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The official emblem of Kirigaoka.

Kirigaoka Girls' Academy (霧ヶ丘女学院 Kirigaoka Jogakuin?) is an all-girls academy located in School District 18 in Academy City, near the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory.[1]

It apparently contains middle school, high school, and even college facilities.[2] One of the more prestigious academies in the city, it is dedicated to raising students with rare abilities, as opposed to schools Tokiwadai Middle School, which raises people with more common abilities to a high level.[3]


A student's rank isn't measured by the ability's Level but by its rarity, as Himegami Aisa mentions to Kamijou Touma in Volume 6 as the reason why Kazakiri Hyouka was at the top of the rankings every time. A rank of level 2 is a minimum requirement for enrollment in the school.[4]


It is mentioned in passing in a conversation between Tsukuyomi Komoe and Yomikawa Aiho that this place is also the leading expert in "unconventional" esper theories, as one of the teachers Isoshio wrote a thesis about animals being unable to develop esper abilities since it requires a level of intelligence equal to that of a five-year-old human child and most animals have a level equal to that of a two-year-old,[5] as well as queer research, such as the research facility created for the investigation of the Imaginary Number District, which is connected with the mysterious apparition of Kazakiri Hyouka in the school, known as the Counter Stop.[3] It is unknown why or how Aleister Crowley moulded her into a student of Kirigaoka Girls' Academy.

Despite being a notable school, it also has connections to the dark side of Academy City, with a branch located within or close to the school that conducts dubious research. They have apparently researched Accelerator before, similar to what the Imaginary Number Research and Special Ability Institute, though, according to Accelerator, they too deemed him too much to handle.[6]

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