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Kihara Hasuu (木原端数 Kihara Hasuu?) is a character introduced in Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a member of Kihara Family.[1]


The Kanji for Hasuu translates to fraction.


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Hasuu is a skinny old man with white hair and yellow eyes. He wears a lab coat over a dark blue jumpsuit and a brown jumper, with thick, yellow and black, engineering gloves.[2][1]


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Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

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GT3[1] - Ladybird, Other (Gloves, Floppy)[2]

Hasuu is proficient in hacking and dealing with computer networks, having apparently been involved in building the foundations of the internet, making use of floppy disk-based hardware and emphasizing the value of a single byte in his work.[2] Hasuu also possesses nanodevices known as Parasite Hardware (信号寄生パラサイトハードウェア Shingou Kisei (Parasaitohaadowea)?, lit., "Signal Parasite"). Poured into a device in the form of a fine powder, the nanodevices directly attach to signals travelling through fiber optic cables in order to move around through a network, being of such miniscule size that the minute amount of force exerted by the light can push and carry them. Due to their nature, they cannot be detected by antivirus software, which are searching for malicious software rather than hardware, and can pass right through their defenses.[2] Although likely not enough to bring down all online services on a network, a full inspection of all hardware with an electronic microscope would be necessary to determine otherwise (with a program auto-search being insufficient), an extremely difficult and time-consuming process.[2]

Hasuu designed some of the equipment which was given to Anti-Skill Aggressors.[2]

Character Art Design[]




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