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Kobayashi Satori (口囃子こばやし早鳥さとり Kobayashi Satori?)[3] is a minor character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is a third-year student in Tokiwadai Middle School and is a Level 3 esper whose power involves telepathy.[2] She is a member of Shokuhou Misaki's Clique, and is a leader of sorts among her fellow clique members, second only to Hokaze Junko.


Kobayashi is a young girl with an appearance befitting that of a normal middle school girl. She has short hair with straight bangs.


Her personality is described as "leader-quality". She has a certain wily attitude despite her calm face, as she used her powers to keep an eye on Mikoto.[4] She is scared of bugs, especially spiders.[2] In spite of this, she recognizes other people's leadership qualities as well, as seen when she notes that Hokaze Junko is now the center of the clique after Misaki's abduction by Yumiya Iruka, encouraging her to take command and following her orders.[5]


Shokuhou and Kobayashi's Past

Second-year Kobayashi with first-year Shokuhou.

Kobayashi's background prior to joining Shokuhou Misaki's clique is currently unknown, but she encountered Shokuhou Misaki herself during the latter part of Kobayashi's second year at Tokiwadai, when the first-year Shokuhou was still shorter than her and had yet to acquire her current figure.[6][7]

Their first proper encounter occurred when they and a group of Tokiwadai students visited a theatre in School District 9 for their art appreciation elective.[8][9] When a fire broke out backstage and Shokuhou prompted the students to take action, Kobayashi handled communications between them with her Telepathy and used her connection to help Hokaze Junko find Shokuhou after she herself became stranded trying to rescue a cat, introducing herself to them afterwards.[9]

One of their subsequent encounter(s) involved a dropped crepe and Shokuhou offering her own to Kobayashi afterwards. Kobayashi also took a picture with Shokuhou around that time.[6][7]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

She appears alongside her Tokiwadai sistren during the balloon hunting competition, using her telepathic abilities to communicate and delegate orders to her fellow Tokiwadai schoolmates. Her fear of spiders is later exploited due to efforts of Baba Yoshio, which sends chaos upon all those she used her telepathy on, making them sitting ducks. She is later eliminated from the competition.[2]

She reappears in the second day of the festival as an apparent member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique, here, she has been tasked to keep an eye on Misaka Mikoto using her powers.[4]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

She appears in an Indian Poker card that Misaka Mikoto was using while searching for the Bust Upper card.[10]

Astral Buddy[]

Astral Buddy Arc[]

Main article: Astral Buddy Arc
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Ch3, Ch9

Kobayashi was present at a clique meeting, during which Hokaze was drawing a picture of the ghost following her and an exhausted Shokuhou came in after having her bag stolen by a lemur, with Kobayashi directing the clique's retrieval operation afterwards.[11]

When Shokuhou was incapacitated and kidnapped by Yumiya Iruka and Houjou Arei, Kobayashi and several other clique members were attacked en route and prevented from coming to their queen's aid in time.[12] Kobayashi went to treat Hokaze's injuries but on seeing her lamenting her failure, Kobayashi slapped and tugged her cheeks before reprimanding her for thinking that way, reminding her that they still had a chance to save their queen based on what the enemy had said and urging her to pull herself together as she was now their clique's center, ending by praising her for doing well in saving Komaki and saying it was nowhere near time to give up.[12] With Hokaze having thanked her and recovered her composure, Kobayashi supported the clique's efforts to track down Shokuhou and the abductors under Hokaze's directions.[12]

She was present when the 'ghost' phoned Hokaze while possessing Shokuhou, enabling GPS tracking, with Hokaze explaining it to her, Asato Kisa and the glasses girl as an emergency avatar prepared by Mental Out.[12] As the clique discussed what to do, Kobayashi mentioned they only knew about the two girls and while they would prepare for what they could they would have to play the rest by ear, giving Hokaze a bag with a metal panel in it before she set off,[12] with Hokaze later using it in her battle with Iruka.[13]

As Hokaze's battle with Iruka concluded, Kobayashi contacted her to confirm that had successfully retrieved Shokuhou, asking offhand if Hokaze had been where she was now. On confirming she hadn't, she wondered who had already beaten up the nearby enemies. At the time, Kobayashi had also carried out Hokaze's request regarding Houjou Arei, with the clique taking control of her ID to hack into random classified locations to make her a wanted girl with her account and phone frozen, remarking on the power of their connections as Arei was facing Hokaze and talking about the situation.[14]

Perpetrators of Recent Incidents (Astral Buddy Ch18)

Kobayashi and Asato apprehending the girl, on the left.

At some point during or after the incident, she and Asato Kisa had apprehended the girl who had stalled her, with subsequent questioning along the other perpetrators of the recent incidents.[15]

Kobayashi was later present near Shokuhou as she visited and spoke with Iruka and Hokaze in the hospital.[15][16]

During efforts to rescue Yuuri Senya and stop the out-of-control individuals connected to Ideal, Shokuhou decided not to utilize her clique as members had been using Indian Poker and might have seen the Ideal card, and subsequently be susceptible to its influence.[17][18] A depiction of Kobayashi's face, along with Asato and the glasses girl's faces as well as an apology from one of them, during an explanation to that effect suggests she might have been among the ones who had used Indian Poker.[18]

Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out[]

Tokiwadai Election Arc[]

Main article: Tokiwadai Election Arc
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Ch1-4,[19][20][21][22][6] Ch8,[23] Ch10,[24] Ch13-14,[6][25] Ch16[26]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

New Year's Arc[]

Main article: New Year's Arc

On January 6th, Kobayashi was among the people outside on the streets of Academy City, as many of the city's inhabitants fell under the influence of Acute Kotatsu Syndrome and began rioting in costume in defiance of martial law. Around the time that Kamijou Touma and Aogami Pierce were walking home, Kobayashi was seen with Hokaze, both having fallen victim to the phenomena.[27]

Other Appearances[]

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party[]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party

She appears alongside Hokaze Junko and the other girls of Misaki's clique. They are ordered by Misaki not to interfere with her talk with Misaka Mikoto in the Rude Café, a café where the guests can go wild and use the food and objects there to smash and attack each other harmlessly even the employees. This creates misunderstandings within the clique as Kobayashi uses her powers to spy on Misaki and Mikoto. Scared of what Mikoto is doing to their Queen, Junko goes inside without the Queen's permission and is punished for it by Misaki shoving a cake on Junko's butt. She later warns Kobayashi through Junko who is connected via telepathy, much to her horror.[28]


Kobayashi Satori - Telepathy (Railgun Ch145)

Kobayashi's Telepathy, as illustrated in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Her telepathic ability is similar to the one that appeared in Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 6, using a "circuit" that is apparently an extension of her AIM diffusion field, Kobayashi is able to communicate with anyone she has connected to, and vice-versa. She is also able to connect to more than one person at a time. This connection allows her to find the general location of the person.[4][9][24]

Aside from her ability, Kobayashi has received Tokiwadai's training in basic self-defense techniques, but she hasn't trained beyond the standard, having preferred to let Hokaze handle physical fights.[29]



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