Kenzan Shouji (乾山庄治 Kenzan Shōji?) is a college student, appearing in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 13.


Of the three friends, Shouji is the most stubborn. Because of this he becomes uncaring to the people he calls friends, and is willing to get his hands dirty, threatening them or even attempting to murder a middle school girl in a crowded area to get what he wants.[1][2]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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After High Priest threw a building which was saved Misaka Mikoto's electromagnetic powers, he and the others enter the building to steal the Liquid Diamond. Akio notes that this was at first a joke born out of their frustrations.[3] They find Akikawa Mie retrieving it from the destroyed vault and begin chasing her.[4]

After stealing a gun and P-Phone from a wrecked Anti-Skill vehicle destroyed during the High Priest's rampage, he, Higata Akio and Okada Ayumu narrow down Mie's location. Shouji has now become the leader of their little joke which has now since spiraled into something serious, using the P-Phone to track down Mie. He reassures Ayumu that there would be no heroes to get in their way, as well as intimidating Akio to silence his doubts.[3]

They eventually catch up to Mie, and try to take the Liquid Diamond from her. Unfortunately for them Kamijou Touma was nearby, and seeing her plight, decides to save her despite being chased by the High Priest. Touma plows the Acrobike into Shouji, allowing Mie to take back the Liquid Diamond container. Touma tells Mie to hold on to the container and get down as he pedals away. Immediately afterwards the High Priest passes through, still trying to catch up to Touma. This allows Mie to escape with the Liquid Diamond.[5]

In the end, Ayumu was the one only who was injured by the High Priest. He is alive and conscious, but Akio fears that he might have broken something as he could not get up. Akio insists on getting help but is overruled by Shouji, whose greed has now consumed him. He threatens Akio with a gun, forcing him to continue in chasing down the Liquid Diamond with him.[1]

Later, as the High Priest was attempting to destroy the foundations of Academy City, Shouji and Akio finally tracked down Mie. Despite being in a crowd with Judgment roaming about, Shouji nervously points a gun at Mie, demanding her to give the Liquid Diamond to him. With his finger on the trigger, Akio hits him with a metal pipe. This distracts Shouji long enough for Mie's father and Shiosai, the man whose gun they stole, to knock him out. Shiosai then cuffs him. Mie asks Akio why he attacked Shouji afterwards, to which Akio says that it was a better alternative than him becoming a murderer.[2]


  • (To Ayumu, from NT12): "Look at all this confusion. And not all of the real deal are noble heroes. This is six trillion yen we’re talking about, so they’ll be scrambling for it themselves. We just have to fire some in that storm of gunfire and get to the liquid diamond first. It won’t be hard just to grab it. Things are looking good for us."


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