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Kamijou Touma is a boy who lives in a technologically-advanced city called Academy City, and has the ability to dispel anything supernatural - including his own luck.

The events of the series begin when Touma meets a girl known as Index Librorum Prohibitorum, resulting in his involvement with magicians and ultimately forcing him into the conflict between the Magic Side and the Science Side.

After meeting Index and losing his memories in the attempt to save her, Touma becomes acquainted with the Magic Side, and becomes increasingly involved with its various conspiracies as a result of Index living with him. The early part of the series has Touma pitted against enemies from both the Science and Magic Side, though mostly the latter. He deals with standalone enemies and makes allies in the process. As the series progresses and as Touma continually aids his allies from Necessarius due in part because of Index, Touma earns the ire of the Roman Catholic Church, which becomes one of his regular enemies in subsequent story arcs. Finally, after continually being in the center of the failures of the Church's plans, God's Right Seat, a powerful organization deep inside the Roman Catholic Church, is introduced. Vento of the Front is sent against him in an attempted invasion, resulting in the breakdown of relations between Academy City and the Church.

The next few stories involve Touma becoming increasingly drawn into the conflict between the Church and Academy City and its effects on the world. After fighting against Terra of the Left and barely struggling against Acqua of the Back, Touma is sent by Tsuchimikado Motoharu to England where he becomes involved in a coup d’état (started by England's second princess Carissa in order to protect England from the incoming war between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church). After Touma helps thwart the coup d’état, Fiamma of the Right, leader of God Right Seat's, appears before his eyes and takes control of Index's John's Pen Mode. This event leads to the start of World War III.

Angered, Touma goes to Russia to beat Fiamma, alone at first but later accompanied by Lessar. Here he again meets Accelerator, who has fallen into despair (having heavily injured Misaka Worst and believing he has failed in saving Last Order), and once again they fight. Touma completely dominates him and helps him back into the path of hope. Eventually, Touma is able to fight Fiamma of the Right in earnest after aiding in stopping Archangel Gabriel. Despite his Imagine Breaker, Touma is no match for Fiamma's power and his right arm is ripped off. However, in the brink of defeat an invisble thing appears from Touma's stump and strikes fear into Fiamma's heart. However, Touma does not rely on this power and forces to it to return, also regrowing his arm and regaining Imagine Breaker. With the aid of the whole world wishing to end the war, Touma shows Fiamma of the Right the folly of his beliefs and beats him. As the flying fortress that was the stage of their battle crumbles, Touma sends Fiamma of the Right off with the last escape pod. Archangel Gabriel becomes a threat once again, but through the use of the flying fortress controls, Touma steers it into the angel. Touma plummets with the flying fortress into Gabriel's path and manages to send it back where it came from, but is swallowed by the cold Arctic Ocean. There it is stated that Touma once again welcomes death.

This article provides the chronological history of Kamijou Touma as he appears in the original Toaru Majutsu no Index series.

Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Index ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index E01 13m 23s

Touma destroying Index's Walking Church.

After being chased by a group of thugs for trying to save a girl, he finds himself confronting the same girl, who is actually one of the most powerful espers in Academy City named Misaka Mikoto. It turns out that he was trying to save the thugs from her instead and, after enraging Mikoto, he puts his ability to the test by canceling Mikoto's lightning.[5]

The next day, Touma meets a person in a nun’s habit who is hanging on the balcony of his boarding house.[6] The nun, named Index, claims to be a magician who possesses 103,000 grimoires and is currently being pursued. Touma is initially sceptical of the existence of magic. He brings up his Imagine Breaker and claims that it can negate even the power of God, which Index is sceptical of. Index claims that her robe, the Walking Church, has defensive spells which she can use to prove magic's existence. This leads to Touma touching her robe to check if it really contains supernatural power, destroying the robe and angering Index into biting him.[7] Index is forced to reassemble her robe using safety pins. Touma then leaves to go to school and offers to let Index stay in his apartment. Index turns his offer down, however, because of her current problems with magicians.[8]

Touma goes to school for a supplementary lesson, together with his teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe and his classmate Aogami Pierce. During the lesson, he thinks about the strange girl in his apartment.[9]

After the lesson ends, Touma walks back home and runs into Mikoto again. They argue and Touma makes fun of her. Mikoto releases electricity which destroys nearby electronics, forcing the two of them to flee the scene. They fight again, with Touma negating Mikoto's attacks and eventually using a bluff to make her back off. He heads to a restaurant to eat, then returns home.[9]

However, when Touma returns, he sees that Index is badly injured, and one of the magicians of the Church of Necessary Evil, Stiyl Magnus, appears. Still reveals that Index stores the grimoires in her memory and acts hostile towards Touma. They fight, with Touma negating all of Stiyl's spells except Innocentius, a being made out of fire which his ability cannot dispel so easily.[10] Index enters a strange state called John's Pen Mode and advises Touma to destroy the runes that allows Innocentius to operate. Touma resourcefully uses the building’s sprinkler system to wash the ink from Stiyl’s runes, allowing him to easily dispel Innocentius and beat up Stiyl.[11]

Touma brings Index to Komoe, the only person he can think of who can be taught to cast magic. Index manages to heal her wounds with Komoe's help.[12] Several days later, Touma and Index head to a public bath, with the latter revealing that she has no memories from the past year when she came to Japan. This starts an argument that leads to Index running ahead to the bath.[13]

After being separated from Index, Touma is caught in a trap by another magician, Kanzaki Kaori. Unlike the battle against Stiyl, he is at a disadvantage, as Kanzaki uses only physical attacks instead of magic. He is quickly defeated by her, and he demands an explanation for Index's hardships.[14] Kanzaki explains that she and Stiyl must erase her memories for her to live, otherwise her brain would become overloaded with memories and she would die. Touma rebukes them for ignoring Index’s feelings and tries to continue fighting, eventually falling unconscious.[15]

Three days later, Touma wakes up in Komoe's apartment.[16] Stiyl and Kanzaki visit briefly to reveal that it's nearly time for Index's memories to be erased.[17] That night, Kanzaki calls Touma to advise him to say goodbye to Index. Touma argues with her, trying to convince her to use science to help Index, but she is unmoved and hangs up. Touma then tries calling Komoe for help, but it's too late as midnight, the time for Index' memories to be erased, has arrived.[18]

Toaru Majutsu no Index E06 09m 00s

Touma getting his memories destroyed.

Stiyl and Kanzaki arrive. Touma tries appealing to them one last time, without success. However, they do give him ten minutes alone with Index for their final farewells. After talking with Index, Touma thinks about the situation and spots an inconsistency, so he calls Komoe again. He discovers that the Church was lying to Stiyl and Kanzaki about Index’s memories, as the human brain can naturally store 140 years of memories. Touma also discovers the spell that bounds Index’s death if her memories are not erased and negates it. This forces Index into John’s Pen Mode and makes her attack Touma with powerful magic. Kanzaki and Stiyl rush into the room and are shocked at the sight, but are convinced to help. During the battle, a stray shot destroys a certain satellite in space. Touma is eventually faced with a choice: to dispel the spell controlling Index, or to negate the magical feathers that Index is attacking him with. He chooses the former and succeeds in saving Index, but one of the feathers touches his head.[19]

After a night of recovery in a hospital, Touma meets Index again. He initially acts as if he has amnesia, then claims that this was a trick and he'd actually negated the feather's damage before it reaches his brain. Index gets angry and bites him again, then leaves. The doctor Heaven Canceller enters and talks to Touma, revealing that he actually does have amnesia. He only knows what happened because Stiyl and Kanzaki told this to the doctors who then passed the information on to him. He lied to Index because he didn't want to make her cry. He tells the doctor that even though his memories are gone from his brain, they are still in his heart.[20]

Deep Blood ArcEdit

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One hot summer day, Touma and Index discuss whether or not to have ice cream. They happen to meet Aogami Pierce. However, the ice cream shop is closed and so they end up having shakes in a fast-food restaurant. There they meet a girl wearing miko clothes.[21] She asks for money and claims to be a magician. Touma refuses to lend her money and Index argues with her for claiming to be a magician without proof. A group of men, who the girl claims are cram school teachers, appear and take her away.[22]

Later, Touma and Index find a cat which Index adopts and names Sphynx. The cat runs away, then Index notices a spell has been set up and decides to investigate. Touma discovers that it was Stiyl who set the spell up in order to lure Index away. Stiyl asks Touma for assistance in rescuing a girl from Misawa Cram School. As it turns out, Himegami Aisa is Stiyl's target, the same girl Touma previously encountered in the restaurant. Touma internally berates himself for not lending her money and thus causing her to be recaptured.[23]

Toaru Majutsu no Index E07 13m 17s

Touma "meets" Stiyl for the first time.

Touma brings Index back to the dorm and discovers that she has adopted the cat after all. [24] He reunites with Stiyl and they go to the school, with Stiyl explaining that the enemy is Aureolus Izzard, an alchemist.[25] They enter the school and discover a dying member of one of the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church, who were sent into the school and defeated. Students walk out of a nearby elevator and Touma tries to call for help, but they don't respond. Stiyl explains that the school is subject to a magical "boundary" that prevents intruders from interacting with or being perceived by the students. Touma wonders how they can help the knight and Stiyl replies that he can no longer be saved. Touma gets angry at this, but Stiyl pushes past him and administers the last rites to the knight. The two of them move on.[26]

They arrive at a cafeteria on the fifth floor that is filled with students. An alarm system is triggered, allowing the students to see them and begin attacking using a replica of the Gregorian Chant. The two of them run away and Stiyl pushes Touma down a staircase as a decoy, causing them to get separated. Touma runs into a hostile female student, who is severely injured before his eyes (due to casting magic as an esper). He picks up the girl and continues fleeing, only to run into Aisa again.[27]

Aisa gives first aid to the girl. Touma tells her that he's here to save her. Suddenly, a badly wounded man calling himself Aureolus Izzard (actually a copy of the real Aureolus, who had just fought against Stiyl) approaches, dragging the bodies of injured students. He pierces the students with a magical dart that transmutes them into molten gold. Touma fights him, but a stray attack hits the injured girl and transmutes her into gold. Enraged, Touma attacks the copy until he flees,[28] then catches up to him and beats him severely. However, he eventually lets the copy go instead of killing him.[29]

Touma reunites with Aisa, who tells him that the person he fought was a copy. She also reveals that she's not being held against her will, she's here because Aureolus wishes to use her ability to save someone. Aureolus appears and wipes Touma's memories of what had transpired in the school.[30]

Touma finds himself outside the school and unaware of the reason he's here. He regains his memories when he touches his head with his right hand. He encounters the remaining Thirteen Knights who use the real Gregorio’s Chant to destroy the school (against Touma's protests), but it is miraculously repaired by the power of Aureolus' Ars Magna. Touma rushes into the school and finds that its students are all alive. He also discovers Stiyl, whose memories were also wiped, and punches him to restore his memories.[31]

They reenter the school to confront Aureolus, who has now captured Index. He reveals that he plans to turn Index into a vampire so that she gains an infinite memory capacity and no longer needs her memories erased to live. However, Stiyl points out that Touma has already saved Index and that his efforts were all in vain. Enraged, Aureolus attacks them, even killing Aisa when she tries to protect Touma. Touma dispels the magic on Aisa to save her.[32] He then duels Aureolus, countering all of his attacks. Stiyl asks why Aureolus needs Deep Blood if he has the reality-distorting power of Arc Magna, causing Aureolus to flay Stiyl alive in retaliation. Touma realizes that there is a flaw in Ars Magna, wondering why Aureolus didn't just command Index to be saved, but before he can do anything Aureolus slices his entire right arm off.[33]

Toaru Majutsu no Index E09 17m 33s

Touma having his right arm turn into a dragon by Aureolus.

However, Touma perseveres through this and laughs maniacally. He walks towards Aureolus while smiling and somehow dispelling all his attacks. Aureolus panics and loses control of his Ars Magna (also causing Stiyl to go back to normal). Touma tells him that his Ars Magna does not distort reality with his words but instead turns his thoughts into reality. A Dragon's head appears from Touma's stump and attacks Aureolus.[34]

Touma wakes up in Heaven Canceller's hospital again. Stiyl visits Touma and cuts apples for him. He states that Aureolus has lost all his memories and the capability to do magic and that he (Stiyl) changed his face and form before releasing him. Misawa Cram School has now been closed. Stiyl tells Touma that he was able to keep fighting only because his body was in shock from the pain of his arm getting sliced off. Touma gets irritated by this, believing that Stiyl is comparing him to Aureolus. Their conversation is soon cut short with the arrival of Index and Aisa. The latter asks Touma why he saved her, to which he replies: "I don't need a reason to save someone."[35]

In the light novel, it's also mentioned that the dragon's head may not entirely be the result of Ars Magna's powers, which leads to Touma wondering just what Imagine Breaker could be. Then Index interrupts his thoughts and asks about Aisa, cutting short his thoughts. He concluded that it doesn't matter if he has incredible power, as long as it can protect the girl in front of him right now he is satisfied.[35]

Sisters ArcEdit

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Touma tries to buy drinks from a certain vending machine, but the machine fails to dispense the drinks. Here he meets Misaka Mikoto for the first time since losing his memories. She gets angry and attacks Touma when he doesn't remember who she is. She offers to get the drinks by using her powers on the machine, but this causes it to short circuit and dispense many drinks (also triggering an alarm).[36] They run away and Mikoto hands Touma his drinks. Mikoto's friend Shirai Kuroko approaches to investigate the alarm and is surprised at Mikoto apparently meeting with a boyfriend. She teases Mikoto about this and then teleports away. Shortly afterwards, a girl appears who is identical to Mikoto. Touma thinks she is Mikoto's sister, unaware that she is actually Misaka 10031, a clone. Mikoto drags this girl away.[37]

While carrying the drinks from the vending machine to his dormitory, Touma loses his balance and falls to the ground, scattering the drinks. Here, Touma meets Misaka 10032 and mistakes her for 10031. She offers to help carry the drinks, which Touma eventually accepts. At the dorm they meet Tsuchimikado Maika and then Index and Aisa, the latter two trying to remove fleas from Sphynx. Misaka 10032 removes the fleas using her power and then leaves.[38]

Touma meets Mikoto again in the afternoon. She talks about how she hates people following the orders of machines (i.e. the supercomputer Tree Diagram) and then leaves.[39] Shortly after, he meets Misaka 10032 again, who has just found a black cat.[40] They go to a bookstore to learn more about pet care. Touma throws the cat to Misaka 10032, encouraging her to be friends with it despite the barrier of her powers, and heads inside.[41] But when he exits the store, Misaka 10032 is gone and the cat has been left behind.[42]

Touma searches around and finds, in a nearby alley, what appears to be her mangled corpse.[42] Horrified, he leaves the alley and calls Anti-Skill, but when they arrive the corpse is gone. Confused, Touma goes deeper into the alley and meets Misaka 10032 again. She reveals that she, along with the corpse he saw, are clones of Misaka Mikoto, though they do not reveal any more information as he does not know the access code.
Touma with clones

Touma surrounded by the Radio Noise clones.


Worried about Mikoto's involvement, Touma travels towards the Tokiwadai Dormitory, hoping to get some answers from her. She isn't there but Kuroko is, and she lets Touma into their shared room. They talk about Mikoto but are interrupted by the arrival of the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor, forcing Kuroko to hide Touma under the bed since she's unable to teleport him away. Kuroko talks with the Dorm Supervisor and later leaves with her, while Touma finds documents about the cloning project hidden in a stuffed bear underneath the bed. He learns that the clones are being killed by Accelerator, the #1 Level 5, in an attempt to raise him to Level 6. He leaves the dorm and searches for Mikoto.[44] He finds her by following the movements of the wind turbines, as Mikoto is causing them to move (despite a lack of natural wind) due to her power.[45]

Mikoto is sulking alone on a familiar steel bridge. Touma discovers that Mikoto accidentally gave her DNA Map for use of the experiment and she plans on sacrificing herself to disprove Tree Diagram's calculations, hopefully ending the experiment. Touma opposes this, angering Mikoto into attacking him, but he doesn't try to block her attacks.[46] After being shocked into unconsciousness, he wakes up in Mikoto's lap. He describes his plan to stop the experiment by defeating Accelerator himself, since Accelerator being defeated by a Level 0 would disprove the assumption behind the experiment (that Accelerator is the strongest esper).[47] He leaves the cat with Mikoto and runs towards the site of Accelerator and Misaka 10032's battle.[48]

Touma vs Accelerator

Touma defeating Accelerator.

Touma makes it just in time to disrupt the battle.[49] He challenges Accelerator, who attacks him in various ways and prevents him from getting close. Eventually, Accelerator decides to end the battle and charges toward Touma, allowing the latter to punch him. Accelerator is knocked down by this, causing Touma to realise that he is actually physically weak. Touma lands several more punches on him, but Accelerator eventually counters with a powerful gust of wind that knocks him out.[50] Accelerator begins creating a massive ball of plasma in order to finish him off. However, Mikoto arrives and convinces Misaka 10032 to ask the other clones to move the city's wind turbines, creating wind to disrupt the plasma.[51] Accelerator tries to attack them, but is interrupted by Touma regaining consciousness. Touma dodges Accelerator when the latter tries charging him again, then knocks him out with one last punch.[52]

Touma wakes up in the same hospital as before. He is visited by Misaka 10032, who reports that the experiment has stopped and she (along with the other clones) will need medical treatment to slow down their accelerated growth. She finishes by saying that they will meet again. Next to visit is Mikoto, who brings cookies as a gift for him. Touma dismisses the gift as he sees homemade cookies baked by someone incompetent to be better, which leads to an argument. Before Mikoto leaves, Touma reports to her that the sisters are going to have their bodies readjusted, and also reassures her by saying that the sisters are grateful to Mikoto for giving them life. Finally, Index visits and bites him out of anger. She asks what he was fighting for this time and he replies: "For myself."[53]

Angel Fall ArcEdit

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Touma and Touya

Touma is reintroduced to his father, Touya.

Due to defeating Accelerator, Touma has become the target of Academy City's delinquents (aiming to get glory by defeating him). He is forced to leave the city and go on vacation with Index, giving the authorities time to calm down the situation. He meets up with his family and they stay at a coastal beach house.[54]

Touma wakes up on August 28 to find that everyone else is acting in ways that don't match their appearance (e.g. Index is seemingly acting like his mother, while Aogami Pierce is acting like Index), which he thinks is one big prank. He looks at the news and hears about an escaped convict from a reporter who resembles Komoe. This leads him to suspect that it's more than just a prank.[54] He goes to the beach, where he encounters his friend Tsuchimikado Motoharu and also meets Kanzaki Kaori again. Kanzaki thinks that Touma is responsible for this incident, called "Angel Fall". Touma discovers that Motoharu is also a member of Necessarius, acting as its spy in Academy City. He learns from the two magicians about the nature of Angel Fall: it is a spell that has switched the appearances of almost everyone in the world (except for those with protection) and caused an angel to fall to earth. Kanzaki demands that Touma stop the spell and subjects him to a body search, but is eventually convinced to stop. Motoharu gets Touma to help solve the incident in exchange for being protected from any other magicians who come to investigate.[55]

That evening, Kanzaki meets with Touma's family. Touma discovers that his cousin (who has the appearance of Misaka 10032) has arrived. Kanzaki is seemingly angered when Touma's family mention her behaviour not matching her appearance (since they see her as Stiyl), and drags Touma off.[56] She asks him to guard her while she bathes, and reveals that she was actually unsettled by the sight of Index smiling at her. Motoharu comes by and apologises for not helping Touma in the previous incidents, so Touma forgives him. Motoharu then tries to get Touma to join him in peeking on Kanzaki, but Touma objects. Touma's mother and cousin arrive, causing Motoharu to leave, and they force Touma to take a bath with Kanzaki (reasoning that they're both male) before dinner gets cold. This results in Touma seeing Kanzaki naked, causing her to attack him.[57]

While alone, Touma views a report on Hino Jinsaku, the escaped convict. Jinsaku himself cuts the power and attacks Touma. A girl named Misha Kreutzev comes to Touma's aid. Jinsaku rambles on about an "Angel-sama" and this, combined with his appearance being retained despite Angel Fall, causes Touma to question his state. He eventually throws his weapon at Misha but it grazes Touma instead, and Touma falls unconscious due to it being poisoned.[58]

When Touma wakes up, Kanzaki and Motoharu explain that Misha is a magician of Annihilatus, part of the Russian Orthodox Church, and she also saved him by sucking out the poison from his wound. Misha threatens Touma with a saw, asking if he was the one who cast Angel Fall. Touma denies it and Kanzaki explains how he possesses an ability to negate magic. Misha attacks him with a water-based spell which he dispels, proving his innocence. At that moment, the son of the beach house owner interjects, revealing that he also saw Jinsaku. Coming to the conclusion that Jinsaku is the culprit (since his appearance wasn't switched), the magicians plan to apprehend him. Kanzaki asks Touma to take some rest. However, Touma instead spends the night stopping his father from doing anything to his mother (since Touma is disturbed by this happening to someone he perceives as Index), preventing him from getting any sleep.[59]

The next day, Touma discusses Jinsaku with the magicians. They eventually hear a news report showing that police have cornered Jinsaku in a house; Touma's house, to be specific.[60] They prepare a taxi to take them to the house, leading to Touma being briefly left alone with Misha. He offers her some chewing gum, which she accepts (without touching him) and likes.[61]

After riding the taxi, they sneak past the police and approach the house. Kaori leaves to set up a spell to prevent anyone seeing what they do next. During this time, Motoharu explains to Touma the nature of magicians, Kaori's issues and his own style of magic. Kaori returns and the group enter the house.[62] Touma and Motoharu become separated from the other two. Jinsaku attacks and they fight back, but are hindered by Jinsaku filling the house with gas (preventing them from doing anything that would make sparks). Motoharu eventually defeats Jinsaku. However, the serial killer claims to not know about Angel Fall. Touma deduces that Jinsaku actually has a split personality (this being the "Angel-sama" he talks about) and Angel Fall switched his two personalities while leaving his appearance unchanged.[63] He then spots a family picture revealing that his own father, Touya, hasn't had his appearance changed by Angel Fall (meaning he is the true caster). Misha heads off on her own to deal with Touya, while Touma is crushed by the revelation.[64] Motoharu tells Touma to head back to the beach with Kaori to protect Touya, while he (Motoharu) will remain to inspect the house).[65]

Touma insists on dealing with his father himself.[66] He confronts Touya on the beach and demands to know why he used magic. Touya talks about how Touma was bullied as a child due to his misfortune, causing him to reach into the occult in an attempt to stop this misfortune. Touma says that this isn't necessary since, despite all he's suffered, he considers himself fortunate for being able to help people. Touya reveals that he actually doesn't believe in magic himself and merely bought many lucky charms, confusing Touma. At that moment, Misha appears, followed shortly after by Kaori and Motoharu. It turns out that Misha is actually Archangel Gabriel, the angel called down by Angel Fall, who is using the appearance of a Russian Orthodox Church magician (whose real name is Sasha).[67] Kaori tells Touma to take his father away from the scene, as she will fight the angel. Though reluctant to let her fight alone, Touma complies.[68]

At the beach house, Touma discovers that his mother and cousin have been knocked out using chloroform. He urges his father to release Angel Fall, but Touya doesn't understand what he's talking about. Motoharu appears, explaining that he knocked out Touma's family and that Touya cast Angel Fall accidentally through the countless magical items in his house. Moreover, he claims that the only ways to stop the spell are to destroy the magic circle or to kill its caster, Touya. Touma tries to stop Motoharu but is easily beaten by the latter's martial arts skills. Touya tries to help and is beaten even more easily. However, Motoharu begins casting a spell despite the damage this causes to his body; it turns out that his real intention is to destroy the Angel Fall magic circle using his own spell. He succeeds, banishing Gabriel, but collapses afterwards.[69]

Touma wakes up in an Academy City hospital. He initially thinks that Motoharu is dead, only for his friend to casually enter the room. Motoharu explains that his esper ability, Auto-Rebirth, lets him use magic and survive. Motoharu mentions that Kaori is also alive and then brings up a more serious topic: who will bear responsibility for the Angel Fall incident? Touma is briefly concerned over what will happen to Touya, only for Motoharu to reveal that he will hide Touya's involvement. Motoharu casually mentions that Touma's house is destroyed (as there was no other way to destroy the magic circle) and leaves. Index enters next, and she punishes Touma for all of the abuse he did to her during Angel Fall (due to her having Aogami's appearance).[70]

In the anime, Touma experiences similar events but he never encounters the serial killer Jinsaku. Instead, Misha attacks him on the first day of Angel Fall and Motoharu and Kaori come to his rescue. On the second day, Touma realises that Misha avoids touching him after Touya points this out, leading to Motoharu and Kaori deducing that Misha may be the caster of Angel Fall. Touma and Motoharu go to the former's house and find the picture that proves Touya is the real caster. Shortly after, Touma's mother Shiina and Misha arrive, the latter also discovering the picture. Touma returns to the beach alone (since Motoharu is preoccupied with Shiina, who sees him as a famous idol), explains the situation to Kaori and then confronts his father.[71] The subsequent events are the same as the light novel.[72]

Three Stories ArcEdit

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The three stories happen during August 31st.

The Aztec MagicianEdit

At midnight, Touma again gets into trouble with Index. He coincidentally notices his summer vacation homework, which he's forgotten to do thanks to recent events.[73]

Touma and Mikoto

Touma and Mikoto on a "fake" date.

That morning, Touma meets with his friends Motoharu and Aogami. Touma is worried about his homework, though the other two don't care.[74] Misaka Mikoto suddenly approaches and begs him to act as her boyfriend, to stop her admirer Unabara Mitsuki from following her.[75] Touma reluctantly goes along with this, also receiving help from Mikoto with his homework. However, he talks with Mitsuki himself (while Mikoto has gone to buy drinks) and learns that he's actually a nice person.[76] Mitsuki also helps Touma with his homework until Mikoto returns.[77] Later on, Mikoto sees the homework, which has only correct answers, and says that Mitsuki shouldn't be that smart.[78]

Lunch arrives, so Mikoto goes off to buy lunch for the two of them.[79] Mitsuki approaches Touma again and, after a short conversation, attacks him (revealing himself to be a magician who has stolen the real Mitsuki's appearance).[80] Touma flees and calls Index for advice on the enemy's magic. Using this advice, he fights the fake Mitsuki in an abandoned construction site and eventually succeeds in destroying his magical knife.[81] The fake Mitsuki continues fighting and reveals that he genuinely has feelings for Mikoto.[82] Eventually, the fake Mitsuki is pinned under steel beams and unable to fight any further. He asks Touma to promise to protect Mikoto.[83]

Yamisaka OumaEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E01 7min 12s

Touma facing Ouma's attack.

Night falls. While still trying to catch-up with his homework (since the excursion with Mikoto and the fake Mitsuki distracted him), Touma goes to a restaurant with Index, intending to finish his homework there.[84] A magician named Yamisaka Ouma attacks and kidnaps Index.[85]

Touma chases after Ouma and, despite some distractions, catches up to him when he sees the light from a ceremony Ouma is conducting.[86] Touma comes in and destroys the ceremony. He offers to use his own power to help with Ouma's problem (a curse on a woman precious to Ouma; Index was kidnapped by Ouma so he could use her knowledge to break the curse). However, he does ask if he can go to get his homework first.[87]

Kazakiri Hyouka ArcEdit

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It is now September 1, the start of the new semester. Touma is reluctant to go to school, due to his fatigue from the previous day, but he has no choice.[88] He runs into Mikoto and they get into an argument as they walk to school.[89] Touma parts with Mikoto and reaches his school, where he meets Komoe and then Aogami.[90] There is a new transfer student, Himegami Asia, but it also turns out that Index has come to the school because Touma didn't leave her lunch.[91] Komoe sends Index away with money to buy lunch. Touma decides to check on her and finds that she has made a new friend, a strange girl named Kazakiri Hyouka (but he accidentally sees them changing clothes, causing Index to bite him).[92] They converse, but Komoe arrives and scolds Touma for seemingly skipping the opening ceremony to flirt with girls. During the argument, Hyouka disappears.[93]

After Komoe has finished scolding him, Touma leaves the school and reunites with Index and Hyouka. They decide to go to an underground mall together. Before they go, Aisa approaches Touma and warns him that Hyouka is a mysterious student who is supposedly the key to the Imaginary Number District (the first research institute in Academy City).[94]

At the mall, they have lunch and visit various shops.[95] Touma receives a phone call from Aisa, who tries to tell him something about Hyouka, but the poor reception underground means that he doesn't understand.[96] Eventually, they are warned by a telepathic member of Judgement (whose telepathy was ineffective on Touma, and thus she had to explain the situation to his group verbally) to evacuate as there is a terrorist causing trouble. Touma and company try to comply, but the terrorist finds them using a spell and attacks.[97] Fortunately, Shirai Kuroko and Misaka Mikoto arrive to aid the civilians. There is an argument over who should be evacuated first (as Kuroko can only teleport two people at a time), eventually leading to Kuroko evacuating Index and Mikoto first. Touma decides to go off on his own to fight the terrorist.[98]

Touma finds the battered remnants of Anti-Skill. He moves past them to find the one responsible: Sherry Cromwell, a magician from the Anglican Church who uses an earth golem (named Ellis). An Anti-Skill member shoots at the golem in order to protect Touma. Unfortunately, Hyouka herself arrives at the scene and is hit in the head by a ricocheting bullet, revealing a hollow head. Horrified at this abnormality, Hyouka runs away, with Sherry in pursuit.[99] After some thinking, Touma decides to call Komoe for help and moves near an antenna, though Komoe calls him first. She explains how Hyouka didn't appear on the school's security cameras, then explains that Hyouka may be a product of the collective AIM diffusion fields of espers. Touma resolves to help Hyouka.[100]

Touma, Hyouka and Golem

Touma rescuing Hyouka.

Touma obtains Anti-Skill's help and proceeds to fight Sherry and her golem, while reassuring Hyouka that he doesn't care about her not being human.[101] Touma eventually reaches Sherry and punches her.[102] However, Sherry escapes by creating a tunnel and Touma realises that she is now going after Index.[103]

Touma can't get Anti-Skill to help him rescue Index since she isn't a citizen of Academy City. Hyouka therefore decides to act and she jumps into the tunnel.[104] Touma follows and he encounters Sherry, who has sent her golem ahead to attack Index. He asks why she's doing this and she explains that her friend Ellis (who the golem is named after) died in an experiment to create a magiicn-esper hybrid. She wants to prevent this happening again by starting a war to divide the Magic and Science sides. She tries to collapse the tunnel, but Touma forces her to stop by negating the magic circle she's using to keep herself safe. He knocks her out.[105] Touma then rushes to Index (who is safe thanks to Hyouka holding back the golem) and negates the golem.[106]

Touma carefull

Touma being careful not to touch Hyouka with his right hand.

With the battle over, Touma talks to Hyouka and reassures her that she's human regardless of her composition. Index appears and confirms that she still sees Hyouka as a friend by hugging her.[107] Touma visits Heaven Canceller's hospital, and during this visit Komoe talks to him about Hyouka. He then meets up with Hyouka and Index again. Hyouka tells Touma that his power is not an esper power and then disappears, though she says that she will always be with Index.[108]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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This arc begins on September 8. After getting tired from preparing for the Daihasei Festival, Touma returns to his apartment. He encounters Tsuchimikado Maika, who tells him that Index has been kidnapped by a strange man (who Touma realises is Stiyl).[109]

Touma meets Orsola

Touma meets Orsola.

Touma follows a letter left behind by Stiyl to an abandoned theatre outside Academy city. Along the way, he comes across Orsola Aquinas, a nun from the Roman Catholic Church who is trying to hide in Academy City (and who, unknown to Touma, is the one Stiyl is looking for). Touma decides to take her with him.[110] They arrive at the theatre and meet Index, Stiyl and another Roman Catholic nun named Agnese Sanctis. Suddenly, Orsola is kidnapped by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.[111] Index later explain methods that may be used for them to transport her while Agnese's forces prepare for the attack.

After Stiyl explains his resolve for protecting Index, he starts to rest along with Touma (and Agnese walking into his tent nearly naked and sleeping next to him, only for Index to pop up later and punish him since he tried saying it was only a dream and the real Touma wouldn't do such a thing). After that they head out to an amusement park to face off the Amakusa where he managed to subdue one member, protecting her from hitting her head as she fell, and then fought alongside Stiyl to stop the leader of the Amakusa, Tatemiya Saiji. He then planted a cross given to him by Stiyl onto her before handing her over to her supposed comrades. Only then when he heard Orsola scream after Tatemiya explained that they weren't the enemy and he was attacked by two Roman Catholic nuns, who nearly succeeded in killing him before Index saved them both, did he realize they were tricked.

Saiji, Index, and Stiyl all tell him not to get involved after that since he isn't the one who has to fix it, someone else will handle it. He pretends to drop it and has Index head back to Academy city with Stiyl while he uses his phone to locate the unfinished Church of Orsola. He shatters the barrier surrounding the place and sees Orsola injured from constant abuse of the 250 nuns. When Agnese berates him about the odds he faces against them, he knocks her back with a punch and prepares to face off against 250 Nuns, all to save a woman he met 6 hours ago. Right then Stiyl, the Amakusa who were formerly captured, and Index all appear to help him stating they were trying to get him to leave as this was a magician's problem. Once the battle started to seem hopeless and the method to decode The Book of the Law was false, he was sent out alone to fight Agnese. After learning the method of her magic, it was stated that even though they outnumbered Touma's group, she was losing control over them and once Touma finished her with a punch, the entire group laid down their
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E05 14m 19s

Touma defeats Agnese.

weapons in surrender.

Back in the hospital, Kanzaki Kaori and he had a discussion on the current situation and he stated that they were only enemies this time but if they needed help next time he'd help them, as from his viewpoint their organizations aren't the reason he helps people, he helps their organizations for the sake of the people, and hinted that he'd help Agnese herself if she needed help. Kanzaki pointed out that this was stupidly simple but he'd never stray no matter what.

Tree Diagram Remnant ArcEdit

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September 14th.

Misaka 10032 snuck out of the hospital to ask Touma for help in preventing the Level 6 Shift plan being restarted as the Tree Diagram 'Remnant' have been recovered. He agreed and went out to help, and met up with Mikoto on the way. In the end they found Awaki about to teleport a 4.5 ton of item onto Shirai Kuroko; Mikoto blew a hole in the building using her Railgun and used magnetism to make a ramp for Touma to run straight up to where Kuroko was, allowing him to negate Musujime's attack. Touma apologized to Kuroko for coming late and asked if he has saved Mikoto's world, due to his promise with Etzali back in Volume 5. Kuroko said he had saved half, and Touma went off again saying that he'll go save the other half. When he reached Awaki, however, she had already been defeated by Accelerator, the 'Remnant' in pieces.


Touma negates Awaki's movepoint.

Touma and Index went to visit Kuroko at the hospital afterwards to see how she's healing up, but accidentally walks in while Kuroko was changing clothes, and was slapped by Mikoto (With electricity accompanying the slap). In the Anime version it is Kuroko who slapped Touma [112]

He then went to visit Misaka 10032 but found she's sealed up in a chamber filled with fluids and completely naked for healing, and ended up being bitten by Index (twice - once for Kuroko and once for Misaka 10032). Misaka 10032 didn't mind Touma having a good look at her.

Touma moaned to Index how he did all that work but in the end he didn't get to solve the incident, as Awaki was defeated already by someone else (Accelerator) who left without showing his face. Index replied that Touma's an idiot for letting someone else take his job, and that just one person who acts like Touma is too much when he moaned about it. Touma objected indignantly, and was heard by Accelerator who was also in that hospital. Accelerator thought that voice was familiar but didn't think too much into it, being more focused on getting his sleep.

Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)Edit

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September 19th.

Touma argues with Mikoto and decides on a punishment game where the loser have to follow the orders of the winner, and this exchange was seen by their respective parents.

Touma decides on going full-throttle from the start to prevent psychological impediments later on where if they save their strength for later but finds they can't catch up. When he reaches his class' area for the first event he found most have collapsed from arguing the night before on how to win against the various competitions, and from boredom of the opening ceremony of continuous speeches by various principals. Fukiyose Seiri arrives and seeing the classmates feeling dispirited blames Touma as the ultimate cause. During their exchange of words Touma is pushed onto defending, and their classmates say Seiri is the only one capable of taking down Touma and his effect on girls, and also comments how Touma isn't that unlucky when it comes to women.

Touma then accidentally stepped onto a hose and got Seiri's top wet, resulting in an 'unfortunate accident'. The rest of the class starts to lament on how even their ultimate defense against Touma is useless and humanity is as good as gone, with Touma snarking back just what kind of scumbag do they think he is, along with his apologies towards Fukiyose.

After their first event competing another school, Touma went to his classroom to get his cellphone so he can call Index. He then accidentally walked in on Seiri changing clothes in the classroom, and quickly stepped
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E08 20m 54s

Touma meets Oriana.

out after seeing her cross popping veins. She threw the first thing she reached to chase him out, which happened to be a mail-order shoulder massager. Touma remarked without thinking she needs one of these at her age only because the size of her large breasts weighing her down, before realizing belatedly how bad it could sound to Seiri. She threw his bag with such force it blew a hole through the classroom door and smashed right into him. Seiri also threw out his cellphone as an afterthought.

Finding Index later, they went to a group of food stalls, only to be halted by a procession going on. Before Index could bite him, he was dragged away by Misaka Mikoto, who was in a scavenger hunt and needed 'a high school student who competed in the first event'. At the finish line, he met up with Fukiyose again, who commented that Touma's been hit by girls quite often. Wanting to go back and find Index, Touma finds Motoharu and Stiyl talking to each other, who were discussing about the Stab Sword, a sword that can destroy a Saint just by pointing at it. They then instructed to keep Index busy in order to keep the outside organizations oblivious to the ongoings in Academy City. After finding Index, who was changing into cheerleader clothes, courtesy of Komoe, Seiri comes along, and after a bit of punishment, drags him off to cheer for his schoolmates.

After a while, Seiri and Touma bumped into Oriana Thomson, who was holding a suspicious item, though they didn't know each other at first. Touma, who was apologetic, shook hands with Oriana, breaking the 'Chaos and Calm on the surface' that Oriana cast on herself. Realizing that something is wrong, after Touma separated from Fukiyose, he called Motoharu and informed him about the 'courier', leading to a long chase sequence that ended up with Oriana escaping, having set some spells at a bus depot to delay them.

In order to break the countermeasure spell that Oriana set up, Touma and Motoharu snuck into a match which pits a certain Middle School versus Tokiwadai Middle School. After a bit of fumbling and meeting up with Mikoto, Fukiyose got struck by the counterspell.

After tending to Seiri for a while, Touma and Motoharu continued their chase after Oriana, and finally caught up with her. Oriana quickly disables Motoharu, leaving Touma to fight against her. Touma managed to beat her with a punch, but Oriana escaped, and the thing that Oriana was holding turns out to be a decoy.

Later, he met up with Stiyl and Motoharu to discuss the situation before they split up. Touma went to find Index, who had changed into cheerleader outfit. The two of them went to meet Touma's parents, who are in Academy City to see their son participate in the Daihaseisai events. Touma's family, together with Index, had lunch with Mikoto and her mother, Misaka Misuzu.

After lunch, Touma wanted to get away from Index so that he can continue his search of Oriana. After some misunderstanding which ended up with Mikoto punching him, Touma was nearly injured badly by Kuroko and Mikoto, who have come to attack Touma because they thought that Touma has done something perverted to Index. He then went to find Stiyl, who's being hassled by Komoe. With help from Aisa, Touma and Stiyl managed to get away and continue with the search.

As they continued with their search, both of them heard that Motoharu was going up against Oriana, but before they can find him, Aisa got critically injured by Oriana, who mistook Aisa to be a magician. Leaving Stiyl behind, who tended to Aisa, Touma was unable to catch up to Oriana, who escaped on a bus.


Touma faces off against Oriana.

Later, Touma met up with Motoharu again, and they got a call from Orsola, who informed them about the constellation required for the Croce di Pietro to be used. They then met up with Stiyl before heading off to the 23rd School district, which is where the Croce di Pietro was supposed to be activated. After a lengthy battle which saw Touma managing to beat Oriana, Touma got a call from Lidvia Lorenzetti, and after the Croce di Pietro failed to work, told her that she failed and that she should run far away.

Later, when he ended up in the same hospital room due to all the injuries he incurred, he got a chomp by Index, and a visit from Mikoto and Kuroko. Mikoto notified Touma that Tokiwadai was far ahead in the lead, and that as part of the deal, he should work hard for the rest of Daihaseisai.

The next morning, he and Seiri went to visit Aisa in the hospital.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico ArcEdit

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After the events of the Daihasei Festival and receiving an endless streak of bad luck (such as accidentally walking in on Komoe changing, getting punched by Fukiyose Seiri, getting bitten by Index, having a ball hitting him at the side of the head by Himegami Aisa, and receiving a drop kick to the back of the head by Kuroko Shirai while Misaka was dragging him to a dance party etc.) Touma ends up winning a trip for two to Italy at a shopping district draw which he begins to doubt how someone as unlucky as him was able to win such a grand prize in the first place. Index berates him for not being prepared to travel because he doesn't have a passport and that he doesn't know how to speak Italian which obviously ends with him feeling defeated. While at the airport, the security guard stops Index from passing through the gates due to the pins that holds her robe together. Having no choice Touma is forced to buy Index new clothes before the plane takes off.

The two finally arrive in Italy and Touma is trying to find the hotel they'd be staying at.
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E14 04m 52s

Touma and Index checking out the sites in Italy.

Index shares a little bit of Italian history with Touma which makes him surprised that she knows things outside of magic due to the grimoires inside her head. This however upsets Index and was on the verge of biting him but she stopped because she wants to have a good time, but Touma with his usual poor choice of words further infuriates her prompting the annual punishment that he's accustomed too. Later Touma loses Index because she's too busy looking at the food stalls and restaurants in the area. Due to his lack of knowledge of the Italian language and Index not being there to translate for him, he has no idea on how to communicate or understand the people there. Orsola Aquinas the same nun from the Book of Law incident (From Vol.7) approaches him to ask what's the matter and he replies with what she's doing here. Orsola tells him that she spotted Index a long time ago and she's at her apartment and guides Touma to the location.

At Orsola's apartment Index is carrying a box of gelato and Touma berates her for separating from him and getting lost but she doesn't listen. Orsola asks Touma and Index to help clean the apartment with her and they both agree too, during the cleaning Index and Orsola ends up getting dusty so they decide to take a quick shower to clean their skins. Touma on the other hand is too busy trying to fight the temptation of walking in and avoid getting bitten by Index, during that time he hears a noise from another room and he goes to investigate it. It was there that both Index and Orsola come out of the bathroom naked and it turns out that the noise that Touma heard came from separate bathrooms that Orsola and Index were using respectively. Touma tells the obviously embarrassed Index that he has no intention or interest at peeking at her naked body but Index takes his comment as an insult resulting in her giving him the usual punishment. Soon after, Orsola begins to move her luggage as she prepares to leave for England, when an assassination attempt happened, where a man wearing Roman Catholic Robes tried to kill Orsola but failed due to Touma. Taking a bizarre twist, the two fall into a river only to land on some large ice-like ship that was submerged before, and it sped off towards the sea with Orsola and Touma aboard. There they escape from the people searching for them, only to find Agnese Sanctis, who reveals this ship is a work shop that is used to punish those who have failed the Roman Catholic Church. Agnese asks the two to help Angelene and Lucia escape from the ship, because they are about to be punished for having escaped the ship once before, in an attempt to help Agnese, and Touma promptly agrees. After much trouble, the pair managed to rescue Angelene and Lucia, only to find out that the one that truly needed rescuing was Agnese as she was about to be used in some sort of spell. However, before Touma can react, the other ships in the fleet started opening fire on the ship they are aboard, in an attempt to kill them, before the Amakusas, tipped off by Index, save them with a paper boat.

Back on land, the Amakusas are eating dinner at Orsola's house alongside Touma, Index, and the two nuns, before proceeding to plans to rescue Agnese. Based on the information from Angelene and Lucia, the fleet is led by Bishop Biagio Busoni, and the purpose of Queen of the Adriatic Sea (the name of the fleet of similar ice shops) was to cast a spell that would destroy Venezia, the land as well as the pieces of its culture around the world, which required Agnese. Yet the effects of using her to cast the spell would render her to lose her mind, something Touma refuses to let happen. Humorously, Itsuwa offers Touma a napkin during the dinner, causing Index to be somewhat jealous of the seemingly closeness between the two. Moving on, the battle plan was to create a massive amount of paper ships, and use them as unmanned suicide bombers to distract the fleet while Touma and the others board the ship stealthily. The fleet notices this plan, and opens fire on a ship that was submerged below them, only to find out the submerged ship was a decoy, and Touma and the rest of them were aboard one of the suicide ships that flew towards them.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E16 19m 35s

Touma finishing off Biagio.

Touma, Index, and Orsola get on the main ship of the fleet where Agnese is being held, and after being split up and having to destroy thirty ice golems, Touma meets Biagio. The two fight and it seems as though Touma has been defeated and disappeared, when Biagio headed back to where Agnese was being held only to encounter Orsola trying to free Agnese. Consequently Orsola is violently assaulted, but still refused to step away from Agnese caused Agnese to finally understand what Orsola's words meant when she was being assaulted by the 250 nuns a while ago. Agnese steps up to defend Orsola but is also subsequently defeated by Biagio, when Touma shows up again and the two fight once more. Touma defeats him this time, and learns that the spell they are trying to use at the moment is really a spell to change the target of the eradication spell from Venezia to Academy City, effectively trumping the Science side in the end. However, knowing he has been defeated and will be punished, he attempts to take down Touma along with him after saying that there is a faction supporting him, and that he is a threat to the Roman Catholic Church. Touma manages to stop him, but is subsequently injured so badly he has to be returned to Academy city after spending only one day in Italy, on a supersonic passenger plane.

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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September 30th.

Touma had just received his winter uniform from the high school he attends and during class he creates a misunderstanding with Fukiyose Seiri resulting in him getting punished by her. After school he runs into Misaka Mikoto and reminds him of the bet they made during the Daihasei Festival. Knowing that a bet is a bet he relents and kneels down at her feet and starts fanning her body with his school bag much to the embarrassment of the latter. Upon returning home, Motoharu invites Touma and Index to his room for dinner which Index of course is quick to take up on that offer.

After a few mishaps at school Touma is late for the arranged penalty game meeting which Mikoto responds by throwing lightning at him which he negates using Imagine Breaker. After arriving at the newly remodeled School District 7 Underground Shopping Center (the same one Sherry Crowell attacked during the events of volume 6) The pair go to a mobile center so that Mikoto can get his phone number by going through a couples plan, but Mikoto says she's only doing this because she only wants the Gekota and Pekota strap and doesn't want his number for her own convenience. In order for the plan to be complete the two had to take a picture showing the lady at the register that they were a couple. After a few mishaps Touma puts his arms around Mikoto wanting to get the whole charade over with while being unmindful of her reactions towards his bold behavior. After he takes the picture Shirai Kuroko teleports in and drops kicks him on the back of the head causing him to fall on the ground ruining the photo and causing him pain. After Shirai's appearance Touma asks if he's free from his responsibilities but Mikoto retaliates by throwing lightning bolts at him.

While waiting for Mikoto to finish the phone plan he spots Misaka Imouto (whom he fails to recognize due to the NVG goggles that she always wears are not on her) who's angry because Last Order took her goggles and is looking for her. Touma buys her a necklace to cheer her up but it doesn't work (because she wanted him to buy a ring which symbolizes marriage), he then treats her to some food but ends up shocking him because he was holding food utensils at the time so Imagine Breaker was useless in that situation. After being abused by the angry Misaka Imouto the real Misaka Mikoto appears before Touma and becomes very angry at the fact that he's paying attention to someone else's problem instead of keeping his promise to her. Touma blocks her attacks with his right hand repeatedly and Misaka Imouto demanding Mikoto to change her opinion of Touma and berates the original for not being honest with herself. Misaka Imouto than clings to Touma's arm much to the shock of Touma and Mikoto, she then spot Last Order and gave Touma a friendly yet frightening warning as she walks away.

Touma is left behind by a very angry yet hurt Misaka Mikoto after when he thought that she only wanted the phone straps from the mobile center earlier. He happens to run into Last Order, who introduces herself as the last model of the Misaka Network. She thanks him during the incident with the experiments and Touma doubts her sincerity. He then treats her to some food but Last Order becomes annoyed by that offer but since Touma has been feeding Index for so long, treating someone to food had become sort of a habit. He and Last Order coincidentally run into Motoharu and Aogami and the two "wish him success" much to his chagrin. Just as the shopping arcade is about to close Last Order parts ways with him and happens to meet Index (who coincidentally met Accelerator unbeknownst to Touma) who was looking for him. Index lectures Touma on how he lacks consideration and told him about the nice stranger who treated her to lunch and how he should act more like that person. Touma loses sight of Index and begins to look for her and it just so happens that he runs into Last Order again who begs him for his help after her acquaintance (Accelerator) was being attacked by Kihara Amata and his Hound Dog units. He agrees to help and find themselves hiding and sneaking their way past the Hound Dogs units, they were cornered by them for a while but managed to escape and take refuge in a family restaurant. While hiding there they noticed that the customers are faced down unconscious and the Hound Dog units had stopped pursuing them for some reason. A woman attacks the pillar they were hiding in and Touma starts by covering Last Order's body to protect her and starts to scan the area and then he sees a lone woman with a huge hammer and multiple piercings standing there before him. She introduces herself as Vento of the Front, a member of God's Right Seat and tells him that he's one of her targets that needs to be disposed of quickly.

Skill-Out UprisingEdit

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While GROUP eliminates the Skill-Out threatening to bring down the defenses of the city to attack targeted espers, Touma is in school. Himegami Aisa tries to spend time with Touma and eat lunch with him. After she begins choking, Touma tries to rub her back to help her. Unfortunately, his efforts only caused her bra strap to become accidentally unhooked, and she then punches Touma in the stomach. Fukiyose Seiri comes into their with a health bread classroom right after Touma accidentally unhooks Aisa's bra. As Seiri eats with Touma, she informs to him that she is wearing a front hook bra, much to her confusion. As they discuss about their food, the conversation turn towards rising food prices as a war is looming large over the horizon. After Touma mulls in silence regarding the current crisis, Seiri tells Touma to stop staring at other people's breasts, leading to Touma to say that she is simply mistaken. It later erupts into a full discussion on a class outing after Touma suggests that people should eat nabe now before the prices go up. As different opinions on what food they should partake, Seiri stands up and clips her hair back showing her forehead, to begin a proper voting.[113]

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E23 12m 25s

Seiri showing Touma how to scramble eggs.

Touma joins the rest of the class to the restaurant Motoharu suggested as voted by the class., bringing Index along. Here, they continue to discuss about the effects of the war, and later hear Komoe complain about the Recovery Exercise done by parents who want to take their kids away from the city before the outbreak of the war. As the eating continues, Seiri then shows her annoyance on the ruckus that Touma and Index's table are doing, and later demands Touma to hand over the eggs he is scrambling as he is doing it too slowly for her liking.[114] Touma later goes outside alone and later meets up with Motoharu, whom Touma believes to have been drinking. Motoharu instantly sees Touma's wariness of the upcoming war, and assures him that the war is not entirely Touma's fault, but because of various mistakes that built up over time, specifically, someone behind the scenes failed to do his job in preventing it (Motoharu referring to himself). Nonetheless, Motoharu warns Touma on what's to come, with tougher battles that might get him killed. Touma knows this, and upon clenching his fists, he declares that he will learn English, as so that he may communicate with his enemies better. This warranted him a strong blow from a disappointed Motoharu, since learning English is the last thing he would have thought as a survival method.

Dangai University Database Center attackEdit

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As Touma and Index go home, they come upon a taxi driver troubled by some drunk woman. Touma tries to help out the drunk woman whom he recognized as Misaka Misuzu, Mikoto's mother. She acts flirty, much to Index's annoyance. She soon leaves by taxi, but not before exchanging email addresses with Touma.

Soon, Touma gets his first call from Misuzu, and leaves Index to aid her. She states that she is being attacked by armed thugs in the Dangai University Database Center, to which Touma concludes must be Skill-Out. Touma asks Misuzu to call her daughter, as she is one of the Seven Level 5's of Academy City, to which Misuzu decides that she does not want her daughter to be involved in whatever she has to face. Touma understands and decides to save her himself, and is later seen by Accelerator. Touma picks up a bullet-proof glass, and stalks the database center halls, knowing full well that his right hand is no match for their firearms. Touma manages to discover Misuzu's location, but she is now tied up, and there are men flanking her, apparently deciding what to do with her. He decides to go inside and try to save her, using a left behind handgun by the Skill-Outs as a leverage. However, before he can grab it, Misuzu's surprised reaction to Touma's entrance is noticed by Skill-Out, and forces him to hide instantly. Touma waits for the perfect moment to strike as the Skill-out decides to search around the elevated classroom, and when one of the Skill-Out goes too close, he strikes using the pane of glass.

Soon, gunshots ripped across the classroom from the nervous Skill-Out units, and the pane of glass Touma picked up manages to shield him from incoming gunfire. However, one shot has forced his hand into letting go of the pane of glass. Touma thought that he is going to be shot this time, but more gunshots out of nowhere has disabled most of the attackers. With the exchange of gunshots taking the attention of the Skill-Out, Touma tries to take Misuzu out. However, he soon comes across Accelerator, and due to the darkness cannot tell who the other is. Accelerator points a gun towards Touma, believing him to be a Skill-Out still trying to secure Misuzu. However, Accelerator hesitates after Touma talks to him regarding his actions, also believing he is a Skill-Out, this distraction allows Touma to escape as Accelerator becomes preoccupied by gunfire from the other Skill-Out.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E24 17m 28s

Touma turn the tables on Shiage.

Outside, Touma and Misuzu are confronted by Hamazura Shiage, who is still shocked that their plan is going to fail and that they are going to be disposed of like useless pawns. Shiage soon decides that he will eliminate Touma instead, since he is not involved in the plan, and he is still confident that he will be able to bring Misuzu's corpse to the one who hired him. Shiage manages to hurt Touma with a kick in the stomach, but Touma fights back with a shocking comeback, hitting him so hard that Shiage's nose piercing is ripped apart. Touma soon explains to Shiage that there are Level 0s like Shiage throughout Academy City, but they are not doing the same evil things that Skill-Out do; Touma even regards Skill-Out as "even lower" than the usual Level 0. Touma's remark angers Shiage, who still thinks that he and the rest of the Skill-Out are trying to do what they can to survive and help others, especially with the death of their leader Komaba Ritoku. However, Touma wants to know if they really had helped someone. Touma then adds that if Shiage does want to help others, they should have used the powers they have to help others, and not to attack espers. Shiage attacks for one more time, but he finally falls to the crushing blow of Touma's fist.

Later on, Touma receives first aid for his injuries, and Misuzu finally declares that she no longer needs to take Mikoto out of Academy City with the amount of help she has received that night. This confuses Touma as he has no idea who those other people are.

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar ConferenceEdit

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At the same time as Touma battled Skill-Out, though he doesn't appear in London, his presence is felt. Touma's example is used by Orsola Aquinas in her speech to her fellow Necessarius women and to Sasha Kreutzev, regarding which sides they should take during the war. Orsola tells Sasha that she need not worry of what side they should choose, as what they will do remains the same. They will always help out those who are in need of help, and arbitrate for those who do not seek conflict. And just because a war has started does not mean it should be a reason to deny those who are asking for help, and not a reason to force others to bear the sword and fight. Sasha is stayed by Orsola's words, who continues by saying that it would be unbecoming of them to not use the small power they have to save the future of their allies, and deprive their enemies of their own future, and have them gather in a single building, before Touma, who had no power, but was able to save many. As if he can save many on his own, how many others can they save together. Sasha asks what they are doing here, to which Orsola states that decision does not place on her alone, as everyone has their own things that they must do. Orsola concludes that it is not up to the whole to decide which path to take, but it is up to the individual members, and states that there should be a third option where there is a happy ending where no one is defeated, for the sake of Touma's expectations.[115]

Sasha later leaves, saying she is unable to grasp the situation, with Kanzaki shaken as well. Kanzaki confides to her that she is embarrassed of her own lack of discipline, and that she is immature. Orsola says that the road to maturity is not an easy one, and that she too felt that she has said something immature before. However, Orsola then giggles, to which she reveals to Kanzaki, that Tatemiya Saiji and the others have been spreading rumors that Kanzaki has someone she loves in Academy City. Kanzaki is shocked to hear it, to which Orsola relates on how the Knight Leader came to Japantown to where the Amakusa Christians are, trying to court Kanzaki, but is turned away by Saiji, telling him that Kanzaki prefers younger men, and mentions that Kanzaki has someone she loves in Academy City. The rumor apparently became a legend among them. Kanzaki however, completely denies this. Orsola then adds that Itsuwa was heard commenting that she will do her best. Orsola later leaves for the kitchen again with a smile on her face.[116]

Document of Constantine ArcEdit

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Index v14 002-003 Textless

A dumbfounded Suama finds her unable to grasp the reasonings of the students before her.

Touma, Motoharu, Aogami and Seiri were sent to the teachers’ lounge after a scuffle was discovered by Oyafune Suama, a teacher at the school. The issue was about the three boys talking about which color would suit the bunny girl better (black, white or red), but Seiri with her own brand of justice, chokes Motoharu, kicks Aogami and headbutts Touma.[117] As punishment, Suama orders the four to pick the weeds off the school grounds however Motoharu and Aogami ditch leaving Touma and Seiri to work together. Touma asks if Seiri is preparing for her exams despite having to be cancelled because of the chaos that's happening in Academy City and across the globe. She remarks that she won't let him see her notes much to his disappointment. They end up getting distracted and starts playing fork ball, and while getting ready for a pitch, her panties became visible thanks to Touma's warning and bad timing.[118] They continue to play fork ball until the two accidentally hit Suama and Touma goes to apologize but, finds her in the middle of changing out of her dirt covered clothes.[119] The now even angrier Suama tries to strike Touma but she misses and he then asks if he can go home in reply she throws more math instruments at him prompting him to run away.[120]

After the incident at school he encounters Misaka Mikoto. She asks why he hasn't been replying to her messages but Touma tells her that he didn't receive anything from her. She checks his phone but is shocked to see that her mother's number is on his list of contacts. She contacts her on Touma's phone regarding her number's presence on the phone, to which she states that she was drunk in the City one night and that she met a boy, laughing at the end. Mikoto demands to know what he was doing with her mother while she was drunk. Touma tries to point out that Misuzu remembers and is only feigning ignorance. Touma tries to change the subject needing to go home as he needs to prepare dinner, and later move the more serious topic regarding the chaos that's surrounding the world. They talk about the chaotic protests that are happening around the world and accusing Academy City for the "Fallen Angel" incident. Touma however knows that the ones responsible are the people outside of Academy City and that the issue can't be solved by just standing around and doing nothing.[121] The two part ways and on the way home from the grocery store, he bumps into an elderly woman and apologizes for bumping into her, she tells him that he's expecting him and holds Touma at gun point. She asks him to follow her and he reluctantly agrees.[122]

The elderly woman and Touma reach a children's park. He asks what she's planning but she tells him that she wishes to talk to him about the current situation that's happening around the world.[123] The woman introduces herself as Oyafune Monaka and she's one of the 12 Board of Directors of Academy City. She tells him that his help is needed to fix a problem regarding the violent protest and demonstrations. She went to him because he has something that no country or diplomatic institutes has - Imagine Breaker. Monaka believes that the ones that are responsible for the protests are the Roman Catholics and if they choose to go to war with Academy City, they will surpass them in numbers. She also warns Touma that Academy City is on the edge and if things don't get settled an economical bombing could be in effect.

Index v14 101

Motoharu "punishing" Monaka.

After a while of explaining the situation, Motoharu appears and asks if she finished discussing things with him. She tells him yes and that it's his turn to take care of the rest, he pulls out a handgun from the buckle from his belt and shoots her in the gut with it causing her to fall on the ground.[124] Shocked and angered by Motoharu's actions, Touma punches him and he falls to the ground, before he lost control Monaka stops him and tells him that she arranged for Motoharu to shoot her and that her vital spots were missed slightly. Her actions would be labeled as treason and her family and everything she holds dear will be attacked. She tells him that this decision to stop the chaos was not made as a whole from the other directors but from her own choosing. Motoharu calls the ambulance and tells Touma that they need to get moving to School District 23 and there's a plane waiting for them thanks to Monaka's preparations. Touma is angry at the fact that instead of being so indirect for his help all she had to do was ask for it. Having no choice but to leave her in the state she's in, the two disappeared before the ambulance arrive.[125]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E01 23m 18s

A bird's eye view of Avignong as Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kamijou Touma skydive into the city.

Motoharu and Touma are heading for the airport, but before getting there Touma puts the groceries he bought into a locker at a bus station. Motoharu lets him know that Maika is taking care of Index so he doesn't have to worry about leaving her behind to starve. He also tells him that they're heading to France using the same plane Touma used to get back home for medical treatment after the La Regina del Mare Adriatico incident.[126] He explains to Touma (who is feeling uneasy due to the plane moving at a speed of mach 3) that the thing responsible for the riots and protests across the globe is the Document of Constantine or the C-Document for short. It's an spiritual item that makes believers of the Christian faith make them believe something is the absolute truth no matter how ridiculous it is. Before he can explain any further the plane announcer informs them that they're at their destination. He hands Touma a parachute and forcibly opens the passageway door and strong winds blow right in to the plane. Touma is reluctant to jump right out the plane, but Motoharu not wanting to waste time forcibly kicks Touma's hands off a rail he was holding on too and flies right out the plane. While in the air Touma's parachute pops up but ends up getting caught around his neck and he vows to kill Motoharu whenever he gets the chance to.[127]

Touma is 100 meters from the original target spot due to his parachute getting caught in the wind and having him land in the middle of a river. While drowning he was saved at the last second by a woman and it turns out to be Itsuwa of the Amakusa. He wonders if she's here because of Motoharu and the C-Document but she asks him who he is and questions how he knows about the document. She asks him why he's here in France and he tells her that he came here with Motoharu to find and destroy the C-Document. Itsuwa tells him that she and her Amakusa comrades were here to investigate the leylines and the flow of magical properties in France from the request of the Anglican Church. Itsuwa tells him that she needs to get her bag, but Touma asks if she has any other change of clothes with her wet clothes made her other parts visible.[128] Itsuwa later changes clothes that reveal a bit of her cleavage, as Touma stares at her silently, she curls up slightly. Touma tells her that it's okay because of the way Kanzaki Kaori dresses but rebukes him that she doesn't dress in a lewd manner like her. Just by saying such words were enough to make her blush in embarrassment. Itsuwa tells Touma that since they're both after the C-Document they should cooperate and since he can't contact Motoharu he agrees.[129]

The two sit at a cafe to have a bite to eat, regroup and plan their next move. Itsuwa asks Touma if he was able to contact Motoharu but no luck contacting him due to distance. After eating Touma asks her what she was investigating and she tells him that in Avignon there the largest Roman Catholic facility there called the Palace of the Popes. She shares a little bit of history of the place and the reason why investigating the connection between the Vatican and the Palace is important. There it it is revealed that Avignon has a ley line, a pipeline that runs from the city back to the Vatican created back during the Avignon Papacy in order to facilitate rituals that can only be done in the Papal State (before the Vatican was established) without needing to leave Avignon. Touma asks if she's been inside but tells him that she hasn't and she and the rest of the Amakusa planned to after gathering the necessary information. Touma feels like the place might be suspicious and asks Itsuwa if there was any way he can help her. Before she could answer an army of protesters tries to attack Touma and Itsuwa but the two manages to escape.[129]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E02 13m 08s

Itsuwa and Touma scout the area for rioters.

The rioters continue to pursue them as Touma and Itsuwa made their way to the Palais des Papes.[129] Touma gets a call from Motoharu and tells him that he's heading to the Palace of the Popes but have to find a new place to meet because of the rioters blocking the roads and chasing them relentlessly. It is revealed that he too is on his way to Palais des Papes, but a wall of angry mobsters blocked his path. Touma reveals to Motoharu regarding his knowledge of the Palais des Papes.[130] Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa to sever it, banking on getting to the palace and calming down the rioters and immediately going to the palace before the magicians could leave, Touma and Itsuwa decides to alter the magical pipeline connecting Vatican and Avignon which allows the document to activate instead. This pipeline is basically a flow of energy that runs throughout the globe, and either Itsuwa or Tsuchimikado is needed to alter its path away from Avignon. The two end up at one of the city's many museums. Touma thinks about breaking the link using his Imagine Breaker but is told by Motoharu that it might not work on the natural mana flow of the land, as there are exceptions to what the Imagine Breaker can negate.[131]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E02 18m 46s

Amakusa spell to destroy ley lines needs white panties…?

As Itsuwa prepares to user her Amakusa brand of magic to alter the ley line, she hesitates after realizing she has to use a pair of panties for it, though quickly made up her mind. After lining up the magic circle, an aperture appears on the floor, and Itsuwa merely dips her Friulian Spear into it, and as she is about to turn her spear to alter the ley line. Terra of the Left, one of the God's Right Seat attacks them, destroying a wall in the process. The attack leaves Itsuwa's Friulian spear broken, which she immediately replaces. Terra of the Left appears before them and attacks Touma, and is surprised on how he manages to negate his flour guillotine. As Itsuwa and Touma become wary of him, Touma asks for Terra of the Left's identity, to which he easily says as he gathers his flour back into a form of a blade.[132] The fight moves to the outside, and here Terra of the Left shows the wanton destruction his blade has upon the streets. Touma intended to draw Terra's attack and Itsuwa would get in range to attack him. Here, Terra realizes that he is dealing with the Imagine Breaker, the one that defeated Vento of the Front. He swings the blade towards Touma who lets out his hand, but Itsuwa intercepts the blows of the blade herself. She tries to strike Terra of the Left down but he is fast enough to swing his blade towards her and buy him enough time to attack again. Suddenly, he notices steel wires surrounding him, and Itsuwa uses her Seven Blades of the Seven Teachings technique to cut him down. There however, Terra of the Left uses his "Precedence", his Execution of Light spell for the first time in front of them, making him immune to the wires. Initially shocked, Itsuwa nonetheless tries to stab Terra of the Left again, but uses his "Precedence" spell to disappear in to phase through the wall behind him, making her miss. Using Precedence again, he destroys the wall with his guillotine, forcing Itsuwa to dodge. Seeing this, he tries to attack her in her vulnerable position, but Touma intervenes, and his blade is once again destroyed. Using his spell again, he gathered the blade back, and used it to strike down the wall on them, forcing Touma to take Itsuwa to avoid the falling debris.[133]

Terra of the Left states his disappointment on Touma's Imagine Breaker, concluding that Touma only won against Vento of the Front after Touma destroyed her Divine Punishment, summoned the "fallen angel", and brought out a strange realm to put pressure on her. Here, Touma realizes that a member of God's Right Seat who is on the same level as Vento would not attack with just a blade, and became disturbed by him. Seeing this, Terra of the Left mocks him, and states to him that he should at least allow him to enjoy their little situation a bit more even if what he is facing is the best Touma has. Then, Touma and Itsuwa attacked simultaneously. Using his spell, Terra stopped the movements of Itsuwa's spear, stopping it in midair. Touma attacks but Terra is faster, and the blade hits Touma's body but it does not cut him as he expected though he is still hurt by it. Touma then punched the guillotine that hit him and it is once again destroyed, causing Touma to think more about the implications of Terra's spell. As he regathers his flour, Itsuwa states that Terra's power is Precedence, to which Terra explains to her the symbolism used for his blade, the mythology associated with Christ's death, and it, being the reason why he has the Precedence spell. It is based on the secret ceremonies required to complete the story of the Son of God is the alteration of the order of precedence, the Execution of Light, and flour he shapes into a blade as medium is a by-product. After his explanation, he is confident that despite knowing of how his abilities origins and mechanics, he can still defeat them, and he was right. He then gives them time to make a up a plan for his entertainment.[133]

Suddenly, Tsuchimikado Motoharu arrives and shoots a magical origami figure at him, though Terra simply uses his Precedence spell to make it bounce off him, landing the thing near Itsuwa. Motoharu declares that he has cornered Terra of the Left now. He takes the handgun he took from Oyafune Monako a while back, and as he shot Terra, he quickly predicts what Terra was going to say for his spell. Motoharu, confident that he can beat Terra, boasts that he can beat him and takes out a black origami figure, and Terra can only watch in silence. As Itsuwa relates to Touma that Motoharu wants them to go to the Palais des Papis at the same time Terra and Motoharu starts making their move, explosions ring out, the invasion of Avignon has begun.[133]

Academy City invasion of AvignonEdit

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Screenshot (11)

Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa head to the palace.

Although annoyed that his battle with Motoharu was interrupted, as he wanted more battlefield data for his precedence spell, Terra of the Left quickly escapes them during the attack by Academy City's HsPS-15 Powered Suits. Seeing that Academy City is simply attacking civilians, though non-lethally, dumbstrucks Touma, and reminds him of why Monaka may have asked him to help stop the protests in the first place. Itsuwa tries to check on Touma asking him if he is all right as she helps her out. Motoharu calls out to Touma and tells her to go to Palais des Papes. Touma asks if it's all right to leave without doing anything seeing as it is Academy City that is attacking, to which Motoharu says that going after Terra comes first, and that the Academy City forces are after the Document of Constantine as well. Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa to go to the palace, seeing it as the only chance to destroy the document. Motoharu then says that he will stop the Academy City forces and negotiate with them. Annoyed, Touma and Itsuwa is forced to go to Palais dep Papes, leaving Motoharu behind.[134]

When Touma and Itsuwa reach the empty Palais des Papes, he contacts Misaka Mikoto regarding current events within Academy City. Mikoto, though confused on Touma's question as he could easily turn on the television, says that some religious group is violating international law in Avignon using some special kind of destructive weapon and an operation to clear them out in the city has begun. She states that normally the French government would take care of the situation, but the government needed some experts with access to special technology, as such Academy City got involved. Mikoto then asks where Touma is but he is too distracted to respond. Suddenly, Terra throws an HsPs-15 Powerd Suit towards the building, destroying a wall and knocking his phone out of his hands. There, he comes upon Touma and Itsuwa again, dismayed at the attacks stopping the spell, and says that retreat would be the best option. Touma and Itsuwa obviously doesn't want him to leave, but mocks at their powerlessness, challenging them to stop him.[135]

Their battle begins as HsB-02 planes use their Earth Blades to melt the ground around Avignon.[136] They ignore the attacks going on outside and do battle. Touma and Itsuwa moved first but Terra quickly uses his spell that forces Itsuwa to help Touma dodge Terra's attack, which tears apart the palace. Itsuwa then manages to strike Terra but he used his spell to make blades not work on his skin. The force of the attack knocks Itsuwa down taking Touma with her. She is hurt by the debris and Terra takes advantage of that fact, he makes flour have a higher precedence to human skin, swinging down his blade towards her. However, Touma manages to destroy it before it reaches her. He tries again and Itsuwa just pushes Touma aside, making Terra miss. Terra mocks her for getting in Touma's way. Itsuwa agrees, but says to Terra on how he has revealed his fatal weakness. Terra uses his Precedence again to make the ceiling collapse with his flour, forcing Itsuwa to hurriedly wedge her spear between the ceiling and floor. Without her weapon Terra attacks her, hitting her body and knocking her out. The ceiling then returns to normal and Terra gloats over his victory.[137]

Terra is the first one to attack as Touma is too busy mulling over Terra's weakness. Touma avoids the blade and instead throws a stone at Terra, forcing him to use Precedence to protect himself. Matching the timing with which the stone hit, Touma takes his wallet and throws it towards Terra, who believes that the object Touma threw was something dangerous and used his blade to ripped it apart. There, Touma asks why he didn't use his Precedence on his wallet, and there, reveals to Terra that his Precedence isn't adaptable as it cannot be used on multiple targets at the same time. Terra laughs on Touma's discovery, and mocks it, saying that it isn't something to worry about. The fight restarts, resulting in Terra destroying the floor and having debris thrown at Touma. An angry Touma asks why Terra has to go so far and involve the people of Avignon. Terra of the Left explains his motivations of the salvation of humanity according to his standards to Touma as the fight continues to draw on. After hearing it, Touma declares that it is not the Roman Catholic Church who is at fault, otherwise people like Orsola Aquinas and Agnese Sanctis would be as twisted as well, to which he concludes that Terra of the Left doesn't know what "salvation" even means. Touma says that his God would not spread salvation through conflicts, and declares that if that is Terra of the Left's definition of salvation, then he will destroy that illusion of his.[138]

Screenshot (5)

Touma defeats Terra of the Left.

Touma charges once more, he kicked the Friulian Spear Itsuwa dropped, prompting Terra to destroy it with his flour blade. Seeing this, Touma proves his hypothesis, and concludes that Terra of the Left isn’t all that strong as he keeps to the safety zone instead of going to the battlefield like him and Itsuwa. Terra mutters his spell and attacks again, but Touma is just too fast, hitting Terra of the Left in the face. However, Terra of the Left remains standing despite losing balance. Enraged, he sets his spell to have his blade cut completely through a human body. In a vulnerable situation, Touma is forced to use the heavy shotgun used by the Powered Suit that Terra threw from before as a shield. The blade strikes at Touma, and though the force is strong enough to injure him and draw blood, the shotgun did its part. Terra of the Left is surprised and assumed that Touma has gained more power. However, Touma points out he is wrong, to which Terra asks him, but is answered with a fist to the face, knocking him out.[138]

After a short while however, and after Touma destroys the Document of Constantine, Terra of the Left comes to, though unable to muster the strength to stand up. Terra asks Touma if he wants to know more about the Imagine Breaker. The topic piques Touma's interest, to which Terra laughs at him since he had to ask, which would indicate that Touma truly did lose his memories. Terra tells Touma that he needs to think about why Imagine Breaker has a connection to his right hand as there is a great answer hidden in it as well as the fact that it can negate all magic. With a smile, Terra tries to tell Touma the true identity of the Imagine Breaker, but before he could, a bright orange flash came down through the ceiling right above Terra, obliterating the room they were in and tore up its floors. It was the HsB-02 and its Earth Blade, melting the ground into molten rock. Terra survives however, quickly leaving the Palais des Papes as Touma shouts his name in anguish.[139] Touma is later knocked out due to the explosions caused by the HsB-02, and is then protected by Itsuwa who finds Accelerator among the flames. He either does not notice her and his old enemy or was simply to focused on his task of looking for Terra's remains to pay attention to them and then passes her by as he disappears amidst the ocean of flames.[140]

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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Touma does not physically appear in this arc. However, Hamazura Shiage remembers him from their previous meeting, and decides to protect Takitsubo Rikou because of what Touma told him.[141]

Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

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Touma being chased

Touma being chased by Saigo

Touma and his class were late for lunch because of a comment Touma made in class. The class makes up a complex plan to bypass the school's security and throw off suspicion from them in order to buy food from a nearby store, picking four people to go do it for them: Kamijou Touma, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Aogami Pierce, and Fukiyose Seiri. Things go awry as Saigo, a large gorilla-like man and part of the school's staff, appears before them, which forces them to split up. Touma is later chased by Saigo.[142]

Itsuwa is first seen outside of Touma's school and discovers much to her surprise, a large man chasing Touma. Mistaking him to be Acqua of the Back as she has never seen him before, she tries to attack him. The chase is brought to an end, and Saigo is apparently forced into a retreat due to "health" reasons, much to Touma's relief, allowing him get lunch. After class, Touma speaks to a saddened Itsuwa, embarrassed by her mistake. Itsuwa asks Touma if he knows who Acqua of the Back is, to which he informs her that he has met him back in September 30. Itsuwa later tells Touma that Acqua's target is him, saying that the Anglican Church and Academy City has received letters of challenge. Touma is doubtful with Acqua of the Back going after him after Vento of the Front telling him on how the Pope required many documents to have people attack Academy City. Itsuwa points out that it is because that Touma had a hand in stopping their nefarious plots that they have Acqua of the Back after him. Itsuwa notes that the British Library is checking on his history, and though there is not much to go on, concludes that he must be powerful to be included in God's Right Seat and has the strength of a Saint, and wishes for Kanzaki to aid them. Itsuwa points out that fighting in Academy City should be a great advantage, as both Vento of the Front and Terra of the Left gave them opportunity to fight back due to interference of science. Still though, Touma says that he doubts that it would be that simple. Itsuwa tries to reply but can only mince words and in a fluster states that she will be protecting him as they have been given orders by the Anglican Church. Touma asks again why Itsuwa is there with him, as he does not believe what he has heard. She then reiterates that she is his bodyguard.[143]

Touma knock onto Itsuwa's breast

Touma's head falls upon Itsuwa's breasts.

Meanwhile, the Amakusa Christians are observing Itsuwa's progress with Touma, but later gets bored of her slow pace. They later plan on having Touma's head plant on Itsuwa's breasts.[144] At the same time as this, Misaka Mikoto's thoughts are still preoccupied with Touma's memory loss and notice them kicking the ball. Saiji is successful and Touma's head falls upon Itsuwa's breast. Seeing this, an irate Mikoto shouts at them and begins emitting powerful electricity. But before Mikoto can do anything about them, Saiji and the others later leave quickly without a trace. Meanwhile, Itsuwa doesn't know what to do, she is flustered and tries to rub the part of Touma's head.[145] Mikoto dashes towards Touma and attacks him using her Electromaster powers. In order to fulfil her job, Itsuwa started to assemble her spear, and in order to stop her, Touma hugged her, leading to Mikoto becoming angry again, forcing Touma run around Academy City.[146]

Itsuwa arrives in Touma's dormitory, leading to Index questioning why she is there. Itsuwa tries to explain to Index regarding God's Right Seat but is told to be quite about it by Touma around in Index as he doesn't want her involved. Itsuwa understands but is flustered after Touma took her away by the wrist. As Index becomes incensed, Itsuwa notices Sphynx, and gives it high-class catfood as a present. Touma notices the various foodstuffs in Itsuwa's bag, to which she claims that despite her being a bodyguard, she shouldn't just eat and drink for free, telling Touma to entrust her with the housework. The atmosphere completely changes as Touma becomes enthusiastic, much to Index's surprise. He shows Itsuwa the work for her to use Itsuwa's presence greatly lightens Touma's mood. Itsuwa then begins cooking much to Index's excitement, and tries to bother Itsuwa for it. Having none of it, Touma shouts at Index to "stop ruining a man's dream," and tells Index to follow Itsuwa's example. He forces Index to clean the bathroom while they wait for Itsuwa to finish her cooking. As Touma begins to do some housework himself, there Tsuchimikado Maika smells the scrumptious smell of the miso soup. Maika is able to automatically pinpoint the special ingredients Itsuwa made, much to her bewilderment, and acknowledges Itsuwa's skill. Seeing to one up her, she returns to Motoharu's room and throws away the cream stew she prepared for his dinner, in order for her to make a much better miso soup. Itsuwa hears Motoharu's cries, and recognizes it as from the incident in Avignon but is unable to confirm it.[146]

After dinner, Itsuwa suggests going to School District 22 for a bath after Index destroys the bathtub in her attempt to clean it. With the last bus already leaving, Itsuwa takes Touma and Index using a rented motorcycle with a sidecar, leaving Sphynx with an expensive scratchboard to play with. With Itsuwa speeding, Touma is forced to grab Itsuwa's waist even tighter as he is riding behind her, making her happy. They later enter the district to which Itsuwa relates to Touma on her surprising knowledge with the City.[147] They then enter the Spa Resort Serene Springs, separated by sex, Touma bathes alone. He later finishes bathing first and notices the staff going into a bath to resuscitate someone, not knowing it was Mikoto.[148] Leaving Index back in the bathhouse who wanted to taste some of its food there, Itsuwa accompanies Touma for a walk. Here, she and Touma talked about the Amakusa and their life in England, and later moves to Itsuwa and Kanzaki's clothing. Itsuwa then talks using the metaphor of Vega and Altair (Orihime and Hikoboshi respectively, the star-crossed lovers of the Tanabata) to describe her relationship with Touma, not being able to see him, though Touma doesn't understand.[149]

Itsuwa and Touma are unaware that Acqua of the Back has appeared before the Amakusa Christians and utterly defeated them.[150] The two continues to talk, with the topic flowing towards Acqua of the Back, God's Right Seat, and the role of the Amakusa Christians in protecting them. They later move to a bridge, and after Itsuwa blushes at the thought of them being alone together, they noted their queer situation. There is literally nobody other than the two of them. And there came steps from the darkness and it showed Acqua of the Back. He reminds them of his warning, but since they've chosen this path he tells them that he will use all of his strength to crush them. Acqua of the Back says to him that he has come to crush him, the reason for all the unrest in the world. Touma calls him out on this, and references what they did to Avignon. But Acqua did not yield, and points that what happened there only happened because of Touma and his Imagine Breaker. He then tells Touma to hand over his right hand if he wants him to spare his life. Itsuwa asks about the other Amakusa Christians, to which Acqua says that he did not kill them for what he wants is not them. Despite Touma and Itsuwa's concentration, they are caught unaware. Acqua sends Itsuwa flying with a single hit, allowing him to attack Touma with his giant mace that he summoned. Fortunately, Itsuwa somehow flings her bag between them, sparing Touma for the moment from the large mace despite the debris hitting him. But the sheer power of the blow flings Touma high up and then hitting the metal frame of the bridge, making him fall. Itsuwa hastily assembles her Friulian Spear, and she prepares to fight despite being damaged from the previous attack. Acqua of the Back points out the folly of challenging the man whom her entire group couldn't beat, but Itsuwa did not yield. Seeing this, Touma tries to stand but is unable to as Itsuwa and Acqua fight in high speed. But it is quickly over as it had begun, and Itsuwa is hit with the mace and then tossed towards Touma, hitting him. Touma understands the situation, which he could not hope to match against Acqua even after he fought Vento of the Front and Terra of the Left. Acqua of the Back once again asks for his right hand, but Touma doesn't cooperate, prompting Acqua to attack him again.[151]

Itsuwa regains consciousness after Acqua of the Back pummels Touma to the point of drawing blood. Touma appears before a bloody mess. She is horrified by this, at which point Acqua notices her, telling her to move or she'll be caught by the tremendous power of his attack on Touma. Itsuwa breaks down and desperately tries to heal Touma in spite of his right hand. But it is vain due to the Imagine Breaker, and Itsuwa can only cry. Acqua of the Back tells her that it is enough, and steps on her back, silencing her cries and moans. As Acqua tries to come towards Touma, a screaming Itsuwa raises up her arms against Acqua again, trying to protect Touma. Acqua sighs as he and Itsuwa prepare for the inevitable conclusion of their clash. However, before Acqua can strike him down, Touma once again stands by her side. He thanks Itsuwa for the healing magic despite her knowing it did not work, and in her shock, cannot stop him from going towards Acqua of the Back, to protect her. To save Itsuwa, Touma alone stand against Acqua, impressing him. Acqua of the Back deals a horrendous blow upon Touma, but does not kill. Touma is hung upon the mace. Acqua of the Back smiles at Touma's courage, and tells Itsuwa that he is giving them one day more. He tells her that he will give
Touma fall in water

Touma being flung into cold water.

them one more day to choose whether or not to give Touma's right hand, and if they did, he will spare their life. Afterwards, Acqua swings his mace that had Touma on it, flinging him from the bridge and into the cold water at high speed, and finally sinking after bouncing from it several times. Without confirming whether his target is dead, Acqua turns his back on Itsuwa for one day more.[151]

Touma survives but with horrific injuries. He is later taken into School District 22 hospital, and where the Amakusa gather once again. In the hospital, Touma is able to rest thanks to the anesthetic. Index later sleeps next to him, and is allowed by the doctor as he deems it to be better if she is alone with him.[152] For much of the battle between the Amakusa Christians (and later Kanzaki Kaori) against Acqua of the Back, Touma is asleep in the hospital.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E08 23m 13s

Touma wakes up to find Index sleeping next to him.

Later, Touma's eyes flicker and finally awakens, finding himself in the hospital where the Amakusa Christians left him to rest. He finds Index sleeping next to him. Seeing her waiting on him pained him, though Touma does not sit idly by. He used what little strength he had to move his body for there is much to be done. He believed in the skills of the Amakusa Christians but even he doubts that they can be victorious against him, and opts to aid them even in his condition. In spite of just being an ordinary high school student, he just could not stand by and let the Amakusa Christians fight alone. However, he knows of the power of his Imagine Breaker that it can destroy even God's miracles, believing that even with that little power he could cause a drastic change in the situation that could be used against Acqua of the Back. After confirming that he still has his right hand, he glanced at Index and apologizes to her, and tells her that he will continue to apologize more afterwards. He later leaves as he is and somehow escapes the hospital.[153]

Misaka Mikoto who was stuck in the bathhouse building because of the "no oxygen alert" was finally able to go out of the building. She comes upon the gate that leads out from School District 22 but there has been a malfunction, making the people unable to get out. While thinking about what trouble Touma is in, she slightly loses control of her power, creating a spark, embarrassing her. Here, it was the apparent effects of a "people clearing field" set up by a magician, influencing her actions. It works and Mikoto gives up to get back to the surface and decides to go to a hotel in the 7th level of the district. After getting there, she comes upon in the darkness a figure that is walking strangely. She narrows her eyes and as the figure appeared below a streetlight, she discovers that it is Touma.
Misaka Mikoto & Kamijou Touma - School District 22

Mikoto encounters the injured Touma

Though he recognizes it is Mikoto, he continues moving regardless but falls down, forcing Mikoto to catch him. Touma tells her that he has to go for "they" (the Amakusa Christians) may still be fighting. Seeing him in his current form, Mikoto deems that Touma had been in countless battles that she doesn't know, and that the memory loss may truly be legitimate because of the fact that in these battles, Touma has been beaten to an extent that could allow for a memory loss to occur. Touma tries to once again move, but Mikoto holds his arm, preventing him from doing so, and he notices it. Mikoto confronts Touma about his memory loss, shocking him and confirming to Mikoto that it is both real and that he still had memories of his battle with Accelerator and his saving of the Sisters. She asks him why he doesn't ask her or anyone else to help, mirroring the events of that fateful day where Touma trampled on her feelings in order to save her and the Sisters from Accelerator. She volunteers to confront the person that he is going to fight against in his place, and that he should at least experience what she had felt back then, powerless and can only watch from a safe distance. Finally, she asks him why he doesn't apply his own beliefs on himself, and why he alone is the one not asking for help.[154]

Mikoto is relieved that Touma still remembers what he had done for her and her Sisters, but also felt disgusted by her own selfishness, using the situation as a catharsis to wipe away her anxieties instead of worrying about his condition. As Mikoto frantically tries to search for a nearby hospital on her phone, Touma finally responds. Seeing this, as if Touma could break away from her at any moment in spite of his condition, Mikoto continues to grab his arm as he speaks. He acknowledges her finding about his memories but tells her she is wrong. He tells her that he doubts he has put himself in so much danger that he lost his memories because of it. He tells her that in spite of his lost memories, it is because of them that he is able to stand before her, telling her that his past self still motivates his current self as he still resides within his heart, and that remembering or not is irrelevant as he still understands what he needs to do. Touma here shows that he holds something that he could not even grasp as a source of provide, though it is because of these beliefs that allows him to move without regrets. It is something that does not compels him but drives him, as it is not he must do so but is that he should. He apologizes to Mikoto and tells her to go back, and at that point Mikoto was affixed at his words and had let go of her grasp of him. Finally, he tells her that even if he loses his memories it doesn't change what he needs to do as Kamijou Touma isn't the kind of person that lets something like memory loss stop him.[154]

And thus Touma continues on forward, with Mikoto only being able to look at his disappearing figure in spite of the fact that she had the power to stop him. She did not know what to do, despite the fact that she knows he didn't say that she was wrong, or that she shouldn't go with him in his battlefield. However, she knows that Touma did not lie, and that there was some meaning to Touma standing and continuing on his own. Realizing this, she sees that letting Touma go and seeing him off is the right answer, that she could only hope that he will come in one piece, and any other option would just trample on his wishes. But still she couldn't accept what Touma was doing, though she is unable to stop him. And as Touma disappeared into the veil of darkness into battlefields not yet known by her, Mikoto realizes that she couldn't stop Touma not because her spirit had been beaten back by his actions, but because she realized her feelings for him. This overwhelming emotion pressed upon Mikoto's heart, and left her unable to do anything.[154]

Touma arrives just in time as Acqua of the Back tries to destroy both Kanzaki Kaori and the Amakusa Christians after their protracted battles. Acqua of the Back's spell was destroyed by the arrival of Touma, holding unto the rod that was fused with magic a moment ago. Touma falls down and seals Acqua of the Back. In his shock, Acqua of the Back could not see Kanzaki Kaori charging towards him, holding his rod and shoulder. With his movements sealed by Kanzaki, and magic negated by Touma as she tries to shake her off. Itsuwa charges towards him with her spear. Acqua of the Back accepts the fate and determines to face it to the end. There, the spear strikes him, piercing his abdomen to the back. Crosses of light appear behind Acqua of the Back, intersecting in the middle, causing Acqua of the Back to fly back due to the impact. They later witness Acqua of the Back being propelled into the artificial lake of the 5th level, and then self-destructing, utterly destroying and boiling the lake into a pillar of steam.[155]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E09 15m 40s

As Itsuwa's and Touma's faces get close, Index's anger rises.

Itsuwa is by Touma's side after the battle. Touma awakes to find her. She tells Touma that it is only normal for him to be unable to move after all he had went through. Here, Itsuwa says that Aqua of the Back is still alive and retreated, as well as there being no one dead in the Amakusa or even among civilians. Touma then shows his nonchalance regarding the matter, saying that it was amazing that they've managed to beat him, a member of God's Right Seat and a Saint. Itsuwa is surprised by this from someone who contributed the most, despite her being the key to his defeat using the Saint Destroyer, as they have not only beaten him but did not have a single casualty. Touma tries to get out of bed again, needing to go to school, but Itsuwa stops him pushing him down and making her face close to his, making her blush. Suddenly, Index comes around, angry at him for having Itsuwa sit beside him instead of her as well as not yet apologizing for leaving the hospital on his own. Itsuwa joins the fray, asking why he ran over to where Acqua of the Back despite his condition. Hearing Acqua of the Back's name, Index becomes even angrier at Touma for facing such a powerful foe without consulting her for help. Needless to say, Touma is distraught over their double team. Kanzaki then arrives, after much prodding by Motoharu, dress in the fallen ero angel maid outfit, barging into Touma's room, where he sees his "third angel" (referring to Kanzaki in her outfit) after Misha Kreutzev and Kazakiri Hyouka, though he is referred to as feeling fear upon seeing it from that onward.[156]

Meanwhile, Aleister Crowley is inside his Windowless Building. Here, he is a bit bothered by the fact that due to Acqua of the Back's attack earlier, his UNDER_LINE surveillance network has collapsed. Here, he is shown a report regarding Touma, whose Imagine Breaker has a 98% chance of affecting the plan. There, alongside the number 1 of Academy City, Accelerator, the main cogs for his main plan is under way.[156]

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Touma first appears discussing what to do in Ichihanaransai, and later gets head-butted by Seiri after suggesting a cafe with maids or waitresses for their class. He later meets up with Mikoto, admitting that he truly did lose his memories and asks her to keep it a secret. Mikoto later embarrasses herself in front of Touma, much to his surprise.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E10 06m 50s

Touma and Index knocked out by the gas.

Later, after coming home from school, he and Index try to enjoy their evening before dinner trying out Touma's kotatsu. Touma later gets a call from Motoharu that he and Index needs to go to England without explaining anything, and knocks them out using knock-out gas.[157] The both of them as well as Sphynx, are taken to the airport with Touma's money stolen by Motoharu and exchanging with British Pounds. With them too late to board the last bus and train, and banks closed preventing Touma to change his money to Japanese Yen, Touma is forced to take Motoharu's offer. After waking Index and Sphynx up he explains to Index the situation, and later had her change to normal clothes. Index notes that though that they are going back to her city of birth, she doesn't really feel like it is her birthplace as she has no memories from before about a year ago. Here, Touma discovers for the first time since his own memory loss that Index too has lost her memories.[158] They later find out that Motoharu has prepared for them to board Academy City's supersonic passenger plane, much to their horror. Seeing this, Index and Touma decide to board a commercial flight — Sky Bus 365. Only Sphynx boarded the intended supersonic passenger plane and arrives in London before both of them.[159]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E10 19m 43s

Touma fights terrorist Eiker Lugoni

During the flight, two terrorists tried to take the plane down. Although Touma was initially willing to let the captain and the crew handle the crisis, when he discovers that one of them tried to silence Index after she discovered him by strangling her, he becomes enraged at the captain and becomes involved in taking down the two terrorists.

Touma and Index later disembark in the airport in Edinburgh by 8 in the evening, passing from the immigration gate in the airport while the media is busy with the news of the plane.[160] Before they go on to their domestic flight, both Index and Touma decide to eat, much to the former's delight. However, before they can get a bite to eat, Kanzaki Kaori appears before them as she was requested by the British Royal Family to bring them to Buckingham Palace. After a bit of teasing with her being the Fallen Angel Ero Maid, Index gets mad that they are delaying in getting food. Hearing this, Kanzaki says that they need to hurry to Buckingham Palace since they are already 7 hours late after Touma and Index used a commercial airliner instead of the Supersonic Passenger Plane. Since the flights are cancelled due to the terrorist attacks, they have been prepared with a helicopter and a pilot to get them to London quickly. Touma protests as they still didn't have food, but Kanzaki doesn't listen as Touma is apparently Index's manager and he should deal with it. Here, Touma can only assume that Kanzaki is still mad after he called her the Fallen Angel Ero Maid, though she denies this.[160]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E11 06m 33s

Touma and Index meet the British Royal Family during the meeting.

After arriving in Buckingham Palace's heliport, Touma and Index enters the palace after Kanzaki's explanation that Touma need not worry about destroying anything magical in the palace with his Imagine Breaker. Despite this, they are still hungry as they are greeted by Knight Leader. After Touma tells him that Index is hungry, they are given scones by a maid, at which point, after discovering it is free, they gorge themselves with it. The Knight Leader, shocked at the display and the fact that they are in a hurry, asks Kanzaki if he can draw his sword to persuade them, to which Kanzaki does something much quicker, punching Touma in the stomach and dragging Index by the hand.[161] Knight Leader later tells them that they are gathered there to discuss the recent Eurotunnel explosion, which was actually a bombing and magic is involved. They later meet the Elizard and her exuberant behavior, after Knight Leader scolded her for being unprepared for the meeting. After Touma notices the Curtana Second on Elizard's person, they start a lecture regarding the purpose and power of the sword and its connection to the history of the United Kingdom.[162]
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E11 07m 48s

Touma takes a selfie with the princesses.

The Eurotunnel bombing meeting in Buckingham Palace is conducted afterwards, Touma is one of the least vocal of the group that have gathered there, though is still able to speak more than even Villian. He opens up on how he thinks the meeting has something to do with Sky Bus 365 as the terrorists were French, which later leads to the discussion on the growing suspicions of the country regarding France. Meanwhile, Elizard asks Index to analyze the papers she has regarding the magic that was used to interfere with the illusion cast by Necessarius on Sky Bus 365, leading to Index to say that is Norse magic and that the magician is a girl.[163]

When it was time for Index and Touma to split ways, with the former going to Folkestone in order to go to the Eurotunnel to analyze the magic there, Carissa tells Touma he can't follow. She says that Touma's Imagine Breaker may interfere with the investigation. Index and Kanzaki allays her concerns and tells him that he really doesn't need to do anything, with Elizard saying that he can do anything he wants until the situation is resolved. Touma, however is insistent in helping to keep England's peace, forcing them to acquiesce to his request.[164]

Index v17 225

Oriana's sensuality embarasses her old enemy.

Touma meets up with Oriana, who is now currently working for the Anglican Church, in hopes of helping to keep England's peace, and as he rides on her convertible as they travel around London, espouses his surprise at teaming-up with an old foe. Oriana points out that she is a mercenary, a magic courier to be exact, and that she will work or fight for anyone as long as she is paid. Touma asks where they are headed now. Oriana states of a report 10 minutes prior that New Light were spotted from a security camera from the north of London. Oriana points out to Touma regarding the footage she shown to him is that New Light drove their car in a blind spot and stopped there, and as such allowed only the shadow of a car to be seen by the camera. Oriana states that since they have no evidence that is New Light's car, they will head there to find out for themselves. She then says that since New Light is using the limited number of blind spots in the streets of London, they'll catch up to them soon enough. Even then however, Touma is still unsure if they can find him.[165] As they came upon the blind spot where New Light stopped their car, a London police officer told them that one of them, Lessar, made a mistake, that is mixing up her Skíðblaðnir with other cases and delaying her mission and attracting attention of the London police. Oriana and Touma discovers Lessar with three case as they are in the car. Already suspicious in behavior and looks, their discovery of the spiritual item Steel Glove in her possession, prompts Oriana and Touma to conclude that she is of New Light. Oriana uses a people-clearing field to prevent civilian involvement and then used a powerful fire spell. Despite this, Oriana stops the car and leaves just as Lessar attacks with her Steel Glove, a spear, piercing Touma's side of the convertible, and forcing him to leave through its hood as she tears the car apart and making it explode. With the fire she created from the blast, Lessar grabbed it and tried to swing it down on Touma. She is then however intercepted by magic, though she doesn't fall as she used the Skíðblaðnir as a shield accidentally. Seeing Lessar's concern of the case, Touma determines the importance of the case and asks Oriana to focus on destroying it instead of fighting Lessar, which she agrees. Lessar, makes a retreat after seeing that Touma and Oriana now knows the case's importance. As she jumps far too high, Touma and Oriana are unable to follow her. Despite this, Oriana points out the weakness of her tactic, and that her jumping from rooftop to rooftop is limited in the city of London, prompting them give chase once again.[166]

Touma and Oriana planned to have the latter kick Lessar from a building next to a large road, and then the former would catch her. As Touma chases Lessar jumping from building to building, Touma loses track of her until Lessar takes out a pumpkin-shaped communication device. Lessar talks to Touma and introduces herself to him. Here, she wonders why he is meddling with UK affairs despite being a foreigner, and that he shouldn't get involved and just leave. Touma reveals that they know New Light has excavated something from Scotland, which Lessar doesn't deny and says that they are merely changing the country's course at will lose a war at the rate it is going in. After warning Touma one last time to not get involved in UK affairs, the pumpkin blows up, ending their conversation. Despite this, Touma continues to search for her until he sees her on a third-floor window of a building, having come upon a road too wide for her to jump. At that moment, Oriana enacts her plan and kicks Lessar from the building. As Lessar falls Touma tries to catch her, but changes his mind at the last minute due to the presence of falling glass, much to Lessar and Oriana's dismay. Needing to save herself, Lessar uses her Steel Glove to break her fall and allows her to escape. This forces Touma and Oriana to give chase again.[167]

While continuing to chase Lessar, Touma receives a call from Agnese Sanctis, warning him that New Light might be planning on assassinating a princess in order to activate a powerful spell that can attack Europe. Touma then tells Agnese about whether or not the princesses can be protected by their Traveling Fortress, to which Agnese says that there is a security hole where it can be determined where the fortress is and if the door is opened via transmitter, and Agnese doubts that's the only thing that was tampered with on the fortress. Agnese concludes that there is still a lot of unknowns, but tells Touma that they need to restrain the remaining members. Touma ends his call with her, and continues chasing after Lessar.[168]

Touma finds Lessar going up in an emergency staircase, and as he tries to climb it, Lessar destroys it with her Steel Glove. As it falls, Touma jumps up to where Lessar was, prompting her to attack with the Steel Glove, though Touma destroys it with his Imagine Breaker. They later end up on the floor after the staircase collapses, with Lessar still adamant in giving up her Skíðblaðnir. Lessar is at a dead end as she no longer has an escape route and her weapon has been destroyed. Moreover, Oriana has arrived after hearing the noise. With that, Touma tells Lessar to give up as they all followed her go into an apartment. Touma mentions that her other comrades have been captured, though Lessar says that they still have yet to find Lancis. She states that the others need only to act as relay points to match their locations with the royal carriage, the Travelling Fortress, and that there are five Skíðblaðnir cases. Oriana pulls out a flashcard hearing her, though Lessar simply laughs. Touma demands to know who has the fifth case, though Lessar doesn't answer, accepting that she has lost the battle and that she is willing to be killed by them. Touma later realizes that her acceptance of death wasn't directed at them. As Touma pulls at Lessar, she is hit by a sniper attack. Oriana tells Touma to get down because there is a sniper, though this doesn't stop him from treating Lessar's wounds with paper. Touma asks Oriana if she has a healing spell, to which she denies. She then tells Touma that they are being attacked with the Robin Hood used by the Knights of England and developed by those under Princess Carissa. Lessar then speaks once more with a smile, and admits to them that they were transporting the Curtana Original, the sword that will change the country of the United Kingdom.[168]

British HalloweenEdit
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With Lessar in Touma's arms, he and Oriana discovered that the Anglican Church have been overwhelmed by the knights. Despite worrying about Index, Touma decides that they should find Lessar some magicians from Necessarius to heal her, though Oriana is hesitant, she agrees. They decide to go to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory in Lambeth, in the hopes of finding a rear guard there when the magicians are trying to evacuate. Coming upon the River Thames, the knights gather up in the bridge. Seeing this, Oriana takes out her flashcards for battle. Touma questions her doing so, though accepts the need for it. Oriana instructs Touma that after he drops Lessar off at the women's dormitory, he should get to London Waterloo Station as it goes to Folkestone through the Eurostar rail line. Essentially, Oriana is advising Touma to sneak on a train to get to Folkestone knowing he would looking for Index.[169] As Touma tries to go with Lessar, he and Oriana hear the rumbling sound of Sherry Cromwell's golem.[170]

Sherry arrives just in time to go completely out of her mind and attack the Knights of England that had cornered Touma and company. Without mercy, Sherry easily crushes a number of the the knights with the use of her golem. Oriana tells Touma to leave and take Lessar back to the women's dorm, while she takes out the knights that are under disarray, and help Sherry back to her senses. Oriana says that the people in the dorm will trust Touma more instead and of her and assures Touma that she can handle it on her own. Sherry's attack later drives the knights from the bridge and into the streets as Oriana joins the fray. Touma leaves with Lessar, and though the knights notice him, they are distracted by both Sherry and Oriana. As Touma runs with Lessar in his arms, a spiritual item held by the knights on as Brionac gets broken in two and shoots out beams of light throughout London. One of which hit the railroad overpass, preventing Touma from getting to Folkestone via the Eurostar line.[170]

Touma is later somehow able to arrive in the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. There she finds Orsola Aquinas who was left behind due to all the commotion, and hands her Lessar to be treated. Touma is later tasked to be part of the rear guard. He later meets a blond nun who tells him that the plan is that they will shake the knights off with their long distance bombardments, at which point they will scatter and force their way out and escape in all directions. The nun states that the enemy is faltering and their hesitation will buy them a little bit of time. Though the plan is vague, Touma accepts. Touma then questions the reason for Carissa's coup, to which the nun discusses Carissa and her ilk's poor economic plans. Returning back to their exit strategy, she states that after they break through they are to head to a designated rendezvous point, and tells Touma that he should head to Waterloo Station so that it can take him straight to Folkestone. Touma mentions the stray shot that destroyed part of the Eurostar rail way, to which the nun suggests sneaking into the trains used by the knights to transport personnel and material to Folkestone. With the plan set in motion, Touma and the nun prepare to battle.[171]

Successful with his escape, Touma manages to sneak on a supply train by the knights heading to Folkestone. A patrol of the knights later forces Touma to sneak into one of its cars, where he meets Floris, who have been captured by the knights after her defeat at the hands of the Amakusa Christians. Even though Touma noticed that her clothing style "was similar to something he saw before" he couldn't make the connection that it was a "themed uniform" similar to what Lessar was wearing.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E12 17m 52s

Floris uses her wings to try and slow her and Touma's fall.

After confirming that Touma is not with the knights, she introduces herself and asks for his aid.[172] Floris assumes that Touma has been captured by the knights, but he points out that he snuck into the train to get to Folkestone, intriguing Floris. She then asks Touma to get her out of the restraints using a key, though Touma points out that he can simply use his right hand to destroy the restraints to which he did. Floris becomes annoyed as his crude method in destroying her restrains have alerted the knights. This forces Touma to open one of the doors of the train that leads to the outside. Despite the dangers, Touma says that they should jump, much to Floris' displeasure, who says he can do so himself. Touma points that there is a river for them to land in, but Floris points out how ridiculous jumping into a river at a height and at a great speed really is. Despite her fear, Touma grabs Floris and jumps out of the train. Despite the water, Floris points out that it isn't even a meter deep, much to Touma's horror. Floris is later forced to use her dragon wings to offset the speed of their fall.[173] They later hit the water and floated down stream, at which point Villian finds them.[174] An Amakusa Christian scout later finds them after being informed by Agnese Sanctis that Touma is in Folkestone, much to Floris' irritation. Touma would later continue his search for Index on his own, refusing help from the Amakusa Christians in order not to ruin any of their battle plans.[175]
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E13 09m 02s

Carissa using the destructive powers of Curtana Original to launch Touma into the sky.

Touma later comes upon a carriage and Acqua of the Back defeating several knights. Touma's horror and fear at the sight of Acqua of the Back is later relieved after he shows Touma that Index is in the carriage. Despite this, Touma is still cautious of him, though Acqua of the Back is uninterested and notes how Folkestone is more dangerous than London. Touma later sees Carissa and her Curtana Original,[175] who then demonstrates its fearsome destructive power, forcing Acqua of the Back to take Touma and Index to escape.[176] When Touma comes to, he finds himself in an abandoned car with Index and Acqua of the Back close by. Touma is surprised by Acqua of the Back still being alive, to which he points out that he shouldn't be as not only did they not have the intention of killing him but they didn't even check if they truly killed him. He then sighs and states that he was also surprised on how they took him down, but says that he was able to bypass it at the cost of becoming a normal Saint. Touma then questions what happened after the explosion, to which Acqua of the Back says that he saved him, leading to Touma questioning why. Acqua of the Back says that it would be easier to let Touma, the center of the disturbance surrounding the world to die, but says things have changed since they met. Acqua of the Back tells Touma of the true boss after his right hand, Fiamma of the Right, the leader of the alliance between the Roman and Russian churches, and says he is also after Index. He tells that to destroy Fiamma of the Right's plans it would be easier to kill him and Index, but says that he would rather destroy the cause of the disturbance and that two of them are mere accessories. He says that Fiamma of the Right can change his plans even if they are dead or spread meaningless destruction out of desperation. He then says that it is necessary to stop to the dispute happening in the United Kingdom, as it may increase the country's strength and lead to a chance to put a stop to the increase in Roman Catholic influence over Europe, and preventing Fiamma of the Right from carrying out his goal. Touma warns Acqua of the Back that Carissa and her Curtana Original with the knights have already taken control of the United Kingdom, though he is undeterred and remarks that her new order is fragile. With that, Acqua of the Back leaves, remarking he should go for an open attack.[177]

Index later wakes up and both she and Touma are later found by Amakusa Christian scouts, and later bring them back to their temporary hideout in Folkestone, a large rescue seaplane. As it takes off for the London, Tatemiya Saiji and Kanzaki Kaori report on the current situation regarding Carissa and her frail relationship with the knights now that the Knight Leader has been defeated. They told him of the the reason for her return to Buckingham Palace as so she can suppress the tremendous power of the Curtana Original, and that they need him, Index, and Villian to do a mission under the Buckingham Palace and force the Curtana Original to overload and weaken Carissa, allowing for the forces of the Anglican Church to mount a counterattack against her.[178] With Index's instructions and Villian's driving, Touma's party easily bypasses the knight's magic after discovering that Carissa had London's security cameras deactivated. After coming near Buckingham Palace, the group disembarks on foot following Index's lead, eventually arriving at a subway station.[179] With a little help from Mikoto and Villian's servants, Villian is able to use the spell against the barrier, which have been modified with the help of Index in order for her to chant it quickly, ending with Touma destroying it. With the branching railway open, the special car begins moving towards Buckingham Palace. Touma and the others later leave as Curtana is overloaded.[180]

Index v18 002-004 Textless

The "last supper" of the Anglican Church Forces before their assault on London.

The group later rendezvous with the Anglican Church forces in the outskirts of London. During the "Last Supper", Touma is with Sphynx, though is unable to eat something while everything else is rushing to eat on their own.[181] In the Battle of Buckingham Palace, Touma is the second one to arrive at the battlefield after their group is separated by Carissa's counterattack using Curtana Original's dimensional debris. He saves Villian after she argues with Carissa. Touma is later forced to contend against not only Carissa and her sword, but with the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses she brought along after "purging" the knights. Touma is later saved by the arrival of Kanzaki Kaori and the rest of the Anglican Church forces. The battle is hard fought and the group makes little headway against Carissa, though they do make a dent on her Griffin Skies. Kanzaki later tells Touma that they will need him and his right hand to destroy the Curtana Original, and that they will give him an opening to allow it after divulging that there is a small delay between Carissa swinging a sword to cut dimensions and the dimensional debris appearing. When the battle turns to their favor thanks to Villian and Index's combination, Carissa orders the firing of a Bunker Cluster cruise missile on the palace. Thanks to Kanzaki's quick thinking, she is able to make a defensive barrier over their area, though not all of it is covered and some of the explosive shells get through, eventually destroying the palace itself. When Touma comes to he tries to call out for his comrades, though to no avail as Carissa, who is unscathed by the bombing, orders to the preparation of another one. After Riméa reveals Carissa's true motives through a mass communication spell to the people on the battlefield, Touma keeps on fighting Carissa. The Knight Leader appears and stops the fire cruise missile using his magic and apologizes to Touma letting them handle Carissa all this time, to which he accepts and tells him that they should help each other. Touma from then on however is completely sidelined after the Knight Leader, Acqua of the Back, and Kanzaki Kaori attacks Carissa at the same time, and even more so after Elizard arrives. It is only after Elizard uses the Union Jack spiritual item and distributing it to the citizens of the United Kingdom that Touma is shown again, admiring the appearance of "heroes" that have come to stop Carissa.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 18m 27s

Touma defeats Carissa

As Carissa's defense breaks down in the onslaught of the "heroes" and the forces that oppose her present due to the fact that she was trying to prevent power from her sword to be completely drained, an opening for Touma arrives after Index finally finishes analyzing the sword and uses Spell Intercept on it. Touma calls out to Acqua of the Back, and without a word, knew what Touma was planning. Acqua of the Back catapults Touma toward Carissa using his sword, Ascalon, and from there destroys the sword and then punches Carissa in the face.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 20m 39s

Fiamma of the Right showing off his new toy.

Touma reappears immediately after Fiamma of the Right tries to attack Carissa after retrieving a certain spiritual item from the ruins of Buckingham Palace. Fiamma of the Right is delighted to see that another major piece of his plan has come to him; though Fiamma of the Right says he won’t risk fighting Touma just yet since the remote control might be destroyed. For fun, Fiamma of the Right gives a little demonstration of his new toy and summons Index in John’s Pen mode to attack Touma and Carissa. Fiamma of the Right reveals he was after the knowledge of the 103,000 grimoires held within Index, something that the remote control allows him to access. Fiamma of the Right takes his leave, saying to Touma that he is going to Russia in order to collect the "materials" and that he needs to call down an Angel—until then, Touma can hold onto Imagine Breaker.[182]

Touma is loss for words of what happened to Index, and later sees Stiyl's outburst on Laura Stuart. After Elizard explains why they had to use the Collar and the John's Pen remote control on Index, she turns to Touma that since the Collar was destroyed by him it is now impossible for them to make any predictions using their original plan with the John's Pen, and that if Fiamma of the Right attempted to access her knowledge while Index is in her current state may do even more harm to her body. Elizard then takes Index's unconscious body and says that since they created the framework that now tormented Index they will be the ones that will carry out specialized healing for her and will attempt to cut off any interference from Fiamma of the Right, though notes that it will not be enough so long as Fiamma of the Right is undefeated and free to use the controller. After Touma tasks Stiyl to keep a close watch on Index while he goes to fight and beat Fiamma of the Right, Touma tells Elizard that if what Fiamma of the Right said is true then his next target would be Sasha Kreutzev as a real archangel once resided in her body. Hearing this, Elizard tells Touma that she wishes to hide that they have lost control of Index as much as possible. She, however, tells that because of that reason they have no just cause to rescue Sasha.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 23m 32s

Touma tells Stiyl that he going to Russia to punch Fiamma.

Trapped by the politics of the situation, Elizard is unable to do anything to aid Touma, though he replies that he doesn't need help and that he will go to Russia and defeat Fiamma of the Right. Touma then turns to Stiyl, telling him that he is going to punch Fiamma of the Right in the face and tell him to watch over Index. Stiyl gets angry at first, but he agrees when Touma points out that Necessarius may do more things to Index and how Stiyl would better able to protect her than him from them.[182]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

Accelerator mentions Touma to Sugitani during their fight, in reply to him asking that a villain such a him could ever know a good person. Here, Accelerator sincerely believes Touma as a good person, and references on how his head hurts just thinking about him.[183]

Touma is also briefly mentioned by the Girl in the Dress as being one of the irregular factors in Aleister's plan, but being within the allowable limit of irregularity along with Accelerator.[184]

At the end, Aiwass is shown having a conversation with Aleister. Aiwass is motivated by the 'value' of doing something, while Aleister judges things by 'efficiency.' Aiwass also comments on the differences between Touma and Accelerator; Accelerator craved for the wholesomeness of being a 'hero' like Touma, to the point he declared himself evil since he cannot reach that
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E17 23m 24s

Kamijou Touma makes his way to Russia.

level, while in reality, Touma is only doing whatever he felt was right and is labeled 'righteous' by other people impulsively. Aiwass ends up asking Aleister if he envies 'heroes' like them, the three of them that stands up with their own two feet regardless what happens. One who follows his ideals no matter what (Kamijou Touma); one that tries hard to redeem himself (Accelerator); and someone who is never looked at by people, nor has any talent, but for the one person he loves, he’ll become a hero anyway (Hamazura Shiage). Aleister's voice actually strains after hearing Aiwass verbal barrages, and says that he will use anything he can, even Aiwass. He threatens Aiwass that despite it finding entertainment at the sight in the errors of his plan, he tells Aiwass that its superiority will not last forever. Touma only physically appears at the end of the arc when he arrives at Russia to confront Fiamma of the Right.[185]

World War III ArcEdit

Main article: World War III Arc
After Touma arrives in Russia he runs into Lessar who becomes his uninvited traveling
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E20 03m 47s

Lessar and Touma riding in a convoy.

companion, and he is surprised that she found him at all since not too many people were even aware that he would travel to Russia. During a conversation of why was she following him, Lessar simply made open advances towards him instead. After being asked a question by Lessar of how Touma was going to find Fiamma in a large country, he stated that he had a pretty good idea. During Touma's travels throughout Russia, his path crosses with Accelerator's again who has
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E20 14m 25s

Touma and Accelerator clash

become insane with fury due to Last Order's condition. After a tense confrontation, Touma eventually defeats Accelerator again, and he is able to temporarily stabilize Last Order's condition.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E24 19m 36s

Touma stopped the "new" power rampaging

During the Fight with Fiamma, his arm was sliced off and Fiamma used it to reach the status of La Persona Superiore a Dio with the help of Index Librorum Prohibitorum. As Fiamma tried to destroy Touma with this power, the attack was blocked and another power was revealed to be hidden within Touma. Touma suppressed this power in order to regenerate his arm and the Imagine Breaker, and defeats Fiamma.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 08m 08s

Mikoto trying to save Touma.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 13m 54s

Touma vs Archangel Gabriel.

At the end of this arc, Touma steered the falling Star of Bethlehem onto Archangel Gabriel who was trying to absorb all of the polar ice to regain strength, ignoring even if Earth's material is incompatible with angels' Telesma and may lead to self-destruction and ending of the world. Then as the flying fortress smashed into Gabriel, Touma ran down to the lower levels, while the underwater pressure tore apart the base, to fight Gabriel using Imagine Breaker to ensure Gabriel is stopped, while having a flashback of all the events he has been through from Index's incident that lead up to this point. At the end of this chapter Touma is stated to have "Welcomed death once more", a second time that the novels stated Touma has died, with the first in Volume 1 after he lost his memories.

Later, Stiyl received the report that Gabriel is defeated and the crisis averted, though none of the forces from the Magic Side has found life-signs in the Arctic Ocean that both Gabriel and Touma plunged into. Index who has managed to get up and stumble to where Stiyl is asked for Touma's whereabouts, and none present could answer her question.


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