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Knowledge 12 (ノーリッジ12 Nōrejji 12?) is a term used to refer to a series of 12 proposed experiments relating to the occult, most importantly, esper powers.[1]


Perhaps due to the influence of the Cold War's Stargate Project and the opportunity and threat presented by Academy City's espers, funds for UFO research were used to carry out a series of 12 experiments were done to research the occult before the outbreak of World War III. The goal was to develop espers for the United States of America.

Olay Blueshake is a primary investor of the project, and with power and influence, may have some important information regarding the experiments. Roberto Katze later had the experiments stopped after the discovery of seven of the experiments.

Knowledge 12 had no clear results, but it may be that only 5 of the experiments were carried out. It is unknown what would happen if all 12 of the experiments had been carried out, but America may have caught up with the highest international standards, probably even that of Academy City.[1]

List of Experiments[]

Only five of twelve experiments were carried out, among which only two are currently known:


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Hawaii Invasion Arc[]

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Olay, being a major investor of the experiments, is often referred to as from Knoweldge 12. The experiments being shutdown is later mentioned by Olay to Roseline Krackhart as one of the reasons why she wants the United States turned into a theocracy.[1]