The Knights of Orléans (オルレアン騎士団 Orurean Kishi-dan?) were the largest Magic Cabal in France, prior to their destruction at the hands of William Orwell.[1]


They are likely named after Orléans, the site of Joan of Arc's first major military victory over the English during the Hundred Years' War.


Emergence and declineEdit

During Joan of Arc's campaign to drive the English from France, a volunteer association was formed by people who were attracted by her deeds and supported her from the shadows. It was made up of people who wanted to save France and stood side-by-side regardless of their identity or social status.[1] As they are referred to as knights it is likely that this association was once at least composed of knights prior to Joan of Arc's execution.

However after Joan was burnt at the stake on May 30th, 1431, the group became twisted into one whose sole purpose was to avenge Joan. This vengeance was not just against English who killed her, but also against the French who failed to save her. This group delved into the world of Magic and developed into the Knights of Orléans, eventually becoming France's largest magic cabal.[1]

In order to achieve their vengeance, the Knights of Orléans, knowing about the special powers which Joan of Arc developed at the age of 13, sought an individual possessing the same powers that she had, an Oracle of d'Arc (ダルクの神託 Daruku no Shintaku?). As centuries and generations passed, they continued their search and began experiments to replicate Joan's powers in another, purely for the sake of revenge instead of protecting others like Joan did.[1]


Finally a boy and a girl were involved in the experiment, the girl of whom had been designated as the essence of the Oracle of d'Arc. It is not clearly specified what the boys role was. The Knights of Orléans were eventually stopped and destroyed by William Orwell, who had come to stop the Knights of Orléans. He created a distraction for the children to escape, but the boy was beaten down in the fighting, leaving the girl to be forcibly taken away by the Knights for the cabal's continued experiments. After William reminded the boy what he was fighting for, the boy found the strength to fight again, then together with the young boy they fought to rescue his friend.[1]


Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

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William Orwell (now Acqua of the Back) was designated to have been the one to have eliminated the magic cabal, during the investigation conducted into his background by Orsola Aquinas and relayed to the Amakusas.[2]

World War III ArcEdit

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Princess Carissa theorized that the Maiden of Versailles recruited the help of the remnants of the Knights of Orléans to fight England in World War III during the Battle of Dover Strait.[3] The boy and girl whom William Orwell had saved would later head to Russia to aid him.[4]


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