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Kihara Amata's son is a character mentioned in the Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare mini-novel.[citation needed]


Nothing is known about how he looks like. Amata still being relatively young when he died, as well as Therestina being rather young herself, Amata's son is most likely still a teenager, or a very young man.[citation needed]


Despite of the reputation his father, as well as the majority of his blood relatives, as he is yet to show himself in canon or spin-offs, nothing can be certainly claimed about his nature. Due to his other two relatives Kagun and Nayuta's personalities that aren't entirely as evil or manipulative, and given that some characters were forced to join the Dark Side of Academy City, it is still too early to fairly judge his personality.[citation needed]


Nothing is known about him so far, but he is known to be a member of the notorious Kihara clan, more precisely the son of Kihara Amata. Not very surprisingly for his bloodline, he is said to be involved in the Dark Side of Academy City. It is unknown how significant his status in the Kihara family and the Dark Side of Academy City is. It's not certain if he has proven his "Kihara-ness".[citation needed]


Main article: Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare

He is first briefly mentioned by his relative Kihara Nayuta to be involved in the Dark Side of Academy City. Almost immediately, in a similar fashion of Number Six, the subject of the conversation changes before anything more can be explained about him.[1]


Being a Kihara, Amata's son most likely posses great affinity for science and is very likely specialized in some field of Science.[citation needed]


  • He is (theoretically) the only Kihara male teenager or younger male family member in the series so far.[citation needed]


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