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Kipsila Endinia (キップシラ=エンディーニヤ Kippushira Endīniya?) is a character that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion. One of the members of the Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens, a Hindu-based Magic Cabal, Kipsila is a decision maker in the cabal and would receive protection from the its lower members if an attack takes place.[1]

He is the only member from the cabal that is part of the decision-making group that is shown and like the rest of his ilk, is killed by Ureapaddy Exica.[2]


Along with every member of the decision making group, he has kept secret the intentions of the magic cabal attacking Academy City. Instead of saying to the group that they intended to attack Endymion, he and his ilk argued they will attack Academy City for their contrasting beliefs in body modification.[3]

Using Agni's Festival Fire, they intend to destroy a few prominent districts and use the confusion to attack School District 23, and escape Academy City after destroying the facilities there,[4] but most importantly, destroy Endymion.[5]

With their plan in place, Kipsila, along with the other members, split into several groups and traveled the world over to avoid suspicion before meeting up in Tokyo. They later infiltrate Academy City and somehow already set up a base of operations in the Beehive located in School District 7 before Stiyl Magnus catches up to them.[6]


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion[]

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When Stiyl Magnus attacked and burned down the center of Agni's Festival Fire, Sozty Exica willingly confronted their attacker in order for Kipsila and the other members of the cabal to run away. They later regroup at a scrapyard, praising Sozty's efforts but then expresses concerns of their missions access. One of the members then ask Ureapaddy Exica, who was present with them, what they should do, to which Ureapaddy answers by smiling and attacking them.[2]

Kipsila survives the attack but just barely, managing to flee with his injured and bleeding body. Kipsila is surprised on how the people that should have protected them with an attack was easily destroyed. He then rins into a wind turbine, as his body could no longer take him. Ureapaddy then arrives carrying the bodies of his fellow leaders. Kipsila asks her on how she could have that much power after the events of the Astra Reorganization on her body. Ureapaddy points out that the most effective way to damage Academy City was not the Agni's Festival Fire as they have planned. Ureapaddy states that she can still damage Academy City if she cast aside the spell as well as the magic cabal with a new plan as their pursuers are preoccupied of what she has cast aside, allowing for her to fulfill her plans even after they learn the truth. Kipsila asks what she can produce that is more destructive than the Agni's Festival Fire, but then realizes his own answer—Brahma Astra. Ureapaddy notes on how Kipsila will not allow her to use it from the beginning if she told him her intention of using it. Kipsila notifies her of the danger of using since she should know the best for she was in the project. Ureapaddy tells him that she knows that it scares him, and tells him that the Astra she wielded is not the same as it was before. Fear strikes Kipsila's heart, and realizes that Ureapaddy use him, the cabal, and their precious plan as a decoy for Academy City as she fulfills her own plans.[2]

As Ureapaddy takes a step further, Kipsila instinctively backs up, but then notices for the first time that no one is around despite drawing attention before. And there, he knew that he was alone with Ureapaddy, who will do something that she did not want to be witnessed. Despite a magic circle for Agni's Festival Fire was set up on the wind turbine he was upon, the fear in Kipsila overwhelms him, as Ureapaddy asks if he could be a good decoy and leave now that his role is complete.[2]


He has not shown any magic, but it is implied by the narration that he could use a modified Agni's Festival Fire just like Sozty Exica if he chooses to do so.[2]



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