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Kokuchou Mayui (国蝶舞結 Kokuchō Mayui?) is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out. She is a clique leader and one of the candidates for Tokiwadai's Student Council Election.


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Personal features[3]

Kokuchou has medium-length hair (of a medium shade), slightly parted in the center of her forehead and with two frontal braids, one on either side of her face. Being a Tokiwadai student, she wears the school's uniform.[3]


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Fine tuning,[3] true personality (Ch21)[4]

Kokuchou is described by Iori Mashiro as having a 'fantasy brain', expressing a like of sweet things and advocating a friendly talk over rushing into a dangerous course of action.[3] Iori referred to this as a goody-goody act,[3] with a darker side to her being glimpsed by Mei and Kii.[5] Like most of the other election candidates, Kokuchou was not willing to give up on her bid for student council presidency and support another's bid for the sake of stopping another one of her rivals.[3]

Kokuchou Mayui - Relic (Mental Out Ch12)

Kokuchou with the Relic.

At least part of her darker side at the time of the election was due to her possession of one of the Relics,[5][6][7][1] which was exerting an influence over her,[6][7][1] with the unusual part noticed and discussed by Iori Mashiro and Tatsuki Mirei.[6]

Behind her facade, Kokuchou is deceptive and manipulative, considering her clique members throw-away pawns and quite willing to "use them up" or get rid of ones she deems useless.[4]


Kokuchou's background is mostly unknown, but she is suspected to be a test tube baby created from the cells of the former #1 Level 5 by □□, intended to be a vessel for their resurrection, and adopted out to unknown parents with these origins hidden.[8]

Having been admitted to Tokiwadai,[8] by the time of the student council presidential election in October of the first year of the main story, Kokuchou was established as a clique leader,[9][3] and apparently a second year student.[1] At that time, her clique had control over Tokiwadai's Newspaper Club.[7]

At least some point prior to or during the election, Kokuchou came into contact with one of the Relics,[3][6] which subsequently exerted an influence over her.[6][7][1] She was also asked by Director Unabara, aware of her likely origins, to become student council president as part of her plans.[8][4]


Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out[]

Tokiwadai Election Arc[]

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Possible further expansion[3][5][6][7][1][8][4][2]

Kokuchou attended the meeting Kamino held with the other election candidates (with the exception of Inubushi, who ignored Kamino's invitation) about potential cooperation and courses of actions in response to their two main rivals in the competition joining forces,[3] as Shokuhou Misaki and Gaouin Tsukasa were working together to find evidence that would exonerate Hokaze Junko.[10]

Kokuchou was present as the candidates launched a joint attack against Shokuhou and Gaouin, seated on a floor below their targets, and was encountered by Mei and Kii after they had been separated from Shokuhou by Iori.[11][12][5]

When Misaka Mikoto gained access to the building, Kokuchou considered pulling back but the Relic's influence overrode her and activated Synthesize Grid across the building, initiating an attack.[7][1] Just after the influenced Kokuchou had revealed herself and Mikoto was about to take a hit, Kouzaku Mitori interfered with the other Relic, bringing the two cubes together.[1]


Kokuchou's ability allows her to produce cuboid-shaped barriers to seal off target areas, either trapping or protecting individuals within them.[5][7][13][4] As a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, it can be presumed to be at Level 3 or 4, however it has been considerably bolstered through the power of the Relic and the previous generation #1.[4]

Kokuchou Mayui - Relic (Mental Out Ch13)

Kokuchou activating Synthesize Grid under the Relic's influence.

Kokuchou possesses one of the Relics, along with the influence of the former #1 Level 5,[6][7][1] and through it can call upon their power Synthesize Grid (万能結晶シンセサイズグリット Ban'nō Kesshō (Shinsesaizuguritto)?, lit. "Multi-purpose Crystallization"), invoked with the command Drive (輪転ドライブ Rinten (Doraibu)?, lit. "Rotation").[7][1] Exhibiting a chilling sensation in its area of effect,[11][1] it is capable of consuming esper powers and producing Shadow Metal.[1] The cube can reshape itself, with a disguise as a book.[6][7]

If Kokuchou is indeed the test tube baby created from the former #1's cells to be their new vessel, as Kamino and Shokuhou Misaki suspected, then she has supposedly been improved to remove the physical limits on using Synthesize Grid.[8] On a couple of occasions, Kokuchou has experienced a nosebleed following use of either Synthesize Grid or her own Relic-evolved ability.[13][4]



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