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Kamino (加巳野 Kamino?) is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out. She is the leader of the Kamino Clique and a candidate in the student council presidential election.[2][3]


Kamino has square pupils,[2][Notes 1] and has wavy hair tied in a waist length braided ponytail, with a partially exposed forehead and covering her left eye.[2] She wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform.[2]


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Behind a thin front of pleasantry, Kamino is quite manipulative and malicious,[2][3] in favor of attacking her main rivals in secret and roping her fellow election candidates into it.[3] As a clique leader, she sees herself as #1, a sentiment she believes her fellow candidates shared, expecting their rejection when she proposed a legal approach that would require them to withdraw and bet everything on her.[3]

She absolutely adores not only her younger sister, but also cherishes all small girls, to this point that she thinks it a shame that Shokuhou Misaki has grown out of the small clothes that she wanted to put on her.[1]


Kamino's background is currently unknown, but she was established as a clique leader by the time of the student council presidential election.[5][3]


Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out[]

Tokiwadai Election Arc[]

Main article: Tokiwadai Election Arc

The day before Gaouin Tsukasa's challenge to Shokuhou Misaki, Kamino approached two members of her clique regarding Misaka Mikoto being down after losing her Gekota strap due to a dispute between two girls trying to recruit her for the election the previous day. Hinting about a useful esper in the crafts club for resolving the situation, Kamino indirectly instructed them to make a substitute to give to Mikoto and recruit her for Kamino's campaign, an effort which failed due to the poor quality of the knock-off.[2]

While Shokuhou and Gaouin were working together to find evidence that would exonerate Hokaze Junko, accused of threatening a girl from the Kamino clique,[6] Kamino held a meeting with the other election candidates (with the exception of Inubushi, who ignored Kamino's invitation) about potential cooperation and courses of actions in response to their two main rivals in the competition joining forces.[3]

Behind her front, Kamino was quite in favor of attacking the two in secret and roping the others into it. At one point, she got annoyed with Kumamori focusing on her puzzle cube more than the meeting and used her ability to disintegrate it (along with part of Kumamori's clothing), only for her to pull out another one, to Kamino's annoyance. Kamino also put forward another, legal option involving a special procedure that occurs when there are three or fewer cliques running, which would require the others to withdraw and bet everything on her, which the others rejected as she expected - each considering themselves #1. With her offer rejected and stating there was no time to form a coalition, Kamino asked the others if they were preparing to bloody their hands to do what they needed to do, with Kumamori walking out.[3]

Spatial lock

Kamino targets the building, with space sealed off.

She participated in the joint attack the candidates launched against Shokuhou and Gaouin, focusing on the building from a distance. At the same time, trapped within the sealed-off area, Shokuhou experienced effects reminding her of a former Level 5 capable of controlling space.[7][Notes 1] She also had her clique members stall members of Shokuhou's clique to prevent them from coming to her aid.[8]

After the ambush was thwarted and the building started to collapse as a result of the Level 5 powers exerted in the aftermath, both those of the clashing Relics and the Tokiwadai Level 5s, Kamino used her ability to teleport Shokuhou, Gaouin, Tatsuki and Nenohi Wakana outside to safety, personally going in and carrying Shokuhou out in her arms.[4]


Kamino is an "area" teleporter (『設置型』の空間移動能力者テレポーター "Setchi-gata" no Kūkan Idō Nōryoku-sha (Terepōtā)?), capable of teleporting targets in a designated area to another designated area, both within her line of sight. To facilitate this, she wears contacts with a sight drawn on them to measure out and designate a box-shaped teleportation field.[4]

If she loses sight of the destination, the teleportation fails and the target is annihilated. This error was recorded as her only esper ability, so her ability was known as "matter annihilation" instead of Teleport, with Kuroko being known as only Teleporter in Tokiwadai as a result.[4]

As a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, her ability can be presumed to be at Level 3 or 4.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Whether or not these traits have any connection to the 'previous generation' symbolized by two squares or cubes and pursuing cubes of Shadow Metal, or the 'Senior' in a cube who claims to be a former first-ranked Level 5 and/or the former Level 5 capable of spatial manipulation, both being emphasized or faced by Shokuhou and her allies around the same time as Kamino's actions in the election, has yet to be verified.



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