Kidera Minori (木寺実莉?) is a minor character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator anime. She is part of a group which attempts to steal Accelerator's genetic information.[1]


Minori is a tall high school girl, taller than Accelerator. She wears her black hair in a side tail and straight bangs. She presumably wears her high school uniform; a black skirt, white shirt with red ribbon, and a gray cardigan. She has yellow eyes and wears glasses.[1]


She is soft-spoken and is often seen in the sidelines alongside Nakahara Hiromi in a supporting role while Takada Youko do all the work. She is loyal to Youko despite her misgivings with her actions. Still, she cares for both her accomplices. She worried for Hiromi's well-being after he was knocked out while they were on the run and tried to protect Youko from Accelerator himself after her easy defeat despite being scared.[1]

Minori calls Youko Yō-chan (ヨウちゃん?) and Hiromi Hiro-kun (ヒロくん?).[1][2]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E08 05m 43s

The trio search for the Stripping Lady.

At some point in the past, she along with her friends, Youko and Hiromi, mistook Esther for the Stripping Lady while they were in pursuit of the Urban Legend in Children's Park 5, School District 14.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Early one September morning, Kidera Minori, Takada Youko and Nakahara Hiromi broke into the Atmospheric Continuum Mechanics Research Facility and stole a weapon which was being secretly developed for use against Accelerator. Using the weapon to cut through the floor and escape underground before Anti-Skill's arrival, the trio planned to target Accelerator and obtain a sample of his genetic material to sell for profit.[1]

Accelerator Episode 1 - Trio at Hospital

The trio arrive at the hospital

She accompanied Youko and Hiromi as they attacked the hospital where Accelerator was being treated after his brain injury, encountering resistance from Yomikawa Aiho's Anti-Skill unit. Though Youko did all the work, Minori's role was to prevent people from getting near them using her ability and taking advantage of the nitrogen that Youko's weapon released.[1]

After Hiromi was taken out, she was forced to take the last remaining ammunition for Youko's weapon he had and later goes on the run with her underground. She questioned Youko of her plans and Hiromi's well-being. Youko played down her concerns as she said Accelerator's genetic material will make them rich and enable to get Hiromi out of jail. She later questioned why Youko was planting explosives on the pillars of the underground, to which Youko said was to help them escape. They were then joined by Accelerator, who made short work of not only Youko's traps but of Youko herself. Accelerator carefully explained how Youko's weapon worked as well as Minori's ability. Accelerator pushed a current of air to force Minori to release Last Order's bag of cookies (which had Accelerator's blood spilled on it earlier) which flew to him.[1]

Youko tried one final attack but Accelerator easily manipulated the ultra-high-pressure blade to dismantle the weapon, but getting close and kicking her. Before Accelerator could finish the job, Minori got in-between them, telling Accelerator that he'd have to take her down if he wanted to keep fighting. Seeing her frightened look, Accelerator spared them, giving the girl a simple flick on the forehead as she collapsed to her knees in bemusement. Walking away, Accelerator told Minori that if she really cared enough to risk her life for Youko then she should have stopped her before it got to that point.[1]


Her ability name is Aero Separator (空気分断 (エアロセパレター) ?) and level is unknown.[2] In a range of 3 meters, Minori can control the concentration of gases in the air. This ability allows her to protect herself and her friends from the nitrogen gas that is released from Youko's weapon by maintaining enough breathable air around them.[1]


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