of which fires a shot at Othinus. With Othinus preoccupied with the thought of being surrounded, Ingrid takes out a knife and throws its butt toward the center of Othinus' head knocking her out. Their attack took only twenty seconds.[122]

When Touma comes to, he hears Ingrid arguing with her comrades in English, though he cannot understand them. One of them argues why Ingrid didn't just kill Othinus with the knife, leading to another to defend Ingrid's actions, reminding their comrade of their mission and that shooting or stabbing Othinus may not work. Ingrid says that they still don't know the details of the magic used in Hawaii, but says that since Othinus needs to at least to think about to use magic, she knocked her out while she was too confused. However, Ingrid notes on how it was too easy. They later talk about waiting to create a secure video link to the UN headquarters. A necessity, as if the line is intercepted it could lead to Othinus' soldiers to interfere. Seeing that the line is up, Ingrid orders for them to move on to the next part of their mission, and orders them to review their process. When Touma looks up, he finds that he is on the ground as they review the gruesome method of killing Othinus in front of a camera and sending the footage to the President live, and her body's eventually secure disposal. One of them reminds them to take a DNA sample, though then complains about preserving Othinus' corpse as the remnants of her organization would rally around it. Ingrid says that is what the higher ups has decided and it is not their place to argue. Moreover, she explains that if her body is incinerated then there'd be no proof that she was truly dead. Finally coming to, Touma asks where Othinus is. He tries to get up from the ground, but is stepped down upon by a soldier pointing a gun to his head. Ingrid then tosses a radio to Touma, telling him that the President has something to tell him.[123]

Touma pleads for Othinus' life to President Roberto Katze.

Roberto tells Touma that though he doesn't know why he sided with Othinus, he should've at least known what would happen to him. Knowing that he can't bring up the President's debt to him for helping him back in Hawaii as Roberto is making his decisions with every citizen of the United States of America weighing on his back, Touma is aware that his chances of convincing Roberto is stacked against him. Regardless, Touma knows that he must win by giving Roberto and the rest of the United States of America a reason to hold off on killing Othinus. Touma asks Roberto that since he is even bothering talking to him then he must at least feel a little hesitant, to which Roberto says that he is only merely killing time until his soldiers have secured the video line which would allow him to see and confirm for himself how his soldiers will kill Othinus. Touma however says that he will not let him kill Othinus. Roberto then replies that Touma has 10 minutes to explain why he shouldn't if he can, though states that he has enough reasons for kill her as well. Despite Roberto's called words, he was willing to talk allowing Touma to believe he can reach him with his words.[123]

Touma tells him that he still doesn't know everything about Othinus, why she fled to Denmark, and that it would be bad if America eliminated her without knowing her objectives or motives. Roberto says that it doesn't matter if their reputation is damaged as the definite stability of the world is more important. He references that since Touma had been out on the field facing GREMLIN he should have a better grasp of what they are, though he says that the vast majority of the world doesn't know any of that, and because of that it may lead to rumors that will give GREMLIN a false credibility and a new war will break out of it. Hence the reason for nipping the problem in the bud by killing Othinus. Touma says that Roberto isn't wrong, but says that that's all the more reason why they can't kill her. Touma says that even if GREMLIN lost its head, Othinus, it will not disband the group, though the members would scatter randomly. Touma says that as they have lost their objective, in anger they will attack the peaceful world, and their first target would be America, the country that had led to that peaceful world. Roberto says that they are prepared for the fight to continue, and says that they are a country that will not forgive a villain in fear of a distant future. Touma says that American will not be hunting down remnants of a group as GREMLIN has already proven itself that a superpower like American can be brought to its knees as shown in Hawaii. He asks Roberto what would happen if the other members of GREMLIN gathered together, and references on how there are a lot of people who would like to defeat America. Roberto however points out that keeping Othinus around would lead to war just the same. Touma however doubts that, saying that to predict the behavior of the other members of GREMLIN, they need to know their secrets, and who has better knowledge of them than their leader. Touma adds that GREMLIN cannot name themselves a new representative as long as Othinus is alive, allowing them to hold off GREMLIN's reorganization and regrouping, and in turn allowing them to slow the spread of chaos that they bring along with them.[123]

Roberto however says that Othinus' power is unknown to them, drawing from his recent experience in Tokyo with the lance of Gungnir, he says that there is no good reason to let her go as she can do worse things in the future. Moreover, he says that they can't detain her somewhere as well as they cannot guarantee GREMLIN won't be able to attack and break her out. Hearing this, Touma draws out the key sentence for his argument: they need only to take her power from her. Touma says that he and Othinus is trying to permanently remove her power then surrender to them, removing the threat of a future where she can do even worse things, and essentially removing the reason to kill her. Hearing this, the President asks if there really is such a convenient way of doing so. Touma tells him that he and Othinus did not come all the way to Denmark without an objective in mind, and says that if they were truly running away then it'd be easier to hide out in some quite mountain. Without waiting for a reply, Touma says that they are not writing off Othinus' crimes, and says that once everything is settled, they can lock her away as lock as they go through the proper procedures and that they will not impede them if they do. Touma then asks if he still feels the need to kill her even though they are merely preparing her to be sent to an American prison. Roberto however is hesitant, showing his inexperience with the magic side, saying that persons like Othinus are usually sent to places like England. Touma says that they ran across the three major churches and that they cannot be swayed, determining to kill Othinus. Roberto falls into silence, but Touma continues to speak, asking him (referencing that America's rules act as the global standard) if there really is no path for Othinus other than death. After a pause, Roberto says that Othinus would be charged with crimes against humanity as she attacked an enemy without declaring war, which would certainly lead her to be executed. Touma becomes worried on Othinus' survival, but Roberto continues to speak. He says that on the other hand, GREMLIN isn't accepted as a nation under international law, nor are they registered as a legitimate military force, technically making those crimes against humanity and war crimes inapplicable to them. He however states that such reasoning would be quite tricky to pull off, but says that even they pulled it off, Othinus would still be guilty due to her actions, imprisoned for a long time, though it would be possible that she would get a pardon to lessen her sentence. But Roberto says that it'd be best to think there would be almost no chance of her getting out.[123]

After hearing this, Touma cannot help but laugh, and says that it is fine as long there is hope then he and Othinus can accept it. Roberto asks if Touma truly understands, to which he replies that it is much better than having her killed in a frenzy. Touma then apologizes to him for thinking that America wasn't a major power in the world stage unlike Academy City and England for the science and magic side respectively, but says that America was the most rational ones when it came down to it. Finally, he says that America did what the science and magic sides could not. Hearing this, Roberto then tells Ingrid Martin that for their national interests and for the stabilization of the world, Operation Norse Wind is suspended. He orders them to release Touma and Othinus and continue their infiltration with the channel open for further orders, and then tells her to repeat what he just said. Ingrid Martin does so, and then has the soldiers release their bonds on Touma as well as that of Othinus. Touma then sees Othinus from a short distance being guarded by soldiers and goes toward her. As Othinus slowly regains consciousness, Roberto tells Touma that they won't attach an obvious collar on them, like a bomb on them, as a security measure, but says that the United States of America will be watching over them in hiding and maintaining a position to kill them. He says that would enough to replace an actual collar, with death constantly looming over Touma and Othinus.[123]

After being released, Touma looks at the soldiers in the eye just once, though they pay him no heed put their ghillie suits over their uniforms and then hid from Touma's sight. Ingrid and the others could only watch as Touma aids Othinus as they begin walking away. Suddenly, an explosion appears before them as soldiers try to escape their tanks. It is revealed to be FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units coming down from the sky attacking the tanks, much to Touma's horror as Academy City once again enters the stage.[124]

The Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units then begin hacking the tanks to allow them to use its speakers, and calls for the surrender and disarmament of non-combatants as it scans for Touma and Othinus' biometrics. The units warn that if they do not display an intent to disarm then they shall be eliminated regardless of the reason. After hearing all that, Ingrid, Lynx, and Jaguar come out of hiding. Ingrid asks why Academy City is attacking the tanks as she believed that Touma and Othinus talked it out. Touma rhetorically asks her if the units look like they are on his side. Othinus then tells them to stop complaining and think rationally. She tells them that it the units' warning is accurate then they are after her and Touma, saying that as long as they disarm they won't be eliminated. Ingrid says that they are forbidden to be taken prisoner no matter the circumstances or situation, saying that if they are captured then they die. Othinus then says that they should work together, telling them that Touma can give them information on Academy City, and in turn they can tell them how to survive the situation.[125] With them looking for Touma's advice, he tells them of the speed and capabilities of Academy City's supersonic planes as well as the capabilities of the FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. Hearing this, the soldiers lament their misfortune. They ask why Academy City is attack their troops as they believe that they also want to defeat Othinus just like them. Touma replies that it seemed like Academy City acted on their own during the battle in Tokyo Bay. As he ponders, not even he can tell what Academy City is doing. Othinus then says that she has noticed something. She asks why the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units are scanning the area specifically as if they had located them by satellite then they would've ignored the tanks and come to them already. Touma assumes that they were scanning all over the place because they didn't know where they are, to which Othinus replies that if they didn't know where they are, then they would've narrowed it down to the plain were they stood. Othinus says that they may have some general information telling them that she and Touma are in the area but says they likely do not have their exact coordinates. She says that the vague information for the units may have come from somewhere.[125]

Ingrid then shrugs, and shows that America's military transmission may have been intercepted, but says they hide their location from the operation leaders, the president, and even the diversion unit to increase their level of secrecy. Othinus then says that the soldiers then owes them now, much to Ingrid's chagrin as she tells her that the situation would not happen if not for them the terrorists. Touma tries to calm them down, leading to the both of them grabbing his collar. Touma concludes that the units know to check the area but don't have their exact location yet. He says that they will be fine if they escape now. After summing up the situation, the fighting finally settles down.[125]

With the soldiers leading the way, the group begins their escape, with Touma lagging behind as he has to aid the still weakened Othinus. Jaguar then become worried at the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units firing, though Touma cannot understand him. Jaguar then says that Denmark is flat as a board making them unable to hide for cover as there is none. They then start arguing after Ingrid takes offense to the term flat as a board. Hearing them, Othinus chooses not to translate what they are saying to Touma. They later follow them into a conifer forest, at which point the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units mow it down. This forces Touma to use his body to protect Othinus, leading him to be hit by the debris left by the explosion. Touma shouts that they have been found. Ingrid says that they can't stop here and orders Jaguar not to fight back as there is no point. The soldiers then continue to flee, as Touma pulls Othinus back up and follows them, while staying low. The attack continues however in the forest. After a while however, Ingrid says that none of the shots are hitting them, and asks if they are warning shots. Touma tells them that they have too much power, detailing on how their bullets are being fired from kilometers away and with that much distance, the air resistance may melt the surface of the bullets and alter the trajectory. Ingrid asks if they are safe for now, to which Touma says that they will eventually analyze the situation as well. They then see that units begin approaching them all at once. Despite the fact that they were running, the units still came closer and closer to them. Finally, Touma says to the soldiers to surrender as there is no point in sticking with them any longer. Ingrid says that they would if they could, telling on how commandos should not be taken prisoner. Touma reasons that the units are not taking prisoners, and says that if they give up they will pass right by them. Here, Touma urges them to give up their pride as so they can survive. Although hesitant, Ingrid and the others later raise their hands in surrendered, with the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units passing them by as expected.[126]

Othinus and Touma fleeing sure of how things will turn out.

Aiding an injured Othinus, Touma continues forth with the units right behind their backs. Othinus tells Touma to abandon her as well as she says that he is only being hunted down as well because he sided with her, telling him to go back to his normal life. Touma however refuses, saying that he was already deemed a target, and as such are in the same position. Othinus looks to Touma and discovers that he is smiling in spite of his own fear and battered body. Touma tells Othinus that they should find a way to escape no matter. Othinus asks what happens afterward, saying that if they do manage to escape another enemy will just pop up time and time again. She asks him what they should do when they truly escape. Touma answers that isn't his question to answer as it is her life and she should decide for herself. As shivers from the cold, he recounts to her their intended plan of turning her back to a human, surrendering, and then paying for all her crimes. Then he tells her of a future for her where she decides for herself what to do with her life, giving examples like starting a bakery or flower shop. With that the two continue forward as the units come in for the kill.[126] They are however, saved by the timely arrival of Misaka Mikoto who begins hacking the units for her own purposes, though many of the she controls to confront Touma.[127]

All of a sudden, Misaka Mikoto arrives just in time before the [FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units could attack the powerless Touma and Othinus. Using her power, she manages to hack into all of them, destroying some, though many were used to confront Touma. Mikoto rides on top of one of them and shows herself to Touma, surprising him. Mikoto makes it clear to him that she isn't going to join his side for no reason as she isn't that convenient a girl. Mikoto threatens Touma and tells him to defeat her. Seeing this, Touma lays down Othinus on the ground and faces off against Mikoto. Touma asks if Mikoto is mad, to which she confirms and asks him why he became a spy for GREMLIN.[127]

Touma gambles on his chances, knowing that with Mikoto's combined fire power, he goes to the nearest Modelcase_'RAILGUN" and negates the power that Mikoto uses to control it. Mikoto frantically tries to stop the mecha gone out of her control. In the meantime, Touma uses Imagine Breaker to free more of them, much to Mikoto's annoyance as the mechas begin attacking each other. Complicating matters more, Mikoto has no way to distinguish friend from foe, forcing her to destroy the mechas she had reason to suspect, in order for her to prevent unexpected attacks from a blind spot and to secure her safety. Still determined, Mikoto plans to use the remaining mechas to corner Touma from multiple angles, knowing that he can't overcome her with that using only his right hand. However, she loses track of Touma on the field, and later finds him already next to him on the same mecha. Touma casually tells Mikoto with a smile that he'd rather not use his right fist on her, and asks if she is going to make her. Knowing that she can't use the FIVE_Overs against Touma with this close a proximity to her, she angrily uses her power to gather iron sound. In spite of this, Touma is unworried and even teases her about her using tentacles. Angered, Mikoto says that though she doesn't know what had happened to him, she is going to beat him up regardless. Mikoto then uses the iron sand against Touma.[128]

Mikoto attacks using all eight of the tentacles, but Touma merely touches one of them and her entire attack collapses. Touma explains to Mikoto how whenever she used her iron sand on him it would vanish from tip to base when he touched it with his right hand, and that principle still applies in their current battle, where all of the tentacles can be negated just by touching a single one. Touma teases Mikoto through his nonchalance, comparing their fight as a nice change of pace to the other battles which were legitimate threats. This annoys Mikoto, and starts rotating the FIVE_Over below them, making Touma fall to the ground. Mikoto closes in on Touma and tries to engage him in melee as she demands to know why he sided with Othinus. Touma says that there is no need for defeating Othinus anymore, leading to Mikoto to ask him why. Touma tries to explain to Mikoto that the world was destroyed, though she doesn't understand, asking what it had to with him and Othinus being together. Touma tells her that it isn't just about Othinus anymore. As Mikoto is above him, Touma uses his feet to push her away, and once again he is able to stand up face Mikoto. Touma explains that there was a really long time between the time they arrived on Sargasso and when the attack on Othinus began, but everyone else didn't notice. Touma's voice starts shaking, and reveals that he still feels guilty about leaving behind the Perfect World for his own. He begins to ramble and tells Mikoto that though she wouldn't be able to believe it but there was truly a world where all the 20,000 Sisters were alive, she didn't have to suffer, and all of them were smiling together as friends. Mikoto is unbelieving of what he is saying, seeing it that is so unreal to her. Touma continues, and shows that he is blaming himself for taking away everyone's happiness just so he could come back. Even as Touma explains this, Mikoto still doesn't understand what Touma is saying. Touma tells her that he needs Othinus to understand what exactly the people of this world like Mikoto have gained and lost as a result of his choice to abandon the Perfect World. He tells her that if she saw the Perfect World then she might even stop hating Othinus and then her hatred on him. He tells her that though she may not understand, but she mustn't make up her mind and forgive him until she knows the truth of the Perfect World.[129]

Mikoto is loss for words, but Touma continues to speak. He says that he doesn't want to destroy himself with this guilt of his anymore, and needs to settle everything and pay for all his sins in rejecting the Perfect World. And the way to do that is for Othinus to live, her testimony as the only other witness to the Perfect World. Naturally, Misaka Mikoto is unable to understand the true feelings behind Touma's cries. However, even so, Mikoto could grasp a fragment of what lied inside Touma's heart. With that, Mikoto calls Touma on him clinging to a convenient and terribly naïve "perfect" world.[129] Angered by Touma's thinking, Mikoto asks him if he truly thinks is the same thing as saving people. She tries to strike Touma with her electricity, telling him not to unify everything under a single of values, a single definition of happiness as what Othinus has done in the Perfect World, as it would only create misfortune and discrimination. As she continues attacking Touma, she says that she doesn't know and can't even imagine what had happened to him but says that doesn't mean he is always right, and that no one has to accept what he says, no one has to accept the Perfect World. She tells him as they continue to do battle, that even if the world and she was remade it would not have taken her away her sin of letting 10,000 Sisters die, and that she doesn't want it to be taken away as she doesn't want to run away from her sins.[130]

Mikoto's words strike Touma's thoughts, and for a moment, stopped his thoughts. But then Mikoto continues to attack him, telling him that there is no such thing as a Perfect World. As he continues hearing her words, Touma's heart and by proxy his actions waver. She tells him that he would have found that there was something twisted in the perfect look, and compares what had happened in the Level 6 Shift Project, with him not accepting that her suicide to save the Sisters would make her happy. She asks him that if he understood back then then why change his mind now. Mikoto then head-butts Touma and then shocks him with her powers. She tells him that the Perfect World is one where a single set of values were forced on everyone where they are only allowed to smile, and those who don't are treated like they don't belong. Mikoto says that Touma shouldn't be feeling jealous, and that no matter how painful and hard it is and even if he is alone he should be the one to clench his fist and say it is wrong. Mikoto, now having climbed on top of Touma continues her argument. She tells him that even if he sacrificed the Perfect World and everyone else living there to do so, he should be glad to have returned to this world even if it is imperfect and should be proud of it.[130]

Mikoto's embrace of victory.

Touma is finally able to reply, telling her that he changed his mind because and admit that he was wrong for abandoning the Perfect World because he still recalls and remembers where people like Mikoto were truly happy and smiling. Mikoto punches Touma in the face, though Touma still stubbornly continues to crucify himself, justifying that he is a mere high school student and that it is only natural for him to go back on his thoughts and even change his ideals. Hearing this, Mikoto says that Touma doesn't understand. She tells him that there's no reason be bound by meaningless principles and ideologies, and that if he is reaching for the happiness he alone believes in, it is fine to choose the best arguments for the situation. She tells him that in the end it doesn't matter if he spits on his own words so long as it all works out. Looking directly into Touma's eyes, she tells him to bear the weight of her future and the fate of the six billion people, the world he has chosen, to the point of his own destruction. And thus, with a smile, Mikoto gives Touma an embrace as she laid on top of him, and later shocks with him with her power, making him lose consciousness. Now at last, Mikoto is able to beat Touma, though even she thinks her victory is empty.[130]

When Touma comes to, he finds Mikoto sitting next to him in the snow. She asks him if he has awaken, to which confirms. Now it has been completed. In the Perfect World, the Will of the Whole Misaka Network, saved him by saying he could pursue his own selfishness over the ideal of saving the world—the Perfect World. And now, Mikoto has taught him that humans are not so simple that saving the world and recreating it into a convenient form was enough to make everyone unconditionally happy. With this, Touma wonders what he had been doing all this time. Touma then stands up and apologizes to Mikoto and says that he'll be going. Mikoto asks if it because he has to, to which says because he wants to. Mikoto shrugs and gives off a smile, telling him to get going. Touma asks why she isn't stopping him, to which she says she cannot, as she believes that though she defeated him a while ago she doubts she can beat him now. With that Mikoto watches as Touma leaves, waving his hand in parting. Mikoto then stays behind as she faces off the remaining FIVE_Overs in support of Touma's actions.[131]

They later commandeer one of the American tanks that survived Academy City's onslaught, with Touma having much difficulty in driving it, passing by Fredericia. After driving a while, Othinus notes to Touma that they should stop before the tank hits the ocean, though it’s too late and the tank falls into the ocean. After being strangled by Othinus for his incompetence, Touma justifies this that she shouldn't have trusted someone who can't even roller-skate. He then worries about how much money he now owes, adding up the tank, the gas station, and the mobile fortress that were destroyed because of them. With that, Othinus tries to cross Gamle Lillebæltsbro to get to the island of Funen. Much to Touma's dismay, he finds Leivinia Birdway and Index waiting for them there. Seeing them, Touma holds out his hand to protect Othinus from them. Leivinia says that she isn't going to bother with questions as the situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Index then says, catching a glimpse of what Touma went through using her knowledge, says that she doesn't think it isn't right to apply their world's reasoning to someone like him, but says she can't back down and that Othinus is a threat under their rules. Hearing this, Touma complains on how he just settled it already with Mikoto and wonders why he has to go over the same stuff again. Both Leivinia and Index are silenced with this, and the tension become so thick that even Othinus begins to fidget awkwardly behind him. Touma makes it even worse, saying that they can just call Mikoto and have explain it as they don't need to fight if they do so. With an annoyed laugh, Leivinia mentions Index's 103,000 grimoires have the power of raising one's level to that of a magic god if used correctly, and says that through them they have been able to make a good guess as to what happened between him and Othinus. Hearing this, Touma wonders if they know that that he has been an infinite hell in that short time, and says that if it so that there would be reason to fight them. Leivinia then shouts in annoyance. A flustered Leivinia says that she was planning to go easy on him and then taking over for him, but she can no longer forgive him now, saying that she really wants to make crushed frog out of him. Index adds with a blank expression, saying that he needs 2 to 3 months in a hospital bed to recover.[132]

Leivinia with Gungnir replica and Index.

While on their battle stance, Leivinia tells Othinus that she can fight too if she wants then a moment later, a smaller replica of Gungnir appeared from her hand. Both Touma and Othinus are shocked when they see it. Leivinia then explains to them that the 103,000 grimoires contain the possibility of reaching the level of a magic god if used right. Moreover, she tells them that she made some modifications for it to be fit for human use and just produce the same phenomenon as the thrown lance which can be only used once but have enough power to kill a magic god. Knowing the power of Gungnir first hand, Touma warns her that it is not the convenient tool she thinks it is. In spite of this, Leivinia is still adamant with her decision and is making use of all the 103,000 grimoires. Because of this however, the “poisonous knowledge” of the grimoires flowing from Index continually contaminate her mind resulting in headache for her, but she tries to suppress it.[133]

As Leivinia is about to throw the lance, Touma charges forward but dashes right pass her.[134] It turns out that Touma figured out that Index provided the knowledge through her singing and tries to stop her. Touma successfully stops Index, though not the way he intended, as he gropes her chest, startling her and interrupting her singing. The lance then becomes unstable in Leivinia’s grip, resulting in it exploding.[135] Touma is then bitten by Index as punishment. Index then nags on Touma for his lack of delicacy. As both Leivinia and Touma later lie face down on the ground while Othinus pokes on him. Touma asks Leivinia regarding how much they know about what happened to both Touma and Othinus. Leivinia responds by saying a complete magic god won’t bother with mere physical attacks but rather proceed on remaking the world. She then asks Touma on what did he saw in the changed world in which Touma said that nothing much but he learned something very basic which leads him on deciding to save Othinus and that he would never choose to kill a "mere girl" and smile about it. Leivina then responds that he is exactly the kind of person he is and that she is like an idiot worrying about the fate of the world and whether information was leaked to GREMLIN by him. Touma then stands up about to go on their way when Index tries to stop him, still not finished with her scolding, but Leivinia holds her down. She then asks Touma on how he is going to settle it to which Touma responds that he will neutralize Othinus’s power then hand her to America. She then asks Touma if there is a way to do that and Touma says that if there is none, he would have been broken long ago. And so, Leivinia decides to hold down Index since if she comes with him, Index would perfectly memorize the trump card in defeating a magic god and thus the threat around her would rise to the next level. Touma then asks Leivinia to look after Index to which she agrees.[136]

Using the bridge they reach the island of Funen and later hitched a ride with a bunch of tourist going to the railway museum, carrying them to Odense. As they pass through the city, the come upon a park known as King's Garden. There, Othinus notices that in broad daylight that there is a people clearing field set up. As soon as they notice Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel appear before them. Seeing them as the ones on Ollerus' side, Touma asks if Ollerus is there too. However, Silvia's eyebrows twitch at the mention of his name. She then says that Ollerus is there as well, but says there is good reason why he isn't there with them. She tells Othinus that she should know why, and should understand what she wants to do after seeing that horrific scene. Hearing this, Touma is stunned and silence and Othinus can only narrow her eyes. Brunhild then says that she is not part of Silvia's personal grudge as she takes up arms. She tells them that if Othinus threatens that boy, then she has no choice but to kill her.[137] There, Silvia begins her merciless attack on Touma. Othinus is completely powerless to help Touma as Silvia continues her onslaught on him. She tries to call out to Touma but he doesn't hear.[138] For the entirety of this, Touma is likely barely at the edge of consciousness as Silvia keeps bringing him back to consciousness just so she can have him feel pain again. Silvia later throws Touma's battered and bloodied body towards Brunhild. Silvia tells Brunhild not to kill Othinus that easily as she hasn't paid yet for what she has done. She tells her that Othinus should at least watch having at least one precious thing taken away from her as it would be more fun. Brunhild frows with her suggestion, and tells her that she has no obligation to go along with Silvia's cruel fun, to which Silvia says asks if she has to make another bloody mess like Touma, threatening Brunhild.[139]

Ollerus appears to save his old enemy.

As the two Saints attack, Ollerus bursts forth between them. He is weakened because of the fairy spell and as such makes him weaker as an average magician. However, through sheer force of his will, he encloses his arms around Brunhild's great sword at it swung down, and tugged it to move it towards Silvia's strike. The both of them are astonished by this, but it is too late for the deed is done as the two Saints collide with one another and collapses onto the ground. Yet, so great was the power of the Saint that he moved to make them collide with one another that his efforts were paid at the cost of his arms.[139] After Othinus converses to Ollerus, she takes Touma's body and helps her stand up. Othinus would later declare that Ollerus is not the one that understood her but Touma and that he is stronger than Olerus.[139]

Being unable to hitchhike in their current state the duo makes their way to Egeskov Castle on foot while there is a blizzard, leaning on each other's weakened bodies for support. Before they arrive, Touma asks Othinus if she has decided what she will head down after all that has happened is over. He references his previous suggestions of a bakery and flower shop, and asks if she has found it. Othinus laughs and says that she isn't cut out for cute things. Touma then says that he doesn't know how long she has to wait so it says she can be anything she wants and that it doesn't matter if it doesn't suit her or isn't like her. Touma then says that she should find whatever it is she wants to do the most, and says if she does so then it'll be all the more worthwhile to root for her. Othinus wonders and tries reconfirm it from Touma if she can be anything she wants, to which he asks why he is asking him. Othinus replies it is because she wants to ask him, and asks again if she can truly be anything she wants, to which Touma says that she can. Hearing that, a small smile formed on Othinus' face, to which Touma asks what her dream is. Othinus then says she has no reason to tell him what it is, confusing Touma. He turns his face toward her but she has already returned her expression to normal.[140]

So then they continue walking until they finally see Egeskov Castle. Touma asks if there are any traps in the castle, to which Othinus says it isn't the castle they are after but the lake, the place where she threw her eye before it was built. They then arrived at the edge of the lake. As they come upon it, Thor calls out them, and tells them that the people he is sitting on are all GREMLIN members, recommending to Touma to ask Othinus about them as she loves explaining things while looking down on people despite her arrogance. Thor tells Touma that GREMLIN planned to gang up on them but he went out ahead and crushed them all, lamenting on the little experience they gave. Otthinus then asks for confirmation if he isn't letting them through, to which Thor confirms. He says that he has chosen to be their enemy as it is more fun than being an ally. He praises Touma's current determination in contrast to his past self when he first met Touma back in Academy City. He also says that with a monster like Othinus as a bonus he can get even more experience, more than he has ever seen before. Othinus, warns Touma that without Mjölnir Thor has lost his powers a Lightning God. Touma finds it queer that Othinus would warn him about that, as if it sounded like it didn't weaken Thor at all. Othinus says that if he was acting as the Lightning God then even Touma has a chance of defeating him, but it is not the case if Thor brings out his power as an Almighty God, which pales the Lightning God in comparison. Thor then laughs, thanking Othinus for her explanation, pointing out that he was right to say Othinus likes explaining things. Thor then asks what they will do, though he says he is fine if they attack him both or he fights Touma alone. Othinus then asks why Thor has decided she can't use his full power and will not be fighting, to which Thor says that if she is in full power then she wouldn't be relying in Touma in the first place. She tries to reply but Touma cuts her off and says that he will be fighting him, pleasing Thor, who says that he will not hold back and will use the power of Almighty Thor.[140]

The battle with the Almighty Thor begins.

Thus begins their battle, and Thor has already met his fist on Touma's face. Touma is felled and knocked again and again as Thor uses his Almighty powers to his advantage. Touma has no idea how Thor is able to attack him without coming toward him, believing him to use a form of teleportation, though Thor has told him to look beyond that. To the already injured Touma, Thor's attacks are more severe, and slowly his injuries accumulate. Touma's thoughts as him believe though he can touch him, Thor returns with an attack at the same time, as if some power lets him counter with 100% accuracy. Thor reveals to Touma after he grabbed his legged and was met with Thor kicking him that he isn't moving. Hearing this, Touma throws snow and rocks at Thor as he says that there's no need to bother heading out just to kill his enemy. They did not hit Thor as it seemed like several Thor's stood before him such that all of them missed, afterimages of Thor. Suddenly, Thor comes up behind Touma reminding him to widen his view, and then attacks him. Touma tries to elbow him but it misses as Thor is already right in from of him, who, by the time Touma noticed, has already kneed him in the gut. But Thor's attack continues as Touma reels from the pain. Touma recollects his experiences with GREMLIN, and points out that it isn't Thor that's moving, but the world. Touma says that Thor just stands still as the world moves below his feet to his desired target. Thor is unimpressed by his deduction as it took Touma too long and had too many hints even way back in Academy City when he showed it to him. He laments that he could've made it look more like a mysterious attack like stopping time.[141]

Touma asks if he had become a holistic esper to which Thor says he hadn't to which Touma answers his own question by saying that it would eliminate the need for GREMLIN to target Fräulein Kreutune. Touma says that if he had become a holistic esper then they would've used it in their plan. Thor states that he is similar but different, as he says that he can produce approximation of the phenomenon but he isn't actually one, just a magician. Here, Touma thinks he caught a glimpse of why he risked so much to rescue Fräulein Kreutune, as because they were both similar but different and she was in a position that he could have ended in. To Thor, she was not a stranger to him as such he made an enemy of every side involved just to rescue her. Touma however says that what Thor is doing is a large scale, as he is moving the entire world but the actual life-size phenomenon is no different from teleportation. Thor tells him to stop his praises as he is nothing compared to her power, asking how many times the world has been destroyed on their way there. Thor even asks how Touma even defeated her with the lance, and says that merely winning in a fistfight wouldn't have allowed Touma to get him back to the world. Thus this is the difference between Thor and Othinus, the former rule a single world while Othinus created infinite worlds. Thor clarifies to Touma that he doesn't use coordinates when using the spell, and it doesn't just move him to an enemy's blind spot. Much to Touma's horror, as he realizes it himself that Thor's power moves into the point that will let him win. Thor congratulates Touma, at which point he attacks again.[141]

And thus the battle continues, and the longer it went the farther it took them away from the castle. Little did Thor know that this was all part of Touma's plan, knowing he could not beat him. And in the distance they can hear the train a-coming. All Touma needs to do is to endure and not lose. With this, Thor lets out a sigh as Touma continues to struggle with all of his ineffective against him. Seeing the futility of his actions, Thor asks him if he is done already, though Touma doesn't yield. Thor says to him that his power is all he has. He tells Touma that with Mjölnir’s support he can add in fusion blades, but says he is back to having Almighty powers now. Touma asks him what he wanted from Othinus if he had so much power already, asking him why even joined GREMLIN. He reminds him that no matter how high he goes there will always be someone higher, making him not much different from the rest of GREMLIN, joining into order to grant his desire. With a smile, Thor says that their goal of destroying the science side's victory in World War III was one of their many desires, and says that GREMLIN was an organization to allow Othinus to perfect her power as a Magic God and have her grant them their desires with it. That is why GREMLIN is angry with her as she ran off without paying them for their work. Thor then says that he will kill Othinus, saying that he has nothing against having a fistfight with Touma.[142]

Thinking of GREMLIN being warranted in punishing Othinus, Touma doesn't accept Thor's words, impressing him as the fire that is burning in Touma's eyes has yet to leave, though says it doesn't make up for what Othinus has done. Touma tells Thor that he was in a position to stop what she did as he knew Othinus before GREMLIN did all their actions and before he made an enemy of the world. Touma tells Thor that he stopped Othinus, but not defeated her. He says that he wasn't the only one that could've stopped her, and tells him that he could've done so as well if he had tried to get to know her but instead gave up from the start in understanding her. Touma tells Thor that he decided that it was easier to give up on understanding Othinus because it was easier and he didn't want to risk falling victim to her rage. Touma then mocks him for putting the blame on her and making it as an excuse for giving up on making his own dreams come true, believing that Othinus can grant their dreams for them instead of achieving it themselves. Touma tells him that they should have been the one standing by her side, not him. He mocks them for thinking that they are better despite their failing even with their large numbers. Touma does not deny that Othinus is a villain, but tells Thor to hold responsibility for not stopping her, and tells him not to run away from his sins, as he has done it himself, because he did not give up on her. Despite this, Thor doesn't listen, saying that it is not the issue and once again attacks Touma.[142]

The fight continues on, and slowly Thor begins to waver due to the futility of his actions. Because of his Almighty powers making invincible, his fights become empty. In his thoughts, he thought that fighting Touma would let him escape that empty feeling, believing that Touma was the median between a full powered Othinus and the other members of GREMLIN. Then all of the sudden, he hears a train a-coming. When he finally catches on, he finds out that he is standing on railroad tracks. Touma asks him if he can handle something that isn't related to their fight if his magic moves the world to put him in a position to win his fight with him. Thor is too shocked to reach and he is mowed down by a 12-car freight train.[143]

The train tries to stop after hitting Thor as Touma sinks to ground due to his battered body after Thor is unable to fight on account of being run over by a train. Suddenly, Touma hears Thor call out to him. He is in the bottom of the train, though bloodied and battered as well, though in one piece, having used his powers to switch his target, from Touma to the train, at the last second allowing him to not get hit directly by the train. Thor says that he isn't continuing the fight as he gained some decent experience, praising their verbal fight as well, saying that he hasn't felt that great in a while. Thor then asks what he and Othinus are doing in Denmark in the first place, guessing that she was hiding somewhere there. Touma tells him of how Othinus became a god and their goal of having her surrender that power. Thor says that it is just like Touma, but tells him to hurry back to Othinus' side. Touma asks if there is someone else, which surprises Thor, saying that he isn't his final enemy, saying that anyone could figure it one if they gave it some thought.[144]

As Othinus prepares her world crossbow spell from afar, Touma becomes confused of Othinus' intentions. Thor notes Touma's obliviousness on Othinus' feelings, as she has Touma now she has someone to rely on, however, the more she relies on him, the more she hurts the one she cares for. Touma is silenced by this but Thor continues. He tells Touma that Othinus doesn't want to be saved. He says that she has already seen what it means to save, which him bearing her sins for her. Thor says that if Othinus dies in fighting Touma, then she assumes that it will cancel out he has done for her. In essence, Othinus was punishing herself for the sake of Touma, intending to stop Touma knowing he will try to stop her efforts. Angry that Othinus is running away from paying for her sins, Touma screams that Othinus shouldn't run. He cries once again, summarizing who she was, her actions that led to this point, and once again telling her not to run away, not to run from her sins and turn her back from her happiness. Thor then asks what Touma is going to do, to which Touma says that if Othinus thinks it is better to die, and if that ridiculous idea is giving her the mistaken impression that she is saving him by running from her painful path, then he is going to break that illusion of hers.[145]

Now the world turns to look at Touma and Othinus, gathering their strength to overcome their fear and hatred of her. Touma runs toward Othinus after telling Thor to get down. As he is running he sees Othinus' face. Seeing this, Othinus holds out her hand to target him with her crossbow spell. Then Othinus shoots the arrows toward him, each one is overcome by Touma with each of his step, and each shot fired exacerbates the cracks of the fairy spell on Othinus' body. As he comes closer and closer to her, their eyes meet and Othinus smiles as if accepting her doomed fate. Then Othinus crumbles before Touma, and he shouts to her that after all she has done and she has felt she can't possibly think it is right to sacrifice herself. He then faced an unavoidable arrow from the crossbow. There, Touma realizes that he had yet to use his Imagine Breaker on the arrow. And there, as he smashes his fist on the arrow so great is its power that his right hand cannot completely overcome it.

Touma embracing Othinus as she fades.

However, Touma doesn't care as long as his right arm isn't torn off, he can use it to negate the stake of the fairy spell on her chest. In spite of the pain, Touma manages to divert the arrow upwards and he is able slip below. This surprises Othinus as he shouts that he has won. He makes her to her and embraces her body with both of his arms. With that embrace, his right palm touches the stake of light of the fairy spell that pierced her. Gathering all his strength, Touma pulls the stake out from her back and smashes it with his right hand as he whispers to her that he won't let her run away. He tells her that he had promised to save her if it meant fighting the entire world. Othinus remembers and with a smile her body continued cracking apart. As she breaks apart in his arms, Othinus tells her that she was already saved from the moment that he said those words to her. Thus ends the struggle of the Magic God Othinus with a thank you to her savior.[146]

Touma later faints and is later welcomed back to Academy City likely due to the pressure exerted by the international coalition after their speech to humanity where it shows Touma in a positive light. After Heaven Canceller leaves the room, Index walks in with Sphynx. Index demands a show of gratitude or an apology. Touma says that he would love to bow down to her in apology but he can't do it because he can't move. Index becomes worried after seeing the bandages covering him and asks if he is okay, to which Touma says that he is. He tells Index however, that he couldn't do anything about Othinus and thinks that the cracks that have appeared on her body have already too far spread by the time she rejected being saved. He says that no matter he did his right hand, it wouldn't have changed the result.[147]

Index tries to speak but Touma continues talking. He asks what it even means to save someone. He recalls her smile just before she fell to pieces and that she told him that she was already saved. He couldn't understand Othinus' smile and he truly did save her as his actions contradicted with what she wanted. He says that he may have been presumptuous to think he could save someone, but says that all he wanted was to see her smile in a different way. He contemplates on how it may have been his own selfishness or maybe his personal views as good or bad. Regardless, Touma believes Othinus vanished from the world and bitter feeling comes upon him and the only thing he could do is to accept the fact and continue on.[147]

However, the both of them later discover that Othinus is still alive, though only 15 centimeters tall. He berates Touma for acting that she is dead. Touma is confused, but tells him that he was part of the reason why. She tells him that since she had yet to put her eye back in she was esentially still a magic god and not human. As such, she was not completely destroyed as she was unable to fire the final crossbow show on Touma when he destroyed the fairy spell with the Imagine Breaker. And since she was a magic god and not a human, it crumbling is not enough to kill her. Touma is dumbfounded and so was Index as her grimoires only had the knowledge needed to make a magic gout of a human and not what happens afterwards. Othinus tells Touma that at this point, Magic God Othinus has been 99% destroyed and the remaining pieces have gathered on their own, though her form has changed and that she can no longer use her former power. Little did Touma know that Othinus questioned herself if her body would "automatically" re-form had it not been for the intervention of her will.[147]

Touma then asks if he can touch her with his right hand, to which he tries to do so, much to Othinus' embarrassment. Index is enraged as well as she snaps her teeth. Touma explains that with people like Kazakiri Hyouka she wants to avoid having her vanish he touches her with his right hand. Othinus tells her that there should be no problem in him touching her as she is a neutral magic god, but she can't say for sure they haven't tested it, but says that her basic properties shouldn't have changed after she became smaller.[147] It was only after that Touma truly realized that Othinus has revived and has returned to him, and was unsure what expression he should make. Touma then asks why she wasn't taken by America and imprisoned. Othinus tries to explain but before she can do so, Sphynx jumps off Index and onto the bed toward Othinus, surprising her. Othinus asks for help, but Touma says he is unable to dos in his condition. As she is held in Sphynx's mouth, Othinus recalls what had transpired after she became small and after Touma finally collapsing back in Denmark. She is given punishment by both Roberto Katze and Queen Elizard for the special circumstances that had surround her, and that is she must forever watch the world happiness she went as far away as suicide to look away from, an ironic fate, given that this is the same fate she subjected Touma in the Perfect World. And so, Othinus must bear the greatest punishment humanity can give to her after achieving victory over a magic god.[147]

Mental Out Arc

Main article: Mental Out Arc

Touma’s influence and his actions is felt throughout the entire arc as the story is based around Touma’s actions in the past and his relations to the girls that move the story.

Unaware of the situation, oblivious of the past, the hero arrives to save two girls.

Touma is still in the hospital due to the events of the arc. However, he is then once again called into action by Kumokawa Seria. She makes contact with Touma, telling her that a girl had a birthday on that day, (referring to Mitsuari Ayu and her suicide attempt prior to Touma’s memory loss) and that he should set flowers for her in Ground Geo, not knowing that Shokuhou Misaki was confronting Ayu there. Wanting to know what Seria meant, Touma goes to where Misaki and Ayu are to find out and discovers their battle.[148] Touma coincidentally appears at the same moment Misaki blows the whistle he gave to her before he lost his memories, in the hopes that he will arrive to save her. Ayu later breaks down at the sight of Touma’s arrival, making her ability go haywire, though Touma easily negates it. Touma later helps resolve the conflict that happened there in the name of the memories that they had for him that summer a year ago.[149]

After resolving the conflict with Misaki and Ayu, Touma returns to the hospital where he receives some scolding from Othinus and Index for taking off his cast. After escaping them, Touma is later seen sitting in a bench in a recreational area of the hospital where he once again meets Shokuhou Misaki. Touma, whose brain damage from his confrontation with Deadlock prevents him from remembering Misaki or making new memories of her, is confused by Misaki’s appearance, asking if he is supposed to know her, though she tells him not to worry about it. Identifying her as a student from Tokiwadai Middle School, Touma asks Misaki if she truly is in middle school after seeing her body. Misaki doesn’t mind, and knowing their history together and his preferences, is quite proud to show off her body to Touma. Touma notices that Misaki’s scent is familiar, making her hopeful that there might be a chance that Touma may remember her.[149]

Misaki later moves on to the next topic, asking her if he remembers Mitsuari Ayu from the day before, to which he does. He remarks why she would know that, to which Misaki references how he remembers the enemy but not the one he saved.

Thinly smiling, Misaki leaves as she harbors hope deep in her heart.

Misaki tells Touma that the FIVE_Overs used in the battle were destroyed and that Mental Out ability has not been mass produced. Touma is unable to connect that Misaki is the one who has the Mental Out ability, though Misaki tells him to pay no mind to it. Misaki then tells Touma that Ayu has been “officially” sent to the Reformatory, though her eventual fate may be unknown due her reckless actions, and that they may need to watch over her to protect her from the darkness.[149]

Misaki then sits next to Touma, asking him why he showed up in Ground Geo, to which he states that his “senpai” asked him to do so for the sake of a girl’s birthday. Touma then asks again who she is, to which Misaki says that he will forget anyway and that it would be hard for her to have the motivation to name herself. Misaki then kisses Touma in the forehead. This shocks Touma asking her what she is doing and Misaki tells Touma not to worry about it as he will forget it soon enough. Misaki then simply tells Touma that she is a girl he once saved. Before leaving, Misaki says that if Touma is able to remember her then she would like to have an important talk with him. Misaki leaves, still hoping for a tiny miracle that would allow Touma to remember her to happen. [149]

St. Germain Arc

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Touma becomes involved in the schemes of the magician known as St. Germain after Othinus asked him to buy her a dollhouse that is sold in the Dianoid. St. Germain, a liar and deceiver, convinces Touma that he is a magic god, leading him to break down and becoming fearful as the memories of Othinus' torment still lingers. Despite his fears, Touma is forced to contend with St. Germain. Believing that he is a magic god, Touma's approach is very cautious and heavily relies on the assistance of both Index and Othinus.

He later discovers that Hamazura Shiage has encountered St. Germain and is willing to fight him. Fearful of what would happen with a magic god's power unleashed, Touma desperately tries to reach Shiage's location. Touma manages to stop Shiage from attacking St. Germain, much to Shiage's frustration as he believes that ITEM is in danger because of St. Germain and that Touma is delaying him. This leads them to fight. Despite the massive advantage that Shiage has with his Power Lifter, Touma manages to force the fight on his terms, pulling Shiage out of the Power Lifter. Touma has the upper hand until Shiage surprises Touma and hits him in the thigh. Shiage later knocks him out, beating the hero World War III and the one who solved the GREMLIN crisis.[150] After his defeat, Othinus reveals herself to Touma that she hitched a ride on him. She consoles Touma after his loss, telling him that he should not be ashamed of his powerlessness as there are other kinds of strengths and that he has shown his value without it before.[151] It is here that Touma discovers that St. Germain is not a magic god that he initially he assumed, but a collective identity that refers to themselves as St. Germain. They are later attacked by St. Germains, and Touma is forced to draw them out in order to keep Othinus safe in order to help in finding a way to beat St. Germain.[152]

Touma later meets Kanou Shinka, under the name of Aihana Etsu, again, having met him earlier. Shinka tells Touma St. Germain's obsession with him and that he will draw him out for him and in turn he should investigate what happened to Frenda Seivelun in his place. Touma then again meets Shiage, and after reconciling their differences, and Shiage finding out ITEM is still safe, opts to work together to help save Shinka from St. Germain. Their only clue however is Frenda, whom long ago has died, but has left an apartment in the upper level of the Dianoid. There they find birthday presents for her acquaintances and friends, including one for Shinka. Touma and Shiage later discover that St. Germain has manipulated Shinka into blaming Touma for not saving Frenda when she died. Here, Touma decides to save Shinka despite wanting to kill him, which Touma says is because of his own selfish desires. Hearing this and seeing Touma act, just makes Shiage think that Touma truly is a legitimate hero. Touma is willing to have Shinka fulfill his vengeance on him. He instructs Shiage to save Shinka with his Power Lifter after Shinka loses his reason to fight.[153]

Just then, they are alerted that the Dianoid's graviton-style artificial gravity control device is being tampered with by St. Germain and is likely being turned into a gravity bomb. Shiage wants to prioritize the bomb, but Touma is adamant in saving Shinka. The conversation shifts to St. Germain's inconsistent schemes, with Touma telling Shiage that the St. Germains are not after Shinka or the gravity bomb but something else entirely. Shiage is completely out of the loop as Touma speculates about the structure of St. Germain and explains it in layman's terms. Returning to rescuing Shinka, Touma still wants to go through with his plans, to which Shiage, having enough of it all, knocks Touma off his feet. Here, Shiage tells Touma to stay back as he will be the one to take Shinka's revenge in his place, not wanting Touma to die for the sake of Shinka's life. Before trapping Touma in Frenda's room, Shiage confesses to Touma that Shinka should have a better reason to have revenge on him because he wasn't there to save Frenda back then. Shiage later leaves for the lower level through the elevator shaft again.[153]

Touma still doesn't give up however. He later finds Frenda's present for Shinka and manages to escape Frenda's apartment. Sliding down the elevator shaft, Touma comes upon the basement just before Shinka and Shiage clash. Touma later throws Frenda's present before Shinka. He picks it up and through Frenda's words for him in the present, finally breaks Shinka from St. Germain's deceit. Just then, Index, Othinus, and the others arrive in the basement, prepared to battle the St. Germains.

Touma and Shiage are at the center of the conflict, and much of the battle is with them trying to buy enough time for Index and Othinus to develop a countermeasure against St. Germain's framework. During the battle, Touma calls out St. Germains for deluding themselves to think that the St. Germains are something special, even beyond a magic god, when in fact they are just normal magicians. And much later, Touma sees right through the St. Germains' bluff that they could spread their collective identity through television when in reality they use pills to put themselves in a trance. After Index and Othinus finally break down St. Germain's framework, Touma offers the final blow to Shinka.

After the seal on the Dianoid has been broken due to St. Germain's defeat, Touma meets up with Shinka on the outside. He tells Shinka not to worry about the extraneous matters, and later tells Shinka that he was the hero of the story after he asks Touma why he let him finish St. Germain.[154]

Magic God Invasion Arc

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

On December 3rd, while playing a criminal during the Anti-Crime Orientation, Touma found a letter in his locker, which he mistook for a love letter. However to his dismay, he found the letter was from the High Priest, whom he encountered on the roof. After listening to the Magic God explaining what the true Gremlin wanted and offering a place as their 'scorer', Touma rejected his offer, recognizing similar circumstances to the happy world Othinus showed him and not wanting the world to become a twisted puppet show. When the High Priest tried to persuade him by attempting to destroy the school, Touma tackled him off the roof and commandeered an acrobike to lure him away, ending up taking Mikoto with him on the way.[155]

Magic God Niang-Niang and Nephthys gathered around Touma.

Fleeing the High Priest in a destructive chase through Academy City, Touma and Mikoto tried various tricks to slow him down without much success while also attempting to save people from collateral damage. After a failed attempt by Fiamma of the Right to stab the High Priest with the Fairy spell,[156] the two headed for School District 23, in order to minimize damage, briefly diverting to save Akikawa Mie along the way. As the bike's battery was running low, Touma learned that the High Priest was tracking them through contact with the earth, allowing the two to temporarily lose him and recharge the battery on a boat. While there, they encountered Nephthys and Niang-Niang. They declined their offer of direct intervention but accepted information on the High Priest and his powers.[157]

On encountering the High Priest in School District 23, Touma once again rejected his offer. In response, the High Priest attempted to destroy the foundations of Academy City but due to the movements made by the residents of the city, some moved through Mikoto's connections, there wasn't a massacre. Dropping into the chamber of a silo-type mass driver, Touma and Mikoto managed to drench the High Priest with molten metal but it did little besides melting his clothes and sword. Briefly angered by the High Priest's comments regarding Mikoto, Touma considered punching the mummy but restrained himself and fled the chamber with Mikoto, as the silo-type mass driver fired the High Priest out into space. When the two reached the surface however, they see that the High Priest had hijacked the Arrowhead Comet and was on a collision course with Academy City. As the Arrowhead Comet was descending, Touma raised his right hand towards the sky and Mikoto heard a cracking sound from it before the comet was destroyed by Kihara Noukan.[158]

After returning to his room, Touma encountered a severely weakened Nephthys who had narrowly evaded being exiled by World Rejecter and requested his help, pointing out that as Kamisato Kakeru was targeting Magic Gods, Othinus was also going to be in trouble.[159]

World Rejecter Arc

Main article: World Rejecter Arc

After Nephthys' arrival, Touma was faced with an unamused Index and Othinus. Avoiding an attack from Index, Touma ended up reversing the flow of anger towards her after discovering that she had scoffed the contents of the fridge leaving nothing to make dinner.[160] Following a rough explanation on what had happened to the Magic Gods, Kamisato Kakeru and the World Rejecter from Nephthys with a supplementary warning about the danger from Othinus,[161] Touma decided to go out to buy ingredients for dinner, leaving Index to look after. Othinus secretly followed him sensing his thoughts taking a turn for the worse. After being reassured by her and having a discussion on the nature of good and evil, the two collaborated in selecting ingredients from the supermarket.[162]

Kamisato Kakeru appears before Touma and Othinus.

On their way back, they encountered Kamisato Kakeru,[162] however the confrontation between the two was soon interrupted by two other beings, one red and one black, clashing against one another. Ending up back-to-back with Kakeru, who was similarly unaware, they observed the two attackers seemingly trying to cannibalize one another, having likely run into them by accident as well, with the two boys being caught up in the middle of their clash.[163] Touma managed to escape from the battle and run to safety, having a brief talk with Othinus about the nature of the red and black attackers, before wondering what had happened to Kakeru. Despite Othinus's protests, Touma retraced his steps to the scene of the attack where they found to their dismay that cats were making off with the dinner ingredients from the dropped shopping bags before finding that the downed red attacker was in fact Leivinia Birdway.[164]

After the two returned to the dormitory with Leivinia Birdway, Index carried out an analysis while Othinus and Nephthys gave Touma a lecture on European magicians and the Dark Continent.[165] When Leivinia woke up, she warned Touma not to touch her and reluctantly explained the situation regarding her and her sister, who had been infested with the parasite Sample Shoggoth and lost her body's fat to it, as well as the fruit she was growing in her body in order to replace her sister's lost fat, displace the parasite and save her.[166][167][168]

Touma with Leivinia Birdway out on the balcony of his apartment.

As the night wore on, with the threat of an attack and the Birdways' situation hanging overhead, they all became increasingly dissatisfied due to the lack of food, which was only made worse when Nephthys accidentally switched the TV onto a fried chicken advert before Touma could warn her. Touma then remembered that he might have a fish sausage in his pocket from a trade at school, which caused the girls to lunge towards him.[168] Following another mistake with the TV and an awful drama, Touma decided to visit Tsuchimikado Motoharu's place for food, intending to bring up an earlier misunderstanding with Index, caused by him stuffing some of his belongings in Touma's room due to a surprise visit from Maika, in any negotiations. However, he instead encountered an ambush set by Kamisato Kakeru and his faction, being snared by Claire's vines and dragged out before them.[169]

After learning that his friend had been incapacitated and being introduced to two of the girls and their capabilities, Touma went along with Kakeru's offer to talk.[169] Kakeru explained to Touma about his circumstances, how he had been normal until recently, had only acquired World Rejecter a few days ago, and had found himself the center of a harem of girls after saving them. He expressed his belief that his power was responsible and his disgust at the Magic Gods for apparently forcing it on him and twisting the girls' hearts, trying to persuade Touma, whom he thought was similar.[170] However after getting a grasp on the situation, Touma instead challenged Kakeru's viewpoint, causing him to lose his composure and reject what he was hearing, eventually being angered to the point of cracking his neck and accusing Touma of having being corrupted by the power given to him by the Magic Gods. Recognizing the weaknesses which likely influenced Kakeru's decisions, Touma called him out on his conceit in presuming to truly know and understand people's hearts. Calling Kakeru an idiot, Touma was attacked by Claire's carnivorous plant which he dispelled. With a clash now inevitable, Kakeru left briefly with his faction, but before he went, he told Touma to check with Leivinia to see if she was hiding anything.[170]

Returning to his apartment, Touma warned the others of the imminent attack and had Leivinia tell him what she'd been withholding from him, the fact that the fruit would kill her once fully grown.[171] Immediately afterwards, the lights went out as the Kamisato Faction began their attack on the dormitory, with Sample Shoggoth moving in as well. Othinus went with Touma while he entrusted Index with Nephthys. Recognizing Elza and knowing her capabilities, Touma had Index use Spell Intercept on Elza's coins, creating a distraction which allowed him to reach Kakeru.[172]

Tackling Kakeru and splitting away from Othinus, Touma intended to keep the Kamisato Faction's attention focused on them and disrupt their formation. He also recognized Kakeru's use of his shadow and a flashlight in order to aim World Rejecter and aim to pin it down. As the fight proceeded down the stairway, Touma confronted him on forcing a clash between the sisters. Fighting back, Kakeru described their intentions to deal with the immediate threat of Leivinia's fruit and deal with the non-immediate threat of Sample Shoggoth by figuring out ways to control the parasite or having Patricia hooked up to devices to feed nutrients into her bloodstream, despite the fact that Patricia would left in a state where she would only be alive in a medical sense.[172]

As Touma challenged his idea of salvation and righteousness, as well as his decision to cut off one of the sisters rather than save both, effectively driving Patricia to the edge and praising her to jump, Kakeru mocked him, claiming that there was no way for them to save both, accused him of hypocrisy and of being one that doesn't choose or take on burden and will thus lose everything. Touma then stunned Kakeru by providing an alternative method which the 'rookie' hadn't considered; using Claire's ability to inject replacement fat into Patricia's body to replace the ones she had lost and displace the parasite, allowing it to be safely dispatched without killing her.[172]

Breaking through the sisters' struggle with Kakeru's help, Touma reached Patricia and had Claire begin injecting fat into her body. Initially, the method appeared to be working, however as the surgery was progressing, Sample Shoggoth started to lash out and Touma was forced to use his Imagine Breaker to protect Claire, realizing too late that it would interfere with the surgery.[173] As Sample Shoggoth was prematurely eliminated, Nephthys intervened and saved the dying Patricia by converting her own body into replacement fat for the girl.[174]

Touma faces Kakeru.

When Patricia was safe after the premature elimination of the parasite and Nephthys was nowhere in sight, Touma bitterly understood that Nephthys had sacrificed herself in order to save Patricia. With Kakeru turning his focus to Othinus and asking him once again whether he thought they had the right for retribution against the Magic Gods, Touma told him that if he still thought they were nothing but evil after witnessing Nephthys' sacrifice then he was truly his enemy, noting his urge to cut him off. Leaving Othinus to Index, Touma faced Kakeru alone, with their allies standing back. The exact course of the battle isn't known, however Kakeru was able to erase Imagine Breaker, only to be severely injured by the other existence within Touma, such that he considered Touma the winner of their battle.[175][176] After Kakeru retreated and Touma's right arm regrew, Touma wondered whether the thing which had emerged, which had been crushed by Othinus before but had now overcome Kamisato Kakeru, was really the same as before.[177]

Salome Arc

Main article: Salome Arc

On December 4th, with his school practically destroyed, Touma and his classmates went to another school for classes, and he found, much to his displeasure, that Kamisato Kakeru had transferred there as well.[178]

Element Arc

Main article: Element Arc

Kamisato Rescue Arc

Main article: Kamisato Rescue Arc

Aleister Crowley Arc

Main article: Aleister Crowley Arc

On returning home, Touma found Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Karasuma Fran at his apartment. After learning what had transpired between the two and Academy City's Board Chairman, now revealed to him and Index as Aleister Crowley, Touma, Index and Othinus accompanied the two as they headed to the wall in order to escape the city, together with Tsuchimikado Maika.[179][180] However at the city wall, Maika was struck by Aleister's curse magic sword.[181] As Aleister had designed it to fatally scatter if carelessly negated and with the sword summoning Karma-bearing chain beasts to their position, Touma was unable to use Imagine Breaker to resolve the problem and the group were forced to head for the Windowless Building itself to find a way to safely remove the shadow sword from Maika's chest.[182][183]

Breaking in through the hole where the rocket boosters once were, they founded themselves in a vast, non-Euclidean space.[183][184] As they began to climb, Touma suddenly fell into a vision of a certain human's childhood.[184] On returning from it, the group was scattered by an attack from Aleister himself.[185] Separated from his allies, Touma was met by Mina Mathers, a recreation made by Aleister to remind him of his past.[186][187] Mina began to explain about the 'human' to Touma and guided him through further visions detailing Aleister's past with the Golden Dawn.[186][187][188][189]

Touma continued to climb the mountainous structure, switching methods as the features changed and reuniting with his friends one by one. Mina followed, invisible to the others, and guided him through more visions, troubling him along the way.[190][189][191][192][193] As he ascended the mountain and experienced visions, he learned how Aleister had learned of his future daughter's death as a result of the 'sparks' produced by phase collisions and the Golden Dawn's role in it,[194] how he had set off a war within the cabal with the Battle of Blythe Road, how he had killed and cursed its members, and how he had destroyed the founders with the help of a previous version of Imagine Breaker.[195] He saw Aleister's meeting with his wife Rose, his contact with Aiwass, and the birth of Aleister's daughter Lilith.[196] At the end of it, he learned how Aleister's efforts ultimately failed to save his daughter, and of his ultimate resolution to destroy the phases and all magic.[196][195]

As the group was reunited and ascended the stairs near the top of the structure, Touma was again separated from them and contacted by Aleister. In response to Touma telling him that he thought Aleister's way of life was sad and the path he had walked was wrong, Aleister told him how he had modelled Academy City's set-up, tragedies and all, on Touma's Thelema in order to draw in Imagine Breaker and draw out its potential for his plan. Despite Aleister's claims which laid part of the blame with him, Touma resolved to stop him regardless,[197] a resolution which was reinforced by a cry from outside the building, from the linked Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki, assuring him that his own path was right and to stay true to it.[198][199]

On reaching the top of the staircase, Touma found himself in space, above the planet and face-to-face with Aleister Crowley himself. After a brief exchange of words, the two began their battle.[200] Although he knew about Aleister's Spiritual Tripping after having seen his past, Touma struggled as Aleister made use of a technique to gather and fire the sparks from phase collisions due to his magic, and the Blasting Rod which amplified his magic to ten times what Touma was expecting. Revealing the actions he had taken and the events surrounding Touma's ascent through the Windowless Building to be all part of a single ceremony, Aleister summoned Aiwass using the karma chains and the gathered powers of the city's espers.[201][202] Touma was soon overwhelmed by the angel's immense power, even more so when Aleister amplified it with the Blasting Rod. Even the brief emergence of the unknown entity within Touma did no good as Aiwass easily crushed it. Despite being repeatedly knocked down, heavily injured and having his arm repeatedly dislocated, Touma kept standing up and putting his arm back in place to continue fighting.[203]

As things were looking hopeless, Mina Mathers appeared to protect Touma from Aiwass's attack, revealing herself to be a manifestation of the Reading Thoth 78. Though it was merely a delaying tactic,[204] she brought enough time for the efforts of Touma's allies to disrupt the summoning and cause Aiwass to disappear.[205][206] Despite losing Aiwass, Aleister remained resolved to wipe out magic and the phases, though he was momentarily shaken when Touma challenged him with the possibility that Lilith's soul could have reached Heaven and that he might be trampling on that. With Mina knocking down the Blasting Rod and with Touma coping with the Spiritual Tripping, Aleister was forced to make use of the sparks he hated for the final exchange of attacks. Though Touma was injured in the cross-counter, his fist connected and Aleister was knocked out.[206]

Shortly after Touma was reunited with his allies, a sudden attack against the fallen Aleister by Coronzon resulted in the group being blown out of the newly made hole in the Windowless Building. While the rest were caught by Mikoto flying the A.A.A., Touma was caught by one of Aleister's manifested potential selves, a young girl flying on a broomstick.[207]

Processor Suit Arc

Main article: Processor Suit Arc

Following the battle at the Windowless Building, Touma spent most of the night accompanying Aleister, now in the form of a young girl, in tracking down the traces of Coronzon's influence in Academy City.[208][209][210][211][212][213] In the early morning on December 12th, Touma was involved in the battle against A. O. Francisca (a Coronzon-possessed Karasuma Fran) and her Mimetic Predators at Heaven Canceller's Hospital,[214][215][216] briefly facing a controlled Index before Mina intervened to disable the John's Pen Mode controller.[217][218][219] After the battle concluded, Aleister told Touma that he would be coming with her to England in order to completely eradicate Coronzon.[220]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the evacuation of Academy City, Touma accompanied Aleister on her journey to the United Kingdom in order to deal with Coronzon's influence there and grasp the demon's achilles heel.[221]

Kamijou Arc

For the other 'Kamijou Touma', see Kamijou Touma (Emanation).
Main article: Kamijou Arc


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