The Kigurumi Rock Festival (着ぐるみロックフェス Ki-gurumi Rokkufesu?) was an event which was scheduled to take place in Academy City in December. It was cancelled on the day it was meant to start due to the appearance of the Elements and the start of the heat wave, with the festival grounds being the site of Trial (裁判 Saiban?), one of the shelters set up during the crisis.[1][2][Notes 1]


As its name suggests, the Kigurumi Rock Festival was intended to be a combination of a music festival and a kigurumi (costumed character) festival.[1]

The planned location for the festival was a park in School District 7, one of a higher grade than a children's park with playground and sandbox in the extra space of a residential area. The park has trees, open space with grass and a large lake, and is probably used for firework shows and outdoor concerts. It also has a large parking lot.[1] There are several flagpoles next to the lake.[1]

Equipment for the festival was transported in a number of industrial trucks, but was abandoned during set-up when the Elements attacked. The equipment included many metal pipes and plastic sheets to put together festival stands, small compressed gas cylinders and generators, flour and other ingredients for food stands serving products such takoyaki and okonomiyaki, and a lot of music equipment, including standard guitars, drum sets, microphones, large speakers, cables and industrial lights. There were also large cardboard boxes containing banners and costumes, including carrots, frogs, bears, rabbits and Bunny Grey.[1][2] Staff members also had green down jackets, worn over uniforms and stage outfits to protect them from the December cold.[3]


With the Elements' appearance and the abnormal heat wave, the festival grounds were converted into one of the many shelters set up across Academy City. The shelter was given the designation Trial (裁判 Saiban?).[1][2]

The shelter was surrounded by comb-like barricades constructed from sheets and pipes tied with wires. Instead of blocking the Elements' way, the design was intended to divert their path, using sprayers to produce a fine mist and cool down areas to influence their direction. Tanks were set up above the sprayers like an IV to allow water to pass through without electricity. The branches and shade from the conifers also helped with the set-up, which was made possible by the excess water from the man-made lake.[1] The living space in the shelter was removed from the dark, cool places which were at risk from the Elements. It was influenced by the festival, with houses built from cardboard, plastic sheets and meal containers. Several blocks were destroyed by December 9th, though it isn't known whether they were destroyed early on when they were still preparing and perfecting the set-up or due to a mistake later.[1]

Trial was somewhat fortunate in that it had access to the equipment and supplies intended for the Kigurumi Rock Fes, as well as natural shading and a large water source in the park.[1] As well as the building materials for the stands which could be used for construction, there was a stock of ingredients to make flour-based foods which could be preserved without refrigeration, as well as many gas cylinders and generators. The costumes were also usable as makeshift sleeping bags,[1] and for a little protection against the cold after the end of the heat wave.[2] The shelters' residents also put together a number of handmade weapons, including pipes cut at an angle for spears, hammers for driving stakes into the ground, paint cans in cloth bags and devices for launching fireworks held like a bazooka.[1]

The shelter's 'ruler' was a middle-aged man in a work uniform, possibly a costume performer, stand constructor or perhaps the park manager, who was apparently put into the position without any choice in the matter.[1][2] More than a hundred people were present in the shelter around the end of the crisis.[1]


Early in the morning on the day the festival was due to begin, as staff were setting up the festival grounds and equipment, the Elements appeared, followed by the beginning of an abnormal 55 degree heat wave. As a result, the festival was cancelled and the grounds were converted into a shelter, designated Trial.[1][2][Notes 1]

During the crisis, a middle-aged man was made into Trial's 'ruler' by the shelter's other occupants.[2]


Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

Main article: Kamisato Rescue Arc

On December 9th, after the end of the Elements and the heat wave, the Trial shelter received a Sphere from Useful Spider as they began '48 Hours to Restore Order'.[2] With the threat past, the dissatisfied shelter residents turned on the 'ruler' and were going to execute him through hanging.[1] He was saved by a disguised Kamijou Touma, who created a distraction with an exploding gas cylinder thrown into the lake and a shout that the Elements were coming, using the crowds' lingering fear to throw them into chaos. After receiving the key to the Sphere, he and Karasuma Fran accessed the Sphere,[2] rewriting its privileges to use it remotely and sending a message for Index and Othinus. They managed to sneak out as the Kamisato Faction arrived to investigate the explosion.[4][5] Discarding the Bunny Grey costume he'd used, Touma took a staff jacket as they left the park.[3] The Kamisato Faction later physically disconnected Trial's Sphere after they found out that Fran was using it.[6]

The shelter remained without a 'ruler' on December 10th,[7] with the former ruler being killed in the early morning after confronting Aleister Crowley.[8] The shelter residents witnessed Fran's confession late in the afternoon.[7]


  1. 1.0 1.1 There are a number of dating discrepancies between volumes taking place during December. In Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 16 and Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 17, there are several references to the rapid onset of the heat wave and the Elements occurring on December 4th (including the planned start of the Kigurumi Rock Fes). This directly contradicts the events of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 15 and the previous two volumes. The Unified Story Timeline and this article proceed on the assumption that the references to December 4th in Volumes 16 and 17 are erroneous.


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